Alice Ch. 06

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(As always, starting with the first chapter is best. Long ago I had something somewhat like the bathtub scene actually happen….)

That Friday night, Charlie’s new 22-year old stepsister, Alice, regaled them all with tales of her first day as the assistant manager of the huge used bookstore that they sometimes went to. It had been a very good day, she said, even though she realized almost as soon as she’d started that she’d overdressed for the job. Everyone who worked there dressed professionally but casually, and the next time she went into work, on Monday, she planned to ditch the glam-Goth professional look that she’d worn for just a slightly more dressed up version of the neo-hippy chick that she was. Almost everyone was nice, Alice said, and she spoke especially warmly about her fellow assistant manager Craig, who had been so helpful at talking her through things. Hearing this, 18-year old Charlie got a pang of jealously, which was a weird feeling that he’d never had with this intensity before.

Charlie’s Mom, Sylvia, and new Stepdad, Ted, were glowing with pride as they listened to the description of Alice’s new job—how how responsible it was, how it didn’t keep her at all from working at all of the other jobs in the store just like the other employees, how successful the company was, how successful and well-organized their particular store was, and so on.

Finally, with apologies, Sylvia and Ted interrupted Alice’s seemingly endless stream of words to switch over to giving her and Charlie instructions for when they were going to be gone. Starting the next day, Sylvia and Ted were leaving for a romantic retreat to Big Sur, leaving Alice and Charlie alone in the house for the weekend.

Sylvia and Ted said to be careful, but have fun, and absolutely no guests over because of insurance reasons. Call 911 if any serious accidents or anything really bad happened. And call them too, of course, but they trusted that nothing would go wrong.

Charlie stole a furtive glance at Alice as this was being said, and she glanced quickly back at him with a definite don’t-look-at-me-right-now expression. To their parents, they just replied that they’d do what was said, and as Charlie thought it over he realized that going by the exact legalistic letter of it, maybe they sort-of would, in a twisted way. But for the first time he more fully realized how much they were playing with fire in fooling around, which they had already been doing for the last few days. As Alice had warned him, there didn’t really seem to be much of a future in their just-started affair, for he couldn’t imagine the fallout if their parents found out.

After getting in his PJs and brushing his teeth, he got into bed to await his nightly kiss from Alice, feeling waves of worry. He started planning to say to Alice that maybe they should think this over, when suddenly there was a light knock on the door.

“Good night, Charlie,” Alice said, in a neutral voice, without coming in, “See you tomorrow.”

“Good night,” he replied, trying to sound like nothing was wrong. Alice skipping their newly established ritual of the goodnight kiss made him even more worried. Was she freaked out too? Maybe now whatever she had planned for their weekend together was off?

He tossed and turned in worry for a couple of hours before he finally slept.

Oversleeping, he awoke in full daylight, and wondered if he’d already missed seeing his Mom and Dad off on their trip. Quickly putting on his robe and brushing his teeth, he rushed out to the living room, which was already quiet and empty. Going out to the driveway, he saw Ted and Sylvia putting their suitcases in the trunk of the car. Alice, already dressed, was smiling and waving goodbye. Seeing Charlie they all smiled at him and waved. He could see that their little poodle Penny was in the car, jumping up and down in the back seat. The dog loved going on trips. And then there was a last round of goodbyes, and their parents were gone.

Charlie smiled shyly at Alice after the farewell. And in response she looked at him quizzically. He hated himself, but suddenly the idea of being alone with Alice in the house for the whole weekend, without even having to worry about their parents and about being discreet, seemed a little scary—because he simply didn’t know what to do.

To hide this, he yawned a little theatrically, and said, “I just woke up.”

She smiled, “I know.”

“I think I’m going to go take a bath,” he suddenly added, and walked back into the house.

Once he got in, he kept walking until he got into the bathroom, closing but not locking the door as was his agreement with Alice, and starting the water flowing. He stripped rapidly and got in the bath, which slowly started filling. He was feeling more than a little anxiety, but maybe the bath would give him time to figure things out.

Then there was a knock at the door, and without waiting for an answer Alice came in.

“Charlie,” she said, and he turned off the water so that he could hear her better.

“Yes?” bursa escort bayan he said, sitting cross-legged at one end of the tub, feeling more or less safe behind the opaque curtain.

