Affairs of Saint Mercy’s

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This is my first attempt at writing mature. Hopefully some people find it enjoyable. Comments and votes are always appreciated. Thank you.


Marybeth was a volunteer at Saint Mercy’s Nursing Home. She was nineteen and taking a semester off from college. Her aunt had called in a favor with the director to get her the position, which would look good on her resume and keep her parents off her back about getting a job for the few months between the soon to begin semester back at the state university. Petite with dark hair that she always kept tied in a bun, she bounced through her day. She had plans to be a nurse and this job just proved to her how much she would love to be one.

One of her favorite residents was a man named Albert. Once a powerful man, his family had set him into the hospital when they were concerned for his health. Albert, on several occasions, stated that he was perfectly healthy and capable to see to himself. Be that as it may, his family worried, and they thought the environment would be good for him. People around to keep him company and make sure he was safe. At eighty-six he had seen many things in his life. He had watched his kids be born and grow, marry and have their own children. He had seen nations fall and rise. He had seen world wars and depressions. More death and sickness than anyone had a right to, but still found hope.

One of his greatest pleasures was watching Marybeth. She reminded him so much of his late wife, when they were both young. Marybeth only stood five foot four inches, where Albert stood six foot two inches. It was a common joke when Albert and his wife Juliet were alive that they looked like Lincoln and his wife, tall and short. Marybeth had a grace to her, and her blue eyes shown brightly with the pale blue scrubs she was required to wear. If anything, Marybeth’s presence proved without a doubt that Albert was not a dead man. She had a way of arousing his body that he had to grit his teeth and tear his fingers into the sheets just to keep from reaching out for her. Perhaps that was the reason Albert enjoyed playing an invalid, just to have Marybeth near, but he wasn’t certain. All he did know was that Marybeth would be leaving soon and he wasn’t sure what he’d do without her.

Laying on his bed, his roommate asleep or comatose, Albert wasn’t too sure, he watched as Marybeth brought in the tray of food for him and came to help him sit up. Her pants were low, as always, the belt doubled over a few time so they sat on her hips rather than her waist. Naturally, there was something on the floor that required her attention, Albert made sure of that, since he got to enjoy the sight of her ass as the scrubs pulled taunt over her bottom, and her thong peeked out at him as if to tease him further. He wasn’t a great advocate of the styles that many of the younger generation wore, but thongs he had to say he enjoyed.

“Good afternoon, Albert. I hope you’re feeling better today.” Marybeth’s usual greeting in a cheerful voice. As always, she set the food down on the rolling tray then looked to him. Giving a smile, she moved to his bedside. “Shall we try to go to the bathroom before we prepare to eat?” Albert knew that she wasn’t trying to be condescending but he just wanted to show her how strong he really was. How much he didn’t need her help. But he couldn’t find it in him to utter such profane words that such an action would take. Instead he gave a nod of his head. Today, he decided as he caught sight of her tiny thong peeking out at him once more, would be the day that she learned just how able he was.

As she went to go set the tub into the toilet to collect the urine, he grabbed the soft restraints from his roommate’s bed. With a pair of cuffs, and a wash cloth he grabbed from the cupboard as he walked towards the bathroom, he shut the door behind him, locking it in place. Marybeth was chattering about something, but Albert didn’t pay much attention. Instead, he waited while her back was turned then grabbed her around her upper body, shoving the washcloth into her mouth as she gasped in surprise. Her scream was muffled by it and he sat down on the toilet, pinning her against his lap. It was easy with her petite size to overpower her, getting one hand cuffed then set to the side rail of the toilet and the other towards the opposite. It left her facing the toilet and bent slightly.

Looking over his handy work, Albert caressed her pale face, watching her wide blue eyes. “You’re okay, Marybeth. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I’ve been waiting for this moment a long Ankara escort time to do anything bad to you.” He let his hands move down her neck to her scrub top then down to the hem. Lifting it, he tucked it up, his arm pulling through the wide collar. Releasing one hand, he forced the struggling limb through the arm hole and then forced it back to the handrail. Doing the same with the other, her folded her top and set it on the counter of the sink. Leaning down, he reached for one of her feet. Marybeth had forgotten that she had legs and tried to kick out. Albert blocked the kick but received one in the side when she quickly switched feet. Giving a growl, he sat up and backhanded her across the face, watching the angry red coloring bloom over her right cheek as tears filled her eyes.

“No, Marybeth. Don’t try me. I’ll cause you more pain than you ever knew if you do that again.” Grabbing her foot, he ripped her sneaker off then her sock. He held her leg up in a way that made it impossible for her to kick him if she struggled, and he rubbed his fingertips over the soft sole of her foot and over her toes. Smiling, her tickled gently, watching her leg flex and jerk in reaction. Chuckling, he set her foot down. “If I had more time, I’d make explore every inch of you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. I’d find every possible way to make you respond to me.”

