Adam , Alexandra Ch. 03

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Deep Penetration

Adam entered her office. Alexandra had swapped the boring flats she had been wearing earlier for a pair of brand-new four-inch stiletto open toe slingbacks. They were light brown with pink soles, and they looked fantastic. She wheeled her chair out from behind her desk and into the middle of the room. She didn’t want to be distracted by anything.

“So, what sort of leaving present did you have in mind?” Adam asked, playfully.

She wiggled her toes suggestively and sighed. “I’m sure you can think of something.”

Adam certainly could. He started by getting onto the floor and licking her toes, painted bright red, as they peeked out of the end of her shoes. Alexandra giggled and wriggled them as his tongue teased her. He grabbed her by the ankles and slid his fingers underneath her heels as he moved from licking her heels to kissing the top of her feet, moving steadily up until he was touching her heels and ankles.

If this was to be the last time he got to worship her feet, he was going to make sure he didn’t miss out. Alexandra loved the way that Adam never stuck to one routine, and she was never quite sure where he’d go next with his fingers, lips, or his tongue.

Leaning back and playing with herself, she eased her feet out of the shoes, which Adam placed carefully to one side. Alexandra Kartal escort had gone to the trouble of getting a pedicure yesterday, and Adam spent some time gently running his hands up and down the soles of her feet, in and out of the gaps between her toes.

He marvelled at how soft and shapely her feet were as he slowly cupped her heels in his hands and started to suck her toes. Both loved this and weren’t afraid to show it. Alexandra let out gasps of pleasure, and Adam moaned, neither of them with their eyes open at this point.

As Adam sucked hard, he reached down with his right hand and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his hard cock. Still sucking her right foot for all he was worth, he set her left foot on his right thigh, tilting it slightly so he could rub his dick against the sole of her foot.

Alexandra played along, wriggling away, and she could see that he was enjoying himself, beating himself off with her toes in his mouth. She could hear his breathing getting heavier and could see him stroking himself harder and harder.

“Are you going to come for me, Adam?” she whispered.

He nodded, smiling awkwardly. He was going to come all right; it felt like he was about to come for the entire world, his body shaking as he neared orgasm. He’d stopped sucking Alexandra’s toes Kurtköy Escort now, and she had moved both feet either side of his dick, allowing him to move them up and down.

Up and down they went with Adam sweating and writhing as Alexandra’s feet brought him to the point where he could no longer hold back. Often when masturbating, he would fantasise about Alexandra’s feet. This was the real thing, and he loved it.

Throwing back his head, he took hold of his cock, and after a blur of rapid hand movements, Alexandra felt hot cum hit her feet, which Adam had taken a firm grasp of with his other hand. He let out a massive grunt of satisfaction, and she winced at the sensation of his spunk dripping down the sides of her feet. Then, looking down, she saw – to her horror – that not only had he come all over her feet, but he’d somehow managed to leave his mark on her shoes.

Furious, she demanded that Adam get up off the floor. Without even allowing him time to wipe himself clean or do up his trousers, Alexandra stood on tiptoe and with a movement equally as swift as the ones that Adam had used to make himself come, slapped him across the cheek with her right hand.

Adam was astonished; within the space of 30 seconds he’d just had one of the most pleasurable releases of his life, and Pendik Escort now he’d been physically assaulted.

Alexandra instantly regretted it. Dropping back down to her normal standing position, she moved a step closer to Adam and embraced him, burying the side of her face in his chest and pulling him tightly towards him. He reciprocated, and they held each other for what felt like an age before Adam – now somewhat recovered from his exertions – broke the silence.

“So, I guess this is goodbye.” Alexandra nodded. “You shouldn’t have hit me, you know that?”

He gripped her shoulders and pushed her away from him so he could look her in the eye.

Alexandra meekly looked up at him, nodding sheepishly, before admitting, “You didn’t have to come on the shoes, though.”

“I couldn’t help it.”

Alexandra didn’t believe him but would let him get away with it this time. They hugged some more, Adam softly stroking the back of Alexandra’s head as if to reassure her that everything would turn out okay in the end.

“I will miss you,” he told her.

“You’ll miss my feet, more like,” she countered.

“Those too,” Adam laughed, as they broke away from each other, neither quite sure where to look as Adam gathered himself together, rubbed his face and made for the door while Alexandra searched for a tissue to clean up some of the mess.

“Fucking weirdo,” Alexandra said, under her breath, as she started to wipe clean her shoes.

Soon, her fury gave way to a pang of regret as she realised that she’d probably never see Adam again.

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