All Girl Family Reunion Ch. 08

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That evening, at the urging of Candace, Mal and Lizzie, Jill approached Brittany’s bedroom and knocked on the door. There were rustling sounds coming from the other side, then Brittany calling out:

“I’m coming, just a minute!” She sounded a little breathless.

Jill could have sworn she heard a zipper being pulled up as she waited for her cousin. She wondered to herself if her little cousin had been masturbating, a thrill shivering through her.

Brit was definitely every bit as beautiful as the rest of her lovely family. Maybe the possibility that she’d heard them fucking this morning wasn’t such a bad thing…

“Ok, come on in!” Brittany called a moment later. Jill opened the door and walked in.

“Hey, Sweetie. How are you? You’ve been spending a lot of time in here today.” she said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Her eyes took in the sight of her sexy little cousin. She was laying on top of the made bed, wearing just a tank top and some jean shorts, and listening to her ipod.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just don’t feel very social today. Nothing to worry about!” the younger girl said. Her cheeks were a bit pink. And was she breathing a little heavier than normal?

Jill breathed in through her nose, detecting the subtle but unmistakeable scent of female arousal. It made her pussy moisten.

“Ok, well, I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. You’ve been acting a little distant from the rest of us.”

“Really, I’m fine. Just tired, I think.” Brittany assured her.

“Well, alright then. We’ll be eating in an hour or so, so you just come out when you’re ready.” Jill said.

She reached forward, grasping her cousin’s hand, and could swear she felt a slight shiver from the younger girl. She stood, about to leave, then paused at the door.

“Brittany, this morning… when you came downstairs? You didn’t… notice anything odd, did you?” she asked, turning back to look at her. Brittany looked puzzled.

“Notice anything? I don’t think so… like what?” she responded.

“Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about. Forget I said anything!” Jill turned, leaving the room, and shut the door behind her.

Curious about her cousin’s behavior, she stopped outside the door for a minute and listened. A moment later, she heard a quiet moan come from inside the room, and immediately pressed her thighs tightly together.

‘Oooh… shit…’ she thought to herself.

She looked around, confirming the hall was deserted, before slipping a hand down her pants and rubbing her pussy. She pressed her ear to the door again, fully absorbed in the sound of her moaning little cousin.

She could hear Brittany’s heavy breathing, her stifled whimpers, and it was driving her crazy. She instantly began to masturbate furiously. Her fingers pistoned in and out of her drenched slit as she listened. She slid her free hand up her shirt, squeezing one of her tits and clawing at her hardened nipple.

Suddenly, she heard Brittany cry out in ecstasy:

“Oh, fuck! Trish!”

Jill gasped. Brittany was fantasizing about her sister! The thought sent her over the edge, and she shuddered as she came, fighting to keep as quiet as possible.

Dumbfounded and exhilarated by her discovery, Jill had just enough time to pull her hands from her body and straighten her clothes before Tiffany and Jess walked out of the other bedroom, hand in hand and giggling quietly.

“H-hey girls! Ready to eat?” she asked awkwardly.

“Oh yeah, I’m starving! I’ve managed to build up quite an appetite today!” Jess replied with a giggle towards her older sister.

Tiffany laughed along with her sister. Not sure she quite got the joke, Jill chuckled too, trying to act as if she hadn’t just been spying on their younger cousin. The girls quickly made their way to the kitchen to join the others.


That night, Jessica lay awake in her aunt’s bed. She kept glancing sideways at Brittany laying next to her.

The younger girl was still, her back turned to her, and breathing slowly. Satisfied that the girl was asleep, Jess slipped from the bed, padding quietly to the bedroom door.

“Where are you going?” came her cousin’s groggy voice.

Jess swore under her breath, and turned back to the bed. Brittany was looking back at her, appearing as if she was just bursa eskort bayan waking up.

“Just heading to the bathroom.” Jess lied. “Go back to sleep!”

“Are you sure you’re going to the bathroom?” Brittany asked. She hesitated, then continued. “Are you sure you’re not going next door to fuck your sisters?”

Jess froze, staring back at Brittany.

“Are you going to tell?” she finally asked, her voice even. Brittany shook her head, biting her lip softly.

Jess stepped back from the door, eyeing her younger cousin. Even in the darkness of the room, she could tell that Brittany’s face was flushed. She looked so sexy, with the covers resting just below her chest, her tank top bunched up, revealing her flat stomach, her hair tossled.

Jess stepped back to the bed, and sat down.

“How did you find out?” she asked quietly.

“It was kind of hard to miss, this afternoon. I’ll bet they heard you down the street.” Brittany replied, sitting up next to her cousin.

Jess blushed. It was true, she had definitely lost control earlier that day.

“Yeah… sorry about that.” she said, looking down at her fidgeting hands. Brittany nervously reached over, placing her hand over her cousin’s.

“You don’t need to apologize.” she said. They were silent for a long moment, then Brittany asked:

“What was it like?”

Jess looked up into Brittany’s eyes, surprised at the question. Brittany looked back with obvious curiosity.

“It was… it was amazing!” she breathed.

