Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 11 Pt. 1

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[Author’s note: I thought two chapters would be plenty of space to get me to the events of chapter 12, but turns out I was wrong! So there’ll be chapter 11 part 1, 2, and maybe even 3, to fill in the gap]

Amy slid off me, and said, “To be honest, I feel pretty tired now too. I’ve lost track of what time it’s supposed to be back home.”

I grinned. “Don’t worry about it,” I replied, “we’re nowhere near our final time zone so it doesn’t really matter. I’ll go and get some sleep myself.”

I stood up, and Amy took my place lying beside Laura. I quickly dressed, and kissed each of them softly on the forehead. Then I left the girls’ cabin, closing the door quietly behind me.

Pam was still asleep when I returned to our darkened cabin, and I reclined my own seat and lay down beside her.

The next thing I knew was an unobtrusive chime, and an announcement that the plane would be descending towards its destination in about an hour.

Pam stirred and opened her eyes. “Goodness,” she said, “did I sleep all the way through?”

“More or less,” I grinned. “I think the girls crashed out fairly early too.”

She thought for a moment, and said, “You know, I’m starting to feel hungry. Is it breakfast time, or dinner, or lunch?”

“If you can hang on until we change planes, we’ll get a meal,” I replied. “I’ll just pop next door to check that the girls are getting themselves together.”

I went out into the corridor and gently tapped on the door of the next cabin. Amy opened it a few inches, and I was rewarded by a glimpse of her not quite successfully holding a shirt to her still-naked body in an attempt to cover herself.

“Tut, tut,” I said, “what if I’d been the stewardess?”

“I’m sure they’ve seen worse,” said Amy, her eyes twinkling. “Give us a few minutes and we’ll be decent.”

“OK,” I said.

A short time later the plane started to descend, and I looked out with interest at the sand dunes and the sparkling blue water. We were soon on the ground, and the plane came to a halt at the gate.

The four of us left the plane, and found ourselves in the transit area. Glittering shops and small coffee bars and eating places occupied two levels, with a central atrium.

“We have about an hour before our next flight, so you’ve got time for a good look at everything,” I said. “Pam, how about you go with the girls and look over that side – I’d like to look for something this side.”

The three of them strolled off, Pam in the middle with the girls’ arms through hers. I turned and set off towards my goal, a jeweller’s with glass cases displaying his creations.

I browsed the cases, and found a couple of items that were almost what I was looking for. I considered for a while, then decided that they were worth getting, and I could have them altered to exactly what I wanted when we got home.

When I’d completed my transaction, I put the small package away in a safe place and made my way slowly back to the point where we’d started. After a few minutes, Pam reappeared with the girls. Each of them was carrying at least one bag.

“Did you find something nice?” I asked, looking at the bags.

“You’ll have to wait,” said Pam. “The girls have got you a surprise.”

I smiled, reflecting that I’d had some very pleasant surprises already.

“Fair enough,” I said. “I might just have one or two things tucked away myself.”

I glanced across at the flight information screen, and said, “OK, time to go.” I led the way towards another gate, and again we sat down to wait for our call. Laura looked up at the display over the gate.

“Hmm, Delhi this time,” she said.

“Still just a stopoff,” I grinned.

Again first class was called, and we began to board.

“I’m afraid this flight won’t be quite as luxurious as the last one,” I said. “Just the usual separate cabin for first class, more space roomier seats. But the service will still be special.”

We found our seats. “They turn round,” I explained, “so we can all sit at the table to eat.”

We strapped in, and soon the plane was airborne. After we levelled out, we rearranged the seats, and the steward approached with the wine list. I selected a bottle, and he returned after a short while and pulled the cork at our table. I sampled the wine he splashed in my glass and nodded.

We made our choices from the menu, and were soon enjoying our food.

“Gosh, I was ready for that,” said Amy. “Hungry work, flying.”

We looked out of the window, and soon spotted the plains of northern India, the Ganges a broad, meandering stripe.

“Anyone need a nap?” I asked.

“Maybe,” yawned Laura. We turned our seats back round, and I leafed through a magazine while the others closed their eyes.

The plane started to descend, and we looked out of the windows and pointed. “Look, there’s the Red Fort,” said Pam.

We soon landed, and instead of a gate, we disembarked directly onto the ground down metal steps. As soon as we left the plane, the heat hit us. Amy turned her face towards the sun and said, “Mmm, this is escort bayan more like it. Bet it’s raining back home.”

