An Amazing Discovery Ch. 07

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I had never intended for this story to carry on over so many chapters, however the more I write, the more I enjoy it and the ideas keep coming. If there is something you would like to see included, or you have experienced anything like this please let me know. I am always happy to receive feedback – of ANY sort, any feedback that is left with an email address will be replied to.



“Oh my god Clare! You’re fucking your brother” Stacy screamed, a little too loud for my comfort.

Clare responded, “Yes I am, and I don’t give a fuck who knows. We love each other and we are going to be together!”

It was too much for me, I could feel my release coming, from the bottom of my sole. Building like a lava flow from a volcano, I came hard, pulsing shot after shot of my life giving juice into the hot confines of my sister’s pussy. Clare continued slow movement whilst my depleted cock softened within her, I was again aware that Clare had not cum.

“Clare, this is becoming a one way street, I have not made you cum yet.” I said

Clare looked into my eyes and a smile grew across her face “One thing at a time lover, there’s plenty of time for me to teach you how to do that.” with that she kissed me, a long slow passionate kiss.

Suddenly I remembered we were not alone, I looked over to Stacy, it hadn’t taken long for her to get over the shock of seeing Clare fuck me.

She was lost in her own world of ecstasy, dreaming of who knows what. Stacy had opened her shirt revealing her beautifully formed, if small breasts and her wondrous nipples, she was teasing her right nipple between finger and thumb.

She had also released her jeans; they were slowly sliding down her long smooth thighs as her left hand caressed the swollen lips of her pussy. Stacy was making a very low guttural noise, like a growl as she neared her orgasm.

The show that Stacy was putting on and the slow deliberate movements being made by Clare as she continued to ride me soon had my cock hard again, Clare soon realised that I was hard, but instead of starting to fuck, she lifted herself from my lap.

Clare moved to Stacy and took her face in her hands, kissing Stacy and hugging her as Stacy’s orgasm overtook her. Once Stacy had calmed down, she got her clothes straight and left the cubicle.

“Clare, what the fuck was that? What are you doing? Are you crazy?” I blurted out one after the other.

Clare turned to face me “Don’t worry Dave, Stacy is my oldest and most trusted friend and lover, our secret is safe.”

“Lover? You mean you and Stacy, you… “I stumbled on the words; the realisation that Clare was Bi Sexual stunned me. I had never even picked up the slightest hint; Stacy had slept over at our house on numerous occasions, and Clare at Stacy’s and in all the years, I never noticed.

“Yes, Dave I did say lover, and I think she may well become our lover.” Clare purred.

“What do you mean OUR lover?” I asked.

“We don’t have time for this now Dave, I need to get dressed and we need to get back home, I’ll explain more on the way home, OK”

I left the cubicle and returned to the shop, Stacy was busy serving a customer, and I just stood there in a kind of daze.

“Wakey, Wakey!” I jumped and turned to see Stacy now standing next to me.

“Are you OK Dave?” Stacy sheepishly asked.

“I guess Clare has told you about us now,” Stacy continued.

“Yes Stacy, she has, I have to say I was surprised I had no idea” I responded

“Not as surprised as I was to discover your secret!” Stacy said with a grin.

Just then, Clare returned from the changing cubicle, clutching the bikinis. She turned to Stacy and told her she would take all three bikinis.

Clare signed for the bikinis to be charged to her account, as she did so she spoke with Stacy, telling her that she needed to talk to me and fill me in on what was going on. Stacy’s face dropped “But you promised Clare!”

“I know I did Stacy, don’t worry we’ll still be there.” Clare gave Stacy a peck on the cheek and then turned to me, “Come on Dave, let’s go.”

Clare and I made our way back to the truck in silence; in fact, it was sometime before Clare spoke.

“Dave, I want to tell you everything, but this is a very private thing, I’ve never told anyone else this. Please let me tell you everything before you ask anything, OK” I nodded my acceptance and Clare proceeded to tell me that, like many girls, she had her first orgasm at the hands of her best friend. She and Stacy had been friends for years and over that, time had been curious as to the differences between each other’s bodies.

It had begun innocently enough, just exploring each other’s bodies, however over the years it had grown into a relationship. They had many first’s with each other, first oral, first penetration, first anal.

