A Treat for a Trick

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Ted was in a rush to get back to the apartment and get out of there before Greg got home. He should have taken his time. Greg was there waiting for him.

“Trying to get out of the bet, Ted?” Greg taunted.

“Of course not,” Ted lied.

The bet was one of those stupid things the two of them (along with several of their friends) were always setting up. Although the bets were for the most part somewhat stupid, the pay-offs were always seriously moronic. The pay-off for this bet was to wear the famous “Molester” costume to Tracie’s Halloween Costume Party tonight.

The problem with this particular costume is that it consists of only a worn-out trench coat and a beat-up fedora. That’s all. Nothing else.

In its first incarnation, the coat was worn over one’s regular clothes with a sign that said “naked” around the neck. The following year the costume was worn with underwear and the sign. After that it was worn with just the sign (the string around the neck having been strategically lengthened). Since getting back to town after his five years in college and one year in Europe, Ted had discovered that the costume was now being worn with nothing on underneath, although socks and shoes were permitted.

Greg handed him the costume.

“Oh, and Ted,” Greg teased, “don’t forget, you have to flash at least three women at the party before you can go home and change.”

“Don’t worry I’ll do it,” Ted replied, going into his bedroom to undress.

He took off his clothes and pulled on the ridiculously large trench coat, wrapped it around himself and tied the belt. He jammed the hat down on his head and made sure he had his wallet and car keys in the trench coat pocket.

He was not looking forward to this night.

Back in the living room Greg was dressed up all in black and had a prop Katanna in his belt. A skin-tight black cap and a black scarf around his mouth and nose masking his face, completed the ensemble.

The party was at a mutual friend’s place, a large house out in the suburbs and as Greg and Ted circled the block looking for a parking spot it was obvious that the party was well attended. They finally found a spot, left the car and walked back to the house.

There was a bit of a breeze in the air and as Ted walked, the air circulated up under the coat and around his bare cock and balls. He was loath to admit it, but the freedom from pants and even underwear was quite invigorating.

They knocked on the front door and were let in by a young woman dressed like a pirate.

“You guys must be Bruce Lee and Columbo,” she declared and then wandered off.

“Actually a Ninja and a Pervert,” Greg corrected to the empty vestibule.

Greg gave Ted a ‘thumbs-up’ sign and took off to find the bar. Ted decided to scope out the party and try to determine which women would be most receptive to being flashed. Best to get this over with and get out of here.

While he was doing so, Greg slipped by and handed him a rum and coke.

“Courage, my dear boy,” Greg whispered with a fake British accent, “Liquid courage.” And in a second he had disappeared just like a Ninja. Vanished before Ted could strike back either verbally or physically. Ted took one sip of the drink and set it down on a nearby table. As he was going to be driving, soon hopefully, he thought it best that he stick to non-alcoholic drinks.

Ted spotted a group of three young women over on a couch in the den and figured that if he flashed them all at once it would satisfy the needs of the bet and he could get out of here. He made his way out of the living room and down the hall into the den. In the time it took to cross that small distance, two of the women had taken off to parts unknown and the one remaining girl was deep in conversation with someone in a Godzilla costume. Not wanting to flash Godzilla, Ted cast his eyes about the den looking for other prey.

At the far end of the room was a bar with a gorilla behind it and sitting on a stool at the bar was a hooker, at least the woman sitting there was dressed like one. She caught Ted’s eye and smiled. There was something about her that Ted found attractive in spite of the garish costume. She was a slim, well-built black woman and was dressed like a cliché prostitute, wearing red stiletto shoes and a matching red mini-skirt with a tight orange tube top barely covering her large tits. Her make-up was overdone and she sported a bright red wig that matched her skirt.

Ted caught her eye and was immediately transfixed. She seemed familiar somehow. As he walked over to her, his eyes took in even more of her. She had slight crows feet in the corners of her eyes and as she smiled you could see the laugh-lines form. She was older than she first appeared at a distance and in spite of the slutty costume, she looked very sexy and distinguished. She appeared to be about thirty-eight to forty, which made her quite a bit older than Ted’s twenty-six years. The difference in their ages didn’t Bostancı Escort mean much to Ted… there was still something familiar about her.