“Can I get in with you?” She said, and he could hear the smile in her voice as, again without waiting for an answer, she rapidly took off her clothes.

“Well….,” he said, stalling for time, thinking that he’d never had a bath with anyone else before.

But it was too late. Alice pulled the shower curtain aside, and he could see her completely nude right outside of the tub. She smiled at him as he looked at her beautiful medium-small slightly upturned breasts with their small nipples, and then at the dark triangle of her black-haired pussy.

And then Alice lifted one leg to get into the claw-footed bathtub. To Charlie, this seemed to be happening almost in slow motion, but soon she had one leg in the bath and one leg out. As a result, just two feet away from him, almost directly in front of his face, was Alice’s hairy vagina, which for the first time was spread open in front of him.

He saw rounded hairy mounds on each side. And then in-between her spread legs was the actual opening of Alice’s vagina, which was like a curvy, lippy, upside down folded together V of moist light pink, with the mostly hidden bud of her clitoris above.

Alice said, “Oh, the water’s hot!” and seemed genuinely surprised by this, and rather than getting in all the way, she stayed in this position for a few seconds as she got used to the water. She watched Charlie’s look of wonder and lust as he stared at her spread cunt directly in front of him.

The water was still shallow, and Charlie’s cock head jerked out of the water as it filled with blood. It looked like a rapidly growing mushroom.

And now it was Alice’s turn to be fascinated, because although she’d seen soft dicks and hard ones, she’d somehow never seen one go from soft to hard right in front of her eyes. And she was turned on to know that she had just caused this with the spread view of her twat. And so she stayed in the the same position for a little while longer watching him grow.

Now Charlie’s penis with it’s light purple head was jerking up higher and higher, and in just more several seconds it was six-inches of rock-hard cock pointing almost straight up in the air. The purpleish head of Charlie’s twitching and throbbing penis now stretched up to just past his belly button as he sat there cross-legged.

Alice climbed the rest of the way into the tub, and then sat down very slowly, saying with a hint of wonder, “Good morning to you too. Thanks for that.” And then she added with a really big smile: “That was hot!”

Suddenly, Charlie’s shyness was almost gone. He loved Alice, and she was so fun and accepting of so many things. Now his worry was mostly gone, and he was just trembling with excitement.

“I’d never seen that before,” he said, with an excited and shy smile.

“Actually, I haven’t ever seen a guy’s cock grow like that right in front of my eyes either,” Alice said, trembling a little with excitement herself.

Charlie’s breathing was coming rapidly, and she could almost see his heartbeat thumping in his chest.

“I think we can do something about this,” Alice said with a smile. “You said you sometimes did it four times a day, and so it’s not like we’re going to run out.”

He looked at her puzzled.

“Stay right there,” she said with an almost ironic smile, “I’ll be right back.”

And then she slowly got up and, standing, turned around to face the shower head, which had hanging off it a wire rack with shampoo and conditioner bottles. She leaned over slightly getting one of the bottles out of the rack

He was now looking at Alice’s butt, which somehow surprised him with how different it was from a man’s. It was larger, rounder, softer, and almost heart shaped

“I think just a tiny bit of conditioner should do the trick,” she said, and she picked up a bottle and started opening it.

Alice’s legs were slightly spread and she was leaning forward a little, and he realized that even from the back from his position he could see part of her hairy cunt. Those two rounded mounds were there underneath, and in-between, barely visible and now folded together into a tiny slit, seemed to be the opening of her vagina. He had no idea this could be seen from the back of a woman.

He felt his cock straining, and he could even feel his balls seemingly swirling with the production of more sperm.

“That’s should do it,” she said, turning around, sitting down again, and showing him on one palm a little dab of white conditioner.

“Like I said, I should have had more virgins along the way,” said Alice, and she smiled as she looked into his eyes, “No one’s ever had quite that kind of reaction to me.” Her expression too seemed a bit different from even her flirty one. He realized that this was the way she looked when she was horny.

“May I touch you?” She gorukle escort said, looking down at his throbbing penis.

“Yes,” he said, “what are you—”

Without waiting, she took the little bit of greasy conditioner and gently took hold of his cock, rubbing it around it lightly it for a couple of seconds to spread it before gripping his dick more firmly in her hand. And then she started steadily rubbing up and down the length of it with surprising speed and strength.

