A Very Juicy Dessert

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For those that maybe wonder…I am not a lesbian…but I find I enjoy writing on different subjects..and sometimes even lesbian stories, because they are very arousing.. I hope you all enjoy these little stories of mine…I know I am *winks*.

Stepping through the door of the Sherbrooke Cliffs Restaurant, Daneeta DeLyons looked around her and was greeted by the hostess. She followed behind the older woman, past a series of tables, to a corner booth. Daneeta rarely notices people staring at her as she walks around or even at the office…and this time was no exception. Eyes followed her wherever she went, yet she rarely noticed it…or refused to. Being shy of nature, but outgoing at the same time, it all depended on the vibes she received from others.

Daneeta DeLyons worked in the Interior designs field, having graduated from a prestigious University in Paris, France. She stood at 5’5 140lbs..age 27, her hair was the color of black silk, with…oddly enough blonde tips to them..they were naturally like that. The doctor figuring it was a pigmentation oddity. Daneeta’s eyes were her most striking feature, which had people looking into them more often then not….a silver-violet color, fringed with long black lashes. Silken raven winged brows rose delicately above..giving her a most stunning definition. Her nose was small, slim, a bit upturned at the tip, sprinkled with a few freckles to give her a girlish look. Her mouth was not the classical movie star look, big and wide as most Hollywood actors preferred. Daneeta’s lips were small in width..but soft and curvy..plump bottom lip and a small upper lip…giving a look of soft and pouty. Her face was formed into a soft oval shape, with a tiny cleft at the chin..sloping down to a delicate smooth neck…Her breasts were full and round..a generous 38C..tipped with raspberry pink little nipples. Though, her best feature besides her eyes was her round, firm behind that would fill a big man’s hands to perfection….that might be what men and women stared at as she walked. Her behind would wiggle slightly in rhythm to her rounded hips…causing eyes to follow each sway and bounce…as the oldest dance since time…a woman’s body movements……….

One particular woman noticed all these such delicious traits as Miss DeLyons passed by her table, leaving behind a soft hint of french vanilla perfume in her wake. Tilting her head to the side slightly, the other woman watched as Daneeta’s round ass bounced ever so gently as she walked past her. Her expert eyes took in every detail of this young woman’s attire..hmmm a tailor-made navy blue business suit; fitted jacket, and skirt that softly outlined her hourglass figure. Closing her eyes momentarily, she inhaled the soft scent as she envisioned what this woman must taste like. She must admit that it doesn’t happen to her often…being attracted to another female this way….but every so often, someone different comes along and it hits her unexpectedly.

Looking up at the hostess, Daneeta thanked her.

“Your waiter will be with you in a moment Miss DeLyons to take your order. Would you like something to drink as you wait?” the hostess asked her politely.

“I will have a glass of Chardonnay please. I’ve had such a long day, this will help me unwind” Daneeta told her, chuckling softly..her eyes sparkling with her vibrancy.

The hostess’s eyes widened slightly as she the young woman’s silver-violet eyes caught her off guard with their oddity, but she quickly recovered and smiled at her. “Right away miss”. she quickly walked away, feeling flushed and warm. Adjusting her skirt as she makes herself comfortable in her seat, Daneeta looked around the darkened restaurant, then looked at her watch as she realized how late it has become 8:00pm. As she noticed the waiter coming closer to her table with her glass of chilled Chardonnay, Daneeta caught the eye of a woman two tables down, looking at her. The woman had pretty blonde hair, and a nice smile. Daneeta nodded her head politely to her in an acknowledged hello. She looked up to see the waiter smiling at her….she smiled back, revealing two small dimples in her cheeks.

A few moment later, a family of four came in, looked around for a vacant table with the hostess. Daneeta looked at the blonde woman across from her and smiled, nodding for her to join her at her table, so that the family may have a place to dine.

Walking up to Daneeta, the blonde woman held out her hand to her and introduced herself.

“Hello, I’m Alexa Marshall. Thank you for inviting me over. I was going to give them my table anyway, Acıbadem Escort since I was eating alone.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Daneeta DeLyons.” She shook Alexa’s hand before sitting back down. “That was very nice of you, I guess we both had the same idea. I was just going to order some dessert, will you have some? They make great low-fat chocolate cheesecake here”

“Now..how can I pass that up? What woman would” Alexa and Daneeta both chuckled softly, their eyes sparkling.

