Adult Situations Ch. 09-10

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Chapter 9 — Necessary Changes

Crystal and I make love twice in my bedroom. I gave her about eight bone-cracking orgasms that seemed to take her into outer space, and that included a last one where I cleaned her up orally as she talked dirty and praised my sexual ministrations to her body.

We were so full of endorphins that we both fell asleep with her cuddled in my arms. Just before slumber overtook us, she asked, “Do you like to cuddle?” My reply was, “No, I love it.”

We awoke about an hour later. It was noon, and I think I heard some movement elsewhere in the large house. Crystal didn’t wake up right away, so I just studied her sleeping form in my arms. She was, without doubt, the most beautiful woman in the world. I just about cried with joy over our intimacy.

Crystal’s eyes opened and she looked at me and smiled. She brought her hand up to my cheek and stroked it. “I love you.” I’m sure a tear rolled down my cheek as I kissed her and told her of my love.

When we came downstairs, Trish was doing laundry and Ross was on the patio reading a pile of documents about the various securities that his firm owned for his clients. Crystal and I took a short swim in the pool to wake up and then joined the others. Crystal seemed pensive. Ross told us that the other two couples were coming back for a cookout about six o’clock.

We had a light lunch, and did housework for part of the afternoon. I drove over to my condominium and checked on the unit. Everything was fine, so I just picked up a few things in a box and brought them back to Ross’s house. Crystal had gone with Trish to their apartment to pick up a few things, too.

We reconvened as a group about five-thirty. Ross broke out some wine and we sat and waited for the others.

Crystal sat right next to me, and wanted to be in contact, so she constantly had an arm around me or was leaning against me. She remained pensive and on the quiet side. I could tell that she was thinking about something major.

Eventually, she asked me, “Would you care if I did something other than work as a flight attendant?”

I replied, “Not at all. I want you to be happy. If flying everywhere is satisfying, that’s fine. If you want to try something new, that’s also fine.”

She said, “Did you know that I was a hot-shot photographer in high school and college? I took thousands of pictures in those days and became pretty good at it. I did a lot of formal portraits and such for my friends, especially around graduation time. I even did some parties and one wedding.”

“Why’d you stop?”

“Well, I take pictures when I’m playing tourist, but the rest of the hobby was time-consuming so I left that part behind. I was good at using my free time on Photoshop and other computer apps to turn a good picture into a great one.”

“I’d love to see some of your photographic work.”

She giggled, “Besides the ones I’ve sent you from my hotel rooms?”

“Those are nice, too. Don’t stop on my account.” I used one finger to lightly toy with one of her nipples as I grinned at her.

“How long do you think it would take to establish a photographic business?”

I shrugged. “I don’t have any idea. I think you’d have to ask around and also develop a marketing plan of some kind. You’d need some kind of arrangement with others to give you leads or recommendations; for instance, a wedding planner to recommend you as the photographer of choice. Maybe you do an apprenticeship someplace?”

She took that in and nodded.

I added, “On another related topic, you are pretty enough that you could also model.

“I am in some of the airline PR brochures smiling as I invite people onboard our aircraft. That was just one time, however.”

“Get copies of that so you can springboard from it.”

About then, Trish escorted Darlene and Greg from the house to the patio. He’d brought beer and wine, and she’d made a huge salad.

Deborah and Mitch arrived about ten minutes later. She was dressed to kill, or perhaps I should say undressed. She had on some Daisy Duke shorts that had sufficient tears and holes in them to prove she didn’t have underwear on, had great butt cheeks that showed below the material, and were tight enough to show her sexual excitement. Up top, she had on a man’s white short-sleeve dress shirt with the tails tied in a knot under her breasts. I noted that she also had sexy feet; she wore flip-flops.

Deb set down a covered cake container and indicated that it was something good for dessert. I like the whole concept of dessert, but I also thought of pussy that way.

I also guess that I stared a second too long at Deb and the brevity of her attire, because Crystal laughed. She whispered, “You can have her and me, too. I won’t mind a bit, and in fact, I’ll probably join you. She tastes really good.”