“Sometimes I like to swallow,” Alice said, starring not at him, but at his one-eyed purple cock head, “and sometimes I like to see it come out.”

She kept up her speed and firmness, and then after just a minute, she said: “Give it to me, Charlie. Give it to me.” She said it the second time in a slightly horse voice, almost as an order.

Charlie had been so worried the night before, and so had not done his nightly playboy ritual. And his night had been tortured with erotic dreams, but he hadn’t had a wet dream. In other words, he was full of horniness and cum that hadn’t been released. Feeling Alice’s grip around his cock, and her startlingly rapid, firm, and expert movements, and thinking about her spread cunt, he could feel the cum starting to rise after just a minute and a half.

“Give it to me, Charlie. Give it to me!”

A white jet shot out of his cock and hit Alice’s face, splashing across her chin, mouth, and nose. She flinched in surprise and closed her eyes, which was fortunate, as the second jet hit across her left eyelid and forehead.

“Uuh” escaped him, as jets three, four, and five sprayed her chest, the shower curtain, and the side of the tub, before his dick finally subsided, twitching.

“You sure gave it to me!” She laughed, trying to open her eyes, and then wiping the cum-covered one with her finger, and sticking it in her mouth. “Wow!”

“Alice, I’m sorry!” He was suddenly feeling guilty and worried.

“No,” she smiled at him, “It’s ok, silly, that’s what I wanted to happen.”

“Really?” he said. He was having trouble breathing.

“Yeah,” she said, wiping some more off, but this time just washing it off into the water.

“That, my friend, is what’s called a hand-job and facial.”

“Facial?” He said, still breathing. Since his mother had put internet controls on a few years ago, there were a lot of things he just didn’t know.

“Yeah,” she said, in her matter-of-fact way, “some guys like to spray their women’s faces and breasts with their cum, because it turns them on, and I guess it shows how much they love them. I’m not usually into it. It’s just too messy for me. I always want to take a shower right after, and so the bath is the only place for it, as far as I’m concerned. But when I’ve had baths with my past boyfriends, strangely enough, they almost never get excited. I don’t know if it’s just because you’re a virgin? Or maybe it’s the intensity of your feelings for me? Probably it’s both,” she added thoughtfully.

She looked up at him. He was relaxed now, and not surprisingly looked happy.

“Let’s just turn this into a shower and wash off,” she said, and then she turned around again, pulled the plug, and started the controls to get the shower going.

After washing thoroughly, including gentle soapings of each other’s backs and fronts, with smiles and little laughs, they got out and started drying off.

To his surprise, Alice immediately started getting dressed in white underwear, and then white jeans.

“Alice,” Charlie said, still nude and not even particularly self-conscious, “it’s your turn now.”

“Yeah,” she said smiling, as she slipped into a slightly dressy blouse, but without a bra, “I know. But we have all day, and I want to do this in a way that you’re wanting it,” she looked into his eyes, and then looked down almost shyly, which was unusual for her, and added, “I want you to be almost begging for it.”

This was news to him, but somehow just thinking about this made his dick, which was hanging down, lengthen slightly and twitch a little.

But she was looking instead at his face and studying it, and then she started rubbing her fingers over the bristle around his chin and upper lip.

“You didn’t shave yesterday, did you?”

“I know,” he said, “I didn’t have work or school, and so I just skipped it. I’ll do it now.”

“No.” She said, “Don’t shave. I like the bristle.”

“Sure,” he said. It didn’t matter to him either way.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie!” Alice suddenly said.

“Really?” He asked, wondering what she had in mind.

“Yeah, let’s just hang out, have fun, and snuggle. Oh, and by the way,” she added seemingly as an afterthought, but somehow the way she said it made him think it was planned, “I have a little surprise for you.”

His expression became not just surprised but slightly worried. Alice’s surprises were usually good, but they were indeed usually surprising.

He got dressed too, and then she asked him to set up a big bursa merkez escort bayan bed for them in the living room next to the 42″ HDTV, using the king-sized camping pad, sheets, blankets, and lots of pillows. He did that while she looked through his blu-ray collection. She put several out on the the floor, and then said, “Hey, how about the original Star Wars?”

