Amanda , Jill’s Wine Tasting Party

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My name is Amanda. This story happened when I was 23, fresh out of college with my brand new diploma in BusAdmin – Management. I figured I would get a good job and move right up. Yeah, sure. No one hires an inexperienced young woman into a high paying job. The best offer (read “only”) was from a mid-size company as an Administrative Assistant, with a promise of a promotion if I proved myself.

I had been on the job about 3 months and was getting along with everyone. My best friend on the job was an attractive lady named Jill, about mid-30s, very petite blonde and very intelligent. She helped me right from the start and continued to answer any questions I had about work. We usually went out to lunch a couple of times a week, just chatting about minor things …mainly “girl talk”. I was having a glass of wine and mentioned that I was getting interested in wine. I didn’t really like beer or hard liquor, but an occasional glass of wine was nice. She mentioned that she had taken a course in wine appreciation. I asked “Oh, could you teach me anything about it?”

She said, “Sure, any time.”

I said. “How about tonight?” It was Friday and I didn’t have a date or anything to do, so I thought immediately “why not?’ and blurted it out without thinking.

She paused a minute and then said, “OK. I do have a nice Chardonnay I have been wanting to try. If you want to come by my place we can try it.”

I said, “Neat. If you don’t mind….I don’t want to impose…”

And she answered, “No, not at all….I’d love to help.”

Later, back at the office she gave me directions to her apartment, and I told her I would be over around 7:30.

I knocked on her door at 7:30 promptly. I had picked up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that the clerk in the liquor store told me was good. I thought we could try that also. She opened the door, and had on a fluffy white robe and flat shoes. I thought my God she is petite. With her flat sandals on, she was no more that 5’1″, maybe smaller. I had only seen her in heels and I knew she was petite. I was glad I had worn sandals also, since I am 5’5″ and didn’t want to tower over her…hehehe.

She invited me in and said “I hope you don’t mind the robe…I just wanted to be comfortable.”

“No” I said, “that is fine” “Here,” handing her the bottle, “I brought something else for us to try also.”

She said “Great” and led the way to her couch. She had a nice apartment, small but beautifully furnished, very feminine. Not at all like my post-college hodgepodge. She had a bottle of Chardonnay, Wente’s Estate Bottled, open on the coffee table with 2 glasses. I complemented her on the decor, and she smiled at that. We sat down and she poured out some wine in each glass. She told me how to look at it, the clear sparkle and the aroma. And then to take a sip and taste the various flavors. In between, we were chatting about the people at work, my chances for promotion, and just various things.

After we Ataşehir Escort had each had a couple of glasses, she suddenly got up and put her glass on the table, moved over next to me on the couch and took my glass and put it on the table also. Then she leaned over and softly kissed me full on my lips. I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do or think! Her lips were warm and soft…I didn’t pull away, which also surprised me. Our lips parted and she moved back a bit and said, “Relax, baby. It is all right. Do you mind?”

To my surprise, I managed to stammer, “No.” What was happening? I’d never been with a woman before. I had fooled around with a girl friend when I was 14 but nothing real heavy….just some light kissing and touching. I wasn’t a virgin, but this was different.

Jill leaned back and this time it was a real passionate kiss….her lips parted and I could feel her little tongue against my lips. To my surprise, I opened my lips and let it in. It was wonderful as she teased my tongue. Then I felt one of her hands unbuttoning my blouse. I don’t know why but I wanted her to continue. She had a few buttons undone and then she reached in and gently pulled my breast out and over my bra. I made a gasp, but I didn’t want her to stop. She gently pushed me back against the cushions on the couch and bent down and kissed my breast. She kissed the nipple that was already starting to get big and firm, and then her little pink tongue started to flick it. She took it into her mouth and gently started to suck.

Oh God, it was heavenly. I had never had my breast sucked like that. I was softly moaning. She paused long enough to ask if I wanted to get more comfortable. All I could do was nod yes…my mouth was too dry to speak and my brain was spinning. She stood and helped me to my feet. She dropped her robe and….My God she was beautiful! Small and petite, perfect skin and her breasts were very large for a small woman, larger than my 34Cs, with nice pink nipples, which were growing big and firm. Her waist was slim and her tummy flat, her hip slender, but not too slender, with perfect legs. I noticed that her pussy was shaved. I had this sudden thought that I was glad that I had trimmed and shaved my pubic hair in a bikini cut.

She smiled as if she knew what I was thinking, and moved toward me and helped me unbutton the rest of my blouse since my fingers were trembling. She unhooked my bra and let it and my blouse fall away. She gently caressed my breasts, and teased the nipples with her fingers. Then she bent forward and again took one nipple in her mouth and started to gently suck. That wonderful feeling started again, and I put one hand in back of her head and pushed her into me more.

She opened her mouth and sucked even harder. I could smell her hair…sort of flowery clean. She was unzipping my pants and they fell down and then she was tugging on my panties. Suddenly I was nude! She hugged me and Ataşehir Escort Bayan we kissed again…the excitement of having a nude woman pressed against my nude body had me weak in the knees. After a long passionate kiss, she took my hand and without a word led me into her bedroom.

