A Stockboy Delivers

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It started as any other day. I left the house at 11:30 am I had to be at work by noon. It had been a long weekend already. Nothing ever goes right in my life it seems. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 20 years old and am quite shy and bashful. Never been on very many dates because I am a plain looking young man. I never did anything spectacular in school. No sports and I wasn’t a geek so the jocks nor the smart kids wanted me in their group. Since school I have worked in the local grocery store bagging groceries and stocking shelves. It is a pretty boring life. The good part of the job is when I get to deliver groceries to the people who can’t get out. The fun part of that is I get to drive my boss’ Z28 Camaro. He thinks it gets me there and back faster.

Anyway on Saturday afternoon about 4:30, I got called to the office and was told to deliver some things to a lady over on Sherman Street. I remember these ladies usually there is two of them. One is in a wheelchair and the other is always there to help her friend. As I arrived at the house I saw there was no vehicle in the drive. I rang the bell and heard someone yell come in. As I entered I heard Miss Williams say to come to the kitchen. I followed her voice down the hall and into a nice warm kitchen. The sun shining in the window and brightening the room. After I had brought all the groceries in Miss Williams asked me if I would like a glass of lemonade to cool off. I told her I should be getting back so I didn’t get into trouble. She said to relax she would call and tell my boss I was helping her put stuff away. She phoned my work and I settled into a chair across from Miss Williams.

I wondered why she was in a wheelchair but knew better then to ask, that wasn’t polite. As she brought me my lemonade she looked at me curiously. She ask why a young man like me was still delivering groceries and not out doing some exciting job or in college. I told her I was an only child whose parents where gone and I was trying to keep the house and survive since they were gone. I started to notice Miss Williams was not that old I would say in her late thirties maybe early forties. She still looked quite attractive for her age.

She must have noticed me staring because she ask me what I was thinking about. Before I even thought I said she was a nice looking lady. As soon as it left my lips I knew I had spoken out of turn and was probably in trouble. But she just smiled and thanked me for noticing. She went on to say not many people noticed all they saw was a wheelchair and a cripple. She reached out and touched my hand and squeezed it and told me I was a fine looking young man also. I was really blushing now my face beet red and I was stammering trying to figure out what to say next. Miss Williams asked me why I was so embarrassed?

It was a compliment or that was how she meant it. I told her I was not used to such things being said about me. She reached up and brushed my hair away from my face and touched my check gently. I felt all flustered inside and wasn’t sure what to do. As I looked at her she seemed to sense that I was not well versed in the ways of the opposite sex. Hell I hadn’t even kissed a girl till I was 19.

She rolled closer and whispered in my ear not to be afraid she wasn’t going to hurt me. With that she licked my earlobe softly and nipped at my neck just under it. Chills ran through my body and it felt like I was plugged into a light socket. I felt my breath quicken and my heart race a little bit. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just put my hand on her head and pulled her into me. She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me and searched out my lips. I felt her hands on my face as she pressed her mouth to mine. I could smell her perfume it was a sweet smell like flowers in the spring time. The smell of her perfume and the fact she was kissing me like she meant it was making my head spin. I started to moan and as I parted my lips to do so I felt her tongue slip past my lips into my mouth. Her tongue brushing past my teeth and starting to trace little circles on my tongue. I wasn’t sure what she wanted but it seemed to be the right thing to push back at her tongue with mine and hers retreated back to her mouth and mine followed her. I felt her suck my tongue into her mouth pulling on it as she sucked on it. She bit down on it lightly causing me to moan around my tongue and slip my hand around her head and pull her closer. She slid to the edge of her wheelchair to get closer to me. Without even thinking I pulled her onto my lap so she wouldn’t fall. As we sat by the kitchen table her in my lap and us with our tongues dueling each other like sword fighters of old.

I noticed her breasts pushing into my chest and became greatly aware of the stiffness under her leg as her thigh was across my crotch. She wiggled on my lap causing my cock to expand even more. My God I had no idea it could feel this good just to kiss and rub against a lady. Yes if you haven’t figured it out yet I am still a virgin. Kıbrıs Escort But I am aware that is all about to change. I hear my own voice as I call out to her ” Oh Miss Williams”. She tells me to call her Beth.

