Adoration of the Vagi Pt. 01

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This is the beginning of a series exploring an artist delighting in the female form. There are hints of same sex relationship which will be explored in the next instalments. For those who last long enough there will also be some incest, but that is all… yet to come.

Everyone engaged in sexual activity in this story is at least 18 years old.


“Models wanted. $2000 for a single 2 hour session. For more information contact the artist on the following email address…”

Of course that got lots of attention and response. All the men who replied got a polite message to say that the modelling positions had already been filled. The women received a different message.

“This artistic project is exploring the human form, in particular external female genitalia. The artist will record photographically and videographically. No faces or other identifying features of the models will be included in the completed works. To advance to the next stage of consideration for this project please send a photograph of this part of your body to the following secure email address… Please also complete the brief initial personal details as indicated below. Models are sought across the full range of ages and ethnicities. No models under 18 years will be considered.”

That information significantly reduced the number of applicants! Actually it was more than a week before the first photograph and brief bio was returned. Steve wasn’t surprised. When he first mentioned the project to his wife she laughed at him. “You think women are going to be lining up and spreading their legs for you that easily?” she mocked. But she wasn’t stopping him. She knew that his artistic work was well respected and certainly edgy.

Their sexual relationship was also very regular and satisfying, so she wasn’t worried that he was touting for lovers. She also knew that seeing all those pussies up close would excite him and she would reap the benefits.

As they discussed the project together the scope became clear. This would be a study of pussies across the human lifespan. Models would be sought for each decade, starting with a young woman at least 18 years old. Then a woman in her 20s and one in her 30s and so on. If it was possible to find a woman in her 90s then that would make a nice round number of nine subjects.

Ethnicity would not matter. In fact, as an artist interested in diversity of colour as well as shape and texture, Steve realised this would work much better with a wide variety of skin pigments.

Steve’s wife actually volunteered to be the first subject. Grace was in her early 40s and considered herself to be in good condition. Especially as her face would not be shown and, while some might suspect, no one would actually ever know that was her pussy up there on the wall of the studio. The idea actually excited her too but, again, she knew where the action would be happening. They might even follow up the photo shoot making love again in the studio downtown where Steve worked on his art.

Together they devised the information and the process for screening and preparing the models. The advertising and initial responses were the easy part. Getting women to agree and respond would be much more difficult. Not that Grace didn’t trust Steve but it was agreed that she would always, or as often as possible, also be present when the sessions were held. While Grace assured Steve that women might feel more relaxed if there was another woman present and less worried that they were about to be assaulted, Grace was also becoming more fascinated with the project herself. Even aroused.

While at University Grace had experimented a little and had a brief relationship with another woman. Since then the only pussies she had encountered were glimpses of other woman in changing rooms after yoga classes and of course when bathing their daughter, Zoe, when she had been younger. Zoe had just turned 19 and, while none of the family were shy about their bodies, no-one really flaunted themselves openly. So, the idea of being able to see pussies up close interested Grace too,. Excited her. Aroused her. This could get very interesting.


‘If only I hadn’t pissed off my boss by resisting his advances I wouldn’t need this money’ she thought to herself. Actually the guy was a sleaze and she knew that if she had given him an inch he would have wanted to stick the whole length into her, so to speak. And now she was ‘between jobs’ and needed money for rent and food until a new opportunity came along.

She saw the initial advert online and replied immediately. When she saw what she needed to do, and show, to get the modelling job she immediately thought ‘no way! Not even for $2000.’ But a week later when she hadn’t even been able to get interviews for any other position she pulled up that email again, but the bullet, took a photo on her phone before she chickened out, filled in the simple, basic personal information and sent it off.

At 37 she felt like she was still attractive. A marriage in her Kıbrıs Escort early 20s hadn’t lasted. There had been guys since who seemed interested but no-one stayed. ‘Why the fuck not!’ she grumbled often. She was good looking, fit, blonde (guys seemed to say they liked blondes), healthy. ‘Yada, yada, yada…’ Susan was used to reciting to herself the list of what guys were missing by not hooking up with her and staying. This $2000 would tide her over for a little while though and hopefully she could find a job where the boss could keep his hands to himself.

