Accountant Ch. 01

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Glancing into my cup as I minimised my story I saw the few cold dregs remaining, I debated making another pot but I decided to get the next chapter submitted first, then I could take a break.

Bringing the browser up I switched tabs and spent a busy five minutes loading my work before hitting the submit button. I sat back satisfied that I was on schedule to have the whole story up in a couple more days.

Just as I was switching to my submissions to check the ratings on my previous chapter the bell rang. I glanced at the time, I wasn’t expecting anyone and ten pm was getting a bit late for any casual caller.

I minimised the browser window and walked warily but still curious to the front door. Looking through the spyhole I saw Heather waiting outside in the drizzle.

Hurriedly I unlocked it, pulling it wide and standing aside to let her in.

“Are you alright?” I asked concern showing in my voice.

“Yes,” she said, looking a little sheepish as she stepped in. “I’ve had an argument with Sandra.”

My puzzled look led to a fuller explanation.

“She was my lift home and it’s raining,” she carried on. “I was passing your door and I thought….”

“And you were wondering if I could give you a lift home,” I said finishing her thought.

“Yes,” she said giving me a smile.

Her face belied her state, her bedraggled curly red hair and her rain streaked makeup marring her pretty face instead of enhancing it.

I smiled back and flicked my head down the passage. “Come through; turn left at the first door.”

Shutting the door behind her I followed her down, admiring her figure as she swayed slightly on her six inch heels and left the feint aroma of her perfume in her wake.

She was Samantha’s daughter, my kind of ‘friend with benefits’ girlfriend. Home for her was a stables and farmhouse on the outskirts of our small town, a half hour walk with most of it uphill.

She was peeling off her wet coat as I entered, her face expressing her displeasure at the clingy wetness of the rest of her clothes.

“I’m soaked through,” she said, looking back from me to the coat now suspended by her finger and thumb.

“You can use the dryer if you want,” I said. “It’s through in the kitchen.”

“Can I dry my jeans as well?” she asked looking down at them and swaying a little.

“Yes, if you want,” I said nodding. “Wait a minute and I’ll get you a bathrobe,”

I turned back to the door. It was a double surprise seeing Heather, this was a rare night out for her, she was normally at home taking care of the baby. I wondered how she had persuaded her mother to babysit for her.

I went up to my quaint little bathroom, an add-on to the original centuries old gatehouse I’d grown up in, and grabbed a towel for her hair and my robe.

I hurried back down and peeked around the door before walking in. She was sat on the coffee table, her bag next to her and her shoes on the floor next to her.

“Here,” I said, “I’ll make us both a cup of coffee. You can bring your clothes through when you’re changed.”

She took the robe and towel from me and I turned and left. She followed me in after a couple of minutes looking swamped in the robe, one hand holding it closed while holding out her clothes in the other.

“Go and turn the fire on, warm yourself up,” I said taking the offending garments from her. “Coffee will be five minutes.”

She smiled at me. “Thanks, I will.”

She turned and I watched her walk out wishing I was twenty years younger, cut the age difference down to four years, my twenty two to her eighteen.

I felt a little sorry for her, her mother was a bit too strict I thought, I know she got pregnant at sixteen but that was only part of it. Her father had committed suicide only six months or so earlier.

I can’t blame her mother for insisting she take responsibly but she could be a little more generous with her time, it was almost like she was a single mother just living there.

“Do you take sugar?” I shouted.

“Yes, just one.” I heard her feint answer.

I brought it out and sugared her coffee, taking it through. As I walked in I could see her perched, back to me, on the coffee table, robe hanging open as she sat warming herself with the fire full on.

She hastily wrapped the robe tight when she noticed me, quickly standing and turning to face me. With my oversize robe on and the towel wrapped around her head she looked small and vulnerable.

“Sit down,” I said putting the coffee in front of her.

I sat in my chair as she sat back down. I lay back and began to develop a story from the circumstances, looking for a way to us having sex. Could she have been planning on having sex tonight, she was horny for a real cock after weeks of being stuck at home.

It was a shaky plot and I passed over it, I was still thinking when she broke my reverie with a question.

“How long did you set the timer for?”

“Twenty minutes,” I said focusing my attention back on her.

“How long has it been now?”