Just then, quiet moans started to come through the wall behind them. ‘Damn, they started without me.’ thought Jess. She eyed her cousin to see how she would react.

Brittany was staring at the wall, her mouth open slightly and her breathing heavier. Jess looked down, seeing the girl’s nipples harden and poke through the thin tank top she wore. She smiled, and reached over, cupping one of the small breasts tentatively in her hand.

Brittany gasped, looking back at her cousin. The two slowly leaned forward, and their lips connected.

The kiss was soft at first. Their lips melted together tenderly, and Jess’s fingers played softly over Brittany’s rising chest. Then Jess slid back under the covers, snuggling in much closer to the younger girl.

They started to make out more heavily, and Jess started to squeeze at Brittany’s breast harder. Brittany trembled under her cousin’s touch. She couldn’t believe they were making out. Finally, it was happening!

She had been craving this so desperately these past 24 hours. She was getting so wet between her legs her panties clung to her skin.

She pulled Jess down on top of her, and the two girls started to grind together. Brittany gasped when Jess started pulling at her top, attempting to strip the younger girl. She pulled back, yanking the shirt up and over Brittany’s head, before falling back into their kiss, her hands now squeezing at Brittany’s naked breasts.

Brittany tentatively reached for the hem of Jess’s shirt, tugging it gently. When Jess noticed what Brittany was doing, she pulled back again, pulling both her shirt and her panties off quickly. She then reached for Brittany’s panties.

The younger girl kept her legs clamped together at first, but Jess shoved them open and yanked the fabric down her thighs.

When both were naked, Jess slid down Brittany’s body, looking up at her and grinning before pushing her face into her crotch.

Brittany groaned deeply. She put her hands on the back of Jess’s head, holding her in place as she began to grind against her cousin’s eager tongue.

The two of them were moving harder against each other now, Jess’s tongue digging deep into Brittany’s open slit and Brittany scrubbing her cunt roughly up against Jess’s face.

She threw her head back as Jess’s tongue sent sparks shooting through her body. Her nipples throbbed on her firm young breasts as she squeezed them together with her arms. Her hands were pushing at the back of Jess’s head. Her legs splayed out and dug into the mattress.

She pushed her hips up from the sheets, and squealed as an orgasm invaded her body, shooting through her pussy and gushing into Jess’s sucking mouth.

Jess clamped her lips hard over Brittany’s opening, her tongue swiping across it to collect the bursa merkez escort flowing honey. She held her younger cousin’s hips in place as well as she could as the younger girl bucked and writhed beneath her.

As she licked and sucked at Brittany’s dribbling pussy, Brittany started to come down, her body relaxing as the crashing waves of pleasure calmed.

Jess lifted her grinning face from Brittany’s spent body, her chin dripping with creamy nectar. She grinned, and licked her lips noisily, and both girls giggled with happiness.

Jess moved up Brittany’s body, and the two kissed again, sharing the younger girl’s juices with their tongues. They were both still aroused, and started sliding their hands over each other’s bodies, their crotches pressing deliciously into each other’s thighs.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, and Brittany and Jess whipped their heads around to see a naked Nikki and Tiffany stride into the room.

Brittany panicked momentarily, but Jess giggled again, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“I was wondering when you two would get your hot asses over here!” she said, and bounded from the mattress, wrapping Tiffany in her arms. Tiff laughed.

“Well, we wanted to let you finish her off before we interrupted.” she explained, before claiming her sister’s mouth with her own.

As the two kissed, Nikki turned her attention to the nervous girl on the bed. She walked over, climbing in next to her, and kissed her cousin sweetly on the cheek.

“Hey, Baby.” she murmured, her face hovering inches from Brittany’s.

“H-hey.” the younger girl stuttered, a bashful smile spread across her lips.

Nikki leaned forward slowly, and the two girls joined their lips tenderly. The kiss was sweet and sensual, and the fire in Brittany’s stomach quickly reignited.

Just then, Tiff and Jess fell hard onto the bed next to them, their tongues duelling fiercely as they pawed at each other’s naked bodies.

Brittany and Nikki watched them for a moment, the younger girl’s eyes growing wide at the lewd display she was witnessing.

Her arousal was suddenly too much for her to stand, and she grabbed Nikki’s shoulders, pulling the older girl down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around Nikki’s waist, whimpering and humping her crotch into her cousin’s stomach.

Nikki moaned into Brittany’s eager lips. Her enthusiasm had taken Nikki by surprise, but she certainly appreciated it! She wrapped her arms around Brittany and kissed her back with equal energy, the two girls starting to grind their bodies hard against each other.

Tiff, meanwhile, climbed up her little sister’s body, scraping her wet pussy along her stomach. She pushed it down against one of Jess’s tits, humping at the hard nipple, before continuing her journey up to the younger girl’s face.

Jess was eager to taste her sister, and reached up to pull Tiff’s ass down hard against her chin. She pushed her tongue deep into the older girl’s open snatch, drinking the cream that oozed out around it. Tiff squealed, and leaned forward to support herself on her hands while her hips rotated on the younger girl’s face.