“Oh Beth you feel so good to me” I hear the voice saying it but it doesn’t sound like me it sounds deeper more masculine. I realize it is me, my voice has gotten deeper as I got more turned on. She is rubbing her breasts against me harder, her blouse and my shirt slipping under the force of our embrace. Her hands trail down the front of my shirt unbuttoning it as she goes down. Her fingers playing across my chest lightly pulling on my chest hairs. Her nails flick along the bottom of my nipple causing it to stand hard. Her fingers squeezing it now as they pull outward and twist softly. My cock pushes harder against my jeans and her thigh. I can feel it pulse and swell as she pulls even more on my nipple. She is wiggling on my lap now. She whispers to me she wants to straddle me so I help her move her legs around me in the chair.

She snuggles up close to me her full torso against mine. I feel my hands being moved by hers to her blouse and I get the idea. I start to unbutton her blouse and my trembling fingers touch her tummy and I feel the muscles twitch under my touch. I realize I am watching my hands move up her blouse. My mind is awhirl with thoughts of things to come and I can feel heat from her crotch on my cock through my jeans. Damn she is hot! I start to think I might actually be going to get to have sex with a woman finally. My hands finally remove her blouse and I see she has no bra on. Her breast just big enough to fill my hand as I cup it. Her nipple about the size of my little finger and about a half inch long. Such beautiful breasts, not that I have seen alot of breasts in my short life but beautiful all the same. I lean down and kiss her left breast and blow gently across it, my breath making the nipple jump and tighten even more. Unsure what to do next I kiss back up her chest onto her neck and bite softly like she had done to me earlier. I feel Beth’s body shiver as I bite and nip at her neck and lick ever so lightly along the outside of her ear. Her nipples pushing into my chest. They feel like they are on fire they are so hot. They seem to be boring little holes in my chest they are so hard. Her hands are now between us and I feel her loosen my belt. Her fingers unbuttoning my jeans. I feel her slipping inside my jeans and into my underwear. My cock is flexing in her hand as she closes it around my shaft. It feels so different to have someone else touch me there. Her hand rubbing me gently.

I hear her moan as she grasps me and she says ” My Goodness you are thick” and she squeezes me harder. I feel myself push up at her hand as she pulls my cock out of my jeans and into the space between us. As she frees my cock it twitches and pulls free of her hand and hits her on her tummy. She reaches for me as fast as I get loose from her. I can feel in her touch a need to feel my cock. I have the same need for her to feel it. Her fingers reaching around the head and not touching each other. She uses both hands to stroke the head of my cock. Telling me it feels so hard and hot in her hand. I can look down and watch her hands as they are stroking me. As she pulls up her hands come over the head I see drops of pre-cum forming on the tip. Her hands then smearing it around my cock head and slipping back down my shaft, making my whole cock slick. In a trembling voice I tell her if she keeps that up we will be a mess between us. My cock is flexing and twitching quite rapidly now. I can feel my balls tightening up as she backs off and stops moving her hands and just holds my cock firmly between her hands and her tummy. My Fingers now twirling around her nipples, pinching slightly causing her to shiver.

I must see where all that heat is coming from, I want to see her pussy. Taking her tenderly into my arms I stand and set her lightly on the table. She is still trying to hang onto my cock but I pull back so I can remove my jeans. Reluctantly she lets go and watches me strip off my last remaining clothes. I can see the passion in her eyes as they look me up and down. It causes me to have a surge of confidence that I have never known. I believe now I can give this lovely lady all she needs and wants. My fingers no longer trembling I reach for her jeans and gently remove the last of her clothing also as I pull her jeans and panties off in one fluid motion. ” OH BABY” I hear myself say as I drink in her beauty. Her softly turning shoulders, her breast medium sized not firm like a young girl but yet not sagging much, the nipples standing proud out from them. The slope of her tummy as it melts into her pubic mound. The light downy hair that is covering her mound, a whispy blonde color almost white. As I look more I see her lips as they open slightly to show me her hard little clit, the tip poking out through the hair. I see the moisture on her lips and Kıbrıs Escort Bayan can see that they are swollen and pouty where the wetness is coming from.