I quickly whispered back, “So does Mitch. Have fun. Let’s leave them both lusting after us for more. I chuckled and nudged Crystal in Mitch’s direction esmer gaziantep escort as he finally sat down with a beer in hand. She gave me a devilish grin and blew me an air kiss as she moved in his direction.

Deb immediately sat down in the space Crystal had vacated. She locked onto my lips with hers and we didn’t come up for air for about three minutes. I had no doubt about Deb’s romantic and sexual feelings for me when we were through. She’d even whispered that she loved me and wanted my cock inside her: definitely a good start to the evening.

During our long kiss-kiss session, I’d untied the front knot on her shirt and then started to palm and fondle her breasts. I had both nipples erect and screaming for more. When we stopped, she didn’t re-tie the tails.

We drank and then I played chef at the grill as Ross and Trish set up the table with other dinner items. Deb kept me company at the grill and we talked about the plight of a flight attendant that had to be on the road four or five nights a week. I learned that the more senior attendants got a slight choice of routes and, in turn, the schedules, but even then, there was a lot to be desired. There was little flexibility to be home at night unless one lived near one of the top ten airports in the country.

I also learned Deb’s view on the salacious behavior of some of the flight attendants while on their layovers. She said, “Layovers. They get laid over and over and over. You wouldn’t believe how slutty some of them are — like ME! The stories that you’ve heard are often tame compared to what really goes on.”

I got another hot kiss from her and we laughed. I also got to fondle her jugs again. She did have an attractive nuisance that constantly drew my attention away from the ribs, steaks, and chicken. I was bending over sucking on her nipples when Ross yelled at me about the burning chicken.

An hour later, after a lively dinner and lots of laughter, the minimalist clothing we’d all been wearing disappeared completely and we went in the pool. Ross had also fired up his spa that was only a few feet from the pool.

For the first round, Crystal had the men and women draw numbers and then match up. I drew Trish. Mitch drew Deb, his fiancée, and they complained, so they all drew again resulting in Deb going with my father, and Mitch with Darlene. That left Greg and Crystal as a couple.

Everything got very romantic after that. I think we all understood the importance of kissing and oral foreplay. There was plenty of it. I rediscovered the joy and arousal I felt watching each of the pretty women getting eaten by the men in our group.

I chuckled to myself because I was sure that one of Ross’s neighbors was spying on our wanton behavior. Ross’s patio was only just visible in part to the next-door house. A voyeur would have to physically be standing at or even leaning out of the window to see most of it. There had been some lights on in that part of their house earlier, but then everything got turned off and the only lights on in the house were on the far side away from Ross’s.

I commented to Trish. She laughed. “If they want to watch us fucking away, more power to them. We’re on private property and mostly hidden from view. They’d have to admit to really snooping to make their case.”

Trish and I had a lovely and arousing forty-five minutes together. We were cuddling afterwards and watching some of the others who were still doing sexual things to or with each other.

Trish said, “I want you to know how in love with you I am, but especially how I really love Ross. I know it’s only been a month or so, but I feel like I stepped into a fairy tale and that I’m the princess. Every day, I can’t wait to come home and see what will happen.”

I filled in with a smile, “And see what Ross is doing or what he’s thought?”

She answered slowly, “Yeah, exactly. I’m really hooked on both of you.”

“Trish, I kind of told Crystal about the same thing earlier today. I love you, but I LOVE her, if you get my drift. I rather like Darlene and Deborah, too, as you might guess.”

She giggled, “Free pussy.”

“If you get more serious with Ross will either of you or you two as a couple pull away from this?” I used my finger to encircle all the other naked couples on the patio chaises. There was no doubt that I was indicating the group sex.

“No, will you and Crystal if you get more serious?”

“No. Crystal is already on record with me that she likes this and would enjoy more of it. I certainly like being with you, Dar, and Deb, so I’d clearly vote not to withdraw from the group sex. Who knows what the future might bring? If we have kids, maybe we slow down a little, or any number of other things might result in a change. For now, this is the best place to be in town.”

Trish chuckled, “Actually, I know of one other possible sex party going on tonight. I’ll share the details with you as soon as I know them.”

I gaziantep esmer escort smiled, “Nurses and flight attendants?”