This was blowing my mind, I had absolutely no idea this had been going on, hell, they must be good at hiding things. I was also curious, first penetration and first anal, I was gorukle escort bayan going to have to get more info from Clare on that.

Clare continued, she was keen to point out that neither she nor Stacy were lesbian, they were not even sure if they were truly Bi. Neither girl had been with any other girl; in fact, Stacy was still technically at least a virgin.

That last statement caught my attention, but we were going to have to continue this conversation later, we were home.

We grabbed the shopping from the truck and Clare followed me in. As I walked in through the lounge I could see my Mother sat at the dining table, she appeared to be daydreaming.


“Oh, sorry Dave, you startled me.” She replied.

“What’s wrong?” I asked; she had a vacant, far away look in her eyes.

She just said “This,” and handed me a letter, it was from the insurance company.

It read:

Dear Mrs Philips

First, let me pass on my condolences on the loss of your husband.

I can now confirm that all investigations into your husband’s death are now complete. It has been confirmed that his death was a tragic accident.

Therefore, we can now settle the insurance policies that your husband held with our company.

Please find attached a cheque in full and final settlement of these policies.


Dwight Turner Claims Dept Hill Turner Assurance Inc

I unfolded the second sheet that held the cheque; I could not believe it.

Pay Mrs Jennifer Philips

The sum of $3,500,000.00

I had had no idea that my father had such a large life policy, I knew that we all had life insurance policies, my father had insisted as soon as Clare and I turned eighteen.

I passed the letter to Clare; I saw the look of amazement on her face when she finally looked at the cheque.

Clare passed it back to our Mother, she got up from the table and hugged us both close. “Your Father always was good with the practicalities of life; he had a special clause in the policy that tripled the payout on the even of his death at work.” she continued, “That’s why they investigated it so much, they must have thought he had done it on purpose.”

We settled around the dining table, Clare made us all some sandwich’s and coffee; we sat for a while in silence whilst we ate.

“Well kid’s, your Father has certainly made sure we have no financial worries, the mortgage gets paid off on this place and with the insurance payout that makes us real secure.” My Mother said, breaking the silence.

Clare looked up from her food “I’d rather loose the lot and have my Daddy back!” Tears were streaming down her face; I reached my hand across the table to hers and squeezed it, just to let her know I cared. She looked at me and gave a little smile,

“I’m sure we all feel like that Clare,” My Mother said, “But that’s not going to happen, so from now on we will look out for each other, we don’t need to rush into anything for a while. We can stay at Jane’s for a little longer if we want.”

Just then the phone rang, Clare answered, “Hey Dave! It’s Frank Keel for you.” I took the phone from Clare,”Hi Frank, what’s up?”

“The offer from Copper Reese Inc, that’s what’s up.” Frank continued, “Dave, you hit the nail on the head son, they have accepted your request to remove and store all the equipment from the garage.”

“That’s great Frank, but what about the money?” I asked

“The money stays at $3M Dave, but they have said that should you wish to start another garage, they would help you find and obtain a plot. I think that’s a very good offer Dave, you should take it.” Frank added, “We have had absolutely no other interest in the business Dave.”

“OK Frank, sort it out, tell them I accept the offer.” I said.

I returned to the dining room, I told Mom and Clare that I had told Frank to accept the offer from Copper Reese Inc.

“You could have at least told us the details of the offer before accepting on our behalf Dave.” My Mother said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to worry you with the details, you won’t be disappointed. The offer buys the garage and the land it stands on; however, they are going to demolish the garage and develop the whole plot. They have agreed to remove and store all the equipment from the garage for not less than twelve months. Should we wish to open another garage they will also help with finding and obtaining a new plot.” I continued, “Frank valued the whole lot at $2M.”

“$2 Million dollars!” Clare exclaimed.

“Yes Clare, $2M. But there offer was quite away from that.” I said teasing them.

“OK, so what have they offered Dave, I hope you haven’t sold it too cheaply.” My Mother said.

“Just a Million dollars Mom.”

“WHAT! You sold it for half price. Are you mad?” My Mother screamed, Clare looked stunned.

“Calm down Mother, no not half price, just $1M on top of Frank’s valuation, we have just sold the business for $3 Million Dollars!”

