Adventures of an Indian Cuckold Pt. 01

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Hi Readers,

This is my first time writing a story in , this story involves use of taboo, cuckolding, bdsm, dirty chat in hindi & english languages and is semi-fictional.

About me, I am Raghu 36 years old and my wife Kruti 35 years old and we both have high sexual drive and like experimenting on new ideas. This story is about our cuckold explorations we have been doing since 15 years.

I met my now wife Kruti in junior college in Mumbai. She was very shy and attractive and we both were quite studious. I first talked to her during a group project and slowly found out it was her first time having long conversations with a boy(me). About her physical attributes back then, she was thin, dusky and had nice curves, I was always nervous while talking to her but I knew I wanted to make her my girlfriend.

After 7-8 months of conversations we developed a friendship and used to share most of our daily activities with each other, although I never asked her out she always understood I liked oğuzeli escort her a lot, so there is no official date of her being my girlfriend, but we used to see each other until end of our junior college when we realized that we might be separated as she wanted to pursue her college for accounts and I was into arts. After our junior college final exams we started seeing each other outside for movies, dinner and casual meetup. First time we both kissed each other was when we were 17 near at the terrace of my building. After that we used started exploring each others sexual areas but were always cautious about getting sexual diseases that we had read about, so it was mostly foreplay only.

As we grew older we started enjoying reading sex stories, watching porn, etc and we both were sexually confident. We both were studying in different college for graduation but used to see each other at least 3-4 times a week as our colleges were nearby. We used to have oğuzeli escort bayan sex almost 2 times a week for like 7-8 months before I realized this will not be sustainable as hotel and airbnb prices used to consume lot of money and we had not told anything at home yet. We both had become sex addicts by then.

Fast forward 2 years, she was 20 and I was 21, and we were bored of usual sex and and watching lot of porn and we got to know about the term cuckold and cuckqueen for the first time and we both had curiosity to try this out. We started using a site which was free classified ads and found out there are lot of bulls out in search for a cuck couple but were not sure if it would work out. Kruti’s had told me earlier when i had asked about her fantasy and she had mentioned she would like to go out with matured 40+ years guy, so we decided to search for a matured guy. We did a filter and started our chat with few people and after few days escort oğuzeli we found our possible match. His name was Girish, a 43 year old guy and we decided to meetup at a nearby coffee shop next day for casual chat.

Next day, me and Kruti were all set to meetup and reached early at the venue. Kruti was dressed well in a short skirt and top and was looking really stunning. Girish came in after 15 mins, he was tall, a bit dark and looked younger for his age. We had casual chat and got to know him better. I could say from his eyes he was lustfully looking at Kruti during our conversations, but we all felt comfortable. We got to know he is married and has 2 kids and has had experience before with couples but it was short term. So he was looking for someone long term and we were keen to explore and setup a meeting in a hotel for next weekend.

In the eve of the weekend me and Kruti were all excited to experience sexual fantasies for real with Girish. I took her out for dinner and after coming back the though of her having sex with others aroused me and Kruti and we went to bed and though of doing roleplay. I was a stranger guy to her and she was to be my bitch for the night. We had intense sex that night, it was an amazing experience.

And I would be explaining in details of Kruti being with Girish in upcoming parts.

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