“About Ankara escort ten minutes I should think. You want me to check them?

“No, I was just thinking of getting home,” she replied.

“You want me to give your mum a ring and tell her you’re here drying off?”

“No, that’s alright, I’ve got till eleven ‘o’ clock.”

“Oh plenty of time then,” I said glancing at my watch for confirmation.

“Mm,” she said glancing at the wall clock

My mail chimed. “Ah,” I said leaning forward to put the cup down. “Excuse me while I check that.”

She nodded, turning back to face the fire.

I sat and waited as the computer stirred itself back into life and clicked up my mail, it was on the alt account I used for lit. After a quick glance over at Heather I opened it, it was a PM on my last chapter.

I skimmed the message before I closed it down again, giving her another surreptitious glance before I stood. I walked back but before I could sit she turned to me.

“Do you think they’ll be dry yet?” she asked.

“I’ll go and check for you,” I said turning.

“No,” she said standing.

“No, “I insisted. “You stay in the warm.”

With that I walked out. I checked and found it with three minutes left and the waistband still slightly damp to the touch.

“I’d give it another couple of minutes yet,” I shouted. “Your t-shirt’s dry if you want that.”

“No,” she shouted back. “I can wait.”

I cleaned the percolator and set it up for the morning while waiting, my mind on Friday, my next ‘date’ with her mother. We made a strange pair, me a semi retired accountant and her running a riding stables, our common link was her accounts, a favour for a friend.

When I took them on she was out of her depth dealing with her Vat, not my specialist area but I was good enough to dig her out. Six months later at a Xmas party we ended up in bed together and things have just drifted on since then with me visiting over the weekend and sometimes a Wednesday as well.

I heard the clinking stop as the timer pinged and shouted “They’re ready.” As I walked across to get them.

She was standing at the door, one hand still clutching the robe shut, the other outstretched to take the clothes from me.

“Thanks,” she said her green eyes flashing at me as she smiled.

I smiled back as I stepped back out and closed the door.

I walked back into the kitchen and propped myself up on one of the stools to wait. I didn’t have to wait long before she walked in, heels clacking on the tiled floor.

She looked a hundred percent better, her hair still looked a bit tangled but she’d repaired her makeup and was smiling brightly at me.

“Ready?” I asked pushing myself up.

With her shoes on she was back at eyelevel and her eyes studied me as she gave a slight nod.

“Okay, let’s get going then.”

I walked behind her watching her tight ass jiggling before me as she made her way to the front door. My mind seeing her sexiness making my cock twitching in response.

I walked with her over to the car, the drizzle not heavy enough to make me run, beeping it open for her as I walked around the back. She sat curled towards me on the drive home.

I caught her looking at me more than once, a gleam in her eye and a faint smile on her face. I smiled inwardly as I let my mind conjure with plots where I get a blow job as a thank you.

I stopped at the back door as she asked, leaving the motor running but switching down to sidelight as we came to rest. She reached and squeezed my arm.

“Thank you,” she said, her voice half its usual volume.

“You’re welcome,” I replied smiling at her.

She got out slowly, giving me a little wave as she closed the door and turned to hers. I waited till she was inside and drove back home. By the time I got home my mind was back on my waiting story.

As I walked in I stopped to retrieve my vaporizer and my weed from the cupboard in preparation for my nightcap. I put in another half hour of writing before closing down.

I realized I’d not replied to the comment as I closed my email but it was too late then, I’d deal with it in the morning if I got time. I’d also forgotten to check how the story was doing.

I clicked the browser open and then clicked on the Lit tab and was happy to see a little red H and a couple of new comments, unfortunately answering them was something else I’d have to put off till tomorrow.

I sat back and swivelled around, heading off to my waiting sleeping draught.

Friday dawned a brighter day, the few clouds I saw on my jog were the fluffy pretty kind and I ran with more enthusiasm than I had in days. I was in good spirits as I worked my way through my day, thinking also of my upcoming night with Samantha as tea time crept up on me.

I drove up in time for tea, Sam greeting me through the kitchen window as I pulled into the yard. I let myself in to find her enveloped in steam as she drained the pan over the sink.

“Your timing Escort ankara is good today,” she said.

I gave her a smile of acknowledgement.

