Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 04

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A car pulled up outside. Pam looked up and smiled. “It’s Caroline and Donald, with Amy.”

She got up and opened the door. “Hi,” she called. I followed her and stood behind her in the doorway.

Amy was first up the path. “Hi, Aunty Pam,” she said, “Hi, Tim.”

Donald followed towing a large suitcase. “Phew,” he said, “it certainly feels like you packed for two weeks.”

Caroline brought up the rear. “We can’t stay, sorry, Donald and I have to catch our plane.”

“A holiday in the Caribbean will be very different to that course you had in mind when you first arranged this,” said Pam.

“Yes — Donald’s illness was a blessing in disguise, and he’s been absolutely fine ever since.”

I looked toward Amy and she managed a surreptitious wink. I thought to myself how much more she’d grown up, even in the few months since I’d last seen her. She still wore jeans and a t-shirt, but she’d changed her hair, and I thought she was wearing more obvious makeup.

“Come on, young lady,” I said, “Let’s get you settled, shall we.”

I took the case from Donald and lugged it up the stairs to the guest room. Amy followed me up, and said, “Thanks, Tim. Give me a few minutes to unpack a few essentials, and I’ll come down.”

As I went back down the stairs, I heard the car leaving. I went into the living room and sat down with Pam. After a few minutes we heard footsteps on the stairs, and Amy reappeared. She had changed her clothes, and Pam was the first to speak.

“Gosh, Amy, that’s very elegant.”

Amy was wearing the red dress she’d bought the day when she and I went shopping, and I was pretty sure underneath was the pushup bra.

“Glad you like it, Aunty Pam. I’m going to a ball next week and I thought I’d try it on.”

Pam glanced at the clock. “It’s time for something to eat — you hungry, Amy?”

Amy nodded.

“I thought I’d phone for pizza as a treat,” said Pam. “What kind do you like?”

“Anything, really, though I quite like pepperoni.”

Pam got up and went into the dining room to phone. Amy grinned at me. “So I’m finally here,” she said. She paused, then went on, “Have you worked out yet how we’re going to get some time together?”

“Leave it to me,” I grinned, “You’ll see.”

Pam returned and said, “About twenty minutes for the pizza. Amy, why don’t you tell us what you’ve been doing since we saw you at Christmas.”

Amy was part way through an enthusiastic description of the subjects she’d taken at college and her plans for the next academic year, when there was the expected knock at the door. Pam fetched the pizza, and the conversation lapsed while we all ate.

When we’d finished, and had coffee, Pam said, “Well, Tim and I need to be up early, so we’d better turn in. Amy, you’ve got the bathroom all to yourself, Tim and I have an en-suite.”

Amy smiled. “I suppose Mum and Dad have told you I have a habit of spending rather a long time in there.”

She walked up the stairs and shut the door of her room behind her. Pam and I went up a few minutes later, changed for bed, and were soon asleep.

The alarm went off next morning early, and Pam and I got ready for work. We went down to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast. After a few minutes, a sleepy-looking Amy in a long t-shirt appeared, and sat at the kitchen table.

“So, Amy,” began Pam, “What plans do you have for today? I’m afraid Tim and I both have to work this first week as we said, but we’ve planned some activities for the evenings to keep you entertained.”

“I thought I’d go down to town and see what different shops you have here to the ones at home. I have some money left over from my birthday so I can treat myself to a few nice things.”

“Well, if you need anything, give us a call,” I said. “You have our mobiles.”

Pam stood. “Well, I’d better get going,” she said, “I have the longest drive.”

She put on her jacket, and went out of the door. She started the car, and we heard the sound of the engine receding. Amy sat still for a few more moments, then she was suddenly in my arms, kissing me.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she said. “But do I really have to find stuff to do all day, then go to all those boring things that Pam will have thought of for us to do together?”

“Relax,” I said. “I took some more holiday days at work — I just didn’t tell Pam. She has a long drive, and always rings if she’s coming home early, so as long as I can make up a convincing story about my boring day at work, we’re perfectly safe.”

“Woohoo!” she said, and hugged me more tightly. “Do you want to go somewhere, or –” her voice held an obvious meaning — “shall we stay in?”

“The shops will still be there this afternoon,” I said. “I’ve missed you.”

I kissed her again, and tenderly brushed a wisp of hair away from her face. Then I reached out a hand hesitantly to touch her breast through the fabric of her t-shirt. She smiled, and pressed my hand more firmly to her. I felt her nipple harden, and I moved my other hand up to touch the other breast.

