All in the Black and Pink

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I had just finished my last semester of college and landed a great job at Garston’s Preparatory. I would be the new PR person. I was surprised be getting the offer so soon after graduation, but the old PR person had suddenly found out that she had cancer, and decided that her health was more important for the job. So I went in and interviewed, and well the rest is history. I knew right away that I was going to love the job, first off the salary was almost three times what our professors had told us we would be making upon graduation, secondly I was provided with a new car, and thirdly I was provided with my own apartment adjacent to the school. The only thing in life that I was missing was a man. I had broken up with my boyfriend a couple of semesters ago; when I found out he had slept with my roommate. So in that department I was kind of low, but for everything else I was on a natural high, and little did I know I was going to be getting even higher. My parents helped me move into the apartment that Saturday, and by Sunday afternoon, I was all settled in. I turned on the television and let it entertain me for the rest of the night. Monday morning was the first day I was to report to the school. I walked across the lawn and took in the total beauty of the school, and then I found the administrative offices and quickly found my new office. I was not there long before a beautiful woman walked into my office.

“Good morning Ms. Jackson, I am Leah, I am your secretary. May I get you any thing?”

“Leah, I didn’t know that I would have a secretary. Nice to meet you, a cup of coffee would be nice.”

Now doesn’t this just beat all I have a new job, a new car, a new apartment, and now a secretary to go with it. I’m loving it.

“Here, Ms. Jackson, here is your coffee, I also took the liberty of bring you a couple of danish. We have some of the best around. Molly is the cook for this particular office and she always has them for us.”

“There’s a cook in this building?” Did you have to pay for the danish and coffee?”

“No, each building here at the school has its own personal kitchen with its own personal cook, as a staff member especially one as high up as you may eat in any kitchen at any time. Your position also allows for you to make request from any of the kitchen staff. So no matter what your favorite food is it will always be available to you. We all eat here, so we save a ton on grocery money every week.”

“These are delicious, and this isn’t coffee at all, but cappuccino, French Vanilla, my favorite kind, how did you know?”

“I didn’t every morning we try a different blend of cappuccino, but if French Vanilla is your favorite, I will get someone to bring you up a coffee maker, and I will make it for you every morning.”

“That won’t be necessary; I don’t want you to go through any unnecessary trouble on my account.”

“You will soon find that being third in command around here has a lot of privileges, and I am here to help you in any way possible. Your wish is my command. I have no purpose in life other than to serve you.”

“So Leah, if I decided that these shoes were hurting my feet what would you do?”

“This is what I would do Ms. Jackson.” With that Leigh sat down on the floor in front of me and removed my shoes, slowly she lifted one foot into her lap and started to massage it, each toe in succession.

“Get up Leah, I was just kidding, you don’t have to do that.”

“Making you happy is part of my job. I will take care of all of your personal needs. Look at the time; I forgot to tell you there is a mandatory meeting with you, the Head Mistress, and the Assistant Mistress. I will brief you quickly. The three of you are the top three personnel in this establishment, and any thing you say goes, Karen the person who hired you is over personnel, but that’s it. You are her superior, don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever let her think of you as an equal. You will see and hear a lot of things around here, but you are only to talk to Head Mistress Lana, Assistant Mistress Ebony, or me about it. I will be your guide through everything. In the meeting they will explain more to you Anadolu Yakası Escort about everything that goes on here. Talk to them as your equals, any thing that they ask you answer honestly, because it will come up again. Now take the last elevator on this hall. Here is your elevator key; they will give you a chain to hang it around your neck. The three of you are the only ones who have an elevator key. What ever you do don’t loose it.”

Elevator keys, equals, foot massages. What in the world have I gotten my self into? This sounds more like some kind of cult instead of a school. I’m loving the personal secretary part though. That Leah just doesn’t know how much I love a good foot massage. There where three elevators at the end of the hall. Each seemed to be a normal elevator, but when I pushed the up button on the last one, nothing happened. As I looked closer I saw a tiny slit, for a key below the down button. I inserted my key and the elevator opened up, and what an elevator it was. There was a long pink and black couch along the back wall. Along one wall there were pictures of women in different stages of undress, and along the other wall there was the schools logo ‘Making the world fabulous, one girl at a time’. I pressed the button marked H which I can only assume means Head Mistress. I was right. The elevator doors opened and what I saw shocked me again. This floor was set up like a boutique, with loads of pink and black clothing on one side. The other side was mirrors and sofas, there where buffets set up in various areas. I was taking everything in when there appeared a beautiful woman.