Steve and Grace met Susan at the studio just a few days later. They were both eager to get the project started and Susan had been happy to get this done and get the money. When they discussed it on the phone, as Grace had expected, Susan was a lot happier when she heard that the artists wife would be there the whole time.

Two hours were allocated but the first half an hour was filling in some further information and also making sure that Susan felt relaxed. The studio was in an industrial part of town and outside looked like any of the other nearby workshops and warehouses. Inside though Steve and Grace had decorated it as a comfortable place for him to work. There had been times when he stayed over here when working intensively on a project so there was a bathroom alongside the kitchen in the corner. Otherwise the whole space was open. At one end there were a few couches, where they sat as they began. A desk nearby was clearly the ‘office’ space, with a computer and filing cabinets.

On one wall near the bathroom a single bed was neatly made up but covered with extra protective sheets as it was rarely used. Grace glanced across at the bed while they waited for Susan to fill in the forms they had prepared and, already feeling aroused, wondered if they might toss back those sheets after Susan had gone.

‘WTF?!’ thought Susan when she saw the additional information being requested. The forms asked about her sexual experience, approximate number of partners and what age she had been when she first had sex. That last part made her smile though. She had been 15 and Dave was 17. They had been dating for a month and, because they lived in the same street, had walked home from school together each day.

When Dave had suggested the longer way home through the park she had known, hoped, that this meant they were taking things to the next level. Which was of course what happened. But as she was below the age of consent at that time she would never tell anyone what actually happened. The memory of that first time did make her tingle again now though and she could feel herself getting wet. ‘Control yourself girl!’ she thought quickly. ‘In a little while your pussy will be on display and the last impression you want to give is that you are here for more than the money!’

“Grace, can I ask about these questions?” It felt a little less embarrassing to direct the queries at her rather than Steve. “As you said, these questions sort of ‘set the scene’ for me ‘down there’. I get that knowing how much sex I have had might make a bit of difference. And whether or not I have had children and if so how many. None for me so far on that count! I also get the question about being shaved and all that.” The form asked whether or not the model had shaved off or otherwise removed all or part of her pubic hair recently or at any time in her life. If so at what age that had been done for the first time, how often it had been done and whether the techniques used (shaving, waxing,… professional or at home). “You want to know what sort of treatment I have had which might have affected how I look? Right?”

“Exactly” said Grace. “Most of us these days are smooth down there but our poor pussies get a battering to keep that look and feel! I remember the first time I had a Brazilian. I could barely walk the next day!” While Grace smiled at Steve as she shared this she was also watching Susan carefully, and she seemed to relax having Grace also imparting some personal information.

“Ok. That was what I thought. But what about the next questions? Why do they matter?” Steve and Grace glanced quickly at each other. When preparing for this stage of the project they had wondered what sort of information was necessary or useful to ask. These next questions were a bit personal to be honest.

“You want to know where I am most sensitive? You did say that setting up the photos and the video might require some physical contact but what does it matter what arouses me most?” Susan was not actually outraged or upset. Actually she was getting aroused and was beginning to wonder where this might go and whether it might be fun to let this be more than just a photo shoot. “You asked where I am most aroused down there and you listed clitoris, inner lips, outer lips, entrance of my vagina, inside my vagina, the perineum and anus. Then you asked me to give the most sensitive a score of 10 and to rate the sensitivity of each other part scaled back from there. Why?”

Grace Kıbrıs Escort Bayan answered again as she could see Steve blushing. “Well, we are all a bit different, and that is part of the idea around this project. It is not just that pussies all look unique but each of us like to be touched in slightly different ways.” Grace felt that Susan needed some more reassuring and so she continued. “For example, my clit is very sensitive, perhaps even a bit too much sometimes, and if Steve pays too much attention to her then I actually start shutting off. What really gets me going is when he touches me around the entrance or just inside. And what pushes me over the edge is when he rubs across the pucker of my anus. With his finger. Or his cock… or his tongue.”

