Amber’s Family Pt. 07

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Big Balls

A Week with Daddy

Michael removed his softening cock from his daughter’s tight cunt. A mix of his cum and her copious fluids spilled out onto the desk below. He watched her small cunt drool intently, getting satisfaction from the fact that he had filled her up so completely.

“Daddy, I love it when you come inside me. It makes me feel so good and full.” She patted her cunt with her hands, then began fingering her fuck channel, covering her finger in his jizz.

“I’m glad baby. I need you to get up now though, I still have work to do. I’ll make dinner for us later.”

Amber sighed and said “Ok Daddy.” She cupped her hand over her cunt so no more fluids would leak out then got off the desk and proceeded to lick up his cum that had spilled onto it from her twat. Michael sat back down on his office chair and opened his laptop. Soon he was absorbed in his work.

Amber finished her treat and went to her bedroom cupping her sex, being careful not to spill any more onto the carpet. She got to her room and removed the skimpy outfit, then laid down on her bed, got her phone out and put her headphones in. She listened to Maroon 5 and Ke$ha while she cleaned out her cunny with her fingers, sucking up the fluids while singing along to the songs. After finishing up the tasty cum, she began dancing around, singing to the music, her nude body moving sexily. She loved to dance. She had been on the drill team in high school and had loved it much more than high school itself. She was good at it, and it kept her young body tight and lean.

She went through a few dance routines, then a fun idea popped into her head. She would make up a sexy dance for her Daddy! She began working on the moves.

Michael continued to work on his laptop for a few hours until dinner time arrived. He got up and stretched, then went to the kitchen. He decided he would make spaghetti, with a green bean casserole and garlic bread. He liked to cook. He was fairly good at it, but his wife was better and she usually did the cooking. He made the food with care, making sure it tasted just right. Finally done, he took the bread out of the oven, served up the food on two plates and called Amber down for dinner.

She quickly came down the stairs, then stopped in front of the dinner table. She had on tiny, lacy, baby blue crotchless panties and a matching open cup barely-there bra.

Michael looked up and saw his daughter in this new slutty outfit and smiled. “You look great baby!” he said.

Amber twirled around delightedly then sat down to eat. “It looks and smells wonderful Daddy.” They both began to eat. The food tasted delicious and Amber told her father so between bites. They took their time eating and chatting. After finishing up Amber did the dishes. Michael sat down in the living room, turned on the t.v., and began to watch sports center.

A short time later Amber finished the dishes. She then went to her room and came back and stood in front of her father blocking the view of the t.v. “Daddy, turn off the t.v., I have a surprise for you.” she said happily.

“Oh? what’s that?” asked Michael, taking the remote and turning the television off.

She had her phone and speakers in her hands and she placed them on the coffee table. She quickly flipped to the song she wanted and then got into position in front of her father, her arms down at her sides, legs spread slightly apart. The music began to play. The song was Dark Horse by Katy Perry.

She began moving to the music. Her body moved fluidly and her breasts bounced freely as she danced to her own choreography. It was a very sexual dance. Her hips and ass moved and swung sensuously. Her cunt was completely bare because of the crotchless panties, and only a small lacy string ran between her cheeks. She began to grab her breasts and pussy as she danced. Michael was amazed at how skilled a performer she was. He felt proud of his daughter. She was an amazingly sexual creature. The song was soon over and she finished her dance, breathing heavily, standing before him.

Michael clapped loudly, exclaiming “Well done baby! That was incredible!” Michael’s cock was now hard again from watching this sexual display.

Amber hopped up and down in the air excitedly her tits jiggling wildly, a large smile on her face, then Giresun Escort ran to her father and straddled his lap, giving him a big kiss. He kissed her back for a while, then moved his mouth to her neck kissing and licking a trail down to her breasts. They explored each others bodies with their hands as Amber began to grind her pussy on his cock. They continued like this for some time, letting themselves get lost in a haze of lust. Amber’s cunt was slick with her own fluid as she grabbed his shaft with her hand and aimed it at her cunt and began to sit down on top of it.

Amber moaned as the large cock slowly entered her cunt.

“I have an idea baby,” said Michael as he took her hips and guided her down even further onto his fuckshaft. “Why don’t we watch a porno together while we fuck.”

“uhhnnn…ok Daddy” the slutty teen moaned as her cunt slid even further down on his fuckshaft.

Michael picked up the remote and navigated to his saved porn. He decided on one and it began to play. Meanwhile Amber had worked her tight fuck channel all the way down on his rod. She held her Daddy close to her and began to kiss his muscular chest as she let her cunt adjust to his size.

“Turn around baby” said Michael. Amber turned around on his lap, not quite letting his cock out of her tight snatch, then sat back down hard on his cock, moaning. She began to watch the sex show before her.