I walk up and bend over her to kiss her. Our tongues again doing battle with each other but this time I am the leader. I pull her to me as we kiss and feel her nude warm body touch mine as we start to kiss more passionately. I pull back slightly and bite her lower lip and kiss across her chin and down to her neck. Stopping to suck lightly on her Adams apple, as I feel her swallow hard. Her hands roaming over my back and shoulders. I whisper in a raspy voice how beautiful her body is and how much I want to make her happy. She smiles and says ” you already have made me happy, You have the gentle touch of a lover that is destined to give great pleasure to those who are willing to experience you.” With that my head both of them swelled with pride. I lick my way down to her left breast, it looks a little bigger then the other one and I want to check this out. With my hand cupping it I lick the outside of it feeling her draw her breath in sharply. I lick around her breast moving my hand as I do so always holding it in my hand, but yet keeping my hand out of the way. I hear her moan as she runs her fingers through my hair. My cock is so hard it hurts. It is laying across her mound as I lean over her. I can feel her rolling her hips from side to side as it rubs along her clit. I pull up and look down at her as she looks down at my cock so close to her pussy yet not in it. My cock is jumping and twitching. The head raising up and then drops back down on her mound while the underside of my shaft smacks her clit solidly every time it falls. I can’t stand it anymore I must feel what it is like inside this woman.

I pull her over closer to the edge of the table, holding her legs up in my arms. As I push my hips back I see my cock slip lower and can feel the heat from the moisture surrounding her hole. She reaches between us and grasps my cock and lines it up with her pussy. I slowly inch my head inside her. It takes all the willpower I have not to slam forward and bury myself inside her. God knows I want to take my time and let her and I both enjoy this if I can. I can feel her inner muscles start to grab at me as I sink farther into her. After about the first three inches is in I pull back slightly to get a better angle. She starts to protest till I push forward again and more of my cock goes in her. She stops me as it feels like I have hit bottom my head against the back wall of her pussy. She looks down and can still see that there is more to go I am only about three quarters of the way in. ” MY GOD” “I have never been so full in my life” she says between deep sighs.

She says to take it slow she wants it all, but slowly. I am not sure if she will take all of it as it feels like it is stretched as far open as it will go and my head is touching the back. I start to pull back and as I watch I can see her lips turn out and I can see her inner lips trying to pull out with me. I pull out till just my head is inside her and then push back firmly shoving my cock back into her. Starting to stroke more and holding her legs tighter as I pull her towards me more her ass is right on the edge of the table now. I have complete access to her pussy. I push up on her legs and her ass raises up allowing me even better access to her. My hips are now driving in and out solidly. I feel my balls slapping her on the ass every time I go in. I now have her legs against my body and across my chest. I have grabbed her hips and am pulling her into me with every thrust in I make. Our bodies slapping together in a rhythm that is almost primitive. All we can hear are our moans and the slapping sound of our bodies meeting. She is taking everything I have to offer now. My cock is completely surrounded by her flesh every time I drive home. She starts to scream out she is cumming which makes me slam harder into her to bring her even greater pleasure. As I slam hard into her I feel her pussy grip me even more. I can feel my cock start to swell the seed swirling inside my balls knowing that I am about to cum inside this beautiful lady. I can hear myself start to groan louder and I scream out “I am cumming too”. I can feel my sperm traveling along my shaft causing it to expand in its heated rush for release. My cock head feeling like it is swelling enough to explode as the fluid shoots forth from me deep inside her pussy. I can feel it splash against her inner walls and then surround my cock as even more rushes forward out of me and into her.

She says she is seeing flashing colors in her mind and her breath is coming in short gasps. My cumming pushes her into a state of frenzy. Her body is having sensations crash through it she hasn’t felt forever she whispers as if not to lose the feelings. Her pussy tightening as my seed starts to slip out of her because she is too full to hold it along with my hard cock. She says she can feel me still flexing Escort Kıbrıs and she knows I am still shooting more into her as I hold onto her tightly. Just then the phone shatters the passion as it rings. Let it ring she says as we struggle to push the distraction out of our minds as we hump together in unison trying to get every little last bit of pleasure out of our bodies.

