An Interview to Remember

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“Thank you so much sir! Keep the change!” 18 year old Mandy said, smiling and closing the cab door.

This was it! Her first job interview ever that wasn’t a position for folding clothes or working a cash register. Mandy checked her watch and was thankful for the extra time she had. Any last minute touches and make up fixes could be done, and she’d have some time to calm her rattled nerves. Her heels clicked loudly on the pavement as she made her way to the doors of the gigantic building. She couldn’t believe she might get to work here, she couldn’t mess up this interview! She’d have to do whatever it takes!

Luckily there was a set of somewhat public restrooms inside on the main floor, she first had to ask permission and say that she was here for an interview. Her clean and polished look had no doubts that she wasn’t being honest.

“Stay calm Mandy, you definitely have this, the boss is a friend of your dad’s, surely that will help.” She mumbled to herself as she fixed her lip gloss.

It was true, her dad had set up this interview for her and everything, the boss was a long time friend of his but she hadn’t seen him face to face in over 5 years, she hoped he would still like her! Mandy pulled out a hairbrush from her purse and quickly gave her hair one more brushing, at this rate she’d be bald if she didn’t leave her hair be! After checking her watch again she thought she might as well go on up to the department where she’d be interviewed. Her skirt was short but not slutty, and she had on a new white blouse with a belt to fit her nicely, she was confident that she looked the part of an full time office receptionist!

“Good morning, my name is Mandy, I’m here for my interview with Mr Clark.” She said to the sour, old looking receptionist at the desk.

“He will be with you soon.Take a seat.”

Mandy walked over to the chairs and sat down feeling annoyed. She was getting very bad vibes off that old crow at the desk, and hoped she wouldn’t have to deal with her to often. She picked up a magazine and tried to read some of it, but her nerves just wouldn’t allow it. She kept peeking at the clock above the secretary what felt like every second. She took a deep breath and decided she would just relax, and read until she calmed down.

Right before she could finish reading her fifth article, this one about how to get a beach body in two months, she heard a door open and a very handsome man stepped out. So handsome she couldn’t help but gawk!

“Sharon, is Paul’s daughter here yet? If she’s not I’m going for a coffee run.” He said, sounding mildly annoyed.

The receptionist pointed at her and Mr Clark turned, she quickly smiled and stood up.

“Good morning Mr Clark, my father speaks very highly about your company, I’d like to thank you for even considering me for an interview.” She said looking up at the very tall man and smiling.

“Yes well, Mandy is it? Let’s get the interview started shall we?” He replied in a tone border lining boredom already as he headed into his office.

Mandy followed, her smile fading as quickly as it had been put on. Suddenly she wasn’t feeling to positive about this interview.

They walked in and Mr Clark sat down at his desk and pointed at the small chair across from it, silently signaling Mandy to take a seat.

“Alright Mandy, I’m going to be quite honest, I set this up because your father is a good friend of mine, but according to your resume, you might not be qualified for the position here, based on work experience.” He said sighing and looking at her.

Mandy was trying to think fast inside her head. She had barely sat down and already the interview felt like it was nearly over… what could she do! Sweet talk perhaps?

“Well Mr Clark, I’m still even grateful enough that you agreed to meet me, I’m aware Zonguldak Escort I’m a bit under qualified, but I promise if you give me a chance, I’ll work my hardest, and do everything you say.” Mandy said eagerly.

That’s when she noticed Mr Clark was barely even listening to her speak, she followed his gaze and realized he was staring at her chest, she had forgotten to do up more buttons after wiping herself down with a cold cloth in the bathroom. She panicked, but realized, this might work to her advantage…

A sudden head peeking into the room jolted Mr Clark out of his trance, it was Shannon.

“Mr Clark, I’ll be taking my break now. Did you want a latte? Anything?” Shannon asked.

Mr Clark just shook his head and she left, closing the door, leaving the two together alone once more.

“Well Mandy, I’m sure you could learn everything if you tried hard enough, but I just don’t know if we have the time for extra training. We need someone to replace our other receptionist quite quickly.” He said, leaning back in his chair and placing his arms behind his head.

Mandy glanced at the wedding ring on his hand and felt a fire start between her thin legs. A married man was one of her biggest turn ons, she just had to do something, oh yes indeed she did, this interview needed to be saved!

