Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 10

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Gus didn’t contact Aaron for a couple of days, even though thoughts of him pervaded his mind. He was careful not to come across as too eager and the “You’re welcome anytime” text message still sat on his phone without reply. It was Wednesday evening and Gus decided he’d waited long enough.

“How’s it hangin’ Marine?” Gus texted.

“Doing well, Gus Wolfe, was wondering if I scared you off or something, nice to hear from you, hows your week been so far?” replied Aaron almost immediately.

“Pretty normal, outside of thinking about you a bit too much” typed Gus, “Sorry I didn’t say anything until today. Guess I just wanted to see if the feelings persisted for a couple days without contact.”

“Well? Did they?” Aaron responded.

“They did.”

“Happy to hear it. You haven’t left my mind either. I told, Mark all about our trip, too. Would you like to come over for a couple beers and meet my other half? Might make things make sense a bit more.”

The question caught Gus off guard. He had been thinking about Aaron a lot, and the complications that him being married might bring, but it hadn’t kept him from being interested. What the hell, he thought, it’s probably better to go over and see what all of this is about instead of worrying about it or wondering.

“Why not, I’m only 5 miles away, 7pm okay?”

“Sounds good, see you then sexy fisherman.”

Gus grabbed a beer out of his fridge and drank it five big gulps. He was nervous, he was going over to Aaron’s house to meet his husband. What the fuck was he thinking? It all felt so strange, but he hoped that through the meeting he would get to know Aaron better. Would Mark even know he was there? Would he be angry?

Gus hopped in his truck and drove over to Aaron’s house. While he hadn’t communicated with him, he had taken a couple drives by his place on the way home from work out of curiosity, so he knew exactly where he was headed. He parked on the street and walked up to the front door, he could see into the house through the storm door and Aaron came to greet him. ?

“Hey there handsome,” Aaron said as he opened the front door and embraced Gus in a bear hug, “It’s great to see you.”

“Nice to see you too buddy,” Gus replied, returning the hug.

Aaron led Gus through the living room of his house into the kitchen, where a man sat in a large electric wheel chair at the kitchen table, a plate of food in front of him. He seemed to look in their direction as they entered.

“Gus, this is my husband, Mark. Mark, this is the man I told you about I went fishing with last weekend when you were at your family’s place, this is Gus Wolfe.”

Gus made his way around the table and introduced himself to Mark, grabbing his left, and only, hand and shaking it, looking into his brown eyes, they were deep and beautiful, as Aaron had described.

“Pleasure to meet you Mark, I’m Gus.”

Gus thought he felt Mark grip his hand back, but he couldn’t be certain. He noticed how handsome Mark was as he looked at him. His hair was brown, still cut high and tight as it had been throughout his military career Gus assumed. He was clean shaven, with a pronounced jawline and thick neck. Gus could tell that at one time he was a beast of a man. This man was also a Marine, a man of service, who must have all sorts of thoughts going through his head even if they weren’t communicated verbally. Gus couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be in Mark’s place. No legs, one arm, needing someone to assist with day to day tasks. He didn’t sense anger in Mark, but if he had it wouldn’t have surprised him, he’d be mad at the world.

“Can I get you a beer, Gus?” Aaron asked, heading for the fridge.

“Sure, sounds good.” Gus replied as he let his eyes lift from Mark to look around the house. Behind Mark near a window, was a small table that had a large picture of Mark and Gus on their wedding day. Both dressed to the nines in the brightest Marine blues, smiles stretched from ear to ear, arms around one another. They looked happy and in love. Gus smiled at the picture. It was positioned at eye-height for Mark, perhaps to help him remember, Gus thought. Aaron had mentioned how Mark didn’t seem to remember who he was after the attack.

“Here you go Gus Wolfe, cheers!” Aaron said, handing him a beer.

“Cheers,” Gus replied.

“Mark and I were just wrapping up dinner, care to join us while we finish?” Aaron asked pulling out a chair at the table to sit down next to Mark.

“Sure,” Gus responded, pulling out a chair across the table from the two men and sitting down. Why was he here, what was he doing, this was too much, what did Aaron want from him, what did he want from Aaron. Gus stopped thinking and took a deep swig from his beer. He watched as Aaron placed a fork in Mark’s hand and helped him scoop up some green beans and bring them to his mouth. Mark seemed like he rus escort could mostly feed himself, just needed some help getting started, maybe he was right handed. Aaron and Gus made small talk about the weather and food while Aaron finished assisting Mark with dinner. Then Mark, done with dinner, used his left hand to maneuver the controls on his wheelchair, exiting the kitchen and heading down an adjacent hallway to his bedroom.

