An Ali Double Rendez-vous

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I’ve always been fascinated by my body.

Ever since I was a kid I liked touching myself. Not just masturbating, but I loved the way I looked. I’d spend time in the shower admiring my curves when I got older and I’d masturbate at night sometimes. My body was a marvelous creation, and I loved it.

So it ought not be surprising that I love my identical twin sister’s body too. She’s not quite as slender as me, but neither of us is a bit fat. I envy her; I wish my curves were slightly soft like hers.

She and I were always really close. We are best friends, and we really had each other’s backs. Even though we looked alike, we had different personalities. I am pretty outgoing, sensual and laid back. While my sister isn’t repressed or prudish, she is rather conservative and introverted. I am very, erm, successful with guys (and gals for that matter), she’s only had one jerk of a boyfriend and I don’t think they ever made it past second base. But hey, we complement each other, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

After high school, my sister got into the best college in the state. Unfortunately, we live in Nevada, and she’s ALL the way across the state from home. I chose to take a semester off and work. It’s been tough being separated from her, even at age 19, but that’s part of growing up I guess….

I woke up, the sun was glaring at me. I squinted my eyes at the clock radio and saw that it’s 11 am on my day off. Hooray! (I hate working.)I stretch and roll out of bed. I pulled my tank top down to the waist of my string bikinis and head toward the kitchen. I am greeted by a note from Mom and Dad saying that they will be going out right after work, but Mom will be stopping by sometime in the afternoon to pick up some papers.

I grabbed my cellphone off the counter and see I have a missed call from Alysa, my sister.(We’re both Ali’s, so I go by Ali and she’s Lizzie) I was about to check the voicemail when the doorbell rings. I abandon my phone to answer the door. I scowl, it’s Alysa’s ex, Greg.

“Alysa isn’t here Greg, she’s away at college, like you aren’t because you are a complete waste of space. What do you want?”

“Ah, Alicia, I see you are just as beautiful and snarky as always. Actually, I’m here to see your Mom about doing yard work for you guys, she said she’d be here.”

“Sure smart guy. Except that Mom won’t be back until 1:30, and it’s only 11 am. I’m glad to see you know numbers.” I go to shut the door.

He stops it. “Listen, I know I hurt your sister, but that gives you NO reason to be a bitch Gümüşhane Escort to me.”

“I can be whatever I want to be, you cheating bastard. You hurt her, and when she’s hurt, I get hurt too. So get lost.”

“That was a misunderstanding.”

“Hard to misunderstand you necking her best friend behind the dumpster at prom.”

“God, she and I had been fighting. I was really stupid to do that, but I wanted revenge, and I was drunk. Can we let it go?”

I spun on my heel. “Deal. We’ll let it go. On one condition: You. Go.” And I proceeded to show him to the door.

He didn’t budge. He looked me up and down, and I suddenly became painfully aware of what I was wearing. He smiled a schmoozy smile, and I was like “What’s your problem? Quit staring and leave!”

He said “Did Alysa ever tell you how many times I saw her naked? It was several, but I never thought you’d look just like her!”

I blushed. “Greg, I don’t need to hear how you banged my sister up and down the side of Nevada. Just go.”

“Oh look at her blush, I hit a nerve there, eh? Though I wanted to, I never screwed your sister. But you know Ali, no one ever called you a whore, but your rep precedes you. I hear you’re a sucker for being touched. I wonder what would happen,” he confidently makes a big stride toward me, “if I touched you like this, right there on the inside of your thigh?”

I shuddered as he ran his finger down the inside of my leg, just barely missing what my panties covered. I hadn’t had sex since early that summer. I’d been busy working and spending time with my sister. And bastard though Greg is, he is unbearably hot…and very off limits.

“Greg, stop.”

“I’ll stop, Ali, if that’s what you really want.” He pressed his body against mine, pressing me into the front door. My nipples went hard, and a burst of moisture made my panties damp. “But your body betrays you. I can feel your nipples under that shirt, and I can feel this too.” He slides a finger into my panties and gently stroked my clit. I moaned, I couldn’t help it, and that was all it took. He lifted me and took me upstairs to the room I shared with my sister. I pointed to my bed, and he dropped me on it and pounced.

