Aimie and Sally

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I had known Sally for some time and we had got to the point where we were getting into some really naughty and teasing practical jokes, some of which were quite adventurous. I.e., one evening we went out wearing short skirts and commando.

Visiting a Pub, someway away from home, we sat on high bar stools, and chatted away until we caught the eye of a couple of young men giving us the eye. As I was facing in their direction my intent was to initially flash a little thigh but with this short skirt I perhaps flashed a little pussy. Sally slowly started caressing her way up my thigh, not all the way, just enough to pique the interest of these obviously admiring onlookers. It didn’t take long for the oglers to approach and as they got near, Sally and I kissed each other, and I do mean KISSED! Finished our drinks, and smilingly left.

It was fun being naughty and gave us quite a giggle on the way to our next venue; dinner at a very nice restaurant in Sevenoaks.

The Maitre D showed us to our table which to our delight, although still public, was in a secluded corner of the establishment. Sally excused herself to go the Restroom, but I told her no, that she was to cook it for a while, at least until the waiter came to take our order. Sally pleaded with me for a moment but it was then that the wine waiter arrived to take our drink orders and Sally’s bubbling bladder was not complimented as he filled our water glasses. Her face was a picture but I kept her there until our waiter had taken our order, after which, as I drank some of my water, dribbling just a little down my front and wiping it off, was when I asked her:

“Darling, do you still need to use the Restroom, or are you OK now?”

“Aimie, if I don’t go now I am going to pee on the floor!”

So” Drinking a little more, I continued:

“Oh now we don’t want that do we, so you best go.”

With that, Sally, obviously squeezing her thighs very tight, was up and gone. Mm, I do love being Domme!

After some while Sally returned and decided to sit opposite to me, it was at this point that the food arrived and she was quiet for a short while.

“Feel better my love?”

With a grin she replied “You bet your hard, beautiful nipples I do!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and as I did so, beneath the table cloth I felt her shoe-less feet removing my left shoe, lifting my leg a hand slid my foot up the inside of her thigh until I felt the planter aspect come flat onto her, I must say, very wet Pussy. Momentarily rubbing it against herself she now guided my big toe not only to, but into, her cunt, which I now realised she must have fingered open whilst she was in the Restroom, because my toes entered her oh so easily.

As two ladies would, we with graceful English manners, proceeded to eat our meals as my left foot fucked this ever increasingly wet cunt. Every now and then Sally would place her hands on the table and take a deep breath a sign that she was close to orgasm. This was an opportunity I could not let pass. Slowly, and I have to say, somewhat reluctantly, I withdrew my foot. Sally sighed, I believe with relief, as my planter foot now gently stroked her lips.

Smiling, Sally whispered Kartal Escort a thank you, not aware that I was not done and as I blew her a kiss my great toe now settled upon her engorged clit. Sally looked at me, surprise on her face, I proceeded to softly manipulate her clit and as she took a deep breath I blew her another kiss as her hands, once again pushed down onto the table and her orgasm hit her just at the right moment! Right, because the waiter had just returned to ask if all was well? In reply I told him:

“Oh this is amazing, wonderful!”

He smiled and left just as Sally’s orgasm was flushing to its end!

Breathing deeply Sally looked at me, and although she was quite flushed, she was at least smiling as she told me:

“Aimie, phew, you are so bad!”

“Darling Sally would you like dessert here, or at home?”

“Home, NOW!”

The drive home was thankfully short, never-the-less we were fingering each other, exciting each other and getting each other ready for a long session of kissing when we got to bed.

Following the rare events that occurred like the above, it had become a game when we got to bed to see who could hold off the longest before touching any of the other’s ‘good bits’ before really getting down to some veracious love making, often including the use of toys. The loser would have to lay back and let the winner sit on her face until she had been brought to orgasm. Further she would have to keep the others cum in her mouth and feed it back to the winner as she kissed her, sharing her cum open mouthed and with lots of wet and loving tongue.

“A lovers cum encouraged and executed by amazing love making is always so delicious!”

Our love making this night had to be commenced by me: I was the loser! In the frenzy of one her amazing and tongue twisting kisses my hand had moved to her breast, immediately followed by my mouth immediately sucking down onto her engorged nipple.

Feeling a tap on my back I looked up to see her gorgeous smile as she lay back, pushed her tongue out and reached out with both hands, signaling me to come and sit on her face. I did. This form of punished has to be the most incredible torture one lesbian could ever receive from another! When Sally orgasmed, oh my gosh, she just flooded her cum over my face and into my eager mouth, a mouth that could not wait to return her cum during our gorgeous kisses, kisses during which we snowballed her cum from one to the other with kisses that left us momentarily exhausted, but not enough to bring our sexual excitement to its end. Oh no, there was much more that I wanted and after a short respite began to take!

I kissed this gorgeous woman’s lips, face and neck as I moved down her body to kiss the globes of her breasts and thence to the brown, rippled surface of her areola, which also displayed the tubercles of Montgomery’s Glands, a normal manifestation of a former pregnancy, but to me, an additional lingual enjoyment of the turgor of these of loving, sensual globes of feminine beauty which further enhanced by the ever increasing hardening of her nipples. I love Tits, I adore nipples and these were giving me so much enjoyment.

Gradually Kartal Escort Bayan I kissed my way over her abdomen to her Mons. Sally was breathing heavily and her legs opened wide as I softly kissed just the very top of her slit and permitted myself one quick flick of my tongue to her clit, but here I stopped. As I lay my head on her abdomen Sally looked down at me, an inquisitive look on her face as I told her to roll over.