After a moment, Albert rose and slipped beneath one of her arms to step out of the bathroom, quickly shutting the door behind him. He had thought to finish stripping her but he doubted she would hold still for him to do that, plus what he wanted to do. A smile touched his lips as he saw someone walk by the room with a cane. It was perfect. Going to the supply closet, he asked for one, stating that his leg was bothering him and he’d like the support. Since it wasn’t an uncommon request, the nurse handed it over without thought. Passing a nurses station, he also picked up a roll of medical tape as he passed, no one noticing as the nurse on duty dealt with a phone call from a concerned relative. Entering his room and the bathroom, he looked to Marybeth, smiling as he saw her. Closing the door and locking it once more, he then knelt down beside her and grabbed her still shoed foot.

Catching her by surprise, it was easy to get the shoe off her as well as the sock. Setting the cane between her feet, the four footed bottom cupped one ankle perfectly, and he used the medical tape to secure her ankle in place. He pressed the handle to the inside of her other ankle and taped it as well, providing an impromptu leg spreader. Going to her hands, he taped her fingers together and then her thumbs to the bars so she couldn’t pull at the cuffs, as he had noticed evidence of her doing. She cried as she found herself perfectly secure, the bright pink matching bra holding her quivering breasts. Gathering up a few last strips of the tape, he taped the washcloth in place then sat down back on the toilet.

Facing her, he looked over his handy work, finding pleasure in what he saw. His Juliet had never been one to venture from the norm but Albert found he liked the sight of the young girl bound before him, awaiting his pleasure. Reaching out, he brushed his fingers over the top of her breasts. “You’re beautiful Marybeth, and I’m going to enjoy this.” Pulling her breasts free from her bra, he held them up as he dipped his head, kissing the top of her breasts softly, reverently. Her skin was so soft and tasted warm and sweet to his lips.

Lapping over her flesh, he let his thumbs brush over her nipples, watching them begin to harden as he continued to tease them. Looking up at her flushed, wet face, he lapped over one of her nipples, rubbing the tip with the flat of his tongue. He watched more color enter her face before she looked away. Smiling he brought his teeth around her nipple and tugged gently before sucking hard. Her body bucked and she grunted behind the washcloth, squirming as he continued to suck. Gradually he lessened the pressure of his mouth, pinching her untouched nipple and rubbing it between his forefinger and thumb. This time Marybeth moaned ever so softly beneath the washcloth.

Pulling his mouth back, he looked to her face, gently stroking and rubbing her nipples with both hands. He saw how her eyes closed, her lashes fluttering over the tops of her cheeks as her breathing changed. He had to smile, realizing she liked that. Looking to her perfectly shaped breasts, the type that fit into his hands, her tugged on her nipples, checking to Escort ankara see when pleasure turned to pain for her then bringing her back to pleasure.

Marybeth couldn’t believe what was happening. Albert had her tied up in a bathroom and was now fondling her. She hated that his treatment had caused a small spark of desire, especially when he tickled her foot and said he would play with her all day if he had the time. And now he had found out one thing that many men never came to notice. Her breasts were sensitive but she preferred the touch of fingers than mouth there. Oh, she found it arousing to be suckled but to gain any reaction from her a man had to use his fingers to get her to moan. Albert’s fingers were weather worn and felt wonderful on her sensitive tips. Unable to close her legs, she had to stand there, her pussy beginning to ache with need as he just played with her.

Albert noticed how she began to pant and arch into his touch. He watched her nipples, seeing how red they got before he finally released them. Reaching down, he pulled at her pants, only able to get them to her knees. Displeased, he searched the pockets, smiling when he found a pair of scissors. Cutting the band, he chuckled and looked at her. “Always prepared, that’s my girl.” Marybeth blushed under his praise, embarrassed to be so stripped before him but somehow pleasured by his words. She didn’t want this but…. No, she couldn’t think of any buts’.

Albert set the scissors down and brushed his hands over her trembling thighs and back, teasing over the lower curve of her rear. She seemed so perfectly made for him. Sliding his hands back around to her hips; one held the side of her hips as the other traced lower down the center. He could tell from the fit of her thong that she was shaven, or perhaps even waxed. He liked the idea, considering their age differences. It suited Marybeth. Lightly, his fingers rubbed over the crotch of her panties, feeling her labia and the heat coming from her.

Slowly the moisture seeped through the material and she shivered as he teased her labia more. Smiling at her he continued to rub, watching her face. “Don’t fight it, Marybeth. I see how much you like it.” Marybeth gave him a defiant look and he just chuckled before slipping around her to enjoy the back view. Her ass cupped the pink thong perfectly and he kneaded both hands into either cheek, offer both a few slaps in turn. He loved watching her body jolt at the shock, the way her skin warmed up beneath his hand. Now and again he would hook one finger into the strap of her thong and rub his knuckle over the base of her pussy, feeling how drenched she was getting. Yes, even she liked the feel of his hands on her ass.

Marybeth couldn’t believe that he just played with her body so, nails teasing over the back of her thighs, his hands molding and shaping her ass before offering a few more slaps. And he always checked to make sure she enjoyed herself. She wasn’t sure if that was the best or worst part yet. Finally he pulled at her hips, forcing her to bend over more before drawing away her thong, having to use the scissors to cut it off. She was prepared to feel his cock force its way into her wet hole but it didn’t happen. Instead, he cupped the front of her thighs, his face close to her backside, his breath teasing her skin.

