A Year Of First Times Ch. 04

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Our sex life for the next two weeks was a little disappointing after our ‘extraordinary Friday date.’ We went parking and were intimate but not to the extent of my eating Torrie’ pussy. I had really enjoyed pleasing her with my mouth and was anxious to enjoy the taste of Torie again.

On Sunday evening two weeks after our extraordinary date, Torrie and I went out riding around with our best friends, John and Mary. It was pretty late when we dropped them off at their car so we headed straight to Torrie’ house. On the way, we talked about not having much time. So instead of driving out in the country to our normal parking place, we parked behind a deserted farmhouse about a mile from where she lived. The yard was grown-up quite high and the house was far enough off the road we felt like we would be safe from interruptions and prying eyes.

I turned my car around and parked in the high grass facing the highway just in case someone else decided to park there. We didn’t even bother to get in the back seat. After we both slid our seats all the way back, Torrie turned around on her seat so we were facing each other. Leaning over the console, we were able to hold each other and kiss in a reasonably comfortable manner.

It wasn’t long before we were lost in our youthful lust. I unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra and pushed it up so that her breasts were exposed to the touch of my hands and mouth. While I enjoyed the softness of her breasts, Torrie unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my pants. I was surprised at how quickly she worked erection out Anadolu Yakası Escort of my briefs and began to stroke it. Pushing my mouth away from her breasts, she began to kiss my neck, shoulders and, surprisingly for me, my nipples. It was quite enjoyable as she kissed and teased me with her tongue. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I sat there enjoying the attention as she continued kissing my body.

Just at that moment a car turned into the overgrown driveway and stopped. Their headlights lit up the inside of our car startling us both. Torie quickly sat up, pulled her bra down and her blouse together while I tried unsuccessfully to hide my exposed dick. As quickly as the car turned in, it backed out and drove away.

“I’m glad they’re gone!” I said as I quit struggling to hide my dick.

“Me too!” Torrie replied as she turned her blouse loose, leaned over and returned to flicking her tongue across my right nipple.

I didn’t know what brought on this ‘new’ attentiveness or where it was going but I decided to find out. With my hand guiding her head, I began encouraging her to kiss lower and lower on my chest and stomach. Before long her head was so far down she licked my belly button and started tongue fucking it just like I had done to hers at different times. Torrie’ head was so low I could feel her hair as it brushed against my dick. I even thought I could feel her warm breath on my exposed private part.

As she continued stroking my dick and kissing my stomach, I decided to take a chance. Softly Kadıköy Escort I said, “Torrie, kiss my dick.”

She either didn’t hear me or chose to ignore what I had said, so I repeated myself, “Torrie, kiss my dick.”

Just like the first time when I had touched her breast, I could feel her body tense up at my suggestion. Instantly, she quit kissing me but she didn’t move her head away. Maybe she was thinking about my words. Maybe she wasn’t. I really didn’t know what to expect. I only knew what I hoped she would do. Repeating my request for the third time, I softly said, “Torrie, kiss my dick.” Reluctantly, Torrie lightly kissed the head before moving her mouth away. She returned to kissing my stomach.

“Kiss it again.” I encouraged.

This time she didn’t hesitate or tense up. Moving her mouth back to my dick head, there was a slightly longer kiss and she didn’t move her mouth away. Then without my saying or doing anything, there was a more lingering kiss and I felt her tongue lick across the head. Torrie must have tasted a drop of pre-cum that was there because she licked the head again like it was a lollypop. After the second lick, there was another lingering kiss followed by the beginning of indescribable pleasure. I could feel her lips come back into contact with the head and open ever so slightly allowing the tip to barely enter her mouth. I wanted more but I didn’t dare move. I impatiently waited to see what she was going to do. The wait was definitely worth it because her lips gradually parted more and more allowing Ataşehir Escort my dick head to completely enter her mouth. Moving her hand, Torrie slowly sucked the length of my dick into her mouth until she couldn’t take any more.

I was completely lost in the pleasure of the moment as her head began to slowly bob up and down in my lap. She would allow my dick to come almost all the way out of her mouth then she would suck it as far back in as she could. Of course this pleasure couldn’t last long. I was soon ready to cum. That was when I took another chance. I decided to cum in Torrie’ mouth. Then it happened. I began to cum. At first she seemed startled. I could feel her body tense up but she never quit sucking. She drank every drop of cum just as if she had been practicing all of her life to be a first class dick sucker. Torrie continued sucking even as my dick began to shrink in her mouth. Finally, the feeling was so intense, I had to make her to quit.

Torrie had a slightly startled or surprised look on her face when she sat up. Without saying a word, she turned around on her seat and began to fasten her bra and button her blouse. The situation was a little tense for a moment. I wasn’t sure if she was upset about sucking my dick, me shooting cum into her mouth, if she was tired or if it were just my imagination. Leaning over I kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “I love you!” before buttoning my shirt, putting my spent dick back in my briefs and zipping my pants up.

Like most nights we didn’t talk much on the way to her house. When we arrived I walked her to the door, told her “I love you.” Before I kissed her goodnight. When we kissed, I could taste my own cum for the first time. Walking back to the car, I realized how much harder it was becoming to leave Torrie and go home alone.

To be continued…

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