All The Way With Sis!!!

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This is a true story that happened several years ago when my younger sister was 18 and home from college. And all the incest we did over the years was started by her!!

It was the beginning of summer vacation.. and she had just come home from college in Boston… as I walked down the stairs, I could see her in her old nightgown, ripped and frayed around the edges and a bit pulled in the front were I had in the past pulled her tits out and played with them.

We had been playing for years and she was quite the horny girl, but we had never gone all the way. This morning, she was on the floor reading a magazine. Her gown was pulled right above her knees, with a nice look at her long legs!

In college, she was in fashion & some modeling and at 5’9 with a long auburn hair. Long legs, nice firm 34C tits with big nipples and a beautiful face, she was a knockout!

I walked down the stairs and said Hi’ she smiled back and said ‘Hi’ back… I said ‘what’s up??? And she said ‘just reading’

I sat down beside her and put my hand on her back and started to massage slowly. I could escort bursa feel her body relax and she said ‘hhmmm’

I pulled her long hair out of the way… and pulled down the back of the nightgown to almost her butt…. And gave her a soft massage….she keep reading, but I could tell her breath was getting slower and she had goose bumps over here body….and in little motions she was grinding her pussy…into the floor.

After several minutes, she sat up …still with her back to me and one of her straps slid down…I started to massage her neck… and she softly moaned…. Then I placed my hands under her arms, she moved them up and I started to massage her tits and softly kiss her neck….

All the while, she kept reading, this was out little game that we played many times in the past…I pulled down the front of her gown, pulling both tits out. Her nipples were hard….I started to nibble on her ear, one of her weak spots and she turned her head and we started kissing , , , our tongues intertwined I was pulling and tweaking her nipples hard as she put her bursa merkez eskort hands under my short and started to give me a handjob…’Ohhh pull on my nipples Hard!!I love it hard!!’ She moaned…

Quickly, she pulled me on top of her and I started to hump her…she spread her long legs and a pushed up her gown to her belly, her pussy was neatly trimmed and I start to lick her up and down, as she moaned ‘Lick my pussy, Big Brother”and bucked…!

I quickly pulled off my shorts and shirt as she ran her hands over my body….I got on my knees and she placed her hand over her pussy and held it open for me “fuck me, u sister fucker, shove your cock in my pussy hard!!!!”

I just slipped it in, , she was so wet… she wrapped her legs around me tight and rode me… she was rocking back and forth!! Little sister had become a nymphomaniac!!!!!

After about 5 minutes, I was ready to bust a nut! and told her I was gonna cum and she said, “cum in my pussy, I’m on the pill” and BANG! I dumped a load in her and we hung on to each bursa sınırsız escort other for a few minutes.

As I got up, I spread her legs and scooped out some of my cum and brought it to her lips and she hungrily licked it up and then cleaned my cock then stated to suck it and tongue the head of it as I turned her body around and slipped in 2 fingers then 3 then 4 massaging her clit as a hand fucked her, , , , the faster I did that, the more she sucked hard and harder!

I could tell little sister had gotten a lot of experience off at college, she was always horny before, , but now she was a nympho!

I got her up and on all fours…and almost ripped off the night gown and moved to her ass, the juice from her cunt and mouth made it easy to start to fuck her beautiful round ass and she just moaned, “faster, deeper, harder…I love you!”

and I started to spank her ass cheeks red. She moved one hand around and slipped several fingers into her pussy and frigged herself.. and I pounded and spanked her ass red…and in a minute I was ready to cum again….. faster and deeper slapping my balls against her ass..then a hot stream of cum filled her ass!

And she moved back and forth and giggled and said, ‘I’ve missed you so much, and every guy I fucked I pretended it was you!!!!

I smiled, kissed her back, and said “missed ya to sis!”

I knew it was gonna be a Hot summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32