When her sister leaned forward, Jess’s hands reached up to Tiff’s ass. She pulled the cheeks apart, groping hard at the firm flesh, before sliding her fingers into the valley between them and pushing at the older girl’s back entrance.

Nikki had pushed herself up, straddling Brittany’s crotch with her own, and the two were pressing and wriggling their wet pussies against each other. The two girls panted and squealed with enjoyment as they felt their pussies getting coated in each other’s honey.

Brittany had lost all inhibitions, and was gripping Nikki’s taught bottom tightly, pulling the older girl’s cunt down hard against her own again and again.

Nikki leaned forward, supporting herself on the head board. Brittany watched the older girl’s breasts jiggle just above her face, and lunged forward, sucking a nipple into her mouth with a moan.

Nikki squealed, digging her cunt harder into her cousin’s. She pumped her hips faster, her pussy sloshing against Brit’s. Brittany sucked hard on her nipple, pulling down at it with her lips and teeth.

The sensation overwhelmed the older girl, and Nikki shuddered bursa sınırsız escort bayan as she started to cum all over Brittany’s crotch. Her wetness seeped out, splashing against Brittany’s thighs and stomach. As she rode her orgasm, Brittany dug her fingers further around Nikki’s butt cheeks, pushing them against her asshole.

The sensation sent Nikki into a second orgasm, and she started convulsing, struggling to keep her grip on the headboard.

As Nikki writhed in ecstasy, Brittany wrapped her legs around her tightly, rubbing herself harder against her big cousin. She wanted to cum desperately, and it wasn’t long before the feel of another girl cumming on her was enough to send her over the edge, too.

She released Nikki’s nipple from her lips, screaming hard as her orgasm washed over her. Her body trembled as her cunt continued to smack uncontrollably into Nikki’s.

The two girls continued to buck into each other over and over until their muscles gave out, and they collapsed together, their bodies coated in sweat and pussy cream.

Tiff was riding Jess’s face harder then ever, and pushing her ass back roughly against the younger girl’s invading finger. Her chest heaved as she fought to catch her breath, the exertion straining all of her muscles.

Jess moaned into her sister’s open pussy, desperate to make her orgasm and feel her warm cum washing down her throat. She fingered her ass faster, and licked her with wild abandon, until Tiff threw her head back, her cunt pouring juices onto her sister’s face. Jess eagerly drank the gushing liquid, slurping and sucking Tiff’s excited cunt.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Tiff quickly pulled herself from the younger girl’s licking tongue, and Jess let out a disappointed growl.

Tiff had plans for her baby sister, however, and scrambled down to lay between Jess’s legs, shoving three fingers into her pussy, and lowering her eager tongue to lap at the girl’s swollen clit.

Jess squealed, her hips bucking hard into Tiff’s face. All the pent up arousal in her body was bubbling and frothing inside her. Having brought off first her cousin, and then her sister with her pliant tongue, she was already boiling on the edge of climax.

It didn’t take long for Tiff’s desperate fucking and licking to send Jess into a trembling seizure, her face contorting in bliss as she called out her sister’s name. She clamped her thighs around Tiff’s face, bucking her hips as her orgasm was unleashed.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” she wailed, her body convulsing wildly.

After several minutes, she pushed her sister’s face away, clamping her thighs together to prevent the older girl’s fingers from continuing their onslaught. She struggled to breath, gulping in air as she lay trembing on the bed.

“Wow!” Brittany couldn’t help but exclaim, having watched the entire performance from where she lay in Nikki’s arms. “I can’t believe we’re all doing this!” she giggled, kissing Nikki happily on the neck.

“Mmmm… yeah, it’s kind of surreal. But we need to keep it from the others.” Nikki answered, her fingers playing gently with her cousin’s belly button.

“Why? You don’t do it with them too?” she asked.

“Oh, no! They don’t know anything about this!” Nikki replied, shaking her head.

“Well…” Jess started, pulling herself up from the mattress onto her elbows.

“That’s not entirely true… I may have done something with Mal a couple of nights ago…” she said, blushing.

“So that’s what we heard!” Tiff exclaimed, pinching Jess’s nipple playfully.

“Wait, you guys didn’t know about the others?” Brittany asked, confused.

“The others? What do you mean?” Nikki asked.

“I saw them all this morning. Mal… and Lizzie… and Jill and Candace.”

Nikki and Tiff were shocked.

“Doing this??” Tiff asked. Brittany nodded.

“Well, I suspected Jill and Candace were doing something together, but I didn’t know it involved Lizzie, too!” Jess exclaimed, sitting up fully now with the others.

“You knew about Jill and Candace too?” Tiff cried, pinching Jess a second time.

“Ouch!” Jess giggled, covering her breasts with her arms. “Well, I heard the two of them once, the first night we stayed here. It was hot.” she enthused, her eyes glazing over.

“Well, I bet the four of them are all at it again right now, if they’re anything like us!” Brittany giggled, nuzzling against Nikki’s naked chest.

“Shit! Well, what are we waiting for?!?” Tiff exclaimed.

All four girls looked around at each other excitedly, then leapt from the bed, scampering out of the room and down the basement stairs.

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