Amy’s First Punk Rocker

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I walk into the bar, my nipples hardening from the air conditioning. It’s hot outside, incredibly sweaty in the shade. A chill runs up my spine as I see her again. I followed her here, though I’m not sure for what purpose. Something akin to magnetism has drawn me thus far and I find myself helpless to stop it.

She is a year or two younger than I, with bottle blonde punk rock hair. She is wearing an obscene little mini skirt and a ripped t-shirt covered in hand written slogans and anarchy symbols. I can see three tattoos and numerous piercings from across the dimly lit bar. I feel rather plain in my little cotton dress and sandals. I feel awkward and shy, a wallflower nearly six feet tall and out of place in the half full rocker bar. I nervously play with my curly hair moving sideways towards the bar.

“Gin and tonic, extra lime,” I say to the bartender, my voice faltering. Why is this woman affecting me like this? I’m no lesbian, though I have entertained fantasies from time to time. But that was all an abstraction, never a contemplation of an actual planned act, and this… well, I’m not sure what this is yet. I gulp down my drink for courage and order another. Looking over to my new obsession, I see that she now has company at her table, another black and white clad punk, her hair buzzed off but for the bangs. They are joking around with one another, laughing at crude jokes.

Screwing my courage to the sticking place, I take my drink and start moving toward her. When I’m ten steps away she looks up at me, a little curious and just a bit contemptuous. My breath leaves me, my knees wobble, and I feel my panties get dampened. I continue waking Ümraniye Escort toward her, but I feel as if I could freeze to this spot, savoring this moment and this look forever.

“I’m Amy,” and I don’t know why but I want to get hot and sweaty in your bed.

“Great, Amy, now why don’t you fuck off?” she snarls, with a bit of a sideways smile to her friend.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but it’s just that…”

“Eat me,” she says with a vicious look. She continues to glare at me and I’m not sure what to do. We hold the pose for a few seconds, eyes locked. I’m holding my breath. Finally, I nod to her and kneel down beside her table. She looks rather shocked, and flushes instantly. I glance over my shoulder to see that no one is watching, then I duck under the tablecloth.

In the dim light under the table, I can see her glowing pale knees and thighs, her black leather boots and skirt. I can hear the silence above the table as the two friends wonder what’s happening. I am wondering the same thing myself, but my lust won’t let me back out now. On my hands and knees, I crawl forward to her, my head between her thighs. I caress her inner thigh with my cheek moving inward, expecting her hand to push me away hard. She doesn’t. I get closer, smelling her delicious scent and catching a glimpse of a little black lace thong. My lips are drawn to it and I kiss her mound through the teasing lace, licking her exposed skin around the fabric. She shudders, and opens her legs wider for me, sliding her hips to my eager face.

She gathers up the tablecloth on her side of the table, allowing her to look down at me. There Ümraniye Escort Bayan is a look of intense desire in her eyes, and she licks her lips.

“Well, keep going,” she says through ragged breaths. “Is my little Amy-slut hungry? I’ve got some fresh tasty pussy for you!”

I am so spectacularly turned on. Hearing her talk so dirty to me, so confidently, I want to cum right now.

“Please?” I gasp.

With a devilish grin, she reaches down and pulls her panties aside, showing me for the first time her beautiful sex. She keeps her hair well trimmed, and I can see a little ring at the top of her slit. Her lips are shiny with perspiration and arousal. I am staring at another woman’s hot pussy for the first time, up close and personal. My panties are now soaked through and through.

“Eat me good, little pussy loving Amy-slut,” she says as she grabs my hair and pulls me to her sex. My tongue fires out of my mouth like a rocket, eagerly lapping her slit, trying to get at all of her tasty juices. Her hips begin to rock a little and she slumps down even further in her seat, pushing me back with her burning pussy. As I move back, my ass runs into the leg of her friend. We both jump a little at first, but when she doesn’t move her leg, I start to make myself comfortable against it.

“I think she was born to lick pussy. If she keeps this up, I’m gonna cum all over her slutty face!”

I find her little clit with its sexy hood piercing and tease it with my tongue tip, loving every second of this new and dirty world I have walked into. I feel so sexy, grinding my sex against a strange woman’s leg Escort Ümraniye and eating another’s pussy. I feel a set of hands come under the table to my round ass, my light little dress being pushed up over my hips. A hand cups my mound through the soaked panties, another tickles at the top of my panties, barely between my cheeks. My back arches and I pull the panties down to my knees with one hand. Resuming my feast, I stick my tongue deep inside my new punk rock Mistress. My nose tickles her clit, and from the way she moans, I know she is going to cum soon from my inexperienced tongue.

Now I feel a finger sliding into my warm wetness, almost like it was being sucked in. Another finger joins the first and I start hunching my hips back to meet each thrust. One of the fingers slides out, much to my disappointment, but then starts massaging my asshole. No one has ever done such a thing to me, and I love it! I try to relax as the finger slips past the threshold into my ass, but I am quivering with lust. I bring the fingers of my own hand up to the beautiful pussy I am eating, pushing two of them into my Mistress’ sex. My tongue and lips working her clit like they were designed for just that purpose, I want her to cum. I want her to cum all over my face, I want her to call me her Amy-slut again, I want to cum with her, kneeling submissively under the table.

“Oh my god, little Amy-slut, lick my clit just like that! I’m gonna cum! Eat it all up, slut!”

I am ready to release as well, more turned on than I have ever been, two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass. I speed my licking, flicking at her clit, my tongue a blur. CUMMMMMMINNNNNGG!

Catching my breath, I know I want more of this. Seconds after making a woman cum with my mouth, I know that I must eat another pussy. I want to be Amy-slut forever, licking every girl I can to multiple orgasms.

Well, right on the other side of the table is a whole other pussy, and I do have a favor to return…

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