“Who are you supposed to be?” she asked and she smiled.

“Want some candy little girl?” Ted asked as he whipped open the trench coat and flashed her.

As the familiarity of her voice jogged his memory, Ted quickly covered himself back up. It was Mrs. Walker… his grade ten English teacher! He had just flashed his cock at Mrs. Walker! He felt his face burning red.

She acted as if nothing untoward had happened. “That’s quite a piece you’ve got there,” she responded, “of candy I mean.” And again Ted was hit by her marvelous smile.

Back in tenth grade Ted had had an enormous crush on Mrs. Walker and had even gone so far as writing a short story for an assignment that had featured a student and a teacher falling in love and getting married. For most of that year he had attended class with a hard-on. It seemed to him that Mrs. Walker went out of her way to tease him, wearing provocative clothing and bending over and everything. He had barely made it through that year and now here she was.

There had been a twenty-year gulf between them back then, but now ten years later he had changed quite a bit and she hadn’t changed at all. He was taller by at least eight inches and had filled out quite a bit due to his more athletic lifestyle in college, but she hadn’t changed at all. She didn’t look any older and she was still as sexy as all get out. Ted was pretty sure that she hadn’t recognized him. After all, his best friend had barely recognized him when he had first got back to town.

Ted was astounded that she was still so beautiful. When you put aside all the crappy make-up and the too-small-for-her hooker clothes, Ted could tell that she was just as breathtakingly gorgeous as she was back when he was in high school.

I didn’t have a shot with her back then but maybe I do now, Ted thought, As long as she doesn’t find out who I am.

“So what are you doing here?” he asked.

“Just lookin’ for tricks.” She replied with a slangy hooker type voice.

“So what do ya charge?” Ted asked, getting into the performance.

“As much as I can get.”

“I’m sure I can come up with something,” he said.

“Maybe some of that candy of yours?” she asked with a smile.

Ted couldn’t believe his ears. Mrs. Walker was flirting with him! This could be his lucky day. He glanced at her hands and was pleased to see that she wasn’t sporting any rings on her left ring finger. Perhaps Mr. Walker wasn’t in the picture anymore, he thought to himself.

“I’m sure we could work something out,” he replied.

“I’m Rita,” she said holding out her hand.

“I’m Ted,” he took her hand and raised it to his lips. “Enchanted.”

That brought about another smile. God, she is so beautiful!

Ted’s eyes glided up and down her figure. Up close he could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her nipples appeared to be hard. He was all set to ask if she wanted to go somewhere with him when she got up off the stool and stood close to him.

“I have to let someone know I’m leaving and then maybe we can go somewhere more private.” She quickly left him standing there.

Hot damn! Ted looked around and spotted Greg off to the side by the patio doors. He walked over.

“Greg, I’m gonna take off… I’ve got a bit of a date.”

“Not before you finish the bet, I hope.”

Ted spun around and walked over to a group of four young women dressed in various vampire/goth type costumes and flung open his trench coat.

“Want some candy little girls?”

This got the required laughs and chuckles. One girl even choked a bit on her drink. Ted quickly covered himself back up and returned to Greg.


“But of course my dear chap,” he replied and then added, dropping the accent, “good luck with your ‘date.’ I’ll get my own ride home.”

“Don’t wait up!” Ted called over his shoulder as he went looking for Mrs. Walker. Rita… don’t forget her name is Rita.

* * * *

Two hours earlier, in an apartment several blocks away from the party…

Rita stood there looking at the costume that her sister had laid out for her on the bed.

“You don’t actually expect me to go to this party dressed like a hooker, do you?” she asked.

Her sister Alicia was out in the kitchen and for a moment Rita thought that she might not have heard. Before she could repeat herself Alicia breezed into the room.

“Listen Sis, you’ve been living like a nun ever since the divorce. I think you need this costume party. And you never know… dressed like that you may even get lucky.”

“‘Licia, I don’t think anyone will look twice at a fifty year old women dressed like a hooker.”

“First off, you’re not going to be fifty for another two years and secondly you will look amazing in that outfit. Believe me, Ümraniye Escort you’ll be a true cougar.”