She Giresun Escort gasped, and said, “I’d forgotten how good this is.”

“Well, you can find out all over again,” I said. I reached for the hem of her t-shirt and lifted it off over her head, so that she sat completely naked on the kitchen chair. I bent my head to take her nipple in my mouth, and caressed her other breast with my hand, brushing my palm over it lightly.

“Mmmmm,” she said, “that’s good.”

I paused for a moment to say, “So, how would you like it to be this first time?”

“I want everything, all at once,” she said, smiling. “But I guess we have all week, so we should have time to fit everything in. Why don’t we go upstairs to my room?”

She rose gracefully, and I followed her up the stairs to the guest room, undressing as I went.

“Good job we put a big bed in here,” I said.

“Definitely,” she said. “How about you lie down?”

I complied with her suggestion, and she climbed on top of me, her breasts invitingly close to my face. She lowered her hips onto me, and I felt her wetness against my penis.

“I’ve been doing some more surfing,” she said. “I found a few things we didn’t try at Christmas.”

“Well, I’ll try anything once,” I said, starting to kiss her breasts and nipples.

She flexed her hips in response, and I gasped. “That’s nice,” I said, “but don’t take it too far — I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

She smiled, and moved her hips up my body, until she was poised above my mouth.

“I’m sure we did this before,” I teased.

“Wait and see,” she said. I began to tongue the inviting opening in front of me, and Amy touched her own breasts, obviously confident in what she wanted. Soon she was building steadily to her climax, moaning and gasping as I suckled her clitoris in time with the movement of her hands.

Then she pulled away from my mouth, moving back down my body. I looked at her quizzically, then my face showed understanding as I felt her guide my penis into her opening. She eased her hips down onto me so that I was fully inside her, then began to move on me, angling herself so that my hard shaft pressed on her clitoris with each thrust. Very shortly she was gasping again as before.

“I’m coming,” I groaned, and as I spurted into her, she finally orgasmed, pushing herself down onto me forcefully, multiplying our joint pleasure.

When we were both spent, she lowered herself onto me, my penis still in her, and I put my arms around her.

“Whew,” I said, “I like these ideas of yours.”

She smiled, and kissed me gently on the lips.

After a while, she said, “Mmmm, I could stay here forever, but didn’t you promise me a shopping trip?”

I grinned. “I have a surprise or two for you, yes.”

She rolled off me, and said, “Do we have time for a shower?”

“Always,” I said. I followed her to the bathroom, and we washed each other, remembering how we’d done the same at Pam’s the time before.

I helped her dry, and she dressed — her usual t-shirt and jeans. Then she spent a few minutes applying her makeup.

“That’s new,” I said. “I like the way you do your face, it makes you look amazing.”

She smiled. “I like to look special for you.”

I threw on some clothes — I figured that if I was with her, nobody would be looking at me anyway — and we set off for the town centre on foot.

“We should have some lunch,” I suggested.

“Good idea. Something light, maybe Italian?”

“I know a place,” I said, turning down a side street. When we reached the restaurant, I opened the door for Amy. I followed her in, and the proprietor showed us to a table.

“How’s your Italian?” I teased.

“Not great,” she admitted.

I showed off a little, ordering food for both of us and a bottle of wine. When the food came, Amy started to eat, then looked up at me. “This is amazing!” she said.

“Glad you like it. I want you to remember this visit — and not just for what happens in bed.”

“I’m not planning for everything to happen in bed,” she teased.

“You know what I mean,” I pretended to scold.

We sat talking for a while when the food was finished, drinking the rest of the wine. Then I paid, and we left the restaurant, continuing our walk towards the shops.

As we reached the main shopping street, I said, “Here’s the first place I had in mind for us to visit.” I indicated a jeweller’s shop; Amy looked at me wide-eyed.

“Did you pack your necklace?” I said.

“Of course,” she said, “I’m going to wear it to the ball.”

“Well, let me get you something to go with it,” I said.

I enjoyed the look on her face for a moment, then opened the door and ushered her in. This time the assistant was a little more discreet, keeping his thoughts out of his expression.

“My friend has a very attractive ruby and diamond necklace,” I explained. “I was hoping to find a bracelet to go with it. Perhaps you could show us a few pieces?”

“Certainly, sir. If you’ll come Giresun Escort Bayan with me?”

He showed us into a private room, and left, returning with a velvet tray containing several stunning bracelets.