I looked across the tarmac and saw what I’d expected – a dark limousine approaching. The car stopped, and a uniformed driver got out.

“Come on,” I said. “Here’s our lift.”

We got into the car and the driver closed the doors, turning the air conditioning up.

Pam glanced across at me. “Let me guess, you called in a favour?”

I grinned. “Someone at the Delhi office used to work for me. I helped him get a promotion and this assignment, so he made a few arrangements, shall we say.”

After a short drive past planes of various sizes and liveries, we reached an area with a sign indicating it was the area of the airport used by private and corporate jets. We stopped by a Learjet, and the driver opened the doors for us. A woman in a pilot’s uniform appeared at the top of the steps to the plane, and came down to meet us.

“Good to see you, Mr Smith,” she said. “I’m Captain Sarah Fox, I work for the company. I take it this is your family.”

A warm feeling filled my heart as I nodded.

“Well, let’s get you settled in, shall we?”

She led the way up the steps, and we were soon sitting comfortably in the luxurious cabin. Captain Fox went forward, and her voice came over the loudspeakers.

“We have clearance to take off,” she said, “so please strap in and remain seated until we’re airborne. Once we’re on course I’ll hand over to the co-pilot and come and join you.”

The plane was swiftly in the air, and Captain Fox reappeared and took a seat.

She looked to me. “I gather this was a surprise, so the rest of the family don’t know where we’re heading?”

I nodded.

“Well, I won’t spoil it, but you’re definitely in for a treat,” she said.

“How long have you been flying in this part of the world, Captain Fox?” asked Amy.

“Please, call me Sarah. I’ve been here about five years, before that I was in the Air Force.”

“Oho,” said Laura, “so you’ve flown much more exciting missions than just ferrying company people around.”

“Can’t possibly say,” grinned Sarah, “but if you get a map and look up and left from where we are, I just might have flown over that part of the world more than a few times.”

We continued to chat, and Sarah helped us to drinks from the well-stocked cabinet.

“Can’t join you while I’m on duty,” she said, “but regulations say I have to have a layover when we get where we’re going, so I’d love to have a drink with you then.”

“We’d be delighted,” I said.

We sat and chatted for a while, then Sarah looked at the navigation screen mounted on the bulkhead.

“I’d better go forward and prepare for landing,” she said. “The co-pilot could do it, of course, but regulations say we both have to be at the controls.”

She went forward and closed the door behind her. Pam excused herself to go to the toilet, and I was left with Laura and Amy.

For a few moments no-one spoke, then Amy grinned and said, “You don’t fool us, Tim. You think Captain Sarah’s pretty sexy, don’t you?”

“Actually,” said Laura, “I think the captain was sneaking the occasional glance at Tim too.”

“Good to know I’ve still got it,” I said, teasingly.

“You’ll not get any argument from us about that,” said Amy, stretching.

“So what about Sarah?” persisted Laura.

“Don’t I have my hands full with you two?” I protested, grinning.

“Well, let’s see what happens when we get there,” said Amy. “You can at least take her up on that drink.”

Pam returned, and we went back to chatting about more general matters.

Sarah’s voice came over the speakers again. “We’re beginning our descent, weather conditions are good. It’s quite a small runway, so we come in fairly fast, but don’t worry, I’ve landed here dozens of times.”

The plane started to descend, and I looked out of the window at the scenery rushing past. I felt a gentle bump as the wheels touched down, then the engines screamed as Captain Fox put them into reverse to shed the plane’s remaining speed.

The captain reappeared, and opened the door, lowering the steps.

“You first,” she said, extending a hand. We stood at the top of the steps, looking out at the view that met us. Just beyond the airstrip, all around, was lush jungle. To the right I could just make out what appeared to be a building through the trees, with a path leading to it. The air was sultry, and full of mysterious fragrances and the sound of birds and insects. In the jungle, invisible to our sight, something heavy was moving, crashing through the undergrowth as it drew away.

From behind us came Sarah’s voice. “Welcome to Satpura Conservation Area.”

“Wow,” said Amy. Laura nodded. I felt Pam’s hand press mine.

“I’ll have someone bring your luggage,” continued Sarah. “Just walk up the path there and you’ll reach the lodge. I’ll be along later.”

We followed her directions, and quickly reached the lodge through the trees. A small man in a suit approached altıparmak escort bayan us.

