Aloof Sister

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Angela White

My parents were going to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Some of my parent’s friends were throwing a party and my sister Kate and I were coming home to attend it. My sister and I haven’t been home much these past few years. We both went to college and then our jobs made it hard to get home.

I arrived home first and my parents were so happy to see me. Kate arrived later that day and I knew there was a problem. My sister had a big scowl on her face and she barely said anything to me or to our parents. Even at dinner that night Kate hardly ate anything and then she excused herself and went to her room.

The next day was Friday and my parents went off to work. I went out for a run and when I got back I could hear music coming from upstairs. I walked up the steps and when I got to the top my sister’s door was open. Kate walked past her bed and I caught sight of her. She was nude. My sister had pear shaped breasts. Her light brown nipples nearly covered each tit. Her pubic hair was shaved down to just a patch.

When she saw me she went over to the door and slammed it. My temper rose right then. I went to the door and threw it open. I didn’t care if she was naked or not.

“What is going on with you Kate, you haven’t said ten words to me or Mom and Dad.”

I must have hit a nerve. I could see my sister starting to tear up.

“I was seeing someone Rob, and we were engaged to get married.”

I hadn’t heard any of this before. My sister had been tight lips about her personal life.

“Two months ago, he told me he wanted to break off our engagement, I couldn’t get him to tell me why. I started to ask around and I found out he had been cheating on me with one of my girlfriends. I have been in this mood ever since.”

Just like that, Kate walked over to me and put her arms around my neck. She began to cry out loud. escort bayan Hell, I didn’t know what to do. Here was my naked sister in my arms. I started rubbing her back with my hands, trying to calm her down. My sister’s tits were pressed against my shirt. I hate to say this but my cock was starting to get hard inside my running shorts.

Kate cried for a few minutes and then she pulled her face away. We were looking at one another. My sister then moved her face to mine and she kissed me hard on the mouth. I was shocked to say the least. It got worse. My sister’s hands went to my shirt and she started to pull it up above my head. I gave in to my passion and I kicked off my shoes and socks and I pulled my shorts off.

Kate and I were naked before each other. We just lost it I guess. Kate was soon on the bed and I was on top of her. My mouth went to her pouting nipples and I took turns sucking on each one. Kate was moaning as I worked my way down her belly. I parted her thighs and I began to run my tongue up and down her gash.

That really got Kate worked up. I slipped the tip of my tongue inside my sister and I tasted her juices. It felt so warm down below. I did finally pull away and looked down at my sister’s face.

“I need you Rob,” she pleaded with me.

Kate reach out and she took hold of my cock. She guided me to her opening. For a brief moment we stopped. I could pull away and we could end this craziness. I didn’t do that. I pushed my thick rod into my sister’s pussy. That really set Kate off. She placed her legs around my back as I slid into her warm hole.

It just got wild from there. I was pumping my dick all the way inside my sister’s tunnel. Kate was gripping me hard with her pussy muscles. Maybe because it was forbidden sex with my sister, I couldn’t recall getting this worked up before. We were both panting altıparmak escort bayan like mad. Kate had her hands on my hips. She was urging me to go as deep as I could.

I must have had some sexual stamina that day. I know we fucked for well over an hour. My nuts were hitting against my sister’s ass. There was a loud slapping noise as I thrust my prick into Kate. Thankfully my parents were at work. Kate was screaming and pleading with me to fuck her hard. I did as she asked and I brought us both to a peak.

I could feel myself getting close. I told Kate I was going to cum soon.

“Please Rob, don’t pull out, I need to feel you cum in me!”

I didn’t know if that was wise or not but we were too far gone. I drove my cock in the whole way and I sent a gusher of cream into my sister’s belly. When Kate felt the heat of my cum she let out a blood curdling scream. I had never heard any woman cry out like that when having sex. My sister’s pussy gripping me tight as she tried to take all my seed from me.

I kept pumping into her. I could see she was having these intense orgasms. I wanted to push my sister over the edge. I shot more of my cum into Kate and she took every drop from me. It took a long time until we managed to calm down from our lovemaking.

“Thank you Rob, I needed you to make love to me.”

It finally hit me what we had done. Brother and sister had fucked in their parent’s house. I wondered what the outcome would be for both of us. I did get soft and I pulled out of my sister. I looked down to see all my seed leaking from Kate’s pussy. Kate finished me off by taking my cock in her hand and bringing it to her mouth.

She used her tongue to lick all our love juices from my prick. My cock was so sensitive from that fucking and my sister managed to get my dick semi-hard nilüfer eskort again. The problem was my parents were going to be home soon. They were going to leave work early to prepare for the party. Kate and I showered together and we got dressed in our day clothes.

Saturday night was the big party. To be honest, I hardly remember a thing. My eyes were on Kate the whole evening. I know she was looking at me as well. Our family got home around one am and my parents were soon in bed. Late night partying wasn’t their normal thing. After I was sure they were sound asleep, I stole into Kate’s bedroom.

I was nude and Kate was sitting on the edge of the bed naked as well. Kate took me into her mouth once more and made me hard. I didn’t want to chance our parents hearing bed noises. I had Kate stand up and I had her put her hands on the bedroom wall. I stood behind her and told her she had to be quiet.

I pushed my cock up into her waiting pussy. There were a few times that I thought Kate was going to cry out. I filled her pussy with my love muscle. She held back moaning as I fed her with exactly what she desired. I had my arm around her waist as I took my sister in the early morning hours. I surprised myself by giving her another big load of my sticky cream. Kate did let out a cry.

I stopped for a moment, hoping our parents didn’t hear that. Luckily, their bedroom was on the first floor. I did finish off my sister with my cock and reluctantly, I went back to my bedroom. The next morning the family had breakfast and then Kate and I were heading for our homes. We said our goodbyes and then we drove off. Kate followed me to the edge of town and then we pulled over to talk.

“I need to have you again Rob, what are we going to do?”

I told Kate that we would make plans to see each other very soon. I told my sister I needed to make love to her more than just this one weekend. I kissed Kate and we drove off. I am home now and my mind is spinning from what we did together. I know having sex with my sister is wrong but my cock is telling me I want her again. I am sure I will be making a trip to where Kate lives in the very near future.

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