“Good morning, Ms. Jackson. I am Vivian. I am the secretary for this suite. I will take you to meet Head Mistress Lana, and Assistant Mistress Ebony. You’re younger than I expected. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking.”

“I am twenty four.”

“I remember when I was your age. That was about the age I was when I started working here, but I started out as an attendant. Well here we are, you just go ahead through those doors and there you will find Head Mistress Lana, and Assistant Mistress Ebony waiting on you.”

I took a deep breath, and pushed through the doors. Again I was pleasantly surprised. The Head Mistress office was set up more like a bed room, and there where televisions lining one whole wall, showing a view of different rooms within the whole school not just this building. I was impressed with the technology, there was even a large entertainment set in the room. What surprised me the most was that one woman was lying on the bed, and the other woman was sitting on the floor massaging her feet. Just like Leah had been doing for me. I was embarrassed.

“Come in come in. Ebony, get up off the floor, and pull out a chair for Trisha.”

“Hi, Trisha, I am Ebony.” Ebony introduced her self as she pulled a chair out for me.

“Nice, to meet you both.” I said. I didn’t quite know what to think or do. This was going to be unlike any meeting I had ever been too.

“Good morning Trisha, I am Head Mistress Lana, but you may address me as Lana, unless there are others around, and then we all use formal names. I am a little surprised to see that you are so young, but Karen assured me that you where well qualified, and I called a few of my former students who are now professors, and they all told me wonderful things about you. So welcome to Garston, Where we are ‘Making the world fabulous, one girl at a time’. Tell us about your self starting with family, hobbies, relationships, friends, expectations, you know the drill.”

“Well first, I am an only child; both my mom and dad are lawyers. As you already know I attended an all black college, where I majored in Public Relations, I love to read and write, which is why I chose Public Relations in the first place, I have three really close friends who are like sisters to me, we tell each other every. As far as expectations, I definitely don’t know what to expect from this job opportunity that has been extended to me, every minute I am here I learn that this is not your usual nine to five job. What is it that I really Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan need to know about this great institution and this job in particular?”

“Well, Trisha, I am glad that you are a fast learner. You gave us just enough information to have us wanting more. Which is why Karen hired you I am sure. You also asked a very appropriate question in a timely manner. I commend you for that. I must admit when I saw your application and that you where only twenty four, I was a little worried that you would not be ready for this position, but so far so good. Let me tell you a little about our institute. My great grand mother founded this place to teach girls about ethics and moral values. At the time my great grandmother thought that the world was going to perish because more and more women where marrying without being a virgin. To top that off these women had no idea how to take care of there husbands outside of the bedroom. So great grandmother Ida fixed up her barn and invited five young women from her town to come and live there for the summer so she could whip them into impeccable wives. The community as a whole where impressed by what great grandmother Ida turned out, so family’s begged her to take on there young girls. She started charging and as they say the rest is history. Garston Preparatory is standing on the original land owned by my family. Over the years some of the teachings have changed but we still strive to turn out young women who offer invaluable quality to the community. We are hoping that you will help open more doors with in the community, and that you will be able to boost our enrollment numbers. We have many girls here who are between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, but none who are older. We want you to go out into the community and recruit girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty five all the while keeping a low profile. You will be handsomely paid for each recruit that you bring in as well as each place in the community that will allow or girls to perform community services. Ebony and I will be in charge of molding you into what we want you to be before we send you out in the community. So don’t worry you will be well trained before you are asked to perform any task outside of Garston. The salary that Karen quoted you is just your training salary, upon completion of your training you will be give a twenty percent raise, and bonus schedule. Ebony, is there anything that I forgot to add?”

“Well, Trisha, you will find out soon enough, but this is an all black establishment. All the higher ups are black, and all of the hourly employee’s are white. In other words in any office on this campus you walk in you will find a blond haired blue eyed secretary, and a black professional. With the exception of Vivian and Leah, and well we keep them around as corporate spy’s, but both have proved there loyalty to this establishment and us. Because of your position every secretary on this campus is here for your use. I noticed you looked a little embarrassed when you walked in and saw that I was massaging Lana’s feet, just as Leah was massaging your feet. See we have state of the art monitoring in this office we know everything that goes on. This office is set up like community, and the three of us are the government. What we say goes. Everyone here is here for our use, and disposal, and they know it. With that said, it is time for your first training session. We must get you fitted for your new wardrobe. You will be in black and pink every day.”

