A Squirrel and Kitty’s Fun Weekend

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They had chatted for months, and at this point they were desperate. It was easy these days, communicating through webcam, flirting although they shouldn’t be, but it wasn’t the same as physical touch. Looking into each other’s eyes without technology between them, feeling the heat of their fingertips, feeling the hot breath of him whispering the naughty thing he’d type to him against his ear. They both wanted it badly, but they were trying to resist- for the sake of all.

They were supposed to see each other months ago, but with the pandemic, it kept being postponed. It helped with their relationship- they could chat until late at night, watch movies together, and kindle a relationship both didn’t expect to spark like it did. But finally, finally, they were going to see each other again. How long has it been, years?

The purple kitty, swaying with his beautiful pink and purple strips, fidgeted at the airport. He was nervous, there was so much going through his head. Was his squirrel friend going to engage in anything, or was this all just shameless flirting? He didn’t know if he could stand if it was all just him. He had all these dirty thoughts in his head, and was glad that his erection was currently covered up. It strained against his pants, and he cursed himself for thinking all these dirty thoughts. But how couldn’t he- when Eric was so gorgeous?

Finally, he arrived, and they didn’t have to say much to realize how much they missed each other. They hugged, and purred, their tails intertangling in the middle of the crowd, unaware of any on-lookers. “We should go.” Shane stated, blushing from Eric’s heated expression. He was feeling so many emotions- he wanted him badly, but he knew he had to resist. It just wasn’t right, he’s never been with a creature with a dick before. But he desperately wanted to see it, to touch it, to wrap his mouth around it and feel him moan under him from his expert tongue. Fuck. The erection was back.

They checked in at the hotel, dumping their bags on the ground and looking around eagerly at the lavish space. They had spared no expense for this trip. It had been a year or so since they went to any convention, and they wanted to have a grand party that night with all their furry friends, and this hotel was perfect. It was walking distance to all the fun, and their 24th floor room had the perfect view of the sunset. Shane gasped as he felt Eric wrap his arm around him from behind, his hot breath against his ear.

“You know I can’t resist when I feel you against me like that.” He whispered, still looking out the window.

Eric smirked, already feeling his body react. “I know.” He licked the length of the kitty’s ear, the fur matted against him, and Shane shivered in response.

“We shouldn’t-“

“Why not?” He smiled, and his fingers played against Shane’s body, making him purr. When Shane didn’t respond, he spun him around, and put their nose together. Their hot breaths intermingled, and their pupils locked- staring at each other for what seemed like eternity.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Shane said, looking down and breaking eye contact.

Eric lifted his head up gently, and their eyes locked once more. eryaman escort “We just talked to each other.” He chuckled.


“Please, don’t be embarrassed with me. We’ve been through so much; I’ve never known anyone as well as I know you.”

“It’s different in real life, I’ve thought about what I want to do to you so many times, what I want you to do to me.” He blushed. “But feeling it, it’s a whole other level. I want you so bad, Eric.”

“You don’t think I feel the same?” He pecked his lips, and moved back, smiling.

“Do you?”

“Why do you think I’m so obsessed with you? I’m desperate for you. I’ve been thinking about this moment for a year now.”

“Okay.” A single tear came down, and Eric brushed it aside with his paw.

“Come on you goof, let’s go have fun.” They spent the day at the convention, checking out all

the panels and both holding bags full of goodies they got from their favourite vendors. They met with a few of their online friends, all hugging and joking, eager to see each other after being stuck at home for so long.

“I’m exhausted.” Shane said at last, checking the time to see it was some time past 7.

“We should go home and rest for a few hours and prepare for the party tonight.” Eric winked, and grabbed his paw, moving all his goodies to the other paw.

“Aw, I love how you said home.”

“I wish.”

They walked home paw in paw, and Shane decided to go shower to wash all the sweat of the convention off of him- there was still a virus going around, after all. He stripped in the bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror. His dick was desperate at this point- being around Eric was not good for him. He had multiple erections throughout the day, and at this point he just wanted to pounce. He considered touching himself in the shower, but was still feeling a little nervous. He wondered if Eric felt the same. He stepped in the shower, the heat steaming against his body.

“Can I come in?” He jumped at the voice, and immediately knew who it was.

“Um… um…” He stammered.

“Too late.” The glass door slid open, and a naked Eric stepped inside, grinning. Shane couldn’t help but look directly at his dick, it stared angrily back at him, straining to burst.

“You’re so ready for me.” Shane whispered.

“I always am. I can’t take it anymore, Shane. I need you.” Their mouths intertangled against each other immediately, and Eric pushed him against the wet wall of the shower, the cold porcelain against his hot skin. Their tongues battled against each other, both fighting for the upper hand. Shane immediately had his own erection, and they rubbed against each other, feeling each other’s heat. Eric reached down and stroked it, and Shane gasped against his lips, moaning loudly. Eric grinned, and stroked harder.

“It’s always so different when it’s someone else’s hand.” He said, barely able to get the words out.

“And I know what I’m doing.” Eric said, and proceeded to lick Shane’s ear again, sending shivers down his body.

“Yeah–” He stopped as Eric gave him another slow and long stroke. He moaned loudly sincan escort again.

“I love your dick, it’s so hard for me.” He whispered urgently.

“I want you so bad.” His heated breath left a trail of fog in the air, and their stared intently at each other, waiting to see what would happen next.

Suddenly, Eric let go. Shane let out a mew in frustration. “Why’d you stop?”