It stops ringing and then starts again as if someone knows we are there. This time I step back to get her the phone. As I do my cock pulls out and my seed comes pouring out after me. My cock dancing in the air as I walk to the phone and back to her. Handing her the phone she talks to someone. I hear her say she is sorry to have kept him so long but she was having trouble with some things and was extremely happy that he was here. she would send him back soon. As she handed me the phone I hung it up and she laughed and said it was my boss. I had forgotten I was on a delivery run. My cock still bouncing in the air as I walked back to her. My God does that thing stay hard like that for along time? Beth says as she grabs for my cock as I approach her. She pulls me toward her with my cock. As I get close to her she swings her body around and sucks the head of my cock into her mouth. Her mouth stretches out to let the head all in and she tries to tickle the underside with her tongue.

Her hand cups my balls and squeezes them rolling them around in her palm. I remind her my boss just called and that I need to get back to work before I get in trouble. Her response is to try to swallow more of me and to stroke my shaft with her free hand. I have to admit her mouth feels wonderful on my cock. She takes as much as she can inside her mouth and strokes the rest as her saliva runs down the length of shaft showing. She sucks hard on my head and squeezes my balls at the same time. As she pulls back for a second she says she wants one more before I go. Then she scoops the head back into her mouth. I grab the back of her head and push my cock firmly between her lips and feel the head hit her throat. I hear her moan as I pull her head back and forth on my cock stroking firmly in her mouth.

After a few minutes of this I need to feel her pussy around me again. I pick her up and carry her into the living room and lay her across the arm of the couch with her ass in the air. As I look down I can see her pussy from behind and it still looks angry and swollen. The lips all pouty and wet. I can see her asshole tighten up as she flexes her inner muscles waiting on my cock to enter her again. I lean forward and slide my cock along her ass down toward her pussy leaving a wet trail of precum and saliva from where she was sucking on me. I slap her on her ass with my cock as I get closer to her pussy. I reach her lips and I push in and watch my cock sink into her. This time she is ready for me. I grab her hips and pull her to me as I let all my cock slip inside her in about two strokes. Knowing I don’t have a lot of time I start to thrust hard and fast right out the gate. She moans as I plow deeply into her.

My only thought is making us cum and emptying my balls again inside her. I feel her reach back and rub her clit as I am sliding my cock to and fro inside her. Holding her by her hips feeling her dangle on my cock as I fuck faster and harder in her. The first time was slow and passionate this time is hurried and hard. We both are looking for release from our animalistic needs. Our minds seeing nothing and hearing nothing but the labored breathing and sweaty pounding of our bodies against each other as we fuck like there is no tomorrow and this is our last time to do so. I can feel her hand under my balls as they slap against her fingers rubbing her clit with each inward stroke. My cock is a blur now as I am pistoning faster into her and my thumb plays around her asshole. I feel the tip of my thumb pass inside her asshole as I am slamming home in her pussy. I hear her scream “easy” as I enter her ass she says it has never had anything in it before. Her body starts to quiver and shake as an orgasm starts deep inside her, spurned on by the fact that her ass has been invaded also as well as her pussy.

I hear her cry out as her orgasm takes over and she goes limp under me and just shakes with pleasure as I thrust hard and deep in her. I feel my orgasm coming on as I feel my thumb on the other side of her pussy. A thin layer of skin all that separates my cock and thumb. I scream out I am cumming and feel myself shooting inside her again. This time it rushes straight out passed my cock and down around her fingers still wrapped around her clit. Making it to slick for her to hold her clit anymore. I pull my thumb out of her ass and my cock out of her pussy as I am still pumping seed from my balls. One jet of semen shoots out across her ass and lands in the small of her back pooling there. I lay the head of my cock against her asshole not pushing in just putting the tip against the hole. As i continue to shoot I feel it slicken her asshole and go inside it. She is having convulsions now as another orgasm racks over her body. My semen making her asshole slick and the tip of my cock slipping in a little bit. She says “easy” again and I hold still just letting my cock slowly finish shooting inside her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32