Well that certainly ramped up the sexual tension which had been building already!! Susan seemed to be blushing but really she was so aroused now that she could feel her body responding and the heat rising everywhere, especially in her pussy. “Ok, I understand. And that makes more sense now of the next questions about whether those levels of arousal are affected by what is making contact: fingers, tongue, dildo, cock or…” Susan glanced up quickly at Grace then continued, “… or another pussy.”

It felt as if everyone was holding their breath but Susan broke the tension. “Sorry about this but before I finish filling this in could I please use your bathroom? Sorry?”

“Not a problem.” Steve managed to speak after sitting watching Grace and Susan all this time. “It is right over there next to the… bed.”

Susan quickly moved across to the bathroom. Grace and Steve turned to each other. “How do you think it is going? Will she stay? What do you think?” In his embarrassment the words tumbled out of Steve.

“I think she will be fine. Actually I am so aroused at the moment when you mentioned the bed over there I immediately wanted to drag you into it!” What Grace didn’t say was that she was thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice if Susan joined us!’ “I think she is actually more aroused than embarrassed. It wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t need to go to the bathroom to pee but she needed to release some of that tension!”

Grace was, as usual, completely correct in her intuition. Susan was sitting on the toilet, her lacy, tiny panties completely removed. New ones. She knew she would be getting undressed and didn’t want anyone seeing the plain ones she usually wore. She had needed to pee but now her hand was exploring her exposed pussy. She let her hand run through the list of suggested arousal places. Rubbing her clit. That always felt good. Especially when she swirled her fingers around and around then rubbed two fingers flat back and forward across. Mmmmmm. She stroked her lips, inner and outer and while that felt good she knew that caressing herself there took time but it was also less arousing that other places.

Her fingers moved past her entrance, though she was so wet that they were immediately slick and coated and slid on down across her perineum to her pucker. She had never really explored there and had never let any of the guys she had been with go there. But Grace’s sharing had set off a spark. Susan swirled her wet fingertip around her pucker and the feeling was so amazing she wondered why she had never done this before! Not wanting to stop that she reached down with her other hand and slide one finger quickly inside herself, gasping as she felt her pussy contract.

The movement of her fingers became a blur. She was glad this was a solid, stable toilet seat and hoped that the room had some soundproofing, but still managed to stifle the moans, much less the screams she felt like letting go. After cumming and gripping her throbbing pussy, trying to calm her breathing, Susan cleaned herself up and returned to the couches where Steve and Grace were waiting.

“Sorry to take so long.” She apologised.

“Not a problem” said Grace. There was no soundproofing and Steve and Grace had been very aware of what was happening.

.Susan smiled and said “I had better finish these questions so we can get started! I did some… thinking… and I have a better idea now of how to answer those last ones.” Steve and Grace surreptitiously smiled at each other. They realised that the awareness to answer the questions had not just come from ‘thinking’.

“Just one last question over the page, then sign the section which gives approval, fill in your bank details, unless you would rather be paid in cash, initial each page and then we can get started.” Grace thought that being more formal and focussing like that would help the next step be easier. That would have been true, though when Susan turned to the last page the final question almost ended the whole exercise. ‘When did you last have an orgasm?’

Grace noticed that Susan had paused and said “That last question is just that it makes a difference to how your pussy will be both visually and in terms of sensitivity. If more than a few hours ago then Escort Kıbrıs it is not really significant.”

“Ok. I understand.” ‘WTF thought Susan. They would see anyway soon enough and know what had happened. She quickly wrote ’10 minutes ago’, filled in the rest of the details, signed and initialled, put the completed forms on the table and asked “So what happens now?”