“Steak pie, boiled potatoes and peas,” she said as I walked over, peering into the pot she held.

“Ah,” I said appreciatively.

“Just the two of us tonight, Heather’s having pizza in her room,” she said putting the pan down and turning to me.

“Ah ha,” I acknowledged, stepping closer for the expected greeting kiss.

Our lips met in a mechanical kiss as we both stretched in and then straightened.

“Help yourself to coffee if you want one,” she said, turning back to the pan.

“Thanks, not yet.”

I wandered over to one of the stools by the breakfast bar and sat. As I looked at her I unconsciously compared her to her daughter. Where I had twice the weight and bulk of her daughter she could claim two thirds of mine.

She was an inch or to taller than Heather but she had far more muscle; to be expected with all the horse riding she did I supposed. Heather had inherited her fiery locks from her, though she’d missed out on the freckles.

“Have you been busy?” she asked.

“No, I’m ahead, I’ve got three or four calls next week and I’m finished for this quarter.”

“It’s alright for some; I’ve got a full house next week. I’m thinking of taking on another guide,” she said as she started apportioning the food.

“Are you still thinking of a new horse?”

“No, the Vet passed Mary fully fit yesterday, some sort of tummy upset so she’ll be fine for next week.”

She picked the plates up. “Grab the cutlery, we’ll eat in the lounge.”

I picked the knives and forks and followed her through. She put them on the coffee table and sat. I sat next to her and passed over the knife and fork even as she was turning the TV on.

She turned to the planner, looking up the films. By the time we finished the meal she had the night planned. She brought the coffee back as I was taking a quick look at the news.

“Tsk tsk, Sleepless is just starting,” she said, passing me the mug and taking the remote back.

By the end of the night she was lying with her head in my lap while I had my hand inside her blouse gently caressing her breast through her bra.

“Mm, time for beddy byes,” she said hitting the off button and stretching

I withdrew my hand as she rolled to face me, her hand coming up to my fly to pat my flaccid cock.

“Is dicky ready to play?”

My cock twitched in response even as she sat up. I put my hands on her hips as I trailed behind her. I ground against her as she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, giggling as she ground back.

She unbuttoned her blouse as she got to the landing, slipping both it and the leather half waistcoat off as she entered her room. I started on my coat and shirt as soon as I was in.

I waited as she stood nude before me fitting her shower cap. Given her age her breasts only sagged a little, each a good handful with dark pink areoles and fat squat nipples that stood nearly a half inch when proud.

She grabbed my half erect cock as she headed for the en suite shower. My cock was ready and willing until the cool water hit us. She quickly moved the dial up, her apology written on her face.

Taking the shower gel I stepped back into the stream of hot water, edging her out to start washing her back. I washed quickly down to the firm muscles of her backside, feeling the strength in her cheeks as I stroked my hand between them.

My hands soon slipped to her breasts after she turned around, my thumbs circling and teasing her nipples till they stood painfully proud. I stood back teasing her as I squeezed more gel into my hand.

Her legs widened a little as I slipped my hand between them. She moaned appreciatively as I squatted, putting the gel down again to bring a second hand into play.

She was squirming in pleasure as I finger fucked her while my other fingers stroked and rubbed her clit. I felt the pressure change as her hands tightened their grip, her body trembling as her orgasm welled up in her.

Her moans turned into a scream of ‘Oh god’ as she shuddered and let her weight fall on my shoulders. My hands moved to her hips to support her, letting her cling to me as I stood.

I held her, my hard cock pressed to her belly, till she recovered from her wobbly knees. She smiled up at me as I swung her around to swill the suds from her, her face turning up as she stretched for a kiss.

This was a kiss with passion this time, her lips writhing on mine as her tongue explored my mouth. I broke the kiss and spun her around letting the water spray the front of her.

We stepped back into the bedroom and grabbed up the towels, watching her as we quickly dried. She tossed the cap aside as she leapt onto the bed, turning eagerly to me as I followed.

She turned and knelt, head on the pillow, as I knee-walked up behind her. I rubbed my head in the warm wetness of her folds as she wiggled back with a long groan.

My Ankara escort bayan engorged head stretched her as I firmly pushed it in, eliciting another shorter moan of delight. I felt the wonderful tightness envelop me as it slipped slowly in, my fingers whitening the flesh of her hips as my skin finally touched hers.

