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After that first summer with Ben, and then Gary I went back to high school with a new outlook on sex. It was now my purpose to make sure that any boyfriend of mine would know how to give good oral sex, and what it meant to receive good oral sex. What I hadn’t counted on was girl-girl sex. I haven’t had any since I got married, but I could never forget my introduction to the world of girl on girl pleasure.

At eighteen I was just entering Senior year. I had a few boyfriends and was pretty popular, I also was friends with quite a few girls in my class. Abby was just one of those girls. Abby was the photographer for the school paper and yearbook. I worked on the paper and covered some sports stories with her a number of times, I always found her great to work with. Our friendship grew and she spent a number of nights at my house sleeping over. Usually nothing happened.

One night Abby was spending the night at my house, my folks were going out of town for the weekend, so we had the whole place to ourselves. We talked about boys, music, clothes, everything. We went shopping, and when we got back started to do an impromtu “fashion show” for each other. Abby of course had her camera, and took a picture of me in each new outfit. For my part, I hammed it up, posing and pouting for her pictures. Some of what I bought was bra and panties at Victoria’s Secret. When I walked into the room Ataşehir Escort in only bra and panties, Abby’s face lit up. She took photo after photo of me posing in my undies. I don’t know why but I started to pose on the bed and then imitating what Ben and I had seen in Penthouse the previous summer I took off my bra and held my tits up high. Abby kept shooting me and it started to turn me on a little. I stood up and began to slowly remove my new panties, the camera continued to snap pictures as my panties slid down my thighs, to my knees and then when I bent over, all the way to the floor. I was now naked and being photographed, I could feel my pussy getting wet. Abby told me not to stop, and I knew she meant that I should masturbate. I lay on the bed and let my hands caress my own breasts, feeling my nipples harden between my fingers. My legs were spread and Abby was between them taking shot after shot, I could feel her skin against mine she was so close to me. I reached down with my hand and used two fingers to spread my cunt lips open for the camera. One finger found my clit and I began to rub it gently. My cunt was now wet with my own juices and I could hear Abby repeating over and over “beautiful, you are beautiful” I let my finger enter my hole and worked myself to orgasm, the whole time the camera taking pictures. I forgot about Abby even being in the Ataşehir Escort Bayan room I was so lost in my own pleasure. I didn’t notice when the camera stopped whirring and Abby removed her clothes.

The first thing I felt was her hand stroking my face. She let her fingertips slide across my lips and brush my cheeks. I opened my eyes to look at her and she smiled at me while the back of her hand slid down my neck, across my shoulders, and over each breast. Abby was now on the bed with me, one leg between mine, I could feel her knee pressing against my wetness. With every move her knee pressed into my pussy, while her hands began to massage my tits. I didn’t want her to stop and told her so while I reached up to feel the weight of her breasts which hung over me. It was the first time I had felt another woman…….her skin was soft and I could feel each little bump on her aereola, when I touched her nipple it grew hard between my fingers. I wanted to kiss her and pulled her down to my mouth. When our lips met a little shock went through me, it was unlike kissing a man, she was willing and eager to let my lips devour hers. My whole body was alive. I felt her soft pubic hair against my own, as our legs intertwined. Her breasts were now crushed against mine and her tongue probed my mouth. Her hands were gentle with my tits, and she treated me as Escort Ataşehir though I were made of glass.

I felt her lips move to my neck and she place soft open mouthed kisses along my neck and moved to my upper chest. Her hands brought my breasts to her open mouth and she let her teeth scrape lightly over my nipples. My hands had found her ass and were pulling her into my pussy so that her thigh ground itself into my now wet and waiting clit. She sucked on my breasts like a hungry baby, her mouth pulling my nipple in between her teeth over and over while her tongue made my whole chest slick.

I will never forget the electricity I felt when she moved her head to between my legs next. At first it was only her breath I felt, moving over me and creating a warm breeze of its own along my curly pubic hair. Her fingers found my cunt lips and she moved her nails up and down the length of each side of my hole. I was soaked I could tell and she used the wetness to slide one finger in easily. It moved in circles inside my throbbing cunt while her other hand played easily with my love button.

She leaned over me and blew air over my nipples, sending shivers through me as I started to orgasm from her touch. My sticky pussy juice covered her fingers and when she removed her finger from me slowly my cunt tried to close in on it. Abby used the juice from my cunt to moisten her lips and then bent to kiss me again. I had never felt like this in my life.

I tasted my own cum from her lips and let my hand find my cunt where I rubbed my own fingers in the wetness and slipped a finger between Abby’s lips. We fell asleep from sexual exhaustion for about an hour and awoke in each others’ arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32