After Hours

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We leave the club and head towards your truck, kissing and grabbing each other the entire way, oblivious to who may be watching us with knowing smiles. You open your door and I hop in and slide past the steering wheel to the center of the seat. You no sooner have time to close your door and I am ripping your shirt off. When I say I gotta have it, I gotta have it now!

You start the truck up while I am attacking you. The parking lot is not the appropriate place for the things that we want to do to each other. You drive us out of town looking for the perfect spot. The weather is perfect, there’s a full moon and there’s a big empty bed in the back of the truck.

I nibble on your neck, inhaling the smell of you and getting lightheaded, knowing I need more. I press against you and let my hands wander all over your chest. I nip at your neck and shoulder blades, you moan and continue driving.

I reach my hand down and run it across the top of your jeans, loving the feel of your hot bare skin. You are bursting at the seams you want me so bad. I gently brush my hands over you and hear you moan again and I smile.

I kiss every exposed inch of skin that I can reach, starting with your neck and shoulders and work my way down. I love kissing your tummy, playing with your belly button with my tongue. You feel my hot moist breath at the top of your jeans and find it difficult to concentrate on driving, but somehow you do.

My tongue runs its way across the top of your jeans and you hold your breath wondering what I will do, how brave I will be, hoping nothing stops me. I grab the button to your jeans and as I undo them, I look up you and smile that knowing smile. With the button undone, you wonder how far I will go while you continue Kocaeli Escort driving.

You easily accept the fact that I am trying to get you to wiggle outta your jeans and willingly lift yourself up so I can expose all of you to my hungry mouth. I bend down and inhale deeply before actually touching the tip of my tongue to you. You take a huge breath and I feel your hand settle at the base of my head, gently urging me on.

I let you slip into my mouth slowly, running my tongue over inch of you. You feel the gently yet urgent tug of my lips on you and gently pull me head closer, wanting to be in my throat, wanting me to fuck you with my mouth. I willingly let you pull me closer, loving the way you taste and the texture of you inside me. You feel the suck of my lips grow stronger the deeper you go. Your grip on my head grows firmer and I hear you give a strangled groan.

I decide that the gentleness is over and start to suck on your furiously. You groan and shove your hips at me with every stroke of my lips on you. Luckily, you see our turn off ahead and know that soon, you will be doing me hard.

As you turn off the road onto that hidden dirt road, I notice my panties are drenched and I can’t wait for you to rip them off and shove your tongue deep inside me. I squirm and moan thinking about that and start to suck you harder, not giving you a chance to think straight.

You pull back into our special hideaway in the woods and turn off the truck. The quiet in the air is intensified to your senses, as all you concentrate on is my mouth on you. You push me away from you regretfully and open the door. I follow right behind you. We walk to the back of the truck and hop in. We’ve been here before and we know what Kocaeli Escort Bayan we want.

I no sooner get in the back of the truck and get the blanket spread out that you are attacking me. You throw me on my back with an evil little smile and yank my jeans off. No time to play nicely now, you want me and are going to have me. The buttons on my blouse fly as you rip my shirt open and undo my bra. I lay there in the light of the moon exposed to you and begging you with my eyes to take care of me.

You barely hesitate as you dip your head between my legs. I feel your tongue as it slowly explores me. I about die when you run it lightly over that spot. But you won’t let me cum that fast and quickly move away from that area, going into explore my deeply. I feel your tongue enter me and almost scream from the sheer pleasure. The heat from your breath is torture to me. I feel your hands on me and I want you to be everywhere at once. You moan as I move my hips up to meet the thrusting of your tongue.

You know its time to let me release myself. You nibble at my clit and feel me tremble. You know that you have me totally under your spell and you take your time. Your tongue runs up and down, gently flicking me and I cannot think, I can’t breathe, all I can do is feel. You lift your head making me look down at you and you quietly yet gently tell me to cum in your mouth. The second your tongue touches me, I cum hard. I feel you licking and sucking and I am trembling and in total pleasure when I feel you move away from me.

I open my eyes to see your smiling face over me and feel you shove into me hard. I accept you and cum again immediately. You stop a minute and let me enjoy the feeling of you hard and hot and pulsing Escort Kocaeli inside of me and bend down to kiss me. I force my hips up to meet yours and look you deep in the eyes. That is the sign you need from me. You begin thrusting deeper and harder and I meet every one of those with the same passion. I feel your balls slap against me and about go crazy from the sheer pleasure.

I wrap my legs around you and pound back, not wanting you to get away. You smile and undo my legs, lifting them up to your shoulders. You kneel in front of me like that and pound me like there was no tomorrow. You hand finds it way to my clit while you continue thrusting into me and you pull at it gently, knowing that you can make me cum again. Just takes the right touch and you know you have it.

I grab at the blanket, at anything I can hold onto. I feel like I am drowning and yet, I don’t want to be saved. I want this feeling to go on forever, yet if it did, I would go insane. When your hand hits my clit, I know its only a matter of minutes before I have another orgasm and in shock that you can do that to me.

I reach out to you and grab at your chest and your arms, needing you to be closer to me, more skin contact is a good thing. You let my legs slide down your arms and you bend down over me. You know I am so close and you are holding yourself back to cum when I do. You bend over and kiss me, shoving your tongue as deep in my mouth as you are in me with your dick. As soon as I taste your mouth, I cum. You hear me moaning into your mouth, feel my fingernails dig into your shoulders and let yourself go. You wonder if you will ever stop shaking with pleasure and I lock my legs around you and pull you deeper to me.

You collapse and drop your head into my neck, feeling my hands on your bare back, my legs wrapped around you and my breath in your ear. After a few minutes, you slide off me and lay on your back, pulling me to you. We both look up at the stars, smiling, before closing our eyes and drifting off to a blissful nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32