“Mr Smith, ladies, welcome,” he said effusively. “Please, come in, your rooms are ready.” He signalled to a waiting porter. “Go and fetch the luggage.”

“Please, come with me,” he continued. We followed him through the lodge and up a flight of stairs onto a wide balcony overlooking a central open area.

“For you, sir, madam,” he indicated a door standing open, “and for the young ladies, this one.”

The girls went in to explore their room, and I followed Pam into ours. The room was large and high-ceilinged, with an air conditioning unit and a large fan, which turned lazily. The floor was of cool stone, and I could see a bathroom off to one side. A door at the far end led to a balcony which overlooked the jungle.

“Wow, Tim,” said Pam. “This is amazing, what a treat.” She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

The girls barged in, and came to a sudden halt. “Oops,” said Laura.

“Don’t worry,” said Pam, smiling. “How’s your room?”

“Great!” they chorused.

“I brought you a mosquito net,” I said. “They might find you tasty.”

“OK,” said Laura.

“When do we eat?” asked Amy. “It feels really late, though the sun’s only just starting to set.”

“I can hear the luggage arriving,” I said. “Let’s shower and change, then we can go down and see what they have for us.”

The girls left, and Pam said, “Now, where were we?”

“How about I help you shower?” I said.

“Great idea,” she replied, grinning. She slipped out of her clothes.

“That feels better,” she said. “I’m glad you told me to pack lighter things to wear while we’re here.”

I shed my own clothes and followed her into the spacious bathroom. She turned on the shower – there was no cubicle, the water just running away over the stone floor to an outlet in the corner.

“Soap me?” she said invitingly. I obligingly lathered my hands and ran them all over her, back, stomach, legs, breasts, and between her legs. Then I moved behind her and held her, pressing my penis into the cleft of her buttocks and cupping her breasts with my still-slippery hands.

“Mmm,” she said, “I have an idea. The balcony is private, isn’t it?”

“Definitely,” I replied. “We can’t be overlooked, unless you count any passing elephants. And there’s an insect screen, I checked.”

She pulled gently out of my arms, and still dripping, walked through the bedroom to the balcony door and out. I followed her, and moved back behind her as she leaned on the balcony rail. It was just starting to go dark, and the noise of the insects was louder, the air as it cooled more fragrant with the scent of evening flowers.

I held Pam again, and she said simply, “Now.”

I moved back a little from her and she moved her legs a little further apart. I placed the tip of my penis against her entrance, the remaining dampness from the shower added to by her arousal.

I slid a little way into her, and she made a quiet sound of pleasure. I reached round to stroke her clitoris gently with a finger, and she gasped.

“Further in,” she urged.

I slid my full length into her, and began to move smoothly in and out, my fingers more urgent on her clitoris, my other hand spanning both breasts and nipples. I felt her begin to tense, and she gave a long, low moan as her climax rippled through her. I continued to move in her, and rapidly reached my own orgasm, prompting a last sound of delight from her as I spurted deeply into her.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly, and she folded her arms over mine. “Thank you,” she said.

After a few moments we moved apart, and Pam went to find clothes to wear for dinner. I put on my own smart trousers and shirt, and when Pam was ready we left our room, closing the door behind us.

Laura and Amy were standing side by side leaning over the balcony rail and looking out into the central area.

“We’ve seen things that look a bit like starlings, and some sort of crows, and there were some birds on the telegraph wires that looked like swallows but had huge long tail feathers,” enthused Laura. “I’ll have to sit up here and sketch them.”

“Good idea,” I said. “Now, dinner.”

We went down to the dining room, which had windows floor to ceiling looking out over the darkening jungle. The manager came over and said, “We’ve prepared a special meal for you, so you can try out some of our local dishes. If you like something, tell the waiter and we’ll make sure it’s available later in the week.”

“Don’t worry,” came a voice from behind him, “they won’t have made it too spicy – they don’t throw guests in at the deep end.”

We looked up. Sarah stood there, totally transformed from how we’d last seen her. Instead of her uniform, she wore a long, flowing dark dress, and her hair was up.

“Captain Sarah!” chorused the girls.

“Mind if I join you?” she said.

“Not at all,” I said enthusiastically.

She took a seat, and looked at nilüfer eskort the expectant waiter, who had approached the table to take orders for drinks.

“My usual,” she said. She turned back to us and explained, “They make a Singapore Sling that packs a real punch.”

I looked across at Pam. She grinned and nodded.

“All round, then, please,” I said to the waiter. He disappeared in the direction of the bar and came back with five tall, frosted glasses.