“I’ll be right back, Gus, just want to make sure he’s got everything he needs for the evening,” Aaron said as he disappeared down the hallway behind Mark.

Gus felt two hands on his shoulders and looked up to see the Marine leaning down over him. Aaron kissed his forehead and said, “thank you for just being here, and not being weird, I know how awkward this must be fore you.”

“I can’t say its an experience I’ve ever had before, Aaron.”

Aaron pulled Gus up from his chair and led him back into the living room to the couch, where the two men sat down next to one another. Aaron put his hand on Gus’ thigh and began talking:

“This is what it’s like here, most everyday. I make sure Mark has three square meals, help him with the things he needs help with, and carry on one-sided conversations that I’m almost certain he hears. He communicates with his eyes, and some facial expressions, I’ve tried to get him to write, but he’s seemed un-interested in that thus far, he hasn’t said a word in three years. It’s rough, thank you for coming over, and being willing to meet Mark. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed last weekend, and how much I’ve been thinking about you every minute since. I’m falling for you Gus Wolfe, you’re kind, you’re independent, you’re sexy as hell, you’re a great fisherman, and I’d like to have a relationship with you. I don’t feel like I can be the one to take the lead on what that means though, so it’s up to you. Mark is a part of me until the end of his days, so if that is too much for you to handle, I understand 100% and have no hard feelings if we’re just friends, and maybe get to go fishing every once in a while.”

“That’s a lot to put out there Marine, I’m really not sure what to say, and you haven’t even let me kiss you again, yet,” Gus said, leaning over to embrace and kiss Aaron on the mouth. The two men held each other kissing for five minutes, enjoying the reconnection of being back in one another’s arms. When they pulled away from each other Gus could feel someone looking at them and glanced to his left to see Mark, sitting there silently, watching the two of them hold each other. Mark rolled toward them and stopped in front of the couch, feet from them both and raised his left hand toward Gus.

Gus had no idea what to think, and looked over at Aaron who looked at Mark and said, “See, I told you he was a good kisser,” and smiled at Mark. Gus extended his hand toward Mark and Mark grabbed it, and held it softly, what appeared to be a slight smile making its way to his face. He released Gus’ hand, turned his chair around and disappeared back down the hallway. Gus heard a door shut and looked back over to Aaron. “What was that all about?” he asked.

“I’m not totally sure Gus, but I think Mark likes you, he smiled at you, did you notice?”

“Yeah, I thought that looked like a smile,” Gus responded. “I should get going Aaron, it’s a busy week work-wise and I have a lot to do, and think about, thank you for inviting me over,” Gus said getting up off the couch and making his way toward the door.

“You’re welcome to have another beer with me first, if you like. We can head out into the garage and you can see some of my gear and the few trophies I’ve had mounted.”

Gus paused, he was so glad to to see Aaron, and his feelings from last weekend were just as strong, but all of this was a lot to handle, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to be caught in any sort of sexual act with Aaron by Mark just yet and was pretty sure that’s where things would be headed if they went to the garage. Part of him wanted to rip all of Aaron’s clothes off right then and there. “I do appreciate it, but I should really get going,” Gus said, noticing the disappointment in Aaron’s eyes as he spoke.

“Please, Gus, come with me the to the garage, just for a few minutes.” Aaron grabbed Gus’ hand and pulled him in the direction of the kitchen. Gus relented and followed him. As they made their way through the kitchen Aaron grabbed them each another beer from the fridge and led Gus out into the garage and shut the door behind them.

Gus looked out around the garage and noticed this was Aaron’s place of respite. There were comfortable rugs spread across the floor, a large flat screen TV on the wall, and all of Aaron’s fishing and camping gear stored neatly around the room. There was a large striper mounted on one wall, a bull red on another, a large mouth and small mouth bass, yenimahalle escort one on either side of the tv, and a big eye tuna staring down at him from above the doorway they had entered. It was a pretty impressive set up and Gus relaxed a bit as he made his way around the room, looking at all of Aaron’s tackle, and admiring the mounts.

