Amazing Woman Ch. 02

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The events and conversations in this story are true, the names have been changed to protect our privacy.


The first time a woman goes into a hotel room with a man, she is under a great deal of stress. The man is larger, stronger and she has no idea of how he is going to act, once he has her alone. Added to this, is the stress that Maggie was going through by leaving her comfort zone of marriage and crossing the line into infidelity.

Her passions were satisfied. She was now free from all of her previous tensions and stress. We were laying on our backs, regaining our strength, listening to Marvin Gaye singing, “Light My Fire,” when Maggie giggled a little. I turned on my side to her saying, “What?”

She turned to me and burst into laughter. She tried to say something by pointing her finger at me and saying, “You” but was overcome again by her laughter. When she finally was able to speak, she said, “We just made beautiful love together and yet, an hour ago, out there in your car, if I had a frying pan in my hand, I would have brained you with it. I was so angry. You don’t tell a woman that you’re taking her on a date, pick her up and drive straight to a hotel. It’s not done that way. You wine and dine her first.”

She then told me what she had been thinking in the car when I first parked. “Mag?” I said, “I did wine and dine you. Friday night I bought you dinner, we danced and I bought you a drink.”

“No, no.” She replied, “That was five days ago. Doesn’t count and what would you have done, if I said, take me back to my car?”

With a smile, I answered her, “I would have said OK but let’s go have a cup of coffee first. Then over coffee, I would have persuaded you to come back here. Of course, half the night would have been shot by then.”

She was now lying on her tummy and I was rubbing her back with my hand. She said, “Mmmm, that feels good.”

“Oh, here. Let me do it better,” I said as I straddled her body. She was now between my legs and I rested my haunches on the backs of her thighs with my cock resting along the crack of her buttocks.

While massaging her back, I could feel my arousal beginning to take control of me again. My cock demanding to be back in that warm place inside of her. The Turtles were singing, “You show me what you do, exactly what you do.” Then Maggie softly said, “You showed me what to do.” For the rest of my life, whenever I hear that song, I recall every detail of that first night with Maggie.

She was now all open and moist for me. The song went on as I pushed myself up into her from behind. This time, I lasted a longer time until we were on the verge of climax. Maggie’s legs were together between mine. She then bent one leg back and jammed the heel of her foot in between my buttocks to my anus causing me to ejaculate copiously.

We lay there in the spoon position, her back to me with my arms around her. I felt so drained of energy and semen but so, so gratified.

“Where did you learn to do that little number with your heel,” I asked. She replied, “In a movie. When we were young, sometimes my husband would bring home a sex movie and we would watch it together. Back then we use to do a lot of things together. I guess we just drifted apart. I was busy with the kids and he was busy with his job. Maybe it was more like we were pulled apart.”

Maggie began feeling melancholy about the loss of her relationship with her husband. Some how, I had to change the mood. “Hey Look!,” I said, “I had promised you a cup of coffee and now that I have you settled in, I’m going to run next store and get it.” After some protesting, that she didn’t görükle escort want any, she agreed to a cup of tea with lemon.

I got dressed to leave and as I was unlocking the door, she called to me, “Jack! Wait.” She had been sitting up in bed resting her back against the headboard with the sheets covering her lap. Maybe it was the song playing on the radio that motivated her. Peter, Paul and Mary singing, “I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane.”

She got out of the bed and came toward me. It was the first time I saw her naked from a distance. Like when you’re at a museum and you have to step back to admire a work of art. Seeing her nude form in perspective, I thought to myself, “My God how beautiful she is. So many pebbles and stones on the beach and I found a diamond. How can I ever describe her beauty? How can I ever describe the beauty in the Venus of Milo?” I thought of that artwork because of the similarity between Maggie’s breasts and those of the Venus.

When Maggie is dressed and in her high heels, she is a mature, sophisticated woman but now that she is bare footed and nude, she appears to be like a young teenage girl, innocent, pure, and so vulnerable.

