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My wife Karen and I were going through some rather difficult times when our only daughter Amanda, decided to move back in with us. She had come to her senses and moved out of her good-for-nothing boyfriend’s apartment. Naturally, we were elated by this, and welcomed her back with open arms. As it turned out, her arrival was a blessing in disguise.

Before Amanda moved in, Karen and I were constantly at each other’s throats, fighting over some inconsequential thing, with every week bringing something new and different to argue about. The only good thing about these persistent battles was that afterward, we would reconcile by making love. Now, instead of quarrelling, we just avoided each other like the plague, and I was cut off from the only real enjoyment that we had together.

To make matters even worse, Karen liked to sleep in ultra sheer transparent baby dolls, or nothing at all. She would be there, her more than abundant charms openly displayed. Where before it had been a joy to look at the sensuous curve of her body, or watch her bountiful breasts rise and fall with each breath that she took, now it was torment. No longer was I able to reach out and run my hand over her smooth skin, caressing all those wonderful places that endear women to men.

Then one hot night while I was laying in bed craving that bewitching body lying next to me, I began to feel an urgent need building within me. My cock had swollen to enormous proportions and was straining against the confines of my shorts. It was frantically pleading with me to release the pressure that had built up within it by finding it a home, preferable in a warm, wet pussy. With my wife’s body off limits to me, my only alternative was to do it myself.

Consumed by this thought, yet not wanting to arouse my sleeping wife, I went to the bathroom to stroke my inflamed shaft. Although it was pleasurable, for some unexplained reason, I couldn’t get off. My mind desperately searched for a solution, then remembered the magazines that I kept hidden in the den. Certain that they would help, I headed there to retrieve them.

Opening the door, I flicked on the light and started towards their hiding place. But the sound of covers being hastily adjusted stopped me dead in my tracks. Suddenly, I remembered that my daughter had taken over my sanctuary. Without looking at her, I made my apologies and started to leave.

“Are you and mom still fighting,” Amanda asked, before I could get very far.

“Yes, darling, I’m afraid that we are,” I replied, continuing to depart. I was ashamed at having disturbed her and whatever she was doing. After all I had barged in on her and didn’t want to embarrass her further by any drawn-out conversation.

An awkward silence had fallen over the room by the time my hand had reached the light switch. It was then that I heard a faint humming sound. Thinking that maybe I had left the computer on, I went over to the desk to shut it off, but it wasn’t on. Immediately, I felt my face become flushed as I realized that I had intruded upon something very private.

Not thinking, I turned toward her and expressed my regrets for having infringed upon her privacy. As our eyes met, I could tell that she was in a highly aroused state. My daughter looked at me for a moment, then lowered her eyes. I heard a gasp as her gaze rested upon my still ridged cock, now poking out of my shorts.

Instantly, I dropped my hands and tried to stuff my stiff organ back into my jockey shorts. I chided myself for having forgotten that I had pulled it out earlier, and that it still hanging exposed.

“Looks like you’re in the same shape that I’m in.” Amanda said with a laugh. “Maybe we can help each other out.”

I looked at her, shocked at what I had just heard, and unable to believe that it had been my daughter who had escort bayan bursa said those words. As I gazed at her beautiful face, I could tell that my mind hadn’t been playing tricks on me. She was sensuously licking her lush lips, as her hand flipped back the covers.

“Hell, dad, I’m as horny as you are,” she said as she did it.

My eyes nearly dropped out of my head, and my mouth fell open in gaping wonder. My daughter had become a wonder of voluptuousness.

Amanda’s breasts were bigger and fuller, with the most beautifully erect nipples I’d ever seen. She had the same magnificent curve of her waist and hips as her mother, though hers seemed to be more attractive and appealing. Her long shapely legs were spread just far enough apart to give a glimpse at the tantalizing treasure that lay between them. Just the sight of her lying there like that would have stimulated any man’s libido, including mine.

“These vibrators just don’t cut it anymore,” she said, spreading her luscious legs even further apart. Reaching down between them, she pulled a glistening dildoe out of her open pussy. “There’s nothing like the real thing to satisfy a girl’s desire.”

I couldn’t help myself. My eyes were drawn to her delicate, enticing pussy lips. They sparkled from the wetness of her pussy juice, and yawned sensuously at me, as if they were beckoning me to them. The extraordinary sight made it increasingly difficult to suppress the lustful desires raging within me.