The man on the porno was muscular and tattooed, but slim. He had black hair, dark eyes and tan skin. He currently sat on a nice white couch. She could almost imagine it to be her Daddy if he had tattoos and a shaved chest. The woman had a form similar to her own, with big perky real breasts, tan skin and a toned sexy body, but her ass wasn’t as nice as her own she thought. She had platinum blonde hair and a cute face. She couldn’t have been much older than Amber herself. She was currently kneeling before the man sucking on his thick cock. It was a nice big cock, but not as nice as her father’s. the man was holding her head and encouraging her with whispered words.

Amber had watched some porn herself, but not much. She liked this one though, the lighting was nice, and the models looked young and good together. It began to turn her on even more than she already was. She lifted herself up off of Michael’s prick and back down again in slow strokes as she continued to watch this sexy display.

Michael pulled his daughters back against his chest and reached around with both hands, grabbing her heavy tits and massaging them. He continued to watch the porno as he kissed and gently sucked her ear and neck from behind. Amber began to moan as she fucked her fathers cock and watched.

The blowjob on screen lasted a few minutes after which the tattooed man picked the young model up and guided her so that she was kneeling on the couch facing away from them, showing the camera a view of her sexy ass and cunt. The man got on his knees and sucked and tongued her cunt and asshole, causing the model to moan. He did this for about 30 seconds then stood up and positioned his cock at her pussy and slowly slid it in. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her from behind. He quickly picked up the pace and the models moans became louder and more frequent.

“I like it Daddy.” said Amber between lust filled moans of her own, “they are very sexy, but not as sexy as you and Mommy when you fuck.” She began to move faster up and down impaling herself deeper on her Father’s cock.

The tattooed man fucked the model hard for a few minutes then asked her if she wanted it in the ass. “uhhhh yes!” she said “stick your cock in my ass!” The man got some lubricant from the drawer by the couch and rubbed it all over the girls tiny pink asshole, sticking two fingers inside it. Pulling them out he began to push his cock in, slowly, until the whole thing was inside her. He began to fuck her ass.

Amber’s eyes grew wide at this. She had never seen Anal sex before. She knew about it, but always thought it was very dirty. The sexy blonde on the porno apparently liked it a lot however, as she moaned just as loud as she had when it was in her cunt. Her body began to move faster on it’s own accord, impaling her quickly up and down on her Father’s fuckshaft. Her young teen body and mind were extremely Giresun Escort Bayan wound up.

It doesn’t seem dirty at all, thought Amber, I wonder how Daddy’s cock would feel deep in my ass? She continued to fuck her Father’s cock and he continued to massage her tits and pinch her nipples and kiss her lick her neck.

Amber’s senses were on overload. Everything felt so good! The porno continued before her. Oh my God, I think I’m about to cumm… She slammed herself up and down a few more times on his cock and then came hard, moaning loudly. Her cuntal juices ran down her fathers cock drenching his balls as she shook and moaned and jerked in spasms.

Michael let his daughter cum all over his cock enjoying the feeling of her spasming cunt channel massaging it. He continued to watch the porno. This female pornstar was one of his favorites because her body reminded him of his daughters. This porn clip was also one of his favorites. He liked it because the girl came hard near the end while having anal sex. He had watched an interview of her talking about her favorite sex scenes. She had told the interviewer that this was her favorite because she had cum so hard. She might have been faking and lying, but it sure didn’t seem like it to Michael.

Amber came down from her hard cum and slumped against her Father’s chest breathing heavily. “I love your cock so much Daddy!” exclaimed Amber. “It makes me cum so hard!”

“I’m glad” said Michael, and he began to fuck his daughter again as his favorite scene came up. The Actresses moans were frantic now and as the two of them watched, the beautiful girl came as the tattooed man fucked her ass hard from behind. She let out a gasping moan. Her legs quivered, her head jerked and her body shook. Her orgasmic display went on for twenty seconds. The man came in the middle of her orgasm. He shot his load deep into her asshole. The scene ended soon after with them holding each other on the couch and kissing gently.

“Did you like it baby?” asked Michael.

Amber had begun to softly moan again as her father continued his slow fucking of her cunt. “Yes Daddy, I liked it. I didn’t know that anal sex could make a girl cum.”

“It can baby girl. If the man does it right.”

“Why don’t you and Mom have anal sex Daddy?” she asked and then moaned.

“We do sweety, but your Mother didn’t want to show you that just yet. She thought we should show you after you had had sex for the first time. It’s a more experienced way to fuck.”

“I want to try it Daddy.” Amber said. “I want you to fuck me every way you fuck Mom.”

“Ok baby girl.” He picked his light daughter up and off of his large member, then set her on the couch next to him. He went to the bedroom and got his lube. He came back out and Amber was on her knees facing away from him on the couch her hands resting on the back of it. She looked back over her shoulder to her Father and said “like this Daddy?”