She came up to me, reaching up she clasped her hands behind my neck and with apprehension in her eyes and voice, asked, “You’re not going to leave me here, are you?” Looking down into her eyes and saying nothing, I thought to myself, “How can she think that of me? This woman has absolutely no self confidence in herself.”

Taking my car keys out of my pocket, I placed them in her hand, saying, “Don’t you leave me.” “Never” was her reply. I told her to lock the door and when I get back, I’ll knock twice then three and she will know it’s me.

Now that I’m older, I can understand what Maggie was going through that first night. Here she was, a forty-eight year old, married woman, in a hotel room, cheating on her husband for the first time with a twenty-six year old kid. Everything had happened so fast, she didn’t know if this kid had any depth to him or was he just using her this night, to get his rocks off. She wasn’t sure, she didn’t know and there was no way that she could know.

It took me less than ten minutes and I was back in the room. Aretha Franklin was singing, “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” I was both grateful and happy that the environment of the the room did not change. If it had been my wife in there; the music would be off, the TV would be blaring, all the lights would be on and she would be dressed.

I got undressed and we had our coffee and tea with a couple of dough nuts. Maggie had a half of one and I ate her other half. Then we made love again for an even longer time. After which, we laid there, side by side listening to Elvis singing, “Love Me Tender.”

It was then that I noticed Maggie was crying. There were tears coming down her cheeks. “Maggie, Maggie! What’s wrong?” I asked. She turned and sat up facing me, leaning her shoulder against the head board while pulling the sheet over her tummy.

Whenever she sits, her stretch marks become visible so she always tries to hide them. Wiping her eyes she said, “This night is so beautiful. I don’t want it to ever end.” Taking her in my arms I said, “Oh baby, there will be more nights like this. Many more, I promise.” She sighed, “We’ll see.”

The Beach Boys began singing, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” Music is an important ingredient in my love making. Men write and compose music. Men form groups and create the sounds of music. I use the music for it’s intended purpose, to attract and seduce a woman.

We copulated for a fourth time that night. eskort bayan I don’t know how many orgasms Maggie had but my sides were in pain from so many multiple ejaculations. We left the hotel a little after mid-night and we had to be at work the next morning.

At work the following morning, I looked for Maggie in the cafeteria but she wasn’t there. I went to her lab to see if she had called in. She had gotten home late and I was concerned about what her husband would do. When I walked into her lab, she was sitting at her station. She looked up at me and her face turned the color of crimson.

“Good morning,” I said, “I looked for you in the cafeteria this morning but you weren’t there.” She replied, “I know. I didn’t want to be there. I thought I would make it easier for you.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” I was puzzled.

She went on in a low voice, “Well, last night, you had me. Now you can move on to one of the other girls in here. They’re younger and you know that any one of them would have you. You have your pick of any girl you want.”

I was stunned that she would say such a thing. “Baby, I’m not interested in anyone but you.” I went on, “have lunch with me today.” She agreed.

At lunch I asked her if everything was OK when she got home. She began, “I got home a little before one and my husband was sound asleep. He’s never concerned about me when I go out. I got undressed and got into bed, I didn’t shower and this morning, I got up and got dressed. I didn’t shower this morning either. I have the scent of you on me and I don’t want to wash it off.”

That Friday night we went back to the hotel and then, every week there after. The hotel was a little expensive but I knew that a cheap motel would never have worked with Maggie. I could only afford two nights a week and I always checked out around mid-night, giving the key back to the night clerk. I got to know the two night clerks and they knew that they would get the room back that night so they gave me a reduced rate.

Maggie always brought along scented candles as she enjoyed creating the atmosphere. Our love making was always very intense and about the same routine. I would undress her and perform cunnilingus on her until she begged me to stop. Then, when she was wet with arousal, we would stare into each others eyes as we felt the sensations of my cock, once again entering her until we climaxed in a fury.