“Well, nurses and a few other miscellaneous jobs. Stay tuned.”

We went to the outdoor bar and I poured us two glasses of wine. I’d given up worrying about whether the small amount of alcohol would impair my sexual performance. My libido was over the moon, and that won out over four ounces of white wine over ice.

Crystal came over to me, naked and flushed from her activity with Greg. I got a kiss. I asked, “You happy?”

“Very. Greg’s a keeper. Unless you object, I want to be with Mitch, and then I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“Unless I object? Don’t put that burden on me,” I chuckled. “That’s a lose-lose proposition the way you phrased it.”

“Lose-lose? How do you figure that?”

I laughed. “Think about it. You announced your desire to be with Mitch, so I know your position. If I say ‘No’, then I’m the bad guy, telling you that you can’t have what you just told me you wanted. Thus, I suffer a loss of esteem and respect in your eyes because I don’t honor your independence of decision.

“On the other hand, if I say ‘Go ahead’, then you can interpret that as meaning that I am not wildly and madly in love with you to the extent that I would move mountains and change the course of rivers to make you happy. You see me as pushing you away with some hidden motivation to distance myself to you. Thus, I suffer a loss again. You leave me in a lose-lose situation because I can’t approve of or disapprove of what you intend to do. You sought permission. You don’t need permission.”

Crystal nodded, “What should I have said?”

“Drop the words, ‘Unless you object’. You are your own person. You’re an adult capable of monumental decisions. Saying that you plan to be with Mitch and that you want me at bedtime is sufficient, and I don’t get a monkey on my back forcing me to make a decision one way or the other. In that interaction, I can stay neutral and there’s no guilt.

“I know you like to fuck with Mitch, and you get that. I know that you love me because you ask to end the night and sleep with me. That’s highly loving and intimate, and demonstrates some sense of your priorities, which I like, by the way.”

Crystal grinned and sipped her water. “I’m going to go and fuck Mitch. Bye.” She turned and walked away, but gave me a coy look over her shoulder. God, she had a sexy ass. I thought that we’d just learned something about each other.

Trish said, “I’m going to tell Ross that I want to make love and sleep with him tonight, but that I’m going to fuck Greg first. See you later.” She strolled away carrying her wine glass and wiggling her very sex ass back at me.

I had not fully formed the thought about what would happen next in my life when Deborah plastered her nude body against my nude body and ground her mons into my thigh as she raised one leg to make the task more rewarding for her. She also had a hand on my cock and started resuscitation on my wilted flag. If I’d been erect, we’d be fucking.

Given her soulful kisses, the feel of her body against mine, and the careful attention she was rendering to my cock, I revived in seconds. That was when Deb started some dirty talk about the sex we were about to have.

“This big cock is going to fill my little snatch right to the brim with meat, and then you’re going to cum deep inside me and just fill me up further. Of course, there’ll be orgasms along the way. Your cum will probably ooze out of me the rest of the week as I’m flying around the country. Wouldn’t you like that, me leaking your jizz constantly as I smile at people and welcome them onboard my plane.”

We kissed and she continued, “I watched when we fucked before. You drag my little distended labia minora into my hole with your cock when you enter me, and then they come out when you withdraw. I think that’s so sexy. I also saw you watching my breasts as they shook and jiggled in sync with your thrusts into my body.”

She prattled on and it made me harder and longer. I was horny all over again.

I lifted her smaller body up and set her on one of the cushioned bar stools that had padding on the seat and arms. I draped each of her legs over an arm on the tall chair and then drove my monster cock into her wet pussy. Yes, indeed, her smaller labia did fold inside as I went deep. Cool; I never noticed that before.

Deb gasped, “Oh, fuck, that feels so good. If you never stopped, it’d be too soon.”

I jerked my cock out of her snatch and had my lips sealed over her hole in a millisecond. My tongue made several rapid swipe along her whole slit and over her clitoris. She came with a loud shriek, but I didn’t let up. Her quim had that wonderful musky taste that made me harden up further.

After dining at the ‘Y’ for a bit, I more slowly rose and sank my cock back inside her. Deb grasped my upper body and pulled gaziantep esmer escort bayan me to her for a kiss and whispered words. “God, you’re the most divine lover I’ve ever been with. Never stop. This body — this pussy — these tits — my heart will always be available to you.”