“If you like it that way sweetheart.” said Michael “remember though Amber, anal sex can be very good but it’s the dirtiest way to have sex. It’s very naughty.”

“I’m your very naughty slut Daddy,” said Amber sexily, wiggling her ass, “and I want you to fuck me in all my holes so I’m not a virgin anymore in any way.”

He walked behind his daughter, opened the lubricant and rubbed a large portion on and around her little asshole, then stuck a finger slowly in.

“It feels weird Daddy..” said amber as she arched her back to give him better access to her ass.

Michael continued to lubricate the inside of her ass cunt slowly. It was very tight. “Just relax baby, and concentrate on the feeling of it.” He went very slow. He fucked her with his middle finger gently for minutes working the whole thing in and out. He kissed her and rubbed her tits as he did so. He talked to her while he finger fucked her ass. He told her how much he enjoyed fucking her tight cunt, and how sexy and naughty she was. He told her he loved her tight little body, big fat tits, and her nice firm ass. He said he loved the new sexy outfits she wore for him and how much they made his cock hard for her.

Amber rested her head against the back couch pillow and enjoyed his anal fingering. She loved to hear the wonderful compliments he Escort Giresun was giving her and soon she was moaning. “It’s beginning to feel good Daddy.” she said.

Michael stuck another finger in and let her asshole adjust to it then began fucking her again with two fingers. He made out with his sexy daughter. Their tongues danced against each other as he slowly finger fucked her ass. She would moan every now and then into his mouth and continue to kiss him. Minutes later the third finger was inserted. Her ass was stretching out well.

Amber experienced very little discomfort and liked the strange new sensations that his fingers were creating inside her body. Soon he was fucking his three fingers in and out of her ass twat. she moaned more and Michael suggested she finger her clit while he stretched her out.

Amber began to finger her little clitty. Her whole body felt warm and good. her cunt was soaked from her earlier cum. It felt good to finger it. She continued to moan.

Michael began to jack his cock off as he fucked her ass, getting it hard and ready again. Giving her ass a few more pumps with his three fingers he found the lube and coated it on his cock. “Get ready baby, I’m about to fuck your ass.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m ready. Your fingers feel really good but I want your cock now please!”

He got up and positioned his cock behind her. He took his fingers out of her ass and replaced them quickly with his hard cock. He grabbed her hips and pushed it inside till it was halfway inserted and he could fit no more. Amber moaned. She was being stretched to her limit. A sheen of sweat covered her body.

“Relax baby.” said Michael as he slowly fucked her in and out occasionally reaching down to fondle her tits. He kept this up for long minutes and gained a few more inches into his teenage girls slutty hole. Two more minutes after that and his cock was completely inside his daughters ass. He rested its whole length inside her. “You did it baby, you took your first cock in your ass.”

“Nhhh.. I feel so full.”

“Yes baby girl, just rest a minute and let your ass cunt stretch itself out.”

Amber slowly fingered her clit and rested her head on the back cushion of the couch. The process had only hurt a little and his cock was already feeling good in her ass. “I think I like it Daddy. I feel very naughty.”

Michael began slowly fucking her ass with short strokes. Amber moaned and continued to finger her clit as he fucked her. He picked up the pace after a few more minutes, enjoying her incredibly tight asshole. He noticed his daughter was moaning more and more.

Shannon could have orgasms from anal sex and Michael wanted to see if his daughter could as well. He grabbed both her wrists and pulled on them, making her sit up straighter as he began to quickly and forcefully fuck her ass. She looked back at him with lust glazed eyes and he continued to pound her hard. Her ass was very tight and he wasn’t going to last long.

An extreme intense feeling began to wash over Amber’s young body as her ass continued to get pounded mercilessly. It was like the build up of a cunt orgasm, but faster and stronger and before she could even scream she was cumming.

Michael felt his daughters ass spasm around his cock and knew she was there. He held on to her wrists as her whole body shook. A few moments later she finally let out a scream of ecstasy. He pumped into her even faster as she came and with a mighty yell spewed his load deep inside her asshole.

His daughter had slumped down and was only being held up by her wrists. Breathing heavily Michael let his daughters arms go and she fell to the couch, still moaning slightly and breathing very heavily.

He pulled his cock out of her ass and she fell to her side. Michael sat down next to her and gently stroked her hair and then her back, letting his breathing return to normal.

“That was a big one Daddy” said Amber, her eyes still closed.

“Mine too baby” said Michael.

They rested like that for a couple minutes, then Michael got up and went to the bathroom. He whetted a towel down and walked back into the living room and sat down next to his daughter. He set the hot towel in his lap and told Amber to come sit on him. She crawled up and sat down in his lap, hugging him and resting her head against his chest. He held the sexy teen in his arms. They kissed now and then, but for the most part just sat and held each other.

“Thank you for fucking me in the ass.” Said Amber, snuggling deeper in his arms.

“My pleasure, baby” he replied.

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