“Cougar?” Rita asked.

“Fuck Sis, don’t you know anything? A Cougar is a sexy older woman who fucks young men. And it’ll be mostly young men where we’re going tonight.”

“God Alicia, I’m not going tonight to get laid,” Rita said.

“Au contraire. The only reason I’m taking you to this party tonight is to make sure you get royally shagged and I’m not going to let anything you say or do get in your way.” Alicia explained. “Now get into your costume and let’s get out of here.”

Rita gave up trying to argue and started to take off her conservative clothes, carefully folding and placing them in a neat pile on her sister’s bed. She stood there naked and looked at herself in her sister’s full-length mirror. She was still pleased with her body. At forty-eight there aren’t many woman of color with a body like mine. Of course, most don’t like to spend as much time in the gym as I do.

She always thought that her legs were her best feature and they were still tight and well muscled. Her ass was still on the good side of wide and she had started shaving her pubic hair when she had noticed a while back that it was turning gray. Her stomach was starting to show a slight bulge that no amount of crunches seemed to be able to get rid of, but it was still barely noticeable.

It’s my tits that show my age, she thought, they’re too big and droopy. After talking to her doctor about recent back pain she had almost decided that she should look into getting the breast reduction he had suggested.

She pulled on the tube top and even without a bra it seemed to lift and emphasize her tits. Not bad! She looked for the rest of the costume.

“‘Licia… there’s no panties with this costume!”

“You’re not supposed to wear any.” Alicia replied from the other room.

Fuck that. Rita dug through her own clothing, pulled out her panties and put them on, slipping the skirt on over them. She walked over to the closet and pulled out a pair of her sister’s “fuck-me” stilettos that matched the skirt and put them on as well.

She walked out into the living room with her hips swinging. Alicia was already there and dressed in her costume as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

“Hey sailor, want to have a goooood time?” she drawled.

“God, Sis, you look good enough to eat. Let’s get some really trashy make-up on you and we should be ready to roll.”

Noticing her sister’s costume for the first time Rita cried, “Oh my God! I didn’t know that Princess Leia was black!” in fake astonishment.

“Fuck you too, Sis… now come over here.”

Rita sat down and Alicia proceeded to make her up. When she was through, Alicia pulled a red wig out of her purse and handed it to Rita.

“This will complete the costume.”

Rita looked at the cheap wig and laughed. “That’s for sure. Now I’ll really look the part.” She slipped it on over her short kinky hair.

It took the two of them a half an hour to get to the party and Rita was unsure the whole way whether or not she was actually going to go through with this.

The party was being held at the home of one of Alicia’s co-workers, but it wasn’t Tracie that answered the door. Instead it was a young blond girl wearing her hair in a pigtail and sporting an eye-patch.

“It’s Slave-girl Leia and a Hooker,” the girl called over her shoulder. “Come on in,” she added to the two women.

The women entered the house and wandered around. There were a lot of pirates both male and female. Because of the popularity of the Johnny Depp films, Rita guessed. She noticed another hooker in the living room only this one was wearing a see-through top and an almost transparent bra. Not something I’d ever have the guts to wear, Rita thought.

Alicia had wandered off. So Rita made her way into the back room and ordered a vodka gimlet from the guy in the gorilla suit who was tending bar.

She had just started to sip her drink when a young white guy in a trench coat wandered in to the room. There was something about him that seemed familiar to Rita, but she couldn’t quite place him. She watched him as his eyes took her in and she was delighted to see a look of interest on his face.

As he walked over to her, she suddenly realized where she had seen him. He had been a student of hers. It had been several years before but she still remembered him. He wrote that short story, she reminded herself. The one that had a student and a teacher falling in love. God, it stopped just short of being pornographic!

She had really liked the story and had taken a real interest in him as a student. God, I used to tease him so much. It would have been different if he had been a black student. I couldn’t have gotten away with as much as I did if he hadn’t been the only white student in my class that year.

She was curious as to what his costume was as he walked Kartal Escort over and so she asked him.

In response he whipped open the trench coat and asked, “Want some candy little girl?”