Steve took over, as this was his artistic project. “I hope this is ok but we will ask you to have a quick shower before we begin.” When he saw the question on Susan’s face he said quickly “That is no judgement or comment on you. Just making sure that we begin fresh, so to speak.” His confidence had dissolved into a touch of embarrassment again. What had started out as an interesting project and even a bit arousing had begun to feel almost too embarrassing in reality even before they had properly begun.

Grace stepped in again. “Come with me. You will have noticed the shower in the bathroom there. I assure you it is clean and there are clean towels there. Please leave your clothes in the box at the side and come out in the fresh robe which is hanging from the wall next to the towels.”

While Susan showered Steve stepped into his professional persona, preparing the space for the photo and video shoot. To allow for comfort as well as ease of access with the cameras a raised platform had been set up on which the models would recline or lie. Their legs would be raised, knees bent, and spread so that their pussies would be fully exposed. Steve kept referring to this as ‘the platform’ especially in his mind. It actually looked like a large elevated comfy bed with plenty of pillows so that any position could be explored. Steve may have been thinking of it as ‘the platform’ but for Grace this was a ‘bed’ which she wanted to explore. Even better than the smaller bed on the side!

When Susan emerged from the bathroom Steve began to allow himself to imagine what her naked body would look like. He had noticed, when dressed in her street clothes, that her figure was delightful. While clothes can cover up many things it was clear that she had full, but not huge, breasts, a thin waist, and perfectly proportioned thighs atop long slim legs. Grace quickly joined Susan as she walked towards ‘the platform’ and her friendly banter covered the natural embarrassment that Susan was about to be totally naked in front of them.

“As you can see,” Steve explained “the set here has been prepared so that I will be focussing on your pussy.” He had nearly said ‘genitalia’ but realised that they were already far beyond coy language. “I have put cushions and pillows there so that you can lie back comfortable. If you want to lie right back that is fine. Your face, as we have said, will not be included in any of the photos or video. If you want to prop yourself up a little to watch me work then that is fine too though not too high or it will change the contours of your body. Is that ok?”

Susan appreciated that Steve was being almost clinical in his descriptions of what would happen next. “All good” she said. “I am glad that it is nice and warm in here. I almost didn’t need to wear the robe.” Saying that she glanced cheekily at Grace, trying also to lighten the moment for what came next.

“We wanted to make sure you would be comfortable” Grace said quickly. “And even ‘down there’ if it was too cold we don’t want goosebumps!” They all laughed which was the perfect way to relax into this.

Susan decided to take the initiative. It was her body which would be exposed after all. She removed the robe and placed it over a chair then, using the small step which had been helpfully added, she climbed up onto the platform, turned and lay, naked, on her back.

While glancing quickly at Susan’s beautiful body, Steve began to see her not just as a very sexy woman but as the object of his art and the focus of his talent. He asked her to shuffle forward on the bed, bend her knees and to place her heels on the soft supports which had been prepared. “Fine. Now could you please spread your legs as wide as is comfortable for you. Once we are in position I will want you to hold that same pose for a while, so do make sure you are comfortable.” Grace moved forward and helped to position the cushions and pillows so that Susan would be able to hold her position. Susan chose to have her shoulders and head elevated slightly, supported by more pillows, so that she could watch what happened.

Steve was now seeing just the shapes he wanted to capture and the angles and began to adjust the lights so that the only shadows present were those he wanted to be there for creative effect. Once having positioned the pillows Grace was free to stand and watch and to enjoy the sight of this beautiful woman exposed before her.

Steve began with his camera positioned so that he could capture first the exquisite near symmetry of Susan’s pussy. The lights removed any shadows and exposed every fold and curve completely. Of course no pussy is completely symmetrical. This was one of the things that Steve was looking for, the uniqueness. Padding herself dry after the shower, Susan had removed the wetness which had flooded her pussy earlier. Now though, lying there naked, she could feel herself tingling and hoped that her arousal would not become too obvious.

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