“So where are you off to next weekend naked fisherman? Any big excursions planned?” Aaron asked.

“Actually, I’ll be in town this weekend. I’ve promised a couple of friends that I’d join them for a cul-du-sac party out in the burbs, meet their families, drink a few beers.” Gus replied.

“That sounds unimaginably exciting, Gus, I wonder how you’ll contain yourself,” Aaron chuckled.

“It could end up being exciting, who knows, the guys who invited me out, I met on a naked fishing adventure a couple weeks back, one’s an old friend from college, Jake, I’ve reconnected with, and the other is his sexy fishing buddy, Bill. We had some fun out on the river, they’re both married with kids though, so nothing too serious. You should see this guy, Bill, he’d be right up your alley.” Gus cracked. “What about you, what do you have going on this weekend, Marine? Anything good?”

“No big plans here. Mark’s family is coming to pick him up tomorrow for a long weekend at the farm. All of the extended family is headed into town for a reunion. I’ve been invited to join them on Saturday, but told them I’d likely just stay put. I love Mark, but the care taking can become overwhelming and lonely at times,” Aaron responded, “Need a date for your cul-du-sac party?”

“Hmm, perhaps, let me check with my buddies and I’ll let you know.” Gus said with a smile on his face, “You aren’t thinking about a man pile are you Aaron Green?”

“Haha, well now that you mention it – I have replayed the bits of the story you shared with me last weekend, and have gotten a little hot and bothered by the idea,” Aaron responded reaching into a cabinet behind the couch and pulling out what looked like a little stool.

“Ever seen one of these, Gus Wolfe?” Aaron asked, holding a small metal framed stool with a hole in the middle of it up in the air. The top of the stool was padded and the legs looked like they spread out wide below it, the whole thing couldn’t have been more than a foot in height.

“What is it?” Gus asked.

“It’s a rim chair, Gus, basically, you take your pants off, put this thing over my face, and plop your furry ass down right here, so that I can go to town on you in a comfortable position.” Aaron grinned, and reached over and grabbed Gus’ growing meat through his jeans. “What do you say? Feel like giving it a try? I haven’t used this thing since before the attack, Mark used to love it.”

Aaron’s hand worked Gus’ growing bulge into a full hard on and within moments the two men had stripped off all of their clothes and were passionately kissing each other rolling around on on the floor. They broke their embrace and Aaron grabbed the rim chair and placed it over his face. “Hop on up, hairy man,” He instructed Gus, speaking through the hole in the stool that fit perfectly around his head.

Gus felt like he was popping a squat in the woods as he let his ass rest on the cushioned stool, his knees bent up toward his face. He used his hands to balance himself by placing them on the ground behind Aaron’s head. As he got more comfortable, he felt the first wisps of Aaron’s tongue running through his furry crack. His tongue played just with Gus’ hair and didn’t yet touch his skin, working slowly back and forth through his crack, teasing him. Gus’ whole body shivered into goose bumps and he let out a heavy sigh. Aaron brought both of his hands up from the ground and gripped Gus’ thighs as he pulled his rolled tongue to meet Gus’ puckered pink hole. He worked his tongue clockwise, methodically, across the contracting ridges of Gus’ hole until Gus’ started to relax and slowly open up for him. Aaron then began a moan-inducing regimen that consisted of one slow twirl of his tongue around the hole, three patient and firm probes into Gus, followed by a full, open mouth sucking of Gus’ spread crack into five long tongue strokes from Gus’ taint all the way up to the end of his ass. Aaron repeated this ass stimulation program over and over again for ten full minutes. Gus was oozing pre-cum down his pretty dick and moaning with utter delight. He began to slowly stroke himself as Aaron offered him methodical pleasure.

“Fuck Marine, I’m gonna cum,” Gus announced. Hearing this Aaron jammed his tongue as far into Gus as he could muster, and felt his ass constrict around it.

Gus screamed for each of six blasts of cum that shot from his dick onto Aaron’s sexy furry body below him. One spurt landed right in Aaron’s pubes, another in his belly button, one on the small ‘x’ tattoo at Aaron’s thigh crease, and the final three, as if they’d been trying to find their aim all along, spurted on to Aaron’s raging hard cock. Gus caught his breath and reached down to Aaron’s cock and began stroking him, using his fresh cum as lube. Aaron sucked Gus’ ass with force as he erupted straight up into the air. Gus leaned forward and swallowed as much of the gushing cum shower as he could, and took Aaron’s cock to the base in his mouth. When Aaron started to soften, Gus slid the rim chair out of the way, and laid his head on Aaron’s firm furry chest, both of them basking in post-ejaculatory delight.

