Age Appropriate

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Author Note: This story is a stand alone though I may write a lactation fetish sequel.

On to the Story:

I was thirty when it happened. I fell in love. She was perfect. She was everything I could have ever wanted in a mate; beautiful, smart, funny. She wasn’t bitter though she did have quite a temper. She was determined and goal oriented. She had a cute face and a banging body, though she didn’t realize she had either. That was probably because she was young. She was very young, and she was my student.

I guess I need to start at the beginning. My name is Kenneth Ellerson. I teach higher math, and coach JV and Varsity Girls basketball at a coastal Georgia high school. When this all started I had been teaching for seven years and never once found myself in any way attracted to any of my students. Not even the girls on the team…and I saw them wearing way too little on a day-to-day basis. But anyway. I’m not tall only 5’10”, my skin is a light caramel color. My hair is black and I keep it cut very close to my head, with a bit of a fade. I keep myself up. Have a bit of a six-pack. Not a steroid lad…but you can’t be a coach and not keep in shape. Well you can but it certainly makes the job harder.

Tatiana she was, well she was incredibly intelligent. But the girl was lazy. Every teacher knows what I mean. The type of student who gets low As without trying so that’s what she takes home. At one point I’m pretty sure that she actually wanted to be a good student…but it’s not the ‘in’ thing for a black girl to be studious. But still she couldn’t manage to get the same types of grades her peers received; even doing next to nothing she still could not get the grades that would make her socially acceptable. She did have one trouble spot…Mathematics.

The day she entered my classroom I honestly…I have never before had such a strong feeling of desire for anyone ever before. She was already barely 2-3 inches shorter than me, and it was only the first day of her sophomore year of high school. Her skin was the color of rich milk chocolate. Her hair was in very thin block braids that reached just past her rounded, but strong shoulders. She was wearing a cute orange and red and white tank top that showed her toned arms and full breasts off to perfection. Her legs were long and showed well-muscled calves, calves that had benefited from a summer of band camp and practices. Her red skirt was flirty and pleated in such a way that it kinda spun whenever she did. Her sandals were very unpractical…but I’d later find out she had a thing for shoes. She went shoe shopping first and then bought outfits to go with the shoes. She had a slim waist, and while she was taunt and tightly toned she wasn’t small. She would have worn at least a size 10 on top and 14 from the waist down by that point. But everything about her screamed woman. She really was a woman child.

She has very large round eyes, that stretch charmingly when she is confused , or surprised. Her cheekbones were high and strong, her cheeks fluffy and had two dimples that just made you want to kiss them whenever she smiled. She has a slightly short forehead, and a very stubborn chin. Her mouth…oh dear lord her mouth. The mouth it self was very generous. She had a big mouth. I once over heard 2 of my male students talking and they said she could fit a coke can in it to about half way down the can. She had done it on a dare…and couldn’t figure out why her male friends had had to leave the lunch table immediately. Her lips were amazing a nice thick, soft upper lip and a fat, pouty lower lip. When she spoke you were reminded of a young Kathleen Turner. Her voice, a husky sensual sound, filled with a promise that she couldn’t possibly understand yet.

I’m not trying to make her sound perfect. She wasn’t, even at fourteen her hips were too big, she had very little butt, and her breasts are still way too big for her frame. She waged a war with acne, and her own self-image. She was often mean, and fought back against the ‘in crowd’ viciously. By the time she graduated, I’d seen her leave more than one cheerleader in tears, and more than one jock dazed and confused. She was also the biggest accidental Cock Tease the world has ever seen.

Her poor self-image meant that while she dressed a little provocatively, she didn’t realize that she was achieving the attention she desired. She was such an innocent that she never realized that her male friends were buying her ice cream cones just to watch her eat them. She was an amazing flirt; it was completely ingrained, however. She flirted with every one; male, female, lettuce. She basically was either insulting you or flirting with you. She didn’t really have too much of an in between until you really got to know her.