“Come dad, fuck me,” she said, reaching out with open arms.

That destroyed all the remaining willpower that was left inside of me. I eagerly threw myself on the bed and crawled up beside her bewitching body. She greeted me by wrapping her arms around me and kissing me passionately. Her lips were surprisingly soft and sensitive as they rested on mine. Then our tongues met and entwined in an erotic dance.

They played together for several minutes, as I felt her heated body pressing against mine. I fought to control my passion, wanting this to be the most pleasurable experience for both of us. Finally I pulled my mouth from hers, shifted my body, and caressed her erect pink nipple, teasing it with my tongue. It responded by immediately growing bigger.

My lips quickly closed around it, sucking it into my mouth and pulling it taut. As I fed hungrily on her nipples, I felt a tremor go through her body and a moan escape her lips. Her fingers ran through my hair, gripping the back and plunging my face deep into her prodigious breast, stopping me.

“Oh God, I could feel it in my pussy,” she sighed, as I struggled to come up for air. “It felt so good I almost came.”

It was so exciting to have a receptive woman beside me for a change, that it no longer mattered that she was my daughter. I only knew that I had to release the sexual cravings that were trapped within me, and satisfy its lustful hunger. Yet I resisted the instinct to climb on top of her and shove my swollen cock deep into her waiting pussy. Before I did that, I was going to feast on this fabulous body of hers, taking everything that she had to give.

Placing my mouth back around her astounding nipple, I ravenously sucked on one, then the other, while my hands massaged her. As they stroked every silky smooth part of her body, I began to feel it quiver. Soft sighs of pleasure escaped her lips, filling the room with words of lustful arousal, and increasing the hunger inside me. Encouraged by her response, I ceased what I was doing and climbed on top of her.

Once there, I allowed my mouth to slowly work its way down her lean, curvaceous body, kissing and licking every exposed inch of her. My lips traveled over her flat stomach, pausing at the dainty depression of her navel. There I thrust my tongue into it, like it was a miniature bursa sinirsiz eskort replica of her pussy, and my tongue was my stiff cock. After demonstrating what I had planned for the real thing, I moved down to nibble the curly hair of her muff.

The closer I got to her glorious love pit, the more its exquisite aroma wafted through my nostrils, inviting me to take her. It took all the strength that I had to avoid going right to it, and plunging my tongue into her wet opening. Instead, I let the moist tip run leisurely down her inner thigh and back up, as if I had all the time in the world, drawing near to it, but never touching it, then switching to the other side and doing the same.

By now my daughter was beside herself, moaning and squirming about in unbridled passion. All it took was a single touch of my tongue against her inflamed, pouting pussy lips and she was enveloped in an orgasm. My reward was the sweetest pussy juice that I’d ever tasted, and I eagerly thrust my tongue inside to receive more of it. She responded by washing my tongue with her delicate elixir, until she had no more to give.

I wasn’t about to let my daughter off that easily, and took her clit between my lips and tongue and sucked on it, at first gently, and then harder. As it rose to attention inside my mouth, I felt her body shudder with passion and desire. Spreading her lips further apart, I licked the sensitive pink lining, occasionally sending my tongue spearing into her. Each time that I did, her pussy muscles would clamp tightly around me, trying to pull me deeper inside.

Amanda began climaxing, again and again, her groans of ecstasy filling my ears. Once more my tongue tasted her delicious dew, as it passionately drove onto her. When I finally decided that she had cum enough, I pulled out and crawled up beside her. There I held her writhing body in my arms, feeling its sensual smoothness and warmth next to mine. It was electrifying, the way she molded herself to me, trying to make us be as one.

“God! That was fantastic,” Amanda said breathlessly as she began to recover her composure. “I never realized that a simple tonguing could make me feel like this. My boyfriend would never eat me. He thought it was gross. Yet he always wanted me to go down on him, then force me to drink his cum.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that all men weren’t like her ex-boyfriend, that some of us enjoy eating a woman out, taking pleasure in the thrill that it gave them. So we held each other close, feeling a very special bond build between us. A bond created not only by the love that we felt for each other, but because of what I had done for her.