He tore off my shirt and his shirt, while I flicked off my panties and feverishly went to work on his jeans. When I got to his cock, I noticed that it was huge, and I wanted it so bad. I opened my mouth wide and sucked him furiously, and I could hear him moaning and feel him tensing as I sucked and licked and pushed his cock Gümüşhane Escort Bayan deep down my throat. Then he pushed me back, spread my legs, and jammed his cock into my wet pussy and pumped furiously. I kept his rhythm with my hips. I really like it rough. Then, he brought my face to his, kissed me, and flipped me over on my belly, facing the full length mirror next to the door. “I like to watch,” he whispered “and I want you to see too.” I giggled and he pounded me from behind. IT was ecstasy. I could feel the climax pending and I began to pant and moan “Yes, oh Greg, fuck me, just like that, don’t stop oh my god I’m coming mmmmmmm…” and with a final loud moan, I exploded. HE grunted and blew his load into my pussy and crumpled on top of me, kissing the back of my neck.

“That was incredible,” he whispered, and I smiled and sighed in agreement. Alysa flashed across my mind, but I thought to myself, “What she doesn’t know—”

Door opens. I look up, and to my horror, I see two images of my horror, the one in my reflection and the look upon my twin sister’s face. “Oh my God, Lizzie, what are you doing here?”

“This is my room too.” He voice was cracking, and I could see she was starting to cry. I felt horrible and wanted to die inside. I thought back to her missed call, she must have been trying to tell me she was coming home. Shit! Greg was frozen. I pushed him off of me, threw his clothes at him and said “Just leave Greg, please!” He needed not be told twice, he put his jeans on and bolted. I heard him thump down the stairs and out the door. My sister was crying, and I started crying too. “Lizzie, I’m SO sorry! It was an accident, it just happened… I’m so, so—”

Bam. She slapped me right across the face. I took it, ’cause I knew I deserved it. I half expected her to. What I didn’t expect was for her to grab my hips, kneel on the floor and begin sucking my clit. I was already sensitive from the orgasm I had moments ago, so I went weak kneed and sank on the floor. She aid me back and began sucking Greg’s cum out of my pussy. Oh. My. God. It was hot. I could not believe what my sister was doing. “Lizzie,” I squeaked out, but she held up her hand to silence me. She kept sucking my lips and clit clean of cum, and I couldn’t help it, I climaxed again with a squirt. It missed her face, but she stopped. She looked at me, her face had traces of cum and my fluids on it. She inserted her index finger in my pussy and a pinky into my ass. OMG, where had my virgin sister learned this? At college? Maybe I need Escort Gümüşhane to go!

While she was manipulating my pussy and my ass, she sucked my nipple. I was on fire. I whimpered slightly, and suddenly there was a knock on my door. “Who is it?” I asked. Lizzie continued, and I was sure I’d be incapable of holding a conversation while she was fucking me.

“It’s mom. Are you decent honey?”

OMFG. “No mom. I *ahhh ahh* just got out of the *AH!* shower!”

“Are you okay? You don’t sound too well.”

Lizzie stopped and started undressing herself. How could she be so effing calm? What was wrong with her? Did she know how Mom would kill us, do CPR and kill us again if she saw what we were doing? “No, I’m fine, just burned myself with the curling iron.”

“Curling iron?” Doorknob turns. “You sure you don’t need my help?”

“NO! Mom, I’m naked, I’ll be fine.” Lizzie had resumed her attack on my nipples, gently nibbling them. I stifled a moan. “I’ve decided not to curl the rest though, and take a nap now”

“well, okay.” Doorknob clicks back, unopened. “I just wanted to let you know that we’re going out tonight after mine and dad’s meeting, your sister will be in town, did she tell you?”

“Yeah, I’m excited you have no idea…” Lizzie sucked my clit and fingered me.

“Okay, well, I’ll see you then. Bye Ali.”

“Bye *mofm*…” The last word was stifled because Lizzie had sensuously slid her body up mine and kissed me right on the lips. She ran her fingers through my silky black hair as her tongue explored my mouth, which was filled with a taste of Greg’s cum and me combined. Lizzie motioned for me to go to her bed, and she went to my drawer filled with sex toys under the bed. I blushed, I thought no one knew about those. She grabbed my personal favorite, the three in one massager, and fire flashed through her eyes. She spat on the penetrating ends and jammed it into my pussy and asshole. It was like fire and insane pleasure at the same time. My eyes watered as a moan escaped me. She sucked my nipples while the toy stimulated me in three blinding ways at once. She pumped me hard, and finally, I climaxed three times one right after the other until I was trembling ad breathless.

She sat up, looked at me, and slapped me hard across the face again. “You just fucked him like it was nothing. Do you know how long I wanted to make love to Greg and never did?

I felt embarrassed. “No, I swear I didn’t want to hurt—”

She held her hand up to silence me. “Not nearly as long as I wanted to do all that to you.” She winked. “Tonight after dinner, it’s my turn and if you ever want me to forgive you, you’d better rock my fucking world. I am letting you have my virginity after all. She smiled, grabbed her clothes and swept out of the room. Dazed, I smiled and knew it would be a long night…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32