Daneeta raised her hand lightly to the waiter, asking him over politely. She then requested two servings of low-fat chocolate cheesecake and two cups of coffee. Smiling at him, the waiter left the table flushed in shyness.

The two women spoke for a while, over their desserts, about their careers and home life. Both young women had much in common; one in interior designs, the other in clothing fashion. Alexa watched Daneeta unconscious hand movements on her fork, as it lay on the table. A long smooth finger ran down the length of the polished fork, almost caressingly. As Daneeta placed her finger at her lips, licking off a cheesecake crumb, Alexa nearly came undone watching. Suckling softly, her soft tongue curled around the tip of her finger, to clean the digit. As both women spoke of their careers and everyday events, Daneeta picked up her glass of water, taking a long, slow sip. Her long pink tongue snaking out to gently lick around the rim of the glass, to pick up any drop of water that might have escaped from her soft lips.

At those innocent movements, Alexa knew she had to taste Daneeta. A quick and steady pulse centered around Alexa’s slick clit, as she watched the other woman licking her own finger and her glass. Placing her fingers around her cup of coffee, Daneeta put Alexa out of her misery, unbeknownst to her, and took a sip of the hot liquid. Closing her silver-violet eyes, Daneeta allowed the warm liquid to slide down her throat, filling her tummy, heating her slightly. Her long tongue snaked out to lick at the corners of her lips, removing a drop of coffee.

Alexa wanted to scream inside, but smiled instead. Thankfully she was distracted by the waiter as he approached the table.

“Would you like some ice water, ladies?” The young man asked politely, yet hopeful.

“Yes, please” Daneeta spoke to him softly, as she moved her glass next to her plate. As he set the jug down momentarily to pick up Alexa’s glass to fill, it hit the side of Daneeta’s plate of half-eaten cheesecake, sending its contents into her lap.

“Oh shit” Daneeta stood up slowly in surprise, as she watched in horror the cheesecake plastered to her tailored skirt.

The young waiter’s face went red in horror, as he watched what he just did. He looked behind him as the owner started to approach the table.

Daneeta’s sharp silver-violet eyes noticed this as well, but came to his rescue. “Thank you for the water, young man, I was so clumsy.” She took his cloth and water from him, to try and dab lightly her skirt.

As the owner approached, he looked at Daneeta and the young waiter, and asked “What has happened here miss?” he looked horrified at the classy lady covered in cheesecake. Fearing he will lose this important customer, he turned to the new waiter to reprimand him, but Daneeta stopped him with her seductive voice.

“It’s quite alright, this young man came to my rescue with his cloth and water, trying to help me, I was so clumsy” she chuckled softly.

Taking Daneeta’s cue, Alexa spoke up as well “Actually, I think it was my fault, I placed her plate too close to the glass, and it knocked over the plate. It’s quite alright, we’ll take it from here. Thank you both for your assistant, and would like it very much if you could direct us to the ladies room at once please.” Alexa spoke with authority that left no room for blustering from the two males.

“O…of course, ma’am. This way if you please” he motioned for Alexa and Daneeta to follow him.

Looking behind them, the two ladies blew a kiss at the poor young waiter, who’s face was still red with embarrassment. As they reached the ladies’ room, Daneeta looked up at the tall, robust restaurant owner and reassured him.

“I am very pleased that you have such a fine young waiter working here, to come to the rescue of a lady. He surely deserves a raise.” She smiled softly, giving him her best seductive look, mesmerizing him to the spot.

” You are right, ma’am. Now I will go see to it that your table is cleaned for when you return. “Nodding softly Acıbadem Escort Bayan with his balding head, “ladies” then left.

High-five’ing each other and chuckling softly, they both spoke at once ” Good save”

Chuckling softly, Daneeta sighed and looked down at her skirt and shook her head. Alexa followed her gaze and took her hand. “Come, let’s go into the ladies’ room, I will help see if I can remove the stains.”

As they entered the small, but well furnished ladies’ room, Alexa looked at the empty stalls, then locked the door behind her.