My Mother looked nilüfer escort bayan stunned, Clare screamed, jumped up and ran into my arms and planted a very un-sisterly kiss on my lips. It was just as well that Mother was not completely with us, as she would have been even more suspicious of our relationship.

Since Clare’s shock revelation that I had fucked her, my Mother had been keeping a closer eye on us, even though Clare had explained it away as meaning she had heard me calling her name whilst dreaming,

Clare realised the situation, and released her grip on me, more like a brother / sister hug.

“Well, this changes things quite a bit doesn’t it kids.” My Mother finally said.

“I guess so Mom, it takes all the pressure off you, we can take some time to decide what we need and what we want to do with ourselves.” I said.

“Jane has said that we can stay with her as long as we would like, it’s far too long since I spent some quality time with her.” Mother continued, “I think we should take three months off, see how we feel from there. What do you two say?”

Clare and I both said that it suited us just fine. It was getting late; I decided to turn in for the night. My Mother and Clare were busy making plans for what we would need to take with us to Aunt Jane’s.

I had just started to nod off when I heard Clare say goodnight to our Mother, almost immediately my bedroom door was opened. In walked Clare, stripping off her clothes as she walked.

“Clare, you could have waited till Mom was asleep before you came in here.” I said.

“It’s OK Dave, you know as well as I do she never ventures from her bedroom once she goes to bed, now move over, make me some space.” Clare did not seem at all worried; she must have walked in my door as my Mother was closing hers.

My worries were soon forgotten though, as soon as I felt Clare’s naked body next to mine. We lay there for a while, just slowly caressing each other’s bodies. Clare had such a light sensuous touch it sent electrical shocks through my body.

I felt Clare’s hand slowly work its way down my body, from my chest moving over my nipples and down towards my groin. After what seamed to be a lifetime I finally felt her hand surround my prick, it was already painfully hard with all the petting we had been doing.

Clare started to pump my dick; very slowly; very carefully, as she told me about the first time anything had penetrated her pussy. She had been staying with Stacy; they had been masturbating each other as they had become used to. Stacy told Clare to close her eyes; she had a surprise for her!

Clare had increased both the grip and speed on my prick; it felt amazing as she recounted her experience with Stacy.

With her eyes tightly closed, she had felt a little nervous wondering what Stacy had in mind. Stacy had been the instigator of everything they had done so far. Suddenly she felt something touch her pussy, no spreading her pussy.

She could feel Stacy was straddling her, she thought Stacy was using her fingers, but when she felt whatever it was going deeper, filling her and stretching her; she was not ready for the sensations she felt when Stacy switched the vibrator on.

Slowly, Slowly Stacy began to move the dildo back and forth and rotate it slightly, gradually increasing the speed and vibrators strength. Clare had never felt anything like it before, she experienced her first multiple orgasm that night.

Throughout the telling of her story, Clare had kept me right on the edge, feeling when I was getting close and altering her grip or the speed to control my orgasm. She quickly took me in her mouth, and very gently played her tongue over the entire length of my prick, all the while maintaining a gentle suction. It didn’t take long for me to cum, blowing stream after stream down Clare’s throat.

We both lay there in silence, just enjoying the closeness, the intimacy that we both badly wanted.

Clare spoke first “Dave, did you mean it earlier; you know when you said about me not cumming?”

“Of course I did, I feel terrible when I have so much pleasure from what we do, but I feel like I’m short changing you.” I said, leaning up on my elbow to look at Clare.

Clare switched my bedside light on and threw back the quilt. She lay there in her naked beauty.

Clare then proceeded to give me my first lesson in how to make her feel good, I didn’t have to tweak her nipples or rub her clit to make her feel good. A gentle loving kiss in the right spot can produce the same feelings. And even better if all three can be combined.

Clare showed me the various parts on her body where she likes to be kissed or even licked or tickled. It was as if she had given me a road atlas to her body, I was determined to learn from this, determined to make her happy.

The next morning I woke to find Clare fast asleep next to me, I love to watch her sleep, watching her sleep is one of the best things to come out of our bursa otele gelen escort bayan incestuous relationship. She always looked beautiful, at ease, no worries as her chest rises and falls slowly.