“Try them on,” I urged Amy.

She tentatively reached out a hand, as though she thought the jewellery might disappear. She picked up one of the bracelets, and held it out to me.

“Fasten it for me, darling,” she said. My eyes met hers; we both knew that this was the first time she’d called me that.

I fastened the bracelet on her wrist, and she turned it this way and that.

“Hmm,” she said. “Could I try that one instead?”

I switched the bracelet for the one she’d indicated; like her necklace, its main feature was a ruby, with diamonds in subsidiary settings.

“That’s lovely,” she said. She looked up at me anxiously, still seeming afraid that this would turn out not to be real.

“Perfect,” I said. I turned to the assistant. “We’ll take it, thank you.” He nodded, and unfastened the bracelet from Amy’s wrist, placing it in a velvet case. I handed him my credit card, and he discreetly swiped it, returning it to me.

As we left the shop, Amy turned to me. “I’m sorry, Tim,” she said. “I’ve never really asked you about your job; you and Pam don’t live ostentatiously, but you must be doing OK to be able to be so generous to me.”

“I am very fortunate, yes,” I said. “Even in the recession, things have gone quite well for the company I work for, and what I do is valuable to them.”

We walked on, and she spotted a clothes shop she recognised. “Let’s go in here,” she urged. “I’ve seen something in their catalogue I think I’d like.”

“Do you want me with you?” I asked.

She thought for a moment. “Actually, it would be nice to surprise you. I won’t be a minute.”

She went into the shop, and returned remarkably quickly with several bags.

“Now, one more place,” I said. I directed Amy to one of the large department stores, and we found our way to the cosmetics department.

“Now,” I said, “I wouldn’t presume to buy makeup for you — you do such a brilliant job of that — but I’d really like to buy you some perfume.”

She smiled. “That would be lovely — I’ve always wanted to try some of the classics.”

We walked to the perfume counter, and the assistant approached us.

“What do you think would suit you?” I asked Amy.

The assistant cleared her throat. “Perhaps I could suggest a couple of things?” She produced a bottle, and dabbed a little of the scent on Amy’s wrist. “Wait a few moments for it to warm to your skin,” she advised.

I took Amy’s hand and breathed in the fragrance rising from her wrist. “That’s quite nice,” I said.

Amy raised her wrist to her nose. “It’s OK,” she said.

The assistant selected a different bottle, and dabbed Amy’s other wrist. This time when I took her hand, I said, “Oh. Oh, yes, that’s quite special.”

Amy sniffed, and her eyes widened. “Mmm,” she said, “it does really have something, doesn’t it?”

The assistant smiled. “I’m glad. Shall I wrap that for you?”

“Yes, please,” I said. I paid for the scent, and we left the shop.

“Anything else you want to see?” I asked Amy.

“Well,” she said, “we’ve had a nice lunch, and I have jewels and perfume, as well as a surprise for you. I think that’ll do for today. We can always come back tomorrow if we need to.”

“Great,” I said. “Let’s head back, then.”

We took our time walking back to the house. When we were inside, Amy said, “Shall I change?”

I looked at her expression. She was obviously eager to show me the surprise she’d prepared.

“Of course,” I said. She disappeared upstairs with everything we’d brought back. I heard the sound of the shower, then her bedroom door closing. I went and sat in the living room, idly glancing at some of the glossy magazines on the coffee table.

After what seemed a very long time, I heard footsteps on the stairs. I looked up at the doorway, and gasped at the vision that stood there. Amy had transformed herself; her hair was piled elegantly on top of her head, making her seem taller — the tall heels she wore added to the effect. The ruby necklace rested at her throat, and the bracelet was on her wrist. She wore an elegant silk dress in a colour I couldn’t quite tie down, and silk stockings. Her face was made up exquisitely.

I stood and moved towards her, catching the unmistakeable fragrance of the perfume I’d bought for her that afternoon.

“I’m overwhelmed,” I said.

She smiled, and drew me into her arms. So close to her, the scent was literally intoxicating.

“Do I dare kiss you?” I murmured. “I don’t want to spoil your artistry.”

“The makeup’s easily repaired,” she grinned. “Just don’t smudge the dress.”

“Well, we’ll just have to make sure we take it off before there’s any danger of that,” I teased. I kissed her, enjoying the unaccustomed feel of lipstick as I did so. I pulled away for a moment. “Better make Escort Giresun sure I get all the lipstick off me too.”