Rita’s eyes slid down over his revealed body. He was naked underneath! Her eyes lingered on his cock. It was quite large and uncut. She wondered what it would be like to touch it… stroke it. It would be her first white cock. In a flash he had closed his coat again and she looked up to his face. He was blushing!

It struck her like a bolt of lightning that he didn’t recognize her. I could make at least some of his story come true and he wouldn’t even know it!

“That’s quite a piece you’ve got there,” she paused, “of candy I mean.” She couldn’t help but smile at his obvious nervousness. This could be fun.

She could see him struggle to overcome his nerves and he asked her what she was doing here.

“Just lookin’ for Tricks.” She replied affecting a cliché hooker-type voice in order to further disguise herself.

“So what do ya charge?” He followed up with.

“As much as I can get.” It was clear to Rita that she was safe. He hadn’t recognized her.

“I’m sure I can come up with something,” he said.

“Maybe some of that candy of yours?” she asked. This is getting me hot! The thought of screwing this young man, a former student she thought, was getting her excited. She smiled while thoughts of his cock inside her slid through her mind.

His eyes roamed over her body and she could tell that he liked what he saw. She couldn’t help herself and sucked in her tummy and stuck out her chest. His eyes locked on her tits and she could feel her nipples harden under his gaze. I want to fuck him! She could feel a tingle start up in her pussy.

He introduced himself as Ted he was always “Edward” in class and she told him her first name which I’m pretty sure he never knew. As part of the introduction he took her hand and kissed the back of it. Her flesh warmed where his lips touched her and she could feel a corresponding heat begin between her legs.

His eyes passed over her body again and she felt herself respond as if he was physically touching her. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this and that thought make it even more exciting. Fuck it! We’re both adults She smiled.

Having made the decision that she was going to fuck this former student, she slid off the barstool. Before she left, she would have to find her sister and tell her that she was leaving.

“I have to let someone know I’m leaving and then maybe we can go somewhere more private.” She went off to see what trouble her sister had managed to get herself into.

She walked around the entire house and couldn’t find her sister, but while walking she had come up with an idea. He flashed me, so I should at least return the favor. She asked someone where the bathroom was, and was directed to one down the hall. She walked to the door and slipped in.

Alicia was in there with a white guy. He was dressed as Luke Skywalker and was sitting on the john with his pants down. Alicia was sitting on his lap facing him with her bra pushed up and his mouth fastened to one of her tits. As her sister bounced up and down Rita caught glimpses of the large white cock that her sister was enthusiastically fucking.

“Awww gross ‘licia!”

“What’s gross about it?” Alicia asked after noticing it was Rita that had come in. She smiled and continued, “his cock feels pretty good to me.”

“But he’s Luke and you’re dressed as Leia! That means that right now you’re fucking your own brother,” Rita explained.

“And loving it!” Alicia yelled. The guy had seemed totally oblivious to the conversation but he must have been taking it in, as he stopped for a second and looked right at Rita.

“I’m Luke from Episode IV, so I don’t know she’s my sister yet.” Then he started thrusting again and once more buried his face in Alicia’s large brown tits.

“I’ve found someone and we’re heading back to our apartment. Is it okay?” Rita asked as she slid her panties down her legs and pulled them off.

“Oh… Yeah… Sure!” Alicia replied with her mind more on the energetic fucking she was getting than on her sister.

Rita pushed her panties into her purse and quietly slipped out of the bathroom. She walked back to the room with the bar.

* * * *

Ted was starting to get a bit worried that Mrs. Walker Rita! wouldn’t come back when he spotted her coming down the hall. She walked with such a smooth assurance that he found so incredibly sexy. She stopped at the doorway and crooked her finger at him. He came over to her.

“Do you have a car?” she asked.


“Then let’s get out of here.”

Ted followed her out of the house, watching her legs and ass as she walked ahead of him. If I don’t screw this up, I’m gonna be fucking her soon! As a high school student he had on many occasions jerked off to visions of fucking Mrs. Walker and now I’m actually going to do it. He felt his cock start to swell.

He caught up to her on the walk and took her hand as he led the way to his car. It was a fair distance and the two of them made small talk laced with double meanings as they walked.

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