I paused, letting her enjoy the feel the fullness of my fat cock gave her before slowly beginning to pump. Her moans started immediately, her hips flexing under my hands as I measure my swing.

I sped up, hearing the familiar soft grunt as I thrust into her; it didn’t take too long for the grunt to become a ‘Hah’, signalling she was near her orgasm.

I slowed down and gave her extra length; I felt her hand at her clit, the tips of her fingers brushing against my shaft as she rubbed herself. She screamed her ‘Oh god’ an instant before I felt the contractions of her tunnel and the shudders as the waves of pleasure coursed through her.

I fell onto my hands as she flattened out, my hard cock half slipping out as I rode her down. I pushed my hips up, bracing on my toes as she rolled herself over under me.

She stretched her legs wide as I sank back down, her hand snaking eagerly down to guide my cock back inside her. I let it plunge straight in, feeling the familiar welcoming tightness bring the glow of pleasure back.

Hands astride her chest I began to swing my hips, knowing that this time it was for me. I pumped fast and furious, my breath shortening and a patch of cold perspiration forming in between my shoulder blades.

Her third set me off, her pulsing tunnel tipping me over the edge into my cocoon of ecstasy, my hips still jerking I slipped to my elbows, my head resting on her breasts as I fought to get my breath back.

It was many moments later when she stirred, moving her hands from my back to my waist.

“Let’s sleep now,” she said softly as she pressed lightly to lift me.

She woke me inadvertently as she rose and I drifted back off to the sound of the shower running. Half an hour later my natural alarm clock drove me to the toilet, forcing me to face an unshaven bleary eyed me in the mirror as I washed my hands.

I was sitting in the lounge drinking my after breakfast coffee when she returned

“Ready for the shopping then?” she asked, drinking her own cup.

That was another thing that had become ritualized, our trip to the discount wholesaler. The Saturday morning trip to restock, I tagged along with my own trolley and paid her cash at the end.

When we got back I transferred my shopping to my car while she made a start moving hers to the kitchen ready for restocking the chalets. I helped her shift the rest when I finished and stayed for a welcome cup of coffee before taking my stuff home.

I shaved and showered as soon as I packed my groceries away, coming down to bring the vaporizer out and readied it for use as I waited for my coffee to perk.

I set the cup down and the vaporizer next to it; slipping the bag from my shoulder I swung it into the foot space under the desk. I hit the power button before straightening and sitting down, my thoughts already focused on the story I was going to bring up as I waited for it to fire up.

I reread the last paragraph and my thoughts solidified on the next words. Half an hour later I was drinking my lukewarm coffee as I checked through and eyed the weed still waiting.

Tempting though it was I put the thought aside and went to make more coffee then got back on with the plot, guiding the hero through an encounter with her sister in the mall.

I got a productive two hours in before I stopped for a snack and took my reward as I sparked up the weed whilst enjoying one of my favourite Java brews.

I watched the news for a while, letting the disturbing reality of the new massacres and financial shenanigans into my house, smiling cynically at the mouthing’s of outrage from the politicians and pundits.

If I had my way they’d all have to wear a lie detector or better still, a sociopath detector, that would clear the lot out! My dealings as a ‘tax consultant’ had shown me the greed and corruption behind closed doors.

I left the TV running as it cycled back to the headlines and went for a second cup, setting it up for the next brew before slumping back in the armchair to wait for the latest weather.

I got back to my story feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to plot out the intro to the next sex scene. My word count was well over fifteen hundred by the time my tummy’s grumbling stopped me.

I shut down and checking the house was safe I set off for Samantha’s wondering what film we’d watch tonight. She was in the kitchen when I knocked and entered.

“Hi,” she greeted me as I rounded the door.

“Hi yourself,” I replied, walking over.

“Shop bought Lasagne tonight,” she said, turning to me for our ‘greetings’ kiss.

We smacked lips and I stood back.

“Heather is in the lounge, why don’t you go through; I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Hm, I was hoping for a coffee.”

“There’s fresh tea in the pot I was just going to pour ours.”

“Yes, that’ll do thanks.”

She turned to the cupboard and brought out another mug, setting it down.

“I don’t remember, do you take sugar in tea?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32