She reached out to wipe off a telltale smear from the side of my mouth; I intercepted her finger, and took it into my mouth, sucking and tonguing it gently.

She gasped. “I never saw that on the Internet,” she said, obviously enjoying what I was doing.

“It’s the little things that make the difference,” I said. I released her finger, and moved so that I could gently breathe into her ear, and dab the lobe with my tongue. Then I moved round behind her, lightly kissing the bare nape of her neck. I put my arms round her, and carefully brushed her nipples with my palms through the silk. She trembled, and said, “You know what we said about taking off the dress?”

I reached for the zip and slid the fastening all the way down. The silk slid off her shoulders and pooled at her feet, and she carefully picked it up and draped the dress over the back of the sofa. Underneath she wore garments I hadn’t seen before, also of silk. I moved back to face her, and slid the straps of her bra off her shoulders, spilling her breasts out.

“Have you, er, grown again?” I ventured. She smiled shyly and said, “A little, but I think that’s it now.”

“Well, I’m not complaining,” I said, kissing one breast gently. “Did you put a little of the scent here too?”

“Just a dab, between them,” she said. “There are seven places where you’re supposed to put it, you know.”

“I’d heard that you put it wherever you want to be kissed,” I said teasingly.

“I think it amounts to the same thing,” she replied in the same tone. “Would you like to try and find them all?”

I straightened up and said, “Well, one I’ve already done.” I touched the nape of her neck gently, and she nodded. I bent to kiss first one side, then the other, of her neck, then moved down to place a kiss in the hollow of her throat. “Mmm,” she said, “I like this version of hide and seek.”

I took each of her hands in turn and kissed her wrists, then finally bent down to kiss her between her breasts. “You got them all,” she said. I stayed where I was, and brought my hands back to her breasts, touching both nipples. She gasped, and said, “I still have my panties on.”

“I do apologise,” I said, “let me put that right.” I slipped the silk panties down, and she stepped out of them.

She moved her legs slightly apart, and I resumed my attentions to her breasts, then moved one hand down to begin to touch her opening.

I slid two fingers into her, then caressed her clitoris carefully with my thumb. She moaned, and said, “I want your mouth, now.” I guided her to the sofa and she reclined, parting her legs fully. I buried my head in her wetness, and began to tongue her. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me harder against me, and soon she was gasping as she climaxed.

When she had relaxed, she said, “Wow, it just gets better. Have we time for me to return the favour?”

I glanced at my watch. “Think that would be cutting it a bit fine. How about I surprise Pam tonight, and you and I can start afresh in the morning?”

She grinned. “I’ll look forward to it.” She carefully collected her garments together and disappeared upstairs, returning in t-shirt and jeans.

As we sat down on the sofa and Amy got out one of her university prospectuses, I heard the sound of Pam’s car in the drive. I opened the door for her and hugged her.

“How was your day?” I said.

“OK,” she said, “though the traffic was pretty bad. Yours?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” I said, thinking to myself that exactly the opposite was true.

“Well, we have to be ready pretty quickly,” she reminded, “we have to be at the cinema for seven.”

“I’m pretty much ready,” I said, “and I think Amy’s OK in what she’s wearing.”

“OK,” she said. “I’ll just change then.”

She went up the stairs, and returned after a while in a soft skirt and matching blouse.

“Come on, Amy,” she said. Amy got to her feet and asked, “What are we going to see?”

Pam named the film — the latest rom-com — and Amy nodded. “Sure, I’d like to see that.”

We got in the car and drove the few minutes to the out-of-town cinema complex. We bought tickets and popcorn and found our seats; Amy managed to arrange things so that I was sitting between her and Pam. The lights dimmed and the film began.

After the film had been running for a few minutes — the bumbling hero had just met the gorgeous girl — I felt something touching my leg. I glanced down in the dim illumination, and could just make out Amy’s hand, palm up, resting there. I put my hand on hers and she grasped it, pulling it toward her.

She shifted her grip to hold my wrist gently, and guided my hand towards the waistband of her jeans. She slid my hand inside her jeans, and with a shock of pleasure I realised she wasn’t wearing any panties. My hand moved over her soft mound, and my fingers found the wetness between her legs. I didn’t have the space to really touch her as she might have wanted, but I flexed my fingers slightly and she moved her hips in an obvious response.

The film continued to its fairly predictable conclusion, and as the trailers rolled I carefully pulled my hand back. Pam stood up, and said, “Well, I enjoyed that.”

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