Noticing this, Daneeta raised a delicate brow.

We don’t want anyone walking in as we’re trying to get this stain out and you’re sitting up on the sink. Some of these people are very snooty.

Nodding softly, Daneeta went over to the pink marble counter, and jumped up, as Alexa went to dampen a white cloth left on a wicker shelf.

Looking down at her navy blue skirt, Daneeta gripped the edge of it gently as she took the cloth from Alexa.

” There is a stain near the side, Daneeta, allow me to wipe it.” Alexa gently took the cloth from Daneeta.

Leaning back against the mirror, Daneeta allowed Alexa to help her. Her stocking clad legs hanging from the counter top. Alexa went to stand between Daneeta’s outstretched legs, wiping down her skirt. At the same moment, Daneeta took off her tailored jacket, to get at a piece of cheesecake underneath. Left in a sheer white blouse and her skirt, Daneeta began to dab at the blouse with another cloth.

While Daneeta was busy wiping her blouse, Alexa slowly moved the other woman’s skirt up with her hands at each side of her outer thighs. Slowly, the top of Daneeta’s sheer silk stockings came into view, held up by a white lace garter belt. Moving closer, Alexa inhaled Daneeta’s soft womanly scent, as she ran her smooth hands up the silk stockings.

Looking up at Daneeta, both women stared at each other momentarily, in awareness. Without breaking eye contact, Alexa moved her beautiful face closer to Daneeta’s smooth inner thighs. Running her hand under Daneeta’s thigh, Alexa raised her leg slightly, as she ran her cheek along Daneeta’s smooth, silky flesh.

Daneeta closed her vibrant violet-silver eyes and leaned her head back against the mirror, her hands gripping the edge of the counter slightly. Closer and closer, she felt Alexa’s warm breath nearing her soaked, sweet pussy. Suddenly, Daneeta felt the other woman generous lips on her white lace bikini panties; gently kissing the fabric. Daneeta’s lips parted softly in a moan, as Alexa slowly moved her panties to the side, exposing her moist pink pussy.

Taking a moment to view the treasure before her, Alexa watched how Daneeta’s pink flesh glistened with her sweet nectar, and her white lace panties saturated with the same tell-tale sweetness. Leaning in closer, Alexa ran her tongue on the outer lips of Daneeta’s womanhood, before circling her throbbing clit. Alexa moaned softly as she tasted the sweet nectar on her long tongue. Using her thumb, Alexa parted the nether lips, then slipped her tongue deep inside Daneeta, causing the woman to moan in ecstasy. Thrusting her tongue in and out of the tight entrance, Alexa gathered up the sweet cum that Daneeta offered her. Covering Daneeta’s small pink pussy with her mouth, Alexa sucked on her throbbing clit, saturating her lips with the clear, sweet nectar.

Daneeta’s body began to buck softly, in rhythm to Alexa’s mouth sucking on her. Daneeta’s beautiful silver-violet eyes widened for a moment, as she felt Alexa’s finger enter her tight pussy slightly. She bit her lip to keep from crying out in desire, as she felt Alexa’s finger wiggling just inside her entrance, behind her clit. Alexa bucked harder, as Alexa’s fingers found her g-spot, while her lips and tongue nibbled on her throbbing little jewel. Alexa’s other hand gripped Daneeta’s thigh, pushing back more, opening her further. Daneeta’s body tightened as a huge orgasm began to form deep inside my body, overtaking her senses completely.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, Daneeta cried out, as the huge wave overtook her, but Alexa kept on sucking on her cum-coated clit, with her finger still inside her, massaging on her g-spot. Alexa rode the wave with Daneeta, not letting her escape before being allowed to gather all her sweet nectar her luscious body had to offer, her fingers gripping her thighs to keep her still.