Now please don’t get upset. Absolutely nothing happened while she was my student. I taught her to the best of my ability. She and I worked before school during marching season and after school after it, but she managed Ataşehir Escort to get a B from my Algebra class. And she worked damn hard for it. I never touched her then she was a sophomore, and the youngest in her class because she had skipped a grade so she was only 14 at the time. But working so closely with her, watching her strive so hard for the lowest grade she had ever received. And seeing her still be proud of the grade even as she hated having to show it to her family, all these things combined to make her not just the only student I’d ever been sexually attracted to but to make her the only woman I’ve ever loved. I’m not trying to say I’m some freak of nature with a will of solid iron or something. I had more illegal and barely legal fantasies that year and the years since I taught her than well probably than anyone has ever had…ever.

My favorites concentrated on the tutoring times. One day, during her senior year, I was helping her pass trigonometry. She hadn’t come before school because the band thought they had no afternoon practice. Of course the dick of a Band director ended up calling one anyway. So Tati had dressed out for practice, she was wearing a tight, very low cut tank and short running shorts. Her lips were very glossy and I could smell the slight scent of sunscreen. Her braids were pulled up and out of the way in a high ponytail. She was wearing white ankle socks and adidas tennis shoes. Her whole outfit was a weird shade of purple that would have looked like a bruise on most people. But on her it was just damn sexy. Though, I may be biased. She came in like a whirlwind. Running late because she’s had to change. Apologizing at a hundred miles a minute, her lips moving over the words with such sensuality. Man can that girl talk; she uses the biggest words simply because she usually forgets the small ones. Anyway. I took one look at her and immediately fell into a fantasy.

She came over to me and told me that her verbal apologies really weren’t enough. So she knelt before me and lowered her head submissively. I’d stand and my crotch would be at the exact level with her face. First I’d suggest she kiss my slacks right at the zipper. Only then would I let her open my zipper. I’d let her fish my dick out. I just love the feel of a woman’s hands pulling my cock free. (Now at this point let me say that I’m sure every man who tells you his story tells you he has a huge schlong. Well mine is pretty great, but not exactly huge or anything. I’m about 8 1/2 or 9 inches long. And thick, about as thick as a slim girl’s forearm.) Then I’d love to feel her lips just pressed against the underside. Maybe tell her to lick that thick vein that runs the length of my dick. By this point just looking down into her cleavage, and feeling her mouth on me would probably push me into a nice little frenzy. And as soon as she opened her mouth I’d start to fuck her cute face. She’d love it. The feel of my big cock sliding in and out of her mouth, slipping just beyond her gag reflex, the simple thought of it had me tenting my Dockers.

That day I had her pull a chair up to my desk rather than risk her noticing my erection. It took me several minutes to actually begin to be of any assistance. And I know she noticed. She gave me very concerned looks throughout our 45 minute tutoring session. At the end she told me that she really was grateful that I had kept our session, but next time I wasn’t feeling well I should just go home. One missed tutorial wouldn’t kill her. I laughed and told her that I was sure that it wouldn’t, though I kept the thought to myself it still was there none the less, that while 1 missed tutorial wouldn’t kill her, it might just kill me.

Yeah that was melodramatic. But I often wondered how I would get along without seeing her on a daily basis. I didn’t have to confront that question until after she graduated. The year after I taught her we moved into a new building. It was huge, and even in that monstrous new school I still managed to see her everyday, and speak with her often. The first day of school that year after she graduated was a bit difficult. It was really a punch in the gut when I remembered that I wouldn’t be able to see her any more.

But then it got easier, I waited for my feelings for her to change, I even dated here and there. I had a very normal life, not amazingly happy. But I certainly wasn’t pining away for her. I mean I had a nice healthy sex life. So what if every woman I dated bore a startling resemblance to her. So what if I went to every church program I thought one of her family members might attend, just to try to get some news of her. I was content without her.

