Adventures with Penny Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 — Virus

Sunday was a day of rest, literally. I did not move much at all. I went from my bed to the couch, then to the shower, back to the couch and back to bed. I felt sluggish and worn out. This did not feel like the normal wear and tear of the week though I hoped it would pass by Monday morning.

My hope turned out to be unfulfilled as I awoke on Monday. I felt awful, but I pressed through my morning ritual and got ready for work. Penny noticed me in the kitchen.

“You look like hell,” she acknowledged.

“Thanks, you’re pretty hot too,” I replied quickly.

She said I looked pale and clammy, but I told her I was going to work regardless. Penny was not one to create unnecessary conflict, but she did insist that she drive me to the office. We rode along, my head in my hands for most of the trip. When we got to the office I proceeded straight to my office and shut the door. I did not want to be bothered today.

The first hour of my work day was excruciating. I had my head down on my desk for most of it because it was too painful to sit upright. I managed to look somewhat functional as often as I could, but mostly, I was useless. Nikki knocked lightly on my door and made her way into my office.

“Hey, you look awful,” she said in soft tone.

“Well, that’s an upgrade, I guess,” I joked, wincing from the pain in my head as I laughed. “What’s up?”

“Emma wants everyone in the conference room for a meeting, now,” Nikki revealed.

I scraped my sore and achy body out of my chair. I grabbed a pad and pen then headed into the conference room. I was the last one to arrive. Everyone else was seated except Nikki who entered directly in front of me. I sat down next to Leslie at the end of the large table. All eyes were on me though I did not care. I just wanted to be left alone. I said nothing as I waited for Emma to begin her meeting.

“You look like shit,” Emma declared. “I will make this quick, so as not to torture you.”

“I appreciate that,” I admitted.

Brooke’s eyes were wide as she stared across the table at me.

“Three weeks from today you are all going to Las Vegas,” Emma announced.

There were a bunch of hoots and whistles and some questions.

“There is a law review conference there that Leslie is attending and so are each of you,” Emma pointed around the room at me, Brooke, Penny and Nikki.

“It should be a wonderful event,” Emma continued. “There is a reception Monday night and the conference is over on Friday, so you will be flying home on Friday afternoon. Nikki will be making the arrangements today and I will be staying behind to run the office. Vivian has agreed to come in and help me for the week. I think this will be a good team building experience.”

“Awesome,” Penny remarked.

“Absolutely,” Brooke agreed.

“Boring and stuffy is more like it,” Leslie contradicted them.

“How can you say that,” Nikki asked.

“You’ll see,” Leslie answered. Kocaeli Escort “These conferences are far from fun.”

“This will be different,” Penny exclaimed. “You’ll see.”

At that point I just felt terrible, though I was very excited to go to Vegas. My only thought at that point was that I needed to get through the rest of today. I stood from the table and left the conference room without a word. I returned to my office and shut the door. I sat with the back of my chair facing the window into the main portion of the office so I could not be seen. I put my head in my hands and tried very hard not to move.

That plan was shot to hell when I heard my office door open. I turned around to see Brooke entering my office with a purpose. She walked around my desk and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to my feet and I stumbled slightly. Brooke steadied me against my desk and put her hand on my forehead.

“Ok, we’re leaving,” Brooke announced.

“What,” I questioned meekly.

“I asked Penny if I could take care of you and she agreed,” she revealed. “So let’s go.”

Brooke grabbed me by the hand and escorted me out into the main portion of the office. My ego was saved when I noticed that there was no one else around at that moment. Brooke led me out of the office and to her car. I collapsed into the passenger seat and shut the door.

The next thing I remember, the car door was opening and Brooke was standing over me. She helped me out of car and that’s when I noticed that we were at her place, in the garage. I did not remember much of the ride from the office, but we were here now. My head was pounding as Brooke helped me inside the house. I staggered to the long couch in her living room and sat down. I leaned my head back against the cushions, hoping to relieve the pain. I have no idea what happened next.

When I opened my eyes the living room was dark aside from a small, dull lamp on the far end table. It took a while to focus my eyesight. I was now lying down and under a blanket. I looked at the armchair to my left and saw my cloths hanging over the side of it. It then occurred to me that I was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers. How did that happen?

I noticed that there was a bottle of water on the coffee table. I reached for it quickly, feeling thirst overtake me. I don’t know if I ever reached it.

The next time I opened my eyes, it appeared to be daytime as the room was flooded with natural light. I felt cold but was sweating. I noticed there was a half-eaten bowl of soup and glass of orange juice on the coffee-table. I glanced to the loveseat on my left and saw Brooke sleeping there. I reached for the orange juice and drank the entire glass. My head began to spin and throb again. I laid it back on the pillow that was under me. I went black again.

I felt something on my face that made me open up my eyes. I was startled that Penny’s face was directly above my own. She was looking down at me with the Kocaeli Escort Bayan back of her hand planted firmly against my cheek. I had no idea what to say to her. She lowered her head next to my own.

“Try and get a little more rest,” she whispered into my ear.