After coming back down from her wave of ecstasy, Daneeta pulled Alexa up to her, wanting to taste her lips. Escort Acıbadem Alexa moved up on her body, Pulling open Alexa’s blouse, Daneeta pressed her full breasts to Alexa’s smaller ones, as she captured her lips hungrily. Daneeta’s hand slid down the other beautiful woman’s body, unbuttoning her dress pants, and lowering her zipper. With skilled fingers, she slide her hand into Alexa’s pants, coming in contact with a soft pair of royal blue satin panties. Her fingers began running over the other woman’s panties, feeling her clit pulsate through the wet satin garment. Daneeta flicked her finger gently over Alexa’s clit, feeling it jump and harden each time her finger came into contact with it. Sliding her hand inside the soaked satin panties, Daneeta came into contact with the other woman’s smooth bare womanhood. Covering Alexa’s juicy pussy with her hand, Daneeta slipped her middle finger deep inside the other woman’s tight passage, causing her hips to buck in response.

Breaking the deep, hot kiss, Daneeta, lowered her lips to Alexa’s neck. Tasting her smooth sweet skin, Daneeta was in heaven, never having ever imagined experiencing this with another woman…but she couldn’t stop. Kissing down to her delicate collarbone then her upper chest, Daneeta, nuzzled away Alexa’s blouse with her teeth. Breathing softly on Alexa’s dark pink small nipples, yet not touching it, she teased her mercilessly. Daneeta then ran her tongue along the outer edges of one nipple, before flicking it on the tip. Suddenly feeling hungry to ravish Alexa’s succulent nipples, Daneeta captured one of the nipples thrusting up proudly from her blouse.

Arching her neck back and closing her vibrant eyes, Alexa felt consumed with desire as Daneeta captured her nipple hungry, latching onto the hard little tip. At the same moment, her finger slid in and out of Alexa, coaxing her body to produce the same sweet nectar she took from Daneeta.

Daneeta’s smooth hand gently cupped one of Alexa’s small breasts, as she suckled upon her satiny nipple, at the same moment, she slipped another finger inside Alexa, stretching her slightly, causing the beautiful blonde woman to moan in ecstasy. Daneeta moved to Alexa’s other breasts, but not before kissing her cleavage, licking the slightly salty skin, caused by the perspiration of their desire. Feeling Alexa’s breathing quickening, Daneeta continued to finger the woman with her fingers, as her thumb rubbed Alexa’s throbbing clit, causing the blonde to jerk uncontrollably….her orgasm mounting.

Crying out in ecstasy, Alexa whimpered helplessly as a huge orgasm began overtaking her smooth body…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssss! Alexa screamed out, not caring who heard her…..yet Daneeta continued pulling at her nipple gently with her teeth and fingering her slick, nectar- soaked pussy. Her body moving steadily in rhythm to Daneeta’s loving, Alexa felt another huge orgasm consuming her, saturating Daneeta’s fingers with sweet cum as she orgasmed once more.

As the tide slowed to a gentle beating of their hearts, both women held each other, as their breathing came back to normal. Alexa captured Daneeta’s luscious lips, then slipped a finger inside her for a moment, to gather one last sample of the beautiful silver-violet eyed beauty’s sweet cum.

Suddenly, they heard a knock at the door. “Excuse me Miss DeLyons and Miss Marshall, but is everything alright in there? The door must have locked by accident, an elderly customer would like to use the facilities if you are both done washing the stains from the cheesecake.”

Looking at each other and smiling knowingly, both women chuckled softly at the ironic words of the young waiter.

“Yes, we are just fine, we had to clean our skirts from the um…cheesecake, but we are done now”. Alexa offered the explanation, winking at Daneeta. As both beautiful ladies fixed their clothing and brushed their hair quickly, to make it seem that nothing happened, they walked to the door, and unlocked it.

“Sorry to intrude, ma’am, but this elderly lady was quite insistent on using the lady’s room” The young waiter blushed in embarrassment as both ladies watched him.

“Oh, that’s quite alright” Daneeta looked at the waiter’s name tag ” Marcus”…”We were done cleaning up anyway.”

“I am very sorry for the trouble, your desserts, will of course be on the house.” Marcus stammered.

Both Alexa and Daneeta approached Marcus and kisses his cheek, then both placed a finger near his lips, directly under his nose.

Daneeta and Alexa both whispered in Marcus’s ear and informed him “Mmmmmm ’twas a very juicy dessert”

Marcus’s eyes widened as his nostrils flared at the scent of soft pussy juice on both their fingers, then the two women smiled and walked out of the restaurant.

The End…for now..*winks*


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