She had me lay down across her bed on my back, and still standing she bent over me. One of her breasts was brushing my lips as her mouth went to my breast again. I hungrily took it in…wanting to taste her. It was wonderful. The thrill of sucking on this wonderful large breast was fantastic. I kept doing to her what she was doing to me….matching suck for suck, lick for lick and bite for bite. When she switched to my other breast and moved, I switched also.

My hands were on her back holding her to me. We were both moaning softly. I could tell my pussy was soaking wet. She slowly slid one of her hands down my tummy to my mound, softly caressing me. I spread my legs, wanting her to continue. She continued to tease me, just moving her hands around my mound without touching my pussy that was aching for her touch. Jill sucking on my breasts, seeing her beautiful breasts just hanging there as I sucked on them, and the touch of her hand on my mound had me hotter than I had ever been in my life. I moved my hand down her side and to her hip and then in to her pussy. She spread her legs slightly so I could reach it and it felt so warm and wet. I started to rub it and she pressed down on my hand. Just the touch of her wet bare pussy had me almost cum.

Jill stood up and smiled down at me and said “You are wonderful baby. I have wanted you for so long.” She leaned down and kissed my lips again and then moved around to the other side near my feet. She told me to slide down and I did. She spread my legs wide knelt between my them and started to kiss the insides of my thighs. Lovely wet kisses and licks with that sweet tongue. She kissed my pussy and it was all I could do to keep from cumming right then. She then licked up and down and all around my pussy lips, tasting my wetness. She put her mouth to my pussy and I could feel her tongue enter me…Oh God it was so wonderful.

She softly sucked on my pussy as her tongue explored me. Then she used both hands to open my pussy wider and put her mouth on my clit and began to suck on it and stroke it with her tongue while she moved her hands to my hips. I looked down and saw that beautiful blonde head between my legs, my hips were bouncing up and down and I could hold off no longer….I had a massive orgasm…the waves of pleasure were wonderful. I gasped “I’m cumming honey….OOohhhh God!” Jill quickly moved her mouth to my pussy, pulled it open and got even more of her lips inside me and with her tongue started licking up my wet cum. I lay back just moaning with pleasure.

Jill moved up onto the bed beside me, and swilling, asked, “Did you like that baby?” as one of her hands again Escort Ataşehir caressed one of my breasts.

I said, “Oh yes. I never dreamed that making love to another woman would be as wonderful….and I have never had such an orgasm in my life….” I was again marveling at that beautiful body and desiring it again.

She asked, smiling, “Would you like to do me?”

I replied, “Oh yes”…as I leaned over and softly kissed one beautiful nipple. She sighed and stretched her hands over her head and closed her eyes. I started to suck it as my hand moved down her body to her bare pussy. She spread her legs wide to let me get to it. I softly started to rub it as I started to kiss down her body. When I reached her mound, I got up and got between her legs as she had done with me. She was breathing heavier now and she let out a cry of pleasure as my lips touched her pussy.

My head was also spinning as this was the first time I had tasted a woman’s pussy. I just wanted to devour her. It was so beautiful and I just kissed it and licked it as she had done. Then I put my mouth to her and entered her with my tongue. She again let out a cry of pleasure and pushed against me. I slid my tongue in as far as I could. She started to move her pussy against me, and as I realized what she was doing, I put my hands on her hips and pulled my face as far into her pussy as I could and started to move my tongue in and out of her in rhythm with her movements. I felt some moisture run down my leg and realized that I had cum again without even realizing it. She moaned, “That’s it baby, yes, oh yes, it feels so good.”

My tongue was moving faster in her now, as I felt the wonder of tonguing this beautiful woman. She tasted so good, and was so very wet now. Suddenly she sat up and said, “Stop for a second baby. Would you reach in that drawer on the nite stand and bring out what you find…”

I reached in the drawer and brought out a huge vibrator….it was at least 9 or 10 inches long and must have been more than 2 inches in diameter, much bigger than any man I had known. Jill smiled and said, “Baby, give it to me….I can take it. My pussy is much bigger than you think.”

I touched it to her pussy and as I slid it in she kept pushing and moaning, “Oh yes baby, Oh yes…more baby more.” I got it about half way in and she told me to turn on the vibrator. Her hips started to move again and she was making deep pleasure sounds in her throat. I started moving it in and out in time with her, and with each push went a little further as I got into the rhythm. I realized that I had at least 8 inches up in her when she gave a cry, “AAAaaahhhhhhh” and I knew she was cumming. I had to taste her. I pulled the vibrator out and pressed my mouth to her pussy and sucked as hard as I could. She cried, “Oh God baby yesssssss.” I put my tongue in as she had done with me so I could get all of her cum. It was wet and sticky and so good. As she calmed down, she said, “Come up here with me.”

I moved up beside her and she kissed me and sucked my tongue in her mouth to taste her own cum. As we lay there relaxing, one of my breast touching one of hers, she asked if I could stay the night. I was very happy to, and I hoped that we would have a lot more “wine tasting parties.” We did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32