Rolling my body full length onto her I used my feet to open her legs, my Mons pushing against the cleft of her buttocks and as I moved my body against her I was kissing the back of her neck and nibbling on her ears until I felt her passions rise. Only now did I kneel between her legs, and grasping the sides of her pelvis I pulled her to her knees as she asked:

“What are you doing?”

I slapped each of her cheeks as I told her:

“Wait, and find out!”

Goosebumps rippled across her skin and she tried to move roll back over: Spanking her once more I stopped her from rolling because I was between her legs and was grasping her pelvis firmly where I wanted her. As I began to stroke her back and kiss her lower spine, I used my knees to open her legs even wider before running my tongue up and down the entire length of her spine. Kissing the back of her of neck each and every time I got there. Sally mewled her delight at what I was doing. Feeling her relax I knew the time had come to do what I had wanted to do for all too long a wait!

I licked down her spine my hands ran down her sides and then I began to caress her buttocks, very gradually, very slowly, spreading them apart. I was kissing the top of her cleft and at one point I felt her push back against me, murmuring into her pillow as she did so. I knew she had never experienced what I was about to do before, a fact that had me really excited to see how she would react. Now combining kisses with short licks into her cleft Sally’s reactions told me she was enjoying the experience. So as she sighed a deep breath I licked all the way down her cleft and began to lick the puckered edges of her rosebud anus.

Licking now in open abandonment, Sally grasped the sides of her pillow, exclaiming:

“Oh My Gosh!”

But as she did so her body was rocking back and forth against my face.

“Oh Aimie, that feels incredible!”

Holding her cheeks wide I licked and kissed as her body writhed under my attentions. I began to sense her ring opening. Rimming her ring I gave her one quick flick my tongue: Sally screamed, gripping the pillow even tighter as she exclaimed:

“Oh fuck Aimie, I never could ever imagine how good something so slutty could feel, I love it!”

Resuming my licking Sally asked if she could turn over.

“I want my pussy eaten just like that baby, eat me honey, eat my cunt”

I was really quite taken aback as I had never ever heard Sally use the word ‘cunt’ before and I loved it, so much so that I willingly succumbed to her request, whereas before I would have spanked her arse and told her:

“When I’m ready!”

Moving out from between her legs, Sally rolled over and as she did so I told her:

“I’ll Escort Kartal be right back.”

Going into the bathroom I rinsed my mouth with Mouthwash, wanting a clean mouth with which to devour her delicious pussy.

Walking back toward the bed, Sally was leaning on her elbows, a big smile on her face, her knees bent up and spread wide. For a moment I sat at the foot of the bed admiring everything that was displayed for me. It was not until I saw a small trickle of juice ooze from her cunt that I leaned forward and slowly licked it into my mouth before moving to her to share it in a kiss.

“Mm” she said,

“I taste good!”

Yes you do.”

I kissed my way back down her body, pausing only to momentarily suckle her nipples. Laying at her side I moved my arm under her risen knee and slowly began to explore every hidden facet of her Labia, occasionally re-wetting my middle finger at her introitus to ensure that my finger could slither into every cove of her slit and thence to encircle and stroke her clit. Sally’s fingers combed through my hair as she lay back enjoying my explorations.

Progressively her slit was getting wetter and wetter as I was now running my fingers up and down her slit. Coming to her Introitus I once again wet my finger, but this time I hovered around her opening, stroking, dilating and then pushing my wet fingers deep into cunt, turning my palm up and once I had located the small rubbery area of her g-spot I began to finger fuck her. She has this wonderfully tight cunt and her body was now writhing under my touch.

Slipping between her legs, continuing to finger her, I kissed every crevice of her Majora, inside and out. Licking, kissing and biting softly until I felt her Labia swell with the engorgement of passion.

“My cunt baby, get your tongue in my cunt!”

Holding one of her thighs, I pulled her to my face as my tongue entered as far into her as I could get it. Her nails scratched encouragingly over my scalp as I fucked her hard and fast. Swallowing the natural juices of her she mewled her pleasure and her pussy writhed against my face. I began to feel goosebumps on her thighs, a clear signal that her orgasm was close. So moving both hands under her buttocks, I moved quickly too tongue her clit, swollen more that I had ever known it. As her pelvis lifted off the bed I slid my hands beneath her body as with ever increasing fervor, as I sucked down onto her clit I pushed a thumb deep into her anus.

Sally screamed, her pelvis rose even more from the bed, writhing back and forth against my thumb as simultaneously her hands were pulling my hair, pulling me tighter against her clit. Spasmodically Sally tried to voice that she was cumming. Licking joyously up and down her slit from introitus back to clit, Sally exploded into her orgasm. Hot, thick cum oozed, seemingly never to stop from her cunt and I greedily drank every mililitre as she screamed her pleasure, calling my name and exclaiming:

“Oh FUCK!!”

I stayed down on her as long as her body was reacting to my tongue, my kisses and my thumb, which I now had to remove as her pelvis had now sunk to the bed. Her legs still wide apart had also collapsed to the bed. Now was the time to move to her side, to hold her and kiss her, the taste of her cum on my lips. Rolling to her side, Sally moved down the bed to my breasts and as she softly held me she suckled on my nipples before falling into a deep sleep, her lips still on my nipple but slowly sliding away.

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