“It’s a good thing that I like black and pink.” I joked. I still wasn’t sure what in the world was going on here, but I think that I was going to like it. I had never been in the position of telling white women what to do, so I was going to enjoy this.

“Trisha come and stand in the middle of the room.” Lana commanded. As I was walking to the center of the room all of the lights went out and the room went totally black with the exception of a pink flood light that formed a perfect circle in the center of the room. I could see Lana just out side of the perimeter of the circle while Ebony was joining me in the middle Escort Anadolu Yakası of the room.

Ebony walked up behind me and pressed her breast into my back. I was surprised but said nothing. Slowly she reached her hands under the hem of my skirt and started to raise it. I stood there with my eyes closed, scared, not knowing what to think, I had never been with a woman before and had never plan on being with one. I liked men, no correct that I loved men. They where paying me seventy five thousand dollars a year straight out of college with no experience, what could I say? I could do nothing with out jeopardizing my job so I did nothing. I just stood there as my skirt was raised higher and higher. Ebony raised my skirt up to hips. Then she used her hands and started to rub my ass. Her touch was soft, and light. I was growing even more uncomfortable if that was possible.

“Lana, turn up the heat a little, I think that Trisha is cold.” Ebony said when she felt me shiver.

“Trisha, how are you feeling?” Lana said as she got up and walked to the wall.

“Ok.” I whispered. I didn’t know what kind of response she was looking for. She walked into the circle with a chair and sat directly in front of me. I closed my eyes.

“Open your eyes Trisha, and have a seat.” I opened my eyes, but I looked at her questionably about the sitting part. Where was I to sit? On the floor in front of her, or on her lap, if I was to sit on her lap, how was I supposed to sit? I knew nothing. Ebony pushed my forward some, but I still stood there confused.

“Trisha, have you ever been with a woman before?” Lana asked. There was a lump in my throat and I could not speak, so I just nodded my head no.

“That’s ok. Come and straddle my lap as you would a man’s.” Lana told me softly.

I positioned myself onto Lana’s lap as instructed. “Good girl.” Slowly she undid the buttons on my blouse. I closed my eyes again. I felt a sharp pinch on nipple, and my eyes flew open.

“You will follow directions here at Garston or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head yes.

“Good, now keep your eyes open. I want you to see everything that is happening to you.” With that Lana finished unbuttoning my blouse, while Ebony massaged my neck and shoulders.

“How are you feeling, Trisha.” Ebony asked.

“Confused.” I whispered.

“That’s not unusual for the first time.” Ebony said this as she lowered the straps of my bra, while Lana was reaching behind and unhooking it. My bra was off, and my tits stood at full attention. Lana massaged one tit, while Ebony massaged the other.

“Mmm.” Slipped out before I knew what I was saying.

“That’s right Trisha, let it all out. Being with women is not bad; we take our time and love each other, making the other feel good. At Garston we aim to please each other, that way all we need is each other. We are self sufficient women. Every now and then we invite men here for a little fun, but the fun is mostly for us, I don’t know many men who would say that there experience her was good. Are you ok with this Trisha?” Lana asked.

“I think that it will take a little getting used to.” It would take some time for me to get used to the fact that I was being touched by women, but my body was telling me that no matter who was touching me that I was feeling wonderful.

“You will get used to this and a lot more. The three of us will be sisters and love each other unconditionally.” Ebony was saying as Lana was lifting my nipple into her mouth. As Lana clamped down on my nipple, I felt more pleasure than I had ever felt before. I looked into Lana’s eyes; hers seemed to be telling me to surrender to her. I can only hope that mine was saying I surrender.

For fifteen minutes Lana sucked my tit while Ebony stroked the other. They took turns so that each tit was constantly happy. Just when I thought I could take it no more. Lana bit my nipple and sent me over the edge. I moaned loudly, and broke out into perspiration.

“Ebony, go and get Trisha a wet wash cloth and lead her over to the couch. That will be all for now.” As Ebony went off to find a washcloth, Lana brought me into a warm embrace. “Trisha, how do you feel now?”

“Elated.” I answered. Of all the words in my vocabulary elated was the only one befitting this situation. I loved for me to suck my tits, but no one had ever paid them as much attention as Lana and Ebony. This was only the beginning the rest is yet to cum.

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