I smiled at her between kissed and also said, “What a nice offer. I’ll see what we can do. You do know that Crystal wants to be with you repeatedly.”

“I do know. Remember, we’ve done some really fun stuff together on our layovers.”

“Tell me.”

“OK. Phoenix, last year. After dinner we put on our bikinis and went swimming. We shared a lounger beside the pool as the sun went down. Crystal asked if I’d ever kissed another woman, and I told her I had. That led to some kisses right there in front of everyone. I’m sure we got some attention from the few other guests at the pool.

“Eventually, we got up and went to our shared hotel room. We were naked and in each other’s arms in an instant. I was fascinated with her pussy, and she got off with playing and sucking on my large breasts.

“Crystal said it was her first time with another woman other than her sister. We were on the bed in a sixty-nine and I was surprised she was so enthusiastic about eating pussy. You’re pretty good, by the way.

“Anyway, we did everything we could think of in a sapphic way. We each had a traveling toy with us and brought those to the party. That was the first time I’d been DPed, although the two penetrations were with our dildos.”

I teased, “And so you went over to the other side and only rarely come back?”

“No, silly. I’m fucking you, aren’t I. I love men, and now I can say that I love women, too. My preference is men, just to set the record straight. You’re a man, and you’re my preference.”

“And Mitch?”

“Oh, he’s a given. We’ll always be there for each other, but we have others here that we’ve decided to be open with. In our case, ‘open’ means we can do anything with them, including romantic sexual relationships.”

We kissed and I kept slowly stroking my cock in and out of her slippery pussy. While that part of my body was busy, my hands both fondled her breasts, even pulling on the nipples until they snapped back into place.

The bar stool Deb was sitting in started to make noises that made me think it was becoming unsafe. I lifted Deb while we remained connected at cock and cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, and I carried her to the nearest chaise. Somehow, we managed to lay down gracefully, and I then started to pump into her body as we made love.

Later, we had a beautiful orgasmic conclusion and just lay together in silence enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies welded together.

Mitch came by and claimed Deborah. They went off to swim and then go inside to sleep in one of the guest rooms.

I found Crystal at the bar and we also went in the pool and then showered off the chlorine in the outdoor shower. We just stayed naked and air dried.

Crystal was kind of clingy, this was different from her normally strong and independent persona. Eventually, she said, “I’ve made a major decision about my life, and I’m going to need your help.”

“You have it, but what did you decide?”

“I DO want to be with you all the time. The traveling is now getting old real fast. I’m going to give a month’s notice and quit the airline.”

“Wow! That is a big move. What’s next?”

“I’m going to take my earlier hobby and see whether I can earn a living at it. I don’t know how to start a photography business, but I have some savings and I can coast on those while I get underway.

“How can I help, and don’t you dare worry about money when I’m in your life?”

“Be my sounding board and make suggestions. You’re so smart about business and computers and such, and this will all be new for me. I feel like I just made a decision to become an adult.”

“Well, keep living here — free room and board.”

“Yeah, and that bothers me. Trish, too. We’ve talked about contributing something to the house maintenance and the grocery budgets.”

I got down on one knee in front of her. “A guy’s fiancée should not have to worry about money or paying her share of things.”

Crystal loudly squealed and tears came to her eyes. “REALLY! YOU’RE PROPOSING TO ME! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. YES. YES. YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I want to be your fiancée and wife and girlfriend and companion and everything else you can think of… until the end of time. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Chapter 10 — Crystal Blue Photography

Everything had to happen at once. Starting a business proved to be exhausting, and most of it was all about ‘setting up’ and not about earning any money.

Crystal got brochures printed up, and then visited every wedding planner within a hundred miles that she could find. She did hotel event planners and concierges, and then every magazine that still published that she could find had a local presence. She hit the media outlets, too.

I think for at least a month I saw less of Crystal than before when she was a flight attendant and traveling about five days a week. The one slight benefit was that she was home just about every night and sleeping — exhausted — next to me. She’d be up at the crack of dawn and hurl herself at her new ‘job’ again.

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