Adventures of a Bro Ch. 01

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So I’m a bro. Some of you mY be wondering what that means. Well it means I’m an alpha male. I’m very confident and frankly good looking. I’m 6’1″ with dark hair and hazel eyes. I’m tan with a very athletic physique and I was blessed genetically with a large penis. How large, some readers may ask? I’m about 9 inches long and three large fingers wide. This is a story of one of my conquests. It’s fun and some may enjoy. If the masses really enjoy, I will share more.

It was a Friday night, and I was heading to a house party at a local fray who I am good friends with. It was first week of the semester so the latest crop of freshman were present and accounted for. I made normal initial rounds shaking hands and fist pounding. Grabbed a beer and started reviewing the talent. I sip my beer when suddenly I notice her. She can’t be more than 5’1″ and maybe 110 lbs. Gorgeous long, almost black hair with big brown eyes. Flawless face with full lips so kissable and two dimples when she smiles. She’s wearing a light blue tight low cut tank top with tight jeans. Her flat tanned stomach peaks out slightly and the strap of a white bra slides out from under the tank top occasionally.

I can tell she is a 32b but with that push up bra she’s hoping to give the impression of being a C cup. I make eye contact and give her a smile as she blushes and smiles back. I grab another drink and approach her.

“Hi there,” I say with a smile. “Um Jay. You are?”

Blushing and smiling as she looks up at me, “Hiya. I’m Nikki.”

We begin to engage in convo about her being a freshman and not knowing anyone Kıbrıs Escort since home is across the country. She drinks nervously as she explains she has a boyfriend back home but things have been less than ideal for 6 months now.

“He is just really clingy and I dunno I just like need to be me and such.”

“So you are looking to meet new guys?”

“Uh huh. He’s like the only guy I have ever been with, I need to start experiencing life.”

She fiddled with her belt and bites her lower lip. I catch a glimpse of her panties, mmmmm a matching white thong, good girl I think to myself.

“Hey we should get out of here, its kinda getting stuffy. Wanna come back to my place?”

With a slight drunken slur and smile she purrs, “hmmm ok.”

On the walk back we make out, kissing furiously and feeling each others bodies. She moans when I kiss down her neck. I suck her lower lip as my hand moves down her stomach. I undo her belt and unbutton her jeans. As my hand begins to slide down, she grabs my wrist with her small hand.

“Oh my…..slowdown there big boy.” She giggles.

She looks up at me with her hands on my chest and smiles.

“mmmm, you are just like so hot. Way hotter than my boyfriend. Like your freakin cut.” She feels my arms.

“Thanks babe, I’m digging your petite body. In fact I will show you how much I dig it when we get to my place.”

We get tony place and jump on each other. Kissing her madly as I pull her tank top off. She pushes me down onto the couch when I drop her tank top to the floor. She slowly undress Kıbrıs Escort Bayan her jeans and pulls them down to the floor. She steps out of them and looks at me seductively.

“hehe your turn now.” She says playfully.

I stand up and pull of my t shirt. She gasps slightly at the view of my tanned ripped upper body. I smile at her slyly as I unzipped and pull my jeans down.

“*gasp* oh my god….” her jaw almost hits the floor when she sees my cock.

“what’s wrong babe?” I say with a slight chuckle.

“you are like sooooo big baby.”

“is that a problem?” I ask.

“um I dunno. Just I haven’t been with someone close to your size so ya know…..”

“dont worry sweetie, I will be gentle and go easy on you….at least at first.” I say with a wink.

She smirk and questions, “only at first? You might break me with that.” As she points at my rock hard cock.

“come here,” I say as I pull her petite body against mine.

Kissing her hard, I pick her up and carry her to my bedroom. I lay her so her ass is right on the edge. I rip her panties down revealing a perfectly waxed bald pussy.

“nice panties but they had to go.” I smile.

I spread her legs and start rubbing my large mushroom head up and down her tiny slit. She is soaking wet already.

I’m about to start easing in when she suddenly asks, “baby what about a condom?”

“Hun I don’t have any.”

She makes a pout sad face, “baby I’m not on birth control.”

“hun its ok, I will pull out….I promise.”

She gives me an unsure Escort Kıbrıs face,”baby just be really careful ok?”

I smile and kiss her lips as I start to press inside of her slowly. I groan as I feel how hot and wet and unbelievably tight she is.

She suddenly tenses up and gasps, her nails dig into ky shoulders as I press in deeper. I can feel her tiny pussy stretch and break slightly.

She screams out, “oh my god ouch! Oh god you are so big baby!”

I pull out slightly letting her catch her breath. I then press in deeper and her back arches and I feel her pussy muscles grip me even tighter.

She let’s out a long moan, “ooooooooooo!”

I begin pounding her relentlessly, losing my control and forgetting to be gentle. I feel my Dick hit her cervix hard and she yelps.

Through her Sharp breaths, “baby …baby… be nice please. Oh god be gentle! Ouch. Oooo!”

I can feel myself getting closer. Her pussy squeezing me and driving me over the edge.

“oh god I’m gonna cum,” she screams.

I groan, “so am i!” But she doesn’t hear.

I thrust in deep and explode inside her. Thick string after thick string of my seed.

She gasps and goes wide eyed when she realizes, “oh my god. Oh my god. No stop you are cumming in me!”

I smile and keep draining my balls in her deep. She smacks my chest, “baby stop you have to pull out.”

I slowly pull out, my long cock glistening with her juices and some blood as a large load of my cum seeps out.

She whines, “i can’t believe you came in me asshole”

I smile, “its ok hun, we will get you the morning after pill tomorrow. Besides, we have a long night ahead of us and I have more cum for you.”

She gives me another unsure look but then smiles and winks at me, “ok stud, but this time could you actually be gentle?”

“haha sure babe……I promise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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