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After a chat with someone using the name Charlette I thought this brief statement, before I get to todays story, mite be helpful for the reader, Cheri.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them but I’m offering my erotic tales for free, sharing intimate thoughts, feelings, fantasies, experiences, If my small errors in form, style or spelling upset you don’t read me again, it is that simple, acting superior, leaving mean comments, correcting small errors says more about you then me. They are not a legal brief constructed so every word is perfect, every word/phrase perfect. every comma in the right place, they are a frank, explicit, exploration of my sexual journey.

I have a tumbling out style writing from emotion, lust, desire, a friend confessing to you. I love feedback good and bad, even the harsh comments from the grammar police “English must be your second Language” being the most cruel/funny, but really this is a hobby not a job, the writing is suppose to be fun a release. I enjoy writing erotica with one hand, rubbing softly my pussy with the other, caressing my body, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my soaking wet pussy.

Parting my wet lips inserting one then two fingers slowly inside me slowly moving in and out my wetness growing. Smearing my wetness on my clit rubbing it gently the whole time writing an erotic story my sexual lust growing. My pussy juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out speed increasing. Tingling all over, legs spread, knees bent sitting in my leather computer chair, toes curling, bringing my fingers to my mouth tasting myself, licking my fingers.

What would be helpful whatsapp escort to acknowledge though is not only are some of these rules the grammar police hold so dear are incredibly capricious, they are also constantly changing. The thing that is oft overlooked is that as language changes with online chat and texting, as it naturally does over time anyway, the rules that govern it should change as well.

Please enjoy my erotic story and thank you for reading my works your feedback is always welcome, constructive criticism included, suggestions, or just saying you liked my erotic story I appreciate all of it.

The Story:

I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic woman thirty years old, 5’2″ 103lbs., blue eyes, small cute feet, a heart shaped ass, long red hair with nicely trimmed red pubes to match. I know my place in the world I’m a bright, articulate, well educated, highly paid attorney but my charity work is what gives me satisfaction.

I volunteer at CVLS offering my legal services to woman in trouble, abusive relationships, bad marriages, shoplifting, drunk driving. Giving advice and filing restraining orders, handling divorces, helping then prepare for court appearances as well as many other things. Being a survivor my self gives me a special perspective, offering my services to women in need, is my way of giving back to the wonderful city I love.

It was raining the day I called her name out in the crowded waiting room at the Law Center. Riley Amber was short, shorter then me and very thin with dark hair wearing dark glasses looking cold and wet. Shaking her hand I ask her for the questionnaire we give all new clients istanbul escort bayan to fill out. I showed her to the small office I was using. “Have a seat, would you like some coffee?” I asked

“Thank you that would be nice,” Amber said in a timid voice

Pouring her a cup and handing it to her our hands touch for just a second but there was something in her touch, a spark, a moment. I went through the questionnaire entering the information into the computer asking questions when I needed clarification. She wore the dark glasses to cover a black eye, I had suspected as much. I discussed options with her explaining exactly my role in the process would be. We made an action plan and I made a few calls to find her a shelter to go to. Further information about her case is confidential and will not be disclosed here.

A few months later I was eating lunch at Eggy’s Diner by my self, a working lunch, studying documents between bites. “Hi Cheryle,” a friendly voice said. Looking up from my work “Amber, how are you getting along?” I asked really caring

“Great!” Hugging me she continued “I’ve got my own place, I’m working here in the kitchen, I saw you and had to come say thank you.”

“No thanks necessary, glad you’re finding your footing again,” I said as I smiled at her.

“You should come see my place let me fix you dinner,” she offered.

“I don’t know Amber I’m really busy but the offer means a lot,” I responded politely.

“you have to eat, please come, let me repay you for all the work you did on my case,” her voice charming me.

After a few more minutes of this I reluctantly agreed to come to her place for dinner on Thursday night. özbek escort She gave me her address, said she should get back to work, hugging me again before she disappeared to the back of the diner.

Thursday night came, I dressed casual, jeans, white blouse and flip flops. Arriving at her apartment building, I buzzed, “Come on up,” came the voice through the speaker box. I found her apartment door slightly open, entering I saw her in the kitchen cooking, barefoot wearing boy shorts and a tank top. Turning toward me I noticed how beautiful she is, running over to me she wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight, she was not wearing a bra.

“We have about an hour till dinners ready, want a glass of wine,” Amber Ask

“Sounds great,” I responded.

“Have a seat I’ll be right back with the wine,” she said pointing at the sofa.

Sitting on the sofa, she returned with a bottled of wine and glasses, plopping down next to me. She folded her legs under herself facing me, opening the bottle she poured two glasses, handing me one. We drank, talked, laughed soon she was up putting dinner on the table, opening another bottle of wine, we sat to eat. The home cooked dinner was delicious, I was having a good time with her, she cleared the plates after dinner setting them in the sink.

She returned but didn’t sit she stood next to me stroking my long red hair gently. “Ready for dessert?” I looked up, leaning down she kissed me her tongue finding it’s way in my mouth, I responded in kind, tongues dancing intertwined Taking my hand in hers, she led me to the bedroom, my head spinning from the wine, embracing again we kissed. Passionately kissing are hands roamed freely over each others bodies.

Undressing each other and falling into her small bed together coming together. Legs, feet, arms hands, fingers caressing, rubbing, our naked bodies so warm, heat growing, full of sexual desire. Making sweet love to each other through the night in that small twin bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32