“I’ve seen it a lot,” he said, “but sure, I like that one.” He still felt like another shoe was about to drop that he didn’t know about yet.

She went back into her bedroom, and came back with a small rectangle of something wrapped in layers of wrinkly tinfoil

“What’s that?” He said.

“Brownies,” she replied, but something about her expression put him on guard.

“What kind of brownies?” He asked, both smiling and concerned.

“The kind you think,” she said, and as almost always with important things, she was honest: “They’re pot brownies.”

“Alice,” he said, and couldn’t keep an accusatory note quite out of his voice, “are you a stoner?”

“What if I were,” she said, looking up at him almost somberly with her beautiful brown eyes, flecked with tiger-yellow, “would you no longer want to sleep with me?”

“No. It’s just. I’m surprised.”

“Well, actually, I’m not a stoner. Stoners use pot often, or even all the time. I just do every once in a while. Just a couple of times a year, really. I’m going to have one now. Do you want to join me?”

“I don’t think so,” he said, and then added, “When did you make these, anyway.”

“The other day,” she said, again hiding nothing, “when everyone in the house was at work, and I was home alone.”

Then, in a slightly different voice, she said: “Do you think you’ll ever try it when you’re at college?”

“Yeah, probably,” he laughed, “Most people do at some point.”

“So,” she said simply and quietly, “would you rather do it the first time with a bunch of college freshman you probably don’t even like that much, or with the woman you love.”

She said it so honestly and simply, and somehow almost immediately she had him. She was quiet and almost serious. In spite of himself, he smiled.

“OK,” he said, laughing in disbelief, “but tell me what it does. I don’t even know.”

She broke into a smile, and said, “Mostly it just loosens inhibitions a little. So things seem a little funnier, sometimes you feel more open to new experiences, and sometimes you get hungry, and even curious about the tastes of different kinds of food.”

“The ‘stoner munchies,'” he said, “I’ve heard of them. Well, I haven’t had breakfast, and I’m hungry already, and so I guess give me a piece of brownie,” he said and held out his hand.

She unwrapped the package. There were four medium-sized brownies, which looked just like normal ones.

“They’re actually pretty mild,” she said, handing him one, “and so you can eat a whole one.”

“Okay,” he said, with a note of wonder at what he was doing.

She handed him the brownie, took one herself, and then wrapped the rest up.

She smiled and took a big bite and chewed, “Mmmm,” she said with her mouth full, “They really good, if I do say so myself.”

He took a smaller bite, and chewed slowly. Indeed, it was a good brownie. And that’s pretty much all it tasted like, although the texture and taste were just slightly unusual.

“I’ll just put the rest of these back away in their hiding place.”

Charlie couldn’t believe what he—what they—were doing, and at that second he didn’t mean their sex. He walked around the living room rapidly eating the tasty brownie, while closing the curtains and blinds—as if that would do any good, he thought. But it would give them privacy if they needed it.

Alice came back, and then suddenly looked up at his hair. She gently put her hand up to run her fingers through it, and said in genuine surprise: “You have curls!”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot to brush my hair. I can go do it now. But let me guess: you like it better this way.”

“Yeah,” she said, with an appraising look, and then added, “hey, can you put on that black turtleneck I gave you?”

“Sure,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. After what she’d done for him, she could dress him up any way she wanted to if it made her happy.

When he came out with the turtle neck on, she said, “Oh wow, you should see this! Let’s go to Mom and Dad’s full mirror.”

“Okay,” he said, following her, and wondered if this was what their supposedly wild weekend was going to be like.

But when he saw himself in the mirror he was taken aback. Two days of beard growth, curly instead of brushed down black hair, and a black turtleneck made him look almost like a different person. He had to admit he looked pretty handsome, in a bohemian, European-intellectual, coffee shop sort-of way.

She could tell he was amazed at the subtle but profound change in his looks.

“I want to take this guy home with me,” Alice said to him through his reflection, and then said, “oh wait, I already did.”

Then she started laughing out of nowhere, and couldn’t seem to stop.

“What?” He said.

She kept laughing.


“I just realized that you look a little bit like Dieter in the Mike Meyers Sprockets thing. Except you’re cuter, your hair isn’t greasy, and you don’t have glasses.”

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