Alice Asks for It

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Sweet little Alice couldn’t help but admire what she saw in the mirror over her bed.

What she saw was herself, of course, a perfect 18-year-old body, a long ink wash of fragrant hair, wide dark Chinese eyes and her incredible breasts — full velvet peaches topped with cherries that men and women alike admired. One man in particular was admiring them now, squeezing them, rising to suck the cherries as she rode him like a stallion. It was Daddy pumping as hard as he could as she bounced and squeezed him with her secret garden, making him even harder.

It was an incredible erotic technique that few women knew, especially not Mommy who had no power over Alice now; not since her daughter had discovered she had the power and she was using it for her pure pleasure.

“Fuck me, daddy!” she screamed. “Harder…oh yes, you bastard! Oh yes. Oh yesss…”

He couldn’t see the mirror image of their passion, but he saw it in her eyes, dark, deep islands he wanted to be lost in forever ever since the first time she had caught him masturbating just several weeks ago.

“Daddy!” she’d said as she walked into her parents’ bedroom, and clearly startled at the sight of him stroking his “little brother,” which had suddenly Gaziantep Escort become a “big brother.” He stopped and covered himself, embarrassed and shamed momentarily.

“I, I …” his voice failed for a moment as his cock shrank. “I was relaxing. Thinking of you.”

Her response amazed him. “I think of you, too, daddy. And I touch myself and feel warm. A golden glow. Do you feel the same? Why is it small now?”

“Touch it, Sweet Alice. See what happens.”

Her touch was tentative at first. It felt so soft, like velvet, and then began growing — steel and velvet at the same time and Daddy began to moan a little.

“Are you alright?” she asked, stroking him some more, marveling at what she’d been able to do with just a simple touch. Though 18, and popular her sexual experience was limited to a few chaste kisses at a school dance.

“Oh yes. Yes!” he said. “Please don’t stop.”

“Mommy doesn’t do this?” she asked, beginning to fondle his balls and feeling bolder, more powerful as she did.

“No,” he said. “Not like this. She never could. No one does it like you; please don’t stop, oh, yes, there, there like that! Perfect.”

Little Alice began to experiment. Gaziantep Escort Bayan She was curious and feeling warmer and warmer, marveling at how she could make Daddy so helpless. She bent close to look at “her” cock, (she already sensed she owned it) and loved the mushroom head. She wanted to taste it and licked it just for a second as her Daddy moaned louder.

“Yes!” he begged. “Yes! Taste it. Suck it, please!”

And she did, carefully at first then like a lolly as Daddy began squeezing her peaches and reaching between her legs to stroke her. Alice was wet. So wet. And on fire, maybe as much as Daddy; she didn’t know but she wanted to see how far her powers could go, pleasuring them both.

Then Daddy screamed and something amazing happened. Warm “cream” spilled from his cock. It smelled different, not unpleasant and tasted like nothing she’d ever drunk. And it was from him. It was his and she’d made him do it. She’d used “her” cock to make it explode.

How lovely, she thought. Mommy couldn’t do that and Sweet Alice wanted to learn more. She wanted Daddy to teach her, to make her moan and explode, too. Then they would truly be one.

Weeks passed as they shared Escort Gaziantep new passions and fantasies, with him as the teacher and her the all-too willing student, though ultimately it was dominance over her cold mother she craved. Her domineering “Tiger Mother” style was in stark contrast to the affection and pride that Daddy had always shown for his daughter.

She’d even let Daddy shave her pussy, her secret garden, carefully and slowly in a foreplay that made her come with just his touch and the warm wet towel to wipe off the shaving soap. The way he’d pressed it just enough, in just the right place, her secret spot, as he cleaned the soap had sent her into momentary ecstasy — legs spread, leaning back on her trembling arms, head flung back, hair spilling to the sheets as he pressed and said, “Come baby, come. You little slut! You golden girl!”

Now she was riding him and coming for what? The fourth or fifth time or maybe like a few days ago, their record, six? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was the moment and that they come again. She squeezed her pussy harder, watching him wince and she marveled at her own beauty, their shared love and passion and her newfound powers.

Then she saw something else in the mirror. It was Mommy. Watching outside the bedroom door with her hand working furiously between her legs.

Watch all you want, Sweet Alice thought before urging Daddy to fucker her harder and harder just so Mommy could hear.

He’s all mine now and never coming with you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32