That was not going to be too difficult, as the pain in my head was less but still present. My last coherent memory of that moment still had her hand on my cheek.

Finally I opened my eyes and much to my delight, my headache was gone. I sat up slowly and looked around. It appeared to still be the evening and the small lamp was still on. I wondered if anyone else was here. I grabbed the bottle of water off the coffee table and drank from it slowly. I noticed that it was much easier to focus on the items in the room at that point. I felt hungry as well.

I was startled by the sound of footsteps on the stairs. I waited as whomever it was made their way down the steps towards me. After a moment, Brooke came into the living room. She seemed happy that I was awake.

“Oh great,” she exclaimed. “You’re up. How are you feeling?”

“Actually, worlds better,” I admitted. “I feel, oddly, rested.”

“You should,” she agreed. “We were starting to get really nervous. If you weren’t coherent by tomorrow morning, we were taking you to the hospital.”

“I am certainly glad we avoided that,” I acknowledged. “Sorry I made you nervous. I guess it was just a 24 hour bug of some sort. It really did a number on me.”

Brooke turned her head and stared at me. She moved to the loveseat to my left and sat down. Her eyes never left mine.

“You remember when we got here, right,” she asked softly.

“Yeah, sure,” I confirmed. “It was yesterday around noon. I felt terrible at work and Penny told you to take me home.”

“And you think today is what day,” she pressed me gingerly.

“Tuesday,” I half stated and half asked.

“Oh, yeah, whatever it was really did a number on you,” she said. “It’s Thursday night.”

I took in her words and then exhaled mightily. How the fuck did I lose two days?

“Seriously,” I countered. “You aren’t playing with me, right?”

“I wouldn’t joke when you had me this nervous,” Brooke rationalized. “Do you remember anything?”

“Not a lot at all,” I said. “Penny was here at some point.”

“That was this morning,” she informed me. “You had her terrified. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and she was genuinely scared today.”

“So I just slept this thing off, like a bad night of drinking,” I concluded.

“Somewhat,” Brooke said. “I had some old antibiotics that I kept crushing and putting in your water and juice. You drank a lot of fluids for someone who was so out of it.”

“You are amazing,” I said to her. “You took care of me, even nursed me back to health. How do I thank you for that?”

“You thank me every time you look at me,” she replied as a single tear streamed Escort Kocaeli down her cheek. “I know you love me and it means everything to me in those moments.”

“My god,” I exclaimed. “Even now, sick, tired and damn near broken, you are still moved to tears by my words. I really don’t deserve you.”

“Don’t ever say that again,” she snapped. “That small piece of you that belongs to me is deserving. Plus, I had help. Someone else loves as much as I do. I see it now and it’s beautiful. It’s also complicated, but you make it seem so simple. Maybe we don’t deserve you.”

“How do I respond to that,” I wondered aloud. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“You haven’t hurt me,” she responded clearly. “On the contrary, you continue to amaze me with who you are. Stay true and you will never hurt me.”

“Oh, Brooke,” I stuttered, not sure what to say next. “I should head home.”

“No, wait until morning,” Brooke argued. “It’s late and I am sure that you are not 100% yet. Let’s make sure you are past this thing completely.”

“I am not sure I will be able to get anymore sleep,” I laughed. “I have been out for the better part of three days.”

“I think I can help,” Brooke declared. “Lay down.”

I did as she said and laid down on the couch. Brooke made her way over to me and got on her knees next to the couch. She leaned in and kissed me softly on the cheek while she reached her right hand under the blanket that was on top of me. She lightly nibbled on my earlobe as her hand found the waistband of my boxers.

“Now, I need you to close your eyes and relax,” she whispered into my ear. “This is for your own good.”

I closed my eyes as her hand found my limp dick. She rubbed it and wrapped her hand around it as I laid there. It responded immediately to her soft touch, showing definite signs of life within her grip.

“Just relax and breathe in and out,” she methodically stated. “Think about getting some rest so you can get back to 100%.”

She continued to pump my pecker as she talked. It had grown firm in her hand and was now nearing cement status. Brooke pumped it slowly, deliberately as she continued to talk to me.

“We took good care of you, like you always take good care of us,” she said softly. “You were in good hands, like you are now.”

She pumped harder but still at her measured pace. I groaned as pleasure began to overtake me. I winced as she rocked her hand up and down my cock.

“That’s it, enjoy this,” she pleaded. “Let go. Let go.”

Her voice overwhelmed me and I erupted. My orgasm consumed me as she continued to stroke my shaft. I felt streams of cum flow violently from my rod and land on my pelvic region under my boxers. I completed my explosion and Brooke removed her hand from my shorts.

“Get some rest,” she encouraged.

The next thing I knew, the sun was up again. I felt like a million bucks but looked like about five. I wasn’t sure what time it was but I collected my cloths and put them on. I finished dressing and found that it was about 11am. Brooke was not home so I tried to clean up as best I could before calling a cab and heading home.

I paid the driver when he dropped me off and headed inside. It was good to be home and I needed a shower in the worst way.

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