Then I would collapse, exhausted and spent, only to have Maggie play with my flaccid penis, giving me another erection and then more intercourse. She was fascinated with how quickly and often my penis reacted to her touch. It seemed like she could never get enough of it.

One night while she was playing with my flaccid penis, she laid down on top of my legs so that her face was at my genitals. She wrapped her arms around my thighs and locked them there so I could not move my legs. I watched her take my flaccid penis into her mouth and begin sucking it. I wanted to stop her but she was insistent. It became hard and she tried to get it all the way down her throat.

My wife never sucked my cock. She said that she did not like the taste of it. That it choked her and it was degrading for a woman to do that so I never expected or asked Maggie to do it.

Maggie was sucking me off and enjoying it because she wanted to give me the ultimate pleasure. I was moaning in pleasure when I felt my climax approaching. I moaned, “I’m going to cum. Maggie I’m going to cum.” She continued sucking and I came with a big spurt, she swallowed. I came with another spurt, she swallowed again only this altıparmak escort time she gagged a little but she kept swallowing. I came a third time, she swallowed it all and continued sucking it until it became flaccid. Then she came up along side of me, the aroma of my manhood on her breath, pressing her moist lips to mine, we kissed with my tongue deep in her mouth, tasting my own juices and she whispered, “My husband always wants me to do that to him and now, I want to do it to you.”

One night Maggie’s husband was out of town and she insisted that I come to her house. I felt uncomfortable being in another man’s house. I didn’t know him and I never felt guilty about copulating with his wife because he was cheating on her. I felt that I was doing him a favor by taking care of her.

That night I went to Maggie’s house. I parked in the street and walked up the drive. Maggie met me at the door wearing a negligee. She gave me a tour of her home, ending it in her bedroom. We made intense, passionate, love that night as we always did. After, when it was late, I got dressed to leave.

We were standing next to the bed when Maggie looked down at the now unmade bed and said, “There! It’s done.” I asked her, “What do you mean?” Now I’ve never heard Maggie utter a profanity but she looked at me with the intense look of an assassin, pointing her finger at me she said, “You fucked his wife, in his own bed.” Then she smiled and we kissed.

She walked me to her door and before opening it, we kissed long and passionately. I didn’t want to leave her. It was getting harder and harder for me to part with her.

It was going on about six months that Maggie and I were seeing each other. It was now summer and Maggie had changed over that winter. She now had her self confidence and she was confident in my love for her. She wore her hair styled up and she started wearing mini skirts with halter tops like the young girls around her.

There was a contractor who came into her lab from time to time and he was about her age, maybe a little older. She laughed when she told me that he was always asking her if she would meet him one night for a drink.

One night I waited for her at our meeting place for over an hour. When she got into my car she apologized for being so late. She said, “I got all dressed and was leaving to meet you when my husband got aroused. He wanted to play, I tried to get out of it but he was persistent. He had to have me right there and then. I’m sorry.”

In the hotel room when I was making love to her, it was obvious that he had fucked her. His semen was all in and out of her. She got me so aroused that I didn’t care. I tasted his semen and sucked it all out of her so that I could get to her sweet nectar.

Maggie and I continued our relationship for a little over six years. Then I was offered a position two hundred miles away. It was an opportunity that I could not refuse and Maggie agreed that I had to take it.

The week before I was to leave, Maggie and I took a day off and we spent the entire day and night together, like a honey moon couple. We were from two different time frames and we knew that we could never have a future together. We only had those few stolen moments each week but those moments were intense, filled with passion, lust, laughter and love.

A few times I did get back to her. I had to call Alice, then Alice would call Maggie and we would set up a meeting time and place. We never said good bye because we always thought that we would meet another time.

Alice changed jobs so I lost contact with her. The last I heard was that Maggie’s husband retired, they sold their house and moved away.

Dear Maggie,

After I moved away from you, my new job and my children consumed all of my time but I’ve always longed to be with you, just one more time. Please know that I never stopped loving you, where ever you may be.


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