Before I new it nine years had passed. I was involved with a fellow teacher and I had moved up to coaching Varsity Boys Basketball. My life was going pretty good, or so I thought. Then one day when I was checking my box, I saw her again. She was standing there waiting at the attendance office to check her niece Kadıköy Escort out to take her to her weekly allergy appt. She looked magnificent. Her waist had trimmed down a little and her hips had gained another inch or two, she was exactly my height or it looked like she would be without those 3 inch heels. Her legs were long, her ankles slim, calves and thighs toned but thick. She was wearing a navy blue suit skirt with a very tiny white tank top, I got the impression that the suit’s jacket had been left somewhere during this informal errand. I drank her in. Shit, her tits looked incredible, they were even bigger, at least an E cup. Her cleavage was deep and full and made me long to leave my mark for the whole world to see.

She saw me and said hello and we chatted as she waited. She had moved back just 6 months ago and worked with a law firm in the very close city. She was taking her niece to her allergy appointments simply because she had a much more flexible schedule than her sister. Watching her thick lipsticked lips speak was just as fascinating as it had ever been and I found myself once more dreaming of feeling them wrapped around my cock. As she talked I knew tonight would be the last time I saw my fellow teacher. I had to be with the woman in front of me. There was no other choice for me and I had been deluding myself to think other wise.

Over the next school year I found my self talking to her often, arranging my daily box checks, and office trips to coincide with the time she picked her niece up. And yet I still hadn’t managed to figure out how to ask her out. Oh I’d done my fact-finding. I knew that she had ended a very long relationship about 9 months ago. She’d dated here and there since, but hadn’t found anyone special yet. And she hadn’t dated anybody since she moved back here. She lived by herself in a really ritzy condo she was well on the way to owning near the school. And her Niece and Cousin both wanted to be just like her when they grew up. Yes I gathered that Intel from two of my students. And don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.

Before I knew it was June and there was no more need to pick up the girl from school and there went my favorite part of the week. But on the last day of post planning, the President of Tati’s graduating class stopped by and asked me if I’d like to attend their reunion. I had been voted one of the five favorite teachers of the class of 96. I leapt at the opportunity. I was in attendance at the picnic though Tati didn’t show. Her best friend, a woman she had kept in touch with despite the years and their different post high school lives, informed me that Tati had had to work today if she wanted the weekend free for the rest of the activities. Other than today’s family picnic, there would be a put-put golf event for the next morning, and a dinner/dance prom recreation that night.

I knew that I was going to make my move at that event. So I spent the next day primping like a little girl. I played some basketball and did some free weights, just to make sure that my body was in good condition. I went to the barber, and let him shape me up and even give me a shave. My suit was the one I bought when I got my doctorate in calculus and physics. I must admit that by the time I finished getting dressed that night I looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I went to the large hotel where the Prom had been held in 1996, and where their reunion was happening this year, and realized that I was there slightly before most of the class. But that was well worth it when I got to watch her walk into the room.

She was wearing a dress that defied words. It was green, true green, darker than emerald but lighter than forest. A deep rich color. It was a flirty little thing all swirling skirts and tit hugging, cleavage showing top. It wasn’t a halter type deally though it seemed like that at first glance. It went down to a deep V showing off her toned shoulders and back as well as her wonderful chest. Damn it made want to lick my way up and down her spine. Her necklace only helped since it was one of those that leaves some of the gold chain hanging down her neck with a green crystal ball at the end of the chain, it was like a little sign flashing KISS HERE in the low lights of the ball room. Her earrings were of the same green crystal that highlighted her necklace, and I saw more twinkling around both of her wrist and one of her ankles. The lights of the green crystals of her anklet danced on 4 inch high fuck me sandals.