I gently ran my hand along her chest; I could feel her heartbeat. I slowly kissed the nape of her neck, working down over her collarbone and across to the top of her breastbone. Clare started to wake up, sleepily she smiled at me as I continued to cover her in gentle kisses, working down past her breast’s to her belly button.

I ran my tongue around the edge of her belly button, that got a response from Clare, she is very ticklish there.

I gradually made my way down to her thighs, kissing one then the other, deliberately not touching her pussy. Next were her feet, Clare has small feet but they are perfectly formed and she has always looked after them, so no hard skin or calluses.

I took her left foot in my hand and ran my tongue along the bottom running up between each of her toes finally sucking each one into my mouth and lovingly running my tongue around and between them. I did the same with her right foot, Clare had begun rubbing and squeezing her breasts.

As I kissed my way back up Clare’s right leg, I could smell her; she was oozing womanhood.

Finally, I had made it back to Clare’s pussy, her wonderful beautiful pussy, with its glorious pinky lips and just a small patch of hair above. I lowered my mouth, covering her lips, I ran my tongue top to bottom and back again. Clare opened her legs a little wider to allow me better access.

“Lick my little bud, Dave please,” Clare whispered.

I ran my tongue back to the join at the top of her lips; I could feel her clit growing under my tongue.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, suck it.”

I did as I was told, after all Clare had more experience of this than I did! Whatever she seamed to be enjoying it, she was soaking wet, my face covered with her love juice.

“Finger me, Dave”

I ran a finger along her moist slit, it slipped past very easily and I gradually worked my finger in and out, reaching in further each time. I gently bit her clit.

“Oh my fuc….” Clare gasped “Do that again, fuck that’s hot.”

I continued licking, nipping and fingering Clare; gradually I worked a second finger into her soaking gash.

“Dave, this is amazing, don’t fucking stop I’m gonna cum if you keep this up,” Clare shuddered, her body flexing and stretching,

“Dave, bend you fingers up slightly when you push in.” Which of course I did, which received an immediate response, Clare’s already wet pussy just gushed juice as I continued I was aware of the noise we were making. My Mother was only across the landing. “We need to be quiet Clare, Mom will hear us,” I said

Clare’s response was to the point “Don’t fucking care…..I’m cumming, oh fuck cumming, cumming, cumming.”

I was desperate to keep her quiet, but she was too far gone to care, her body tensed, she arched her back and pressed herself against my face.

She was obviously enjoying it, but just how much I was about to find out, as she came she squirted.

I was shocked; I had only ever seen this in porn movies and never really believed it to be true. But here in my own bedroom my own sister has just soaked me in female cum.

Clare grabbed my head and pulled me up her body, she began kissing and licking my face, cleaning her juice of my face.

“Wow! Dave that was the best fucking orgasm I have ever had. I’ve never squirted like that before.” Claire gushed.

“Clare, that was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, I’m going to enjoy learning more from you.” I grinned.

Clare looked amazing, her body was positively glowing, it took her a few minutes to calm down, we just huddled together gently caressing and kissing each other.

The noise of our Mother making her way downstairs brought us back to reality with a bump, Clare needed to get to her room and make it look like she had slept there all night before Mom came back to wake us up.

As I got out of bed, I looked back and saw that the bed sheet was soaked in Clare’s juices! How was I going to explain that? Clare realised what I was thinking, grabbed my glass of water of the side, and threw over the sheet.

“There you go you clumsy fool, you spilt your water!” She said grinning.

“God I love you Clare, what did I do to deserve you?” I asked

“Nothing, baby your just the best brother anyone could ask for, I mean looking after my virtue when that creep tried to get into my knickers, and then supplying the orgasms that I’m missing. What more could a girl want?” She Said.

After we got cleaned up and dressed, we went down to breakfast, we were met with a wonderful view, Mom had created a banquet of a breakfast. There were waffles, pancakes, eggs and bacon plus loads of toast and coffee to wash it all down.

“What’s this in aid of Mom?” Clare asked. “Well we are not going to be here for a while, no point in letting this lot go to waste is there.” Mom replied.

I was quite happy, no need for explanations on my account, I was absolutely starving. Today was going to be a long one; we had decided to leave for Aunt Jane’s in the early hours to avoid the heat and the traffic.

“Dave, don’t forget you promised to help Stacy move that furniture.” Clare said.

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