“I think you liked the rim chair, Gus Wolfe,” Aaron chuckled.

“I think you’re right, Aaron Green,” Gus responded, laughing.

The two lay next to one another for half an hour, running their hands softly through each other’s fur while they kissed and cuddled like honeymooners. They were both enamored. Gus sat up and looked down at Aaron, “I’ve got a lot to think about buddy. I have no doubt that I want you, but I don’t know what that looks like, with Mark, and all.”

“Like I said before, Gus, I’ll follow your lead. You know where I stand, Mark and I are a package deal. Whether we’re fucking and fishing buds, or something more, that is completely up to you. Please ask me anything you want, or any question you’re curious about, I’m happy to talk about it.”

“I have so many questions, Aaron,” Gus replied.

“Well go for it, handsome. Nothing is off the table.”

“So you help Mark with everything? Bathing, bathroom, getting in and out of his chair?”

“Yep. We have a few rings and pulleys hung up around the house in certain places, like above his bed, above the toilet, and in the shower, that he can use to pull himself up and into position for whatever he needs to do. I don’t know if you noticed, but his left arm is quite strong, he can lift himself in and out of his chair pretty easily. Took him a couple years to build up the strength and willpower to do it. As far as going to the bathroom, I don’t have to wipe his ass or anything like that anymore, he’s got that mastered. Bathing, we’ve installed a shelf in the shower that he can sit on, and use the shower wand to rinse himself off, I will help him out a lot of the time as it’s just easier, but he’s gotten more independent.”

“Do you guys sleep in the same bed?” Gus followed.

“Not usually, no. When he first came home I slept with him every night, and sometimes, when he’s having a bad night terror, I’ll lay with him and comfort him. He still has some lingering PTSD that rears its head, hell, I do too, but it has become less and less. We have separate rooms, like I told you, he doesn’t really remember who we were before the attack, though I’ve talked to him about it ad nasueum. I think he understands, but the type of romantic love that we shared no longer manifests itself like it used to. I know he cares about me, I can feel it, but it’s different now, I don’t really know how to explain it. The doctors have told me that he still has full use of his equipment, but the times I’ve tried anything he pushes me away, so I just stopped trying. I’m not sure if he feels ashamed, or what, I just know that he hasn’t wanted me to be with him in that way since he’s been home, and I respect that, it doesn’t make me love him any less.”

“You’re a good man, Aaron Green, a lot of people in your situation would have made different choices. I admire and respect you for the commitment you have for Mark,” Gus replied, still feeling as confused as ever about laying naked next to this married man talking about his husband. “Thanks for being open to talking about it, I’m sure I’ll have a ton more questions, but I’ll save those for next time,” Gus smiled, and kissed Aaron’s beard, gathering himself from the floor of the garage.

Gus and Aaron got up, reclothed, finished their beers and headed back into the house. When they got back to the living room, Mark was sitting there with the television on, watching a nature program about the migration of silver salmon in Alaska, he looked over at Aaron and Gus as they walked in. The two of them no doubt smelled of sex – the sweet mixture of sweat, saliva, and cum – and Gus’ felt a wave of guilt come over him as he looked at Mark.

“It was nice to meet you this evening, Mark,” Gus said, reaching out with his left hand to shake Mark’s hand. Mark took his hand and again held it, and the faint smile Gus’ had noticed earlier returned to Mark’ face. Mark pulled Gus’ hand up toward his mouth and pressed it to his lips before releasing it. Gus looked into Mark’s beautiful brown eyes and smiled at him, and then patted him on the shoulder and turned to Aaron.

“Great seeing you again too, Marine,” Gus said, looking at Aaron.

Aaron gave Gus a lingering bear-hug and kissed him on the mouth, “Great to see you fisherman, don’t be a stranger.”

Gus left and headed home. He was so confused and conflicted about what he wanted and what that meant, that he had trouble sleeping that evening. “What have you gotten yourself into,” he asked himself, as he stared at the ceiling in his bedroom, waiting for the sunrise.

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