An Encounter in the Orangery

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It was neither the first, nor indeed the last time that my son-in-law Matthew and I had enjoyed an illicit tryst in the orangery, but it was certainly the most memorable; once I discovered that the intrusion by Jason, my younger daughter Anna’s husband, had not been pre-arranged by the two boys, it was the most enjoyable one too. In legal terms I believe that my violation at Matt and Jason’s hands would constitute an ‘Actus Rea’ as opposed to a ‘Mens Rea’ offence? Being a Barrister, Jack is my usual source of legal expertise and opinion, he would undoubtedly know, but since Jack’s also my husband, it would perhaps be indelicate in this instance for me to enquire?

It was a beautiful summer afternoon and scents from the garden were drifting into the orangery when Jason unwittingly stepped through the open doors to discover me knelt upon the floor with my face buried deep in Matthew’s crotch; he must’ve thought me an absolute whore and wondered what sort of family he’d married into? Having swiftly realised that discretion was called for, Jason began reversing out, intent upon making a prompt and undetected exit, but Matt chose just that moment to look up and their eyes met; Bugger! Still, Jason — gentleman that he is — had proffered an apologetic smile, a tentative wave and pointed in the direction he was heading, only to be checked by the incorrigible Matthew, who’d thrown him a wicked grin and held up a hand in the universal ‘stop’ attitude and sadly — or with hindsight, perhaps not? – Jason complied.

Concentrating on the task in hand — and of course mouth 😉 – I remained oblivious both to Jason’s presence and the mute exchange, which by gesture, expression and silently mouthed words, the boys then conducted. Jason’s more chivalrous: ‘I should go’ contention, being quickly shouted – or perhaps more accurately, ‘mimed’ — down, by Matthew’s beastly suggestions that he should instead: ‘Keep quiet’ and ‘Come in’. His subsequent: ‘Do you want to fuck her?’ enquiry no doubt astounded Jason, though I can understand how it might’ve proved hard to resist participating in such an obscene violation. A forty-nine year old wife and mother, who’s fellating her daughter’s husband hardly projects an image of virtuous fidelity; nor does it leave her in any position to reveal such an assault. How could I decorously report the incident to Jack, Anna or indeed anyone else: ‘I was kneeling on the floor sucking-off one Son-in-law, when the other one…’ – No, I don’t think so!

I was eagerly applying lips, tongue, teeth and gaziantep escort reklamları fingers – the whole nine-yards! – to Matt’s rigid prick, blithely unaware of our silent voyeur, when Matt reached casually across my back to pull the body of my skirt high, revealing my stocking-clad thighs and blue lace panties. Matt promptly tugged those panties to one side, unveiling the moisture flecked lips of my shaven pussy before plunging two fingers deep into my exposed snatch. That I suspect was perhaps the moment when Jason’s remaining misgivings and scruples departed, he may have gasped at the sight; though any breach of Matt’s silence edict was comfortably overshadowed by the loud moan of delight which I unleashed. When Matt withdrew his fingers and held them aloft in glistening confirmation of my arousal, Jason began to quietly undress.

Whilst Jason surreptitiously disrobed, Matt whispered sweet-encouragements in my ear, no doubt at least in part to distract from any sound or movement from Jason? Amongst these blandishments Matt lightly chided me for arousing him too quickly and banned me from using anything beyond my lips and tongue; in enforcement of this edict, he gently tugged my hands into the small of my back, securing them by cinching both of my thumbs in his left hand. It was an unusual move from Matthew, but I remained obliviously compliant even as Matt wrapped his other hand into my hair and pressed my head more firmly between his thighs. Jason was by now knelt close behind me, having shuffled silently forward across the tiled floor; his final glance in Matt’s direction was apparently met by a slow nod, an evil grin and a mouthed ‘Get in there, Jase!’

I stilled for a moment at the first tentative brush of Jason’s cock against the pouting lips of my pussy, mystified as to the source of this additional and unexpected sensation; Jason seized the opportunity and pressed home, burying himself perhaps 3″ into my defenceless chasm, whilst simultaneously grabbing me by the hips. That initial penetration clearly answered my silent ‘What was that?’ question and my stillness ended with a vengeance; I writhed and squirmed like an eel, but with Matt securely grasping my hands and head, whilst Jason maintained his firm grip on my hips, it was a one-sided and short lived struggle. As I conceded the fight and stilled once more, my still anonymous assailant took this as invitation and thrust forward for a second time; his rigid shaft slipping easily and gaziantep escort bayan reklamları deeply into my slick channel. God I was wet down there – perhaps even more so than at his first assault? – and to my further discredit, I accepted this second violation with an irrefutable groan of pleasure.