“I want you to touch yourself for me. Show me what you like.”

Shane blushed, looking up at him with hooded eyes. “But… that’s embarrassing.”

Eric bit his plush bottom lip, drawing a bit of blood. “If you want me-” He pressed his erection firmly against his body. “Do it.”

He closed his eyes and leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. He lifted his paw and touched his erection, stroking it up and down like he always did, thinking about Eric. But this time, he knew he was being watched- and it made him so hard. He couldn’t believe someone could make him feel this way. He felt desperate, needy, he needed to cum so bad it wasn’t even funny. He couldn’t believe Eric could compose himself like this. The speed of his paws increased, and his breathing increased along with it. His thoughts were swirling in this head, thinking of all the things he wanted to do at this moment with the beautiful creature standing next to him.

“Stop.” Eric said. “I think I’ve learned enough.”

Shane made a whining noise, upset he was stopped right before he was about to cum. Eric turned off the shower, and wrapped Shane in a towel, wiping him off gently but also caressing all his sensitive spots, making Shane make a few uncharacteristic noises.

“I love how sensitive you are right now.”

“Hmph.” Shane said, and dried Eric off as well. He was going to win this battle, Eric has been way too composed so far.

As soon as they got out of the bathroom, he checked the time. 8:16p.m. They still had an hour or so before people started arriving. He pushed Eric against the bed, and he flopped down, still grinning at him. He won’t be grinning for much longer. Shane thought, his erection throbbing once more. He’s never had one that lasted this long, and he wanted to cum so badly.

He moved on top of Eric, and opened his mouth, moving towards him, Eric strained his neck up to meet him, and Shane moved back. Eric groaned in anger. “What are you doing?”

“Just teasing you the way you’ve teased me.” He licked his neck and nibbled down his chest, taking his time to explore the squirrel’s body.

“Stop-I already want you.” Eric said between soft moans. Shane went down his stomach and onto his legs, ignoring the straining cock all together. Eric moaned again in response. He nibbled his thighs gently, then made slow stroking motions, up and down. Up and down. “Come on already.” Eric shifted back and forth, agitated.

“Stop moving, or I’ll stop all together.” Shane said authoritatively. Eric was shocked, he didn’t think he had it in him. He blushed, and couldn’t believe how turned on he was. He always knew he was good at being on top, but seeing Shane give him orders- it was doing something to him he couldn’t understand. etlik escort He decided to let him continue, he nodded.

Shane continued his slow torment, and when he sucked Eric’s balls, putting them in his mouth to play with, Eric buckled uncontrollably, making a guttural noise. “Please…”

“Hmm… Do you want something?” Shane asked, grinning.

Eric nodded aggressively, at this point unable to get words out.

“Tell me.”

“Your mouth. On my dick.”

“Good boy.” Shane said, and indulged in his request, immediately putting his entire length in his mouth. Eric almost screamed in response. Shane has never given a BJ before, but having a dick himself, he knew exactly what he was doing. He flicked his tongue at the right areas, and expertly moved his mouth through the whole length, circling his tongue over the tip over and over in response. Eric mewled and grinded underneath him, desperate.

“I’m going to cum.” Shane smiled, and felt his dick throb again in response to Eric’s begging. It wanted to be inside Eric desperately- but now was not the time. He had the whole weekend, afterall.

Shane gave one more long stroke and Eric moaned loudly, then Shane stopped all together, moving away from him, licking the precum off his sharp incisors.

“Oh, did you want something?” He asked, grinning, his teeth flashing against the light.

“Fuck you, Shane.”

“That’s not the way to ask for something.”

“Please, make me cum. I need it.”

“Oh, why didn’t you just say so?” His tongue attacked Eric’s dick once more, and Eric screamed out loud, thrashing against the bed. Shane put his paw against Eric’s mouth, worried someone outside would hear the squirrel’s desperate moans.

Eric stopped after a few final thrusts, and Shane licked his lips, savouring the squirrel’s juices against his tongue. It tasted better than he imagined, the strong manly scent now lingering in the air. “That was.” Pant. “The best.” Pant. “Orgasm.” Pant. “Ever.”

“I can do better.” Shane smiled.

“My turn.” Eric expertly flipped Shane around, and Shane’s four paws were against the bed, kitty-style.

“What are you doing? You can’t be hard again.”

“For you? I’m always hard. And now that I’m covered in cum, I’m going to slide in your tight little ass with ease.” Shane immediately felt nervous. He knew he’s always wanted it, and that he’s trained with bad dragon dildos at home many times, but he’s never had an actual dick inside him- especially one this big. He didn’t know if he could take it- what if it was extremely painful? All of this went away when Eric slipped in with ease with just one hard thrust. Shane bit against the pillow, hiding his scream.

Eric slipped out slowly, and then thrusted hard again. Shane couldn’t even think clearly anymore. All he could think about was the dick inside of him, in and out, in and out. Expertly grinding against him. His body grinded back in response, Shane completely losing control of it. It was like nothing he ever felt before. As Eric started to find his rhythm, he reached for Shane’s dick, jacking him off the exact way he needed.

“I-” Shane said, groaning. “I need to cum.”

“Do it, do it for me.” Eric said, whispering against his ear. He gave him a few final pumps, and both screamed out together, completely ignoring anyone that could be listening. They collapsed on top of each other, the bed wet with their sweat and the smell of their sex and cum in the air.

This was going to be a great weekend.

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