“Cheers,” said Sarah.

The food was brought, and I tried the various dishes, knowing that Pam had less tolerance than most people for spices.

“Actually, Pam,” I said, “I think you’ll be OK with most of this. Perhaps this red one will be a bit hot for you.”

I dipped a small spoon in the dish and held it out. She cautiously tasted it.

“Phew, perhaps you’re right,” she said, taking a sip of her drink.

We chatted as we ate, savouring the unfamiliar food.

“Well,” said Pam, “I have no idea what time my body thinks it is, but I want to be up early to see an Indian sunrise, so I’m going to turn in.”

I kissed her, and she walked back in the direction of our rooms.

“Another cocktail, anyone?” I offered.

“Definitely,” said Sarah. “I don’t have to fly again till the day after tomorrow, when I’m taking some guests back to Delhi, so I want to make the most of the time – and the company.”

I caught a look pass between Amy and Laura. I caught the waiter’s eye and ordered our fresh drinks.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Captain Sarah?” asked Laura.

Sarah smiled again at the mixture of formality and familiarity, then her face looked a little sad.

“I did,” she said, “but he wanted to keep flying fighters, when I’d had enough and wanted to get back to civilian life.”

She blinked, and took another sip of her cocktail. “Still, who knows how it would have worked out. I enjoy my job, and there are some great perks.”

She raised her glass to me, and I clinked mine against it gently.

A few minutes later I excused myself to go to the toilet. When I returned, I could sense a subtle change, and Amy was trying unsuccessfully to suppress a smile.

“Can Amy and I go and watch the fireflies for a while?” asked Laura.

“Sure,” I said. “You’ll have to go inside if the mosquitoes get too bad, though.”

The girls disappeared, and I was left alone with Sarah.

“They’re good girls, your niece and her friend,” she said. “Sounds like you’ve been very kind to them.”

She hesitated. “They told me you three are very close.”

My thoughts whirled. “Goodness,” I finally replied, “I hope they weren’t too indiscreet.”

Sarah smiled. “Don’t worry, they didn’t go into the details. Sometimes when you’re younger, you don’t worry about subtlety – I think they were just looking for a way to make me see that I can trust you.”

She reached out a hand to mine. “They were right, I did keep my eyes on you more than was strictly necessary on the flight over here.”

“Shall we go for a walk?” I said. “I saw a sort of summer house along the path by the lodge.”

We stood, and went out into the warm night. We walked slowly along the path to the summer house, and sat side by side on a bench.

Sarah turned her head to me, and I didn’t need her to say anything to tell me what she wanted. She closed her eyes, and I gently kissed her. Her lips parted, and I sensed her restraining her passion. I put my arms around her, and held her close. She buried her face in my chest.

“That feels so good,” she said. “But we’re short on time.”

“I’ll think of something,” I said. “Tomorrow, if the girls or I suggest something, follow our lead.”

She nodded. “Kiss me again before we go back,” she said, and just for a moment I felt her desire come through full force as our lips met.

We stood, and walked slowly back to the lodge. Amy and Laura had obviously been waiting for us, and Laura winked at me.

“Goodnight, Captain Sarah,” they said. Sarah grinned at them, and disappeared in the direction of her own room.

I walked up the stairs with the girls. “Did we get it right?” asked Laura hopefully.

“I got a bit of a shock when Sarah told me you’d let her in on our secret, but yes, you were spot on,” I said. “Now, whatever happens tomorrow, agree with my suggestions.” They nodded, and vanished into their room.

I found Pam fast asleep, and quickly changed, pulling the mosquito net over me and falling asleep almost instantly.

Sarah was not around for breakfast, and we amused the serving staff by taking the hot bread they brought us – intended to be eaten with the spicy potatoes that came with it – and spreading it with butter and jam like croissants.

After breakfast, Pam said, “I spoke to the manager about elephant rides, and we can go this afternoon if you like.”

I considered. “I’m still quite tired – I think you made a better choice about how to cope with the jetlag than I did, and I think I’ll need to sleep. Why don’t you and the girls go?”

Laura chipped in. “I’d like to sketch after lunch if that’s OK – I’ll look after Uncle Tim.”

We relaxed in the morning, taking a short walk around the perimeter of the lodge.

“We’ll see lots of wildlife from the elephants,” said Amy. “You must do it another day, Uncle Tim – I’m sure Laura would go to keep you company.”

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