“You know, you look like a filly getting ready to be bred, and you are. You’re young and impetuous. You need a solid man in your life and a child in your belly to show you responsibility; your place. And I’m going to show you why.” Closing her eyes, Marybeth prepared herself for rough fondling, but instead it was his tongue teasing over her labia. Her legs almost gave out but he held her thighs tight, not letting her hobble forward or draw back. Kept in position, her breath shuddered to a halt a few times in her lungs. No man should know how to work a woman’s body so well.

Albert licked lightly at the moist lips of Marybeth’s pussy. Her thong had been tight enough to squeeze some of her juices from her. Now he slowly tunneled his tongue between her lips, teasing them more as he licked, lapping away her flowing juices. He could tell just by how she twitched and twisted that she liked what he was doing, and his tongue teased its way into her center, pushing in and sucking on the copious amount of juices he found there.

Marybeth’s soft moans became louder as the sounds of his ministrations filled the room. With each growing sound, his tongue worked a little harder, beginning to move deeper into her before sliding Ankara escort bayan back to swirl around then slid forward to find her citreous. That made her squeal and her hips to buck. Again Albert chuckled at her reaction and this time feathered his tongue to her clit. She wasn’t allowed any quarter, or ability to stop him. He flicked his tongue over the nub, licked at it, even spanked it before pressing his face into her more and sucking on it.

She exploded then, panting and groaning against the cloth in her mouth, Albert’s hands holding her up and steady when she tried to grind into him or fall down. He continued to suck until her orgasm subsided, then forced her to hold still as he licked her clean, drawing whimpers from her. When he finally drew his mouth away from her, he used her top to wipe his mouth off as he looked over his results, using two fingers to absently spread her open so he could see every inch of her.

Marybeth didn’t seem to care, absorbed in her own world. When a finger slid inside her and began to gently probe, she just pushed back and wiggled. Albert liked watching her do this, wiggling her ass to him as he fingered her. He had been looking for a hymen, but not having found her cherry, he knew that she had had sex before, though not often if how tight she felt was any indication. With the tip of his finger, he searched out that special bundle of nerves and began to rub, watching and waiting with patience until she was dripping from his hand and panting hard. Only then did he rise up and begin to tug down his pajama pants.

Stripping the pants from him, he released his cock, seven and half inches of throbbing flesh that had not been inside a woman for years. He knew he wouldn’t last long, but he didn’t care. He was finally going to have Marybeth. Grasping her hips he rubbed himself against her, just enjoyed the warm, wet feel before positioning the head of his cock to her entrance and slowly pushing in.

At first her body resisted him but after a moment, she spread open, accepting him like a perfectly fit glove, just snug enough to add to his pleasure. Marybeth shivered as she felt Albert pushing into her, filling her. He was bigger than she expected and so hard that she nearly came right then and there on him. Somehow she managed to hold out, and enjoy as he began to slide in and out of her slowly. He gave a few test thrusts, gliding in and out to get a feel for her before bowing his body over her’s.

Albert’s hips cupped Marybeth’s, his right hand sliding to cup her left breast and pull at her nipple, while his left hand moved to the front of her hips and set his forefinger against her clit, massaging it. He wanted to feel her cum around him, even as he just wanted to release his seed into her fertile little womb and hope for the best. In either case, he was going to get one of his wishes. Marybeth became alive in his arms, her hips rocking against his, her moans and sound of pleasure sounding in her chest as Albert fucked her slow and steady. She could feel her orgasm building up, her clit becoming so sensitive she wanted to flinch away but then his hips stopped for a second, his breath heating her neck as he groaned.

She felt his hips jerk a few times and then noticed the hot rush inside of her. His finger hadn’t stopped teasing her clit until that very moment. Groaning herself, she tried to push back against him, wanting to get off so bad, but he wouldn’t let her. Drawing back from her, he watched his cock slip out and her needy pussy try to grasp on. Reaching down, he cupped her mound and grinded a bit, speaking in her ear. “If you want me to fix that, you’ll have to prove yourself willing.” With that, he gave her ass a slap then pulled her pants up.

Rolling her pants like she had it before barely kept her pants on, and her thong was too broken to be able to repair. He fitted her breasts back into her bra then released one of her hands after pressing a kiss to her spread lips. Leaving her to untangle herself, he went to the lounge to see what game they would be playing for the afternoon.

Carefully, Marybeth removed the tape from her mouth, then the washcloth. She stripped off the second band from her arm and untapped her fingers. Finally she undid her legs and sat down on the toilet. Stuffing her hand into her pants, she worked her clit, trying to get off, but even as she found some release, it was anticlimactic. Albert wasn’t there to stretch her open and fill her deep and strangely, she found that it did matter. Fixing her appearance and washing her face, she cleaned up his mess, putting things back where they belonged and then went to see what she had missed. The rest of the day went by in a daze for Marybeth and each moment she ached for Albert once more, making more than one mess in her scrubs that she had to clean up before they soaked through.

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