The unknown invader remained silent as he held station and it was Matthew’s voice which filled the silent void left by my unmistakable moan of acquiescent delight; having eased his grasp on my hair, I was able to look up in response:

“It sounds like that hit the spot Sarah? It’s Jason back there by the way, so given the fuss you’re always making about our being equal and how important it is for you to treat both of your ‘boys’ even-handedly, I’m surprised and perhaps even a bit disappointed to discover that you’ve not invited Jase to screw you before now. Especially as I’m betting that you’ve spent a more than a few nights fantasising about Jason’s black cock sliding into you.”

That final quip especially caused me to stiffen and raised a flush in my colour that was perhaps even evident to Jason behind me? There were a few seconds of silent tension whilst I pondered Matthew’s words: I didn’t believe that I’d ever felt or indeed shown any degree of prejudice toward Jason — unlike some of my so-called ‘friends’! – However, I had to accept that like us all, I’m a prisoner of my upbringing and I was raised in a period and social caste where ‘nice girls’ just didn’t date black guys; besides, how possibly could I have respectably invited Jason into my bed? Despite it being Jason’s thick cock now buried in my snatch, it was primarily toward Matt that my ire was directed, I still thought that the two of them had pre-arranged this violation but it was Matt whom I felt should’ve asked my permission; though my outrage remained in control, perhaps because in my heart of hearts, I knew that had he asked, I would undoubtedly have said ‘yes’.

Respectability of course was by now irrelevant and smiling wantonly I made a slow and definitive slide forwards, before slamming back hard; voluntarily reaming myself upon Jason’s fat, black, cock. Still more annoyed at Matt than with Jason I now let that feeling show, both by throwing him an angry glare and more pertinently by ignoring his still rigid erection and giving all my attention to Jason’s raging cock. After a tentative start in meeting my steady humping, Jason’s confidence began to grow and he escort gaziantep reklamları was soon driving into my welcoming snatch with long, assured strokes; he was going deep too, every bit as well endowed as Matthew. As my passion, perhaps still fueled by anger began to swell, I goaded Jason into riding me ever harder and faster; Matt would have won that bet, I had indeed enjoyed many fantasies of Jason fucking me and I now wanted those fantasies fulfilled.

I threw back my head, provocatively tossing my hair and having lured Jason into snagging those shining tresses, I pulled them tight whilst provoking him further with ever more foul-mouthed, entreaties; calling upon Jason to mercilessly use me. Jason didn’t disappoint, infected by my manic lust he too was losing control, the pace and aggression of his penetrations increasing with every thrust. Our coupling was now frenzied; what had begun as a gentle trot quickly progressed through both canter and gallop to become a wild stampede; the chestnut-maned white mare, straining against her bridle as the potent black-stallion chased her down. It couldn’t and didn’t last: The white mare collapsed into the lap of a wide-eyed Matt, a tirade of indelicate, indeed profane invective attesting to the violence of her tempestuous orgasm even as the stallion delivered his final potent thrusts, delivering copious streams of hot semen into the very depths of her abused pussy.

As I recovered from that frantic climax I became aware of Matt’s still rigid prick pressing against my cheek; I might’ve forgotten about him for a while, but he clearly hadn’t forgotten about me! Glancing upward, I notice that he and Jason were again holding a silent conversation above my head and I didn’t need three guesses to know what that was likely to be about. Seconds later Jason’s weight lifted off my back and Matthew began moving beneath me, but before either could do more, or even speak, I leapt to my feet and fled from the orangery. I was unsure even then whether I was escaping from the vile abuse which the boys had instigated, or my own embarrassment for the wanton way in which I’d concluded the assault?

I stopped once I’d reached the kitchen and though the screen door had slammed closed behind me, I could easily eavesdrop on their subsequent conversation; that’s when and how I discovered the chain of events which’d led to Jason accidentally intruding upon our tryst and I absorbed that information as I moved on to the bathroom to freshen-up and consider what had occurred. Twenty minutes later, after a quick shower, a slow deliberation and a change of clothes, I was back in the kitchen preparing a tray of drinks and listening to the boys in the orangery once more. Taking a final steadying breath, it was time to rejoin them; pushing open the screen doors, I made my entrance strutting into the room wearing the most genteel and aloof expression that I could muster; I intended to call the shots this time around…

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