A Unusual Halloween Party

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She wasn’t sure if she should go or not. She never like Halloween party’s. But all her friends said they were going so she chose her costume well, she hope. As the night of the party came her friends met at her house. All were dress in different costumes. When she came out in hers, the all call Boo, Boo. “You can’t wear that Jane, it’s not right for you. Let’s go see what you have in your closet to work with.” her best friend said. So they went into the closet and they pulled out a long black grown, which would be way to tight for her, and then they found a black long hair wig. 20 minutes later they had her dress as Mrs. Addams, of the Addams family, except she show off more of her tit’s, and thighs. Looking in the mirror she didn’t think any one would relies it was her.

Walking into the big dark, creepy mansion was kind of scary, only candles lit the paths. “Who lives here?” she ask her friends. They all said they didn’t know. Just then a man appear from nowhere. “Would you lady’s please come with me.” he said. They follow him thru darken halls and passage ways, and into a room where they saw a coffin laying in the middle of the room. He told them to take the seats over there. They went over and sat down in the chairs facing the coffin, and each was given a drink, then the man left. Jane down hers rather quickly, and the others took theirs slowly. Jane was feeling kind of funny, and the room was moving, when she look over at her friends, she saw that they were on the floor and they were not moving. “Come with me please the master would like to see you.” she heard Ordu Escort someone said. But she couldn’t see him, it was to dark. She felt someone touch her arm and help her to her feet and walk her up to the coffin. She watch as the lid slowly open, There in the coffin was a young, tall dark and handsome man, and he was completely nude. When the lid stop moving he sat up and turn to Jane. Smiling he look into her eyes and she felt glue to the floor.

As he stood up and climb out, she saw that his cock was hard and weird looking. It wasn’t like a normal man’s cock that pointed up, this one pointed down to the floor, and it had the biggest head she had ever seen. Slowly he walk over to her and took her hand, guiding her into another room, where she saw a wall line with TV sets, and a bed, a huge one in the center of the room. And there sitting on the bed was two black cats, one was fucking the other. When he wave his hand they ran off, and out of the room. He turn her to the screens, as he stood behind her and undress her. Looking up at the screens she saw her friends were a room with three other men and they were sucking on their cocks, while two men were fucking their ass’s. As she look at the others, she saw them in all states of dress and undress.

He turn her around to face him, and she try to say something, but it wouldn’t come out. He lead her to the bed and place her in the middle and laid down next to her. She could feel his hands move across her body, squeezing and pinching her nipples, then she felt his mouth on them, as his hand move down, Ordu Escort Bayan and a finger jab in her pussy. He kept this up for what seem like forever, then he roll her over and lifted her hips up, putting her in a doggy position. she felt him move behind her and then his cock slamming into her.

she couldn’t do anything but take his pounding cock, she felt his hand reach under her and a finger rub on her clit. Then she felt him stiffen, and he grunted, then she felt his cum running down her legs. He Pull his cock out and turn her over again. She saw that he was still hard.

He wasn’t done with her yet, he just wanted to take a breather. When he was ready he was going to take her again, but this time she would be facing him. Looking at the clock, he knew that the drug would only last a few more hours, then he would have to let her go. He pull her on top and ease his cock up her pussy again. Holding her hips, he push and pull her on his cock, He love it, and he could only get away with it once a year. Being in total control over a woman, making her do what he wanted, usual it was just having one or more suck his odd looking cock, or once in while he would fuck their ass, but this year and with this lady, he wanted more, he wanted to feel her pussy wrap around his cock. He has been watching her for the last year, when ever he came into the office to do business with her boss. This year he took advantage of it, And now that his time with her was almost over, he would have to take her home. His last shot of cum was still inside her pussy, and Escort Ordu he was still hard when he pulled out.

Carefully he dressed her again, and he carried her to his car. Driving her home would be the last time he would see her, except when he visited the offices. Carrying her up and into her apartment, his cock was aching, he lay her down on her bed and undress her again. As he was pulling the sheet up, he stop, dropping the sheet he walk closer to her head and open his pants and pull out his cock, resting it on her mouth. She open her mouth and lick his cock, and soon was sucking on it. “Man. feels so good, How I wish I could have her always.” he whisper to himself. She had almost all his cock in her throat now and he wanted to fuck her again. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he lay on top of her and slowly ease his hard cock in her wet pussy. He fucked her slow and long, bring her to many orgasms, before he would take his, he buried his cock deeply into her pussy, and exploded, filling her with his cum, and not a drop came out when he pulled out to leave.

Standing above her, looking down at the most beautiful lady he ever known. “How I wish you were mine forever.” he said and left the room.

Three months later after leaving the Doctor’s office she went upstairs to her bosses office and demeaned to know what had happen on Halloween night. Fearing a law suit he told her. Leaving the offices she went down stairs. She saw the limo in the under ground parking lot, and saw him getting out and his driving walking with him to the elevators. She quickly got into the car to wait for him. Hours seem to pass and she was getting tired so she curl up on the seat and fell asleep.

She woke up when the car took off. Looking up at him. “Hello Mr. Black, I seem to be carrying your baby.” was all she said to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32