A Visit (Part One)

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PART ONE: The Arrival

It had been weeks since we’d last been together. In those weeks since she left I’d gone through every emotion I could feel towards this woman and then come full circle to a place where we could converse without my feeling resentment. Finally we’d burst the sexual tension by my suggestion that we could still fool around, and the next two hours had been a torrent of sexting back and forth. God I missed her. I didn’t miss the fighting, but it hadn’t been all bad times either, and besides all that, the sex had been the best I’ve ever had.

She agreed to bring our daughter for a visit. We both knew what would happen.

I showered, put on my loose fitting Canucks pajama gottoms and was pacing shirtlessly around the house when she finally arrived. I waited anxiously as she removed Sofia from the back seat and carried her down the steps into the house. As she came in the door, I noticed that despite the fact that she hated being in the car, for once in her short life Sofia was actually asleep. Although I was anxious to hold her, there was something that needed to be done first and I was glad to see her napping.

Steff set the baby down in the kitchen and we regarded eachother for what seemed like a long time. She was wearing a cute tanktop and skirt, her long legs disappearing under the hem.

I took her by the hand, and wordlessly led her back to my bedroom. Our bedroom. Once inside I placed my hand on her chest and pushed her down to a sitting position on the bed. She complied silently. Pulled down the edge of my pants and my semi erection sprang into view. She reached up, cupping my balls with her right hand and gently stroking my growing member with her left. My hands wandered too, grazing over her nipple, caressing her neck with my left, bringing her face forward.

She Sex hikayeleri offered no resistance, and she breathed heavily on the tip of my cock. Her warm breath brought it to life. Her tongue flicked the tip, and it jerked in response. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust forward as she opened wide and gently let it pass between her lips.

Steffany gave the best blowjobs I’ll ever have. Some girls thing that “sucking” is what works, and they are wrong. Steff knew that just the moisture and warmth of her mouth combined with the slightest friction provided by her lips would drive me over the edge, and it did. My head swims with lust. I used to get pissed off if I went more than a couple of days without one of her epic blowjobs. It’d been a month. I thought for sure the tension in my balls would overtake me, but I wanted to enjoy this, make it last.

As she began gently suckling on my cock, I slowly began to thrust with my hips back and forth, my hands mixing in her hair, wrapping it around my finger and putting just the slightest pressure before releasing it again. She moans in pleasure. I know she loves sucking my cock. There had been a time when she had a no cock sucking policy. I’m so glad the law had been repealed.

We carry on like this for a few minutes, her pulling off the tip and suckling and nibbling down the length of it, jerking it at the base with her left hand before placing her mouth over just the head and jerking it into her mouth.

I reach down and pull her shirt over her head, revealing her small but perfect breasts, the nipples hard and at attention. As she goes back to work on my cock, I reach down and gently tweak them between my thumbs and forefinger, massaging them up and down, before running my fingertips up her chest, neck, and then around to Sikiş hikayeleri the back of her head again.

Finally I need to assume the position that had been the source of all my jerk off material since we’d started doing it, and especially since we’d broken up. I pushed her all the way onto her back. She laid down and looked up at me, her green eyes full of desire. I drop my PJs and stand before her only momentarily, my cock at full attention, pulsating veins, the foreskin stretched back. It looks huge, especially as I straddle her chest, my naked thighs wedged in under her armpits. It looks like if I pushed it all the way into her mouth it’d come out the top of her head.

I reach over and grab a pillow to prop her head up. She’s eager to have my dick in her mouth again, stroking it, tugging it. She reaches behind me and puts her hand on my ass, bringing me forward, and she leans into it, swallowing almost all of it. She sighs, and so do I. A hotflash washes over me. I reach behind me and hike up her skirt, caressing her steaming pussy through the fabric of her panties. Her hips wiggle involuntarily as I pull her panties to one side and slip a finger into her pussy to get it wet and begin flicking her bean just the way she likes it.

She begins working on my dick in earnest, her eyes closed, left hand pumping on it while I thrust in and out of her mouth. It pops out and she points her pointy chin to her chest so she can lick my balls. I’m in heaven. My pointer and middle fingers slip into that pussy and push up on the soft spot of her vagina I know as the G-spot, my thumb gently rocking and slapping against her clit. She gently lolls my balls one at a time, licking at the freshly shaved, smooth scrotum, before sucking the whole nutsack into her mouth. I grab my cock and jerk it. I think Erotik hikaye I’m gonna cum.

I sit back up and grab her by the back of her head, her hair between my fingers, and I close my fingers, taking control, holding her still. We’ve done this before, many times, and she senses what comes next. I put my other hand against the wall behind her and lean forward, her opening her mouth in the receiving pose, allowing all her slickest slobber to coat my cock as I begin thrusting in and out of her mouth, fucking her face. She groans, her right hand now frigging her wet pussy her left hand wraps around the shaft, keeping my cock from choking her and providing an extra layer of friction that pushes me over the edge.

My cock swells, it seems to double in size, and her eyes open wide for a moment as I begin thrusting frantically like an animal, pounding my rock hard dick in and out of her mouth. Her hand moves from her pussy, sopping wet with her juices, and suddenly a finger is in my ass just as I am about to let loose.
Lights explode in my mind as the most violent orgasm I’ve ever had is unleashed on her.

She briefly gags and then pushes down further on it, my red cockhead buried at the top of her esophagus, what seems like a liter of cum pumps down her throat, load after load, pulsating the same semen that had bourne us a beautiful child directly into her stomache. There is a knee-jerk reaction as she tries to pull off but I hold her head in place and make sure that every drop goes right down the throat.

As I come down, I realize that the whole time my cock hasn’t come out of her mouth and now her tongue is working along the edge of the shaft. She hasn’t tasted a thing, it went straight into her belly, warming her stomach like a shot of brandy.

At length, I pull out, panting. She smiles and says “I missed that!” I lean down and kiss her on the lips, our tongues meeting, dancing for a moment. “So did I,” I tell her, winking.

*** Coming soon: Part Two “Her Turn” ***

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