I watched her for an hour conversing with her classmates, truly thrilled to see some and faking a smile with others. I noticed that no one ever asked her to dance, and I couldn’t understand it. She was beautiful. And while the current obsession is suppose to be with stick figure women who could pass for prepubescent boys, I’d assumed I’d have to fight off half the men in her class to get a dance with her. She was no Twiggy at about a size Ümraniye Escort 10-12, but certainly not fat. I walked up to her quietly and slid into the seat next to her and touched her shoulder, quietly asking her to join me for a dance or two. With the heels she was quite a bit taller than me but she still felt so damn good in my arm I had to think of complex trigonometry to make sure that I didn’t fully rise to the occasion. As we danced we talked, when she asked to sit out a fast song we realized we had been dancing for half an hour. Sitting down I drew her into conversation. She’d had tears in her eyes when I asked her to dance and now that we could really converse instead of mild chatting I asked her about them.

Turns out Tati had almost backed out of attending. She didn’t want to come without a date, knowing that she would make all those things her classmates said behind her back true. They had always said that she would never have a man. That she wasn’t pretty enough for anybody to want her. All those things high school girls use to tear down someone so high above them that they couldn’t even breathe her air. She told me of how she now knew for sure that they were right, cause her former fiancé, the one man who had ever asked her out, had cheated on her several times before she found out and broke up with him. It had undermined her hard sought self-esteem, and once more she was only truly confident in her mental, and intellectual abilities.

My heart ached for her, and I could only smile at her and tell her the truth. Those girls had said those things because they knew that she was something that they could never be. They knew that she had class and grace and true beauty. While they even then were just pale imitations of beauty, of sensuality, of sexuality. They were crass, whorish, little sluts who had to bring her down to make themselves feel better. Despite the fact that I knew it would show all I had tried to hide from her and all others for the last ten years I couldn’t let her continue to feel this way. So I told her that any man stupid enough not to relish every second of his time with her, crazy enough not to be completely faithful to her needed to be wiped from the human race before they could reproduce and pass on those idiotic genes.

Natalie, Tati’s class president, had known what she was doing when she organized this evening. She made sure not to schedule dinner until half way through the night. Thus ensuring that all attendees would be there when it was served, and also giving everyone a chance to play catch up. Tati refused to let me leave her side. She said it gave her pleasure to sit next to the best guy there, who was I to deny her anything. As we ate and drank, we talked more and more. Finally I couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself. But then she beat me to it.

“You know I had a humungous crush on you. You never made fun of me even though I couldn’t get the math you were trying to pound into my thick head.” She said rather shyly.


“Well I thought I was over it but then I saw you all those times I came to pick Bea up. And we talked and well you are a very sexy man. Never mind I’m sure that you don’t want to hear the ramblings of one of your former students. So I’ll just be shutting up—” I had to cut her off so I did it in the most effective way I could think of. I pulled her over to me and kissed the hell out of her. Her mouth was warm and wet under mine. And she tasted better than the gourmet meal we’d eaten, than the fruity drinks she’d imbibed. She tasted like warm honey infused whisky. She tasted like homemade hot chocolate made from the best Godiva chocolate folded with heavy cream and then thinned down with whole milk. She tasted like perfection. And I knew that I had to have more. I leaned a little further towards her and she wasted no time in deepening our kiss meeting my every lick, swirl, and taste with her own.

God the way she kissed. Her short tongue seeking missions into my mouth, sliding her tongue along mine to draw my tongue into following hers back into her mouth. Once she’s lured it where she wants it she sucks it gently. Causing me to slant my head and deepen the kiss even further to return the favor. Quite honestly I have no real idea how it happened, we were so very deep into the kiss, but when the kiss broke Tati was in my lap, her legs across mine. Her friends were looking at us like we had both grown two heads.

Looking at her, holding her, kissing her, it felt so wonderfully right, so amazingly good that I couldn’t set her down. Not for long. “I’d really love to continue this somewhere more private…if you want to.” I asked the question tentatively, for once in my life I was more afraid of rejection than I really knew how to handle. I’m man enough to admit it if she had rejected me…hell I might have cried. In the Car. Where no one could see me.

“if you are sure…I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I mean Damn it I sound 14 again. I registered here. I mean JIC you know just in case I wanted to super sloppy drunk to forget that I knew most of these people.” Tati babbled prettily. I’m fairly certain that she said more but I was pretty much just watching her beautiful lips forming her words.

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