“Well Mr Clark, I can promise you that if you brought me on, I’d definitely make you very happy, I’m hardworking, and a very business orientated lady” She said in a sultry tone, tilting her head slightly and puckering out her lips slightly.

Mr Clark stared at her hard for a few moments, shifting in his chair a bit. Oh how handsome he looked in his suit! Especially his pants, they were form fitting and showed his slight bulge very well as he leaned back some more, nodding his head as she spoke.

“I’m sure you are Mandy… you’ve always been a bright girl from what I remember, you sure have grown up since we last saw each other..” He said quietly, his eyes drifting down her entire body as he checked out the young hottie.

Mandy laughed quietly and then she spotted a family photo on Mr Clark’s desk, with him, his wife, and his two daughters in it.

“Oh my goodness! I haven’t spoken to your wife in ages Mr Clark! She was such a nice lady, and your daughters are beautiful!” she said standing up and leaning over more than necessary to look at the photo. She knew at this angle, he’d be able to see right down her blouse at her new black lace bra she was wearing.

“Oh well thank you. I’ll have to invite your family over again to visit.” He said feeling himself get hotter, this girl was smoking hot! And he knew she was desperate for a job, and his pants were already stirring. He wondered if she really would be able to do anything he wanted.

“Yes, that sounds like a great idea sir. My father would love to catch up with you.” Mandy replied as she sat back down, crossing her leg to make sure her skirt hiked up, showing her sexy black lace panties underneath.

She could tell this plan of hers was working, a quick glance at Mr Clark’s pants was all she needed for evidence, seeing that the crotch of them was slowly beginning to bulge out as he glanced at her lower half. Things in the room were definitely heating up, both people had a plan to get what they wanted, but who was in charge at this point?

Mr Clark cleared his throat and stood up, walking over and standing in front of her, closer than necessary, his crotch bulging out more and more was now very close to her face.

“Well, there are lots of things I’d want you to do around here Mandy, maybe even more than just answering the phone. And I’d probably need you to stay later with me some nights, to handle important business.”

She knew exactly what he meant as he began rocking his Zonguldak Escort Bayan hips back and forth gently, his cock now nearly fully erect as his pants created an aggressive looking bulge. Mandy didn’t know why, but seeing any male hard in his pants was enough to set her little pussy ablaze! She stared dreamily at his crotch that was right in front of her, she couldn’t take it any longer, it was now or never!

“Well I’ll be willing to do whatever you need sir, Like I said, I’d be a very good girl for you.”

Mandy crawled off her chair and onto her knees, burying her face in Mr Clark’s pants and inhaling his warm and manly scent, feeling his bulge press against her lips as she began to kiss all over it, causing a grunt from the man above her. He wasted no time as he undid his belt and zipper, tugging his pants down along with his boxers, revealing a very good sized hard cock.

“Well then you little slut, why don’t you show me just how dedicated to this job you’d be.” He said smirking, rubbing his hard cock all over her cheek.

Mandy wasted no time and took his big cock in her small hand, stroking it slowly as she ran her tongue up the shaft of it slowly, and swirled it around the head.

“Oh Mr Clark, it’s just so big.. I hope I can handle it all.”

Mandy began sliding the cock in her mouth and began sucking, getting it nice and wet with her mouth. She reached her other hand under, and began to massage his heavy ball sack as she worked on his cock, sucking and slobbering away at it.

“Ohh fuck.. that feels good. Your father didn’t tell me you were such a skilled little cock sucker.” He growled, pumping his hips roughly against Mandy’s face as she sucked him.

All Mandy could do was moan out as the big cock filled her mouth and tiny throat, deeper and deeper. Saliva began dripping down her chin as she tried to keep up with his thrusting hips. She slid her hand down from his ball sack, and into her panties, rubbing her clit and pussy lips furiously as she blew, she was soaking wet at this point!

Mr Clark chuckled when he saw her rubbing herself and roughly yanked her to her feet, bending her right over his desk.

“I’m very proud of your father Mandy, raising a whore like you.” He said.

With a sudden smack, she squealed out as Mr Clark smacked her little ass, and then her cunt, rubbing it all over very fast. Her pussy was quivering at this point, just begging to be destroyed!

“You like that huh? Well this interview is almost finished, I just need to evaluate one more skill…”

Mandy trembled as she felt his hard cock rub hard against her tight wet pussy, this was it! She was about to get fucked by this incredibly hunky married friend of her own dads!

