A Witches Story Ch. 01

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The night had been going just as planned. Katie and I had enjoyed a quiet meal alone that I had cooked, went to a movie, and we were now taking a nice walk through the neighborhood around my house. That is until it started raining, almost 4 blocks away from the house. We ran as fast as we could back to my house, but we still were soaked by the time we got in the door.

This was our second date so I tentatively offered a robe or at least a ride home. She responded that she would prefer to soak in a hot tub or something like that. She laughed openly that she did not have a swim suit but at least she was wearing underwear.

I told her that I did not have a hot tub but I did have a master bedroom two person tub that I could fill with hot water. I laughingly mentioned that people usually did not wear clothes in MY tub but there was always a first time. She responded my walking down the hall and boldly opening the door to my private sanctum.

She did not say anything as she started the water and cleared off the couple of girly magazines lying on the side. As the water filled she stepped to the small bath area and started removing her blouse. Without embarrassment, she then stepped out of her skirt while simultaneously kicking off her shoes.

She was wearing very cute underwear so I guessed that she had planned for me to see it at some point. (!)

I watched in wonder (and delight) as she undid her red bra and pushed down her frilly panties. Her round mound was shaved and tanned. Her nipples were erect on top of pert but full breasts. She bundled up her clothes and set them on the counter. Without a comment she stepped into the separate toilet room and closed the door. I could hear her humming and urinating so I decided to not just be a voyeur and get a few things done.

I took Katie’s clothes and carried them out in the hall to the laundry room to put them in the dryer. I noted that everything looked like it could take low heat so at least I would not ruin anything.

I came back in the bedroom and she was looking at her self in the mirror. She flipped her long red hair and quickly turned to enter the tub. I admired her long shapely legs right before they entered Van Escort the water. My penis starts to respond to that heavenly sight I just beheld.

I removed my clothes and put them in the hamper having no intention of needing them for the rest of the night.

We filled the giant spa tub and removed our clothes as she talked. I kept eye contact with her but I could not help but feel that my cock was looking eagerly at her naked pussy.

She got in first and lay back and closed her eyes. I entered the tub almost without her noticing as it was long enough for two people to stretch out without kicking each other. The water rose and lifted her up but she kept her eyes closed. I settled back and enjoyed our comfort with each. We floated there for several minutes enjoying the heat and the warm smell of the candles.

Finally I broke the silence and asked her if she wanted to have sex with me. “Yes” was her reply.

I went on, “I mean do you want to have sex in the tub?”

She responded by sitting up and taking my hand in hers. Her tits glistened in the candle light.

“Let me tell you a story first”, she said in a quiet but precise voice. “When I was in college I lived in a sorority on campus. The girls were from the best families and most of them were the top students.”

I turned and lay lengthwise next to her. I put my head on the built in pillow on the tub and carefully joined hands with her. I had no idea where this story was going but I liked my location and the view of her floating tits as she floated on her back next to me.

“In my second year it was hinted that there was a secret society of girls who called themselves blue witches. They were ‘testing’ me to see if I was going to express interest. I did but it was several months before anyone told me more.” She brushed the hair out of her eyes and continued. “The night arrived that I had been waiting for. A girl dressed in dark blue robe came to my door at midnight during a new moon. As you remember, a new moon means no moon do it was pitch-black outside.”

“She knocked and when I answered in just my baby-doll nightie, she told me to put on a pair of shoes and follow her. I told Van Escort Bayan her that I was going to get dressed but she told me that this would not be necessary. I did not feel all that self conscious in the petite top but as you know, a baby-doll has tiny matching panties and the top leaves them pretty exposed! I put on my flip flops and followed her out into the hallway. There were three other girls in blue robes silently waiting and I was put in the middle of them.”

I was fascinated. I knew that in the third year in a fraternity or sorority the time of pledging or hazing were long over. I anticipated that it was a silly girls group based upon popularity but I could not have been more wrong.

“I was led down the hall to the main hall and then down the steps to an awaiting limo. Remember that these girls had money. There was no conversation as we drove and I never saw the driver or could actually see where we were going.”

“I was quite uncomfortable sitting on the cold leather seat in my minuscule sleeping outfit. My short sheer dress-like top was pretty see-through and my nipples were poking out with the cold. At least the matching panties covered my pussy a little more. What was I thinking, this things makes a miniskirt look like an evening gown. Essentially I was sitting there in my underpants with a little top that you could easily see through so I was naked for all practical purposes!”

She was making me hard just talking about it!

“You may be thinking that the woman floating naked next to you in the bath tub is not really that modest but I was in those days. Add to that the fact that I was in a car going who knows where! We pulled up in front of a mansion on the ocean but the fog made it impossible to see any details. I was told to follow the tall woman in the blue robe and the others would meet me.”

I asked her if this story would go better with a little more wine. She responded that there was not a bad ending so she did not need wine to cope but she would like some anyway. I stood up dripping and she admired me bottom to top. Her eyes appraised me like a fine race horse. I shriveled a bit under her gaze as I stepped out of the tub.

I Escort Van walked naked to the kitchen and looked through the bottles of better wines. She had been drinking whites earlier so I decided we would stay with that. I opened the wine and got out two glasses. This was fun and it did not seem like a second date. I carried them back down the hall but when I entered the bedroom she was not in the tub.

She called to me as I walked over to look for her and I turned to see that she was sitting on the toilet peeing again. This time the door was open.

She said, “Oh, I hope I didn’t startle you. You seemed so down-to-earth that when I heard you coming I had to decide whether I should panic and try lunge for the door or assume that you have seen a grown girl answering the call of nature before.” She stood up and turned to flush. “At college we never closed the stall doors if we were just urinating. Probably like you guys standing side by side pissing at the urinals.”

She walked up to me and kissed me mouth to mouth but not body to body. Taking the glasses she walked back to the tub. I carried the wine in and set it on the edge.

I said with a laugh, “you know, I have to go now and I am not sure I am “loose” enough to do it while you are sitting in here looking at my naked ass.”

“You have a nice ass and I think you are just trying to get me to assure you that I have seen it before. Well, I have — we girls used to sneak into the boys locker room and watch them shower and walk naked all over the place. They did not even use towels. They had eight or nine urinals lined up along one wall without even partitions. Sometimes there was a ‘full-house’ of naked bottoms shining away as they all peed together and talked about girls and football.”

We got back in the tub and Katie poured the wine. We drank and relaxed. I knew the story would continue soon — clearly she had something that she really wanted to tell me about her past. I now suspected that it directly affected her current sexual rules and I was getting the lead-up to something.

Katie was loosing what little inhibitors that she may have had. Through the bath waters I could see her hand hovering around her naked cunt. I willed her to start playing with herself but she caught my eye and just put her hand next to her opening.

I bid her to continue on with her story. This was getting interesting. Very interesting…

To be continued…

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