Suddenly, I felt my daughter break free of my grasp and push me onto my back. Immediately she crawled between my legs, then looked at me, a wicked smile covering her face. With a wink, she lowered her head until her lips were around my swollen cock. Then I felt the sensational warmth of her mouth, as it closed over my cock.

I watched as my daughter surprised me by taking my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. In all the years of our marriage, her mother had never once done this to me. Only on rare occasions would she even kiss it. Yet here was my beautiful little girl doing what I’d only dreamt about, and I was enraptured beyond belief.

Amanda was an excellent cocksucker. She knew just what to do to give me the most pleasure. In no time she had the sperm rushing up from my balls and surging through my elongated shaft. When I erupted into her mouth she gave the most delightful little moan, as if she was thrilled to have my cum bursting into her. And began to enthusiastically devoured every drop of semen that I gave her.

“Damn! You’ve got the beat tasting cum that I’ve ever escort bayan had,” she commented, pulling her head off of me, and licking her lips.

“Thank you, darling,” I replied. “Your juice is very delicious too. It’s the nectar of the gods.”

“Maybe we should put ours together,” she responded with a lewd smile. Seconds later she climbed over my thighs and settled down on top of my semi-hard cock.

As her hand guided me into her, I sensed my cock quickly spring back to life. Her pussy was so exhilaratingly tight, wet, and warm, as it sank over my manhood, arousing me even more. I reached out and grabbed her hips, and held her against me, until I felt my cock push against the roof of her fabulous pussy. Only then did I lay back, enjoying the exquisite feel of my cock buried deep inside of her.

“God, that feels good,” Amanda cried.

After a few moments, she began to slowly rise up until she held just the tip of me between her juicy pussy lips. Then, without warning, she plunged downward, impaling herself on my stiff shaft. I heard her cries of joy as her hips plowed into mine, then rock back and forth. Over and over she sent her pussy plummeting down on top of me, each time taking me deep inside of her.

Gradually she began to pick up speed, until she was bouncing wildly around on my cock. With each vigorous stroke, her sighs of pleasure increased and amplified. Suddenly she threw her head back and closed her eyes. Her body tensed as her pussy made one final plunge down the long shaft.

Instantly, her pussy went into contractions, squeezing the hell out of my cock, and then releasing it. If I hadn’t already delivered a hefty load into her mouth, the milking action of her pussy would have caused me to explode. Instead, I lay there, lost in the spectacular sensations that she was giving me. All of a sudden, she was vehemently attacking my cock again, only this time with a primitive lustful zeal.

I watched in amazement as her immense breasts began to bounce about on her chest. It was like they were doing some kind of frenzied dance. Afraid that she might hurt those extraordinary specimens of womanhood, I reached out and held them in my hands. They felt so firm and supple to my touch, I couldn’t help but squeeze them. She moaned loudly as I kneaded them with my fingers, and felt a shudder go through her body, followed by another.

“Oh dad, I’m coming again,” she cried out and then fell on top of me.

Placing my arms around her, I rolled her over and began thrusting into her. I penetrated deeply and forcefully, keeping her orgasm going. As wave after wave of ultimate fulfillment swept over her, I could feel her pussy clamp tighter and tighter around my cock, each gripping contraction bringing me closer to my own moment of release.

As it neared, I drove hard and deep into her receptive pussy, as my sperm shot forth, exploding deep inside her waiting pussy. Her moans of pleasure mingled with mine as my cum gushed into her. When our hunger was finally satisfied, we fell exhausted into each other’s arms.

I awoke several hours later to find my daughter still asleep, a peaceful, contented smile etched into her face. Reluctantly, I extracted myself from her clinging arms, and slowly climbed off of the bed. After one final, appreciative look at her captivating body, I covered her and crept back into my own room.

Maybe it was because of what had happened that I found the courage to leave my wife. The way my daughter had responded had proven to me that I was still a vital and virile man. I have never regretted leaving my failing marriage, having since met many beautiful and exciting women. Although I have made love to most of them, none of them ever came close to matching that special feeling that Amanda and I shared.

I will never forget that night of blissful ecstasy with my daughter. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how one looks at it, it has never happened again. If the opportunity ever had arisen, I’m not sure if I would have had the strength, or willpower to resist. All I know for certain is that it will always be a cherished part of my memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32