“Ohh Mr Clark, please put it in me, I need that big married cock in me right now!” She begged.

She heard one more chuckle, as he rammed his cock deep into her, letting out a loud grunt as he did so. Mandy could feel her pussy getting stretched from his size, as she let a loud whimper of both pain and pleasure. He began pumping his cock in and out of her, in hard, long strokes, his balls already slapping against her.

“Ohh yeah, fuck! This is the best pussy I’ve had in awhile. I don’t think my wife’s cunt has ever been this tight!” He growled out, giving her ass another slap as he kept fucking her from behind.

Mandy kept moaning and trembling as he went at her, she could feel his strong hands reach roughly under her and begin to grope and grab at her tits. She squirmed at how sensitive they were, but he just put more of his weight on her to keep her still. After a few more pumps and grunts, he pulled out of her and sat down on his chair, pulling her onto her lap, with her back facing him.

“Be a good girl and ride my cock.” He said with Escort Zonguldak a groan, thrusting back into her before she could even catch her breath.

Mandy obliged and began riding and bouncing on his cock, as he thrust his hips under her, he moved his strong hand to her clit and began rubbing furiously as he kept pounding her little pussy out. All the time Mandy was moaning and squirming up a storm. This was the biggest cock she’d had yet! And she could tell by Mr Clark’s heavy breathing, that he was getting very close to busting.

“Yeah that’s it.. come on now, take this cock!” he growled out thrusting and grunting with every push of his big cock.

“Ohh yes, fuck me sir! Teach me my place in this company!”

Mandy reached under and began to rub his balls quickly, feeling them tense up as he was grunting with every thrust now, drilling his hips up into her. She was in pure ecstasy! Her body writhed and squirmed as he kept thrusting his hips against her bouncing, his hands moving from her pussy, to her tits, squeezing them harshly as he pulled her Into him, sucking on her neck.

“You want my load in you whore? Well you can get it.. you better be on birth control though, ughh fuck yeah.. I don’t want any more bratty kids coming my way!”

Mr Clark groaned and grunted before finally slamming his hips up one last time, his hot seed gushing into Mandy’s soar and used cunt. His humping slowed down as he got every last drop of his sperm into her, and was breathing heavily behind her.

“Mmm Mr Clark, you’re a bad man! You came right in my pussy!” Mandy giggled.

She slid off his lap and looked down at his erect cock, all shiny and wet looking with a mixture of both their juices. That’s when they both heard the receptionist come back into the other room and they both began to dress quickly.

“I’ll uh.. contact you as soon as I can Mandy, I just need to do one more required interview but don’t worry about it.” Mr Clark said to her, pulling his pants back up and doing up his zipper and belt.

Mandy smiled as she saw a semi bulge still showing in the man’s pants as she picked up her purse, and thanked him, heading out the door and shutting it behind her. She’d definitely nailed that interview.


About 2 days later, Mandy stood in the kitchen washing up the dishes when she heard the phone ring.

“I’ll get it, don’t worry about it Mandy.” Her father said picking up the phone and answering in the next room.

She continued cleaning when she heard her father’s conversation in the next room. It nearly made her heart stop, he was talking to Mr Clark!

“Yeah I’ll be sure to tell her bud, she’s just doing some cleaning right now. She did what? You lucky dog! That must have been one hell of an interview.”

Mandy froze as she heard. Was he telling her father what they did! Oh she was mortified! Maybe he was lying and giving a different version of what really happened. Her dad would surely murder her the moment he got off the phone! She stood very still at the sink, hoping and praying he wasn’t actually telling him, she had no plan to get out of this one! After a few more minutes of hearing them talk, her dad acting very weird yet on the line, hung up and came back into the kitchen, trying to hide the grin on his face.

“Mandy that was Mr Clark on the phone, sorry kiddo, he said your interview was good, but another young lady really showed him she was qualified. Better luck next time right?” He said, taking his beer and walking over to the calendar on the fridge to read something.

Mandy was fuming silently, at this point smoke should have been coming out of her ears. That lying son of a bitch! What had the next girl done that made her so much better! She got her answer though as she looked over at her dad, down to his pants and saw the aggressive looking bulge showing in his pants.

“Yeah, better luck next time.” She said walking out of the room and up the stairs, a smirk forming on her face.

She would get that bastard back, he definitely wouldn’t get away with this. Mr Clark better watch out.

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