A Somalian Woman in Love

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Right now, I am lying naked in my bed. Deep inside my apartment in the town of Vanier, Ontario. Not far from Donald Street in the Overbrook area. I am completely naked, save for my hijab. I only take it off when I’m sleeping, sorry. Thos are the rules I was raised with. However, rules were made to be broken. And I am definitely breaking the rules as I urge my man to keep going. You see, my sexy Haitian-American boyfriend Stephen Marc-Antoine is kneeling before me and licking my sweet pussy. I smile as his tongue sends little waves of pleasure coursing through me. He is going all out tonight, determined to make me cum for him. I do love his energy.

My name is Juhaynah Abdul and I am a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I attend Carleton University, where I study Nursing. A lot of my Somali sisters on campus only date Somali guys and the few who go outside the race date white guys or Arab guys. Me, I’ve got a thing for Black guys from other parts of the great motherland of Africa and beyond. And I found those loud and outspoken Haitian men in Montreal and Toronto uniquely sexy. From what I heard my Haitian lady friends say, Haitian guys have their faults but they’re great lovers. They’re all kinky bastards who will try anything to please a woman in bed. How could I resist the urge to try one?

My Stephen is so damn good at licking pussy. This Haitian stud was born and raised in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. He used to attend Bridgewater State University but after a lacklustre academic year and some personal trouble, his parents sent him to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to straighten him out. He’s been staying at his uncle and aunt’s house in the town of Orleans. Stephen is new to Ottawa and he has a thing for us Somali ladies. We really like him on the Carleton University campus, where he studies Law. That’s more than okay by me. I wish more Black American guys would come to the City of Ottawa. They’re more fun than Black Canadian males, those bozos are obsessed with fat white chicks. I don’t know why so many Black guys go for ugly fat white chicks these days. So many of them are into them. Not my Stephen. He loves Black women. I giggle as he slides his fingers deep inside my cunt. Hot damn, he is doing things to me!

I rub my tits together as Stephen continues working his magic on my pussy. If only my friends and family members could see me now. I think they would have a fit, especially my parents. My father Mohammed Abdul is the Imam of the Somali Muslim community of Greater Ottawa. Our mosque has about a thousand members. We Somalians are a close-knit community in the City of Ottawa. We have to be. Everybody in Ottawa seems to have something against Somali folks. I’m not just talking about the xenophobic Europeans. Other immigrant groups like Haitians, Chinese, Jamaicans, Koreans, Mexicans and Arabs have istanbul esc something against Somali folks too. As a result, there is tension between Somalis and everybody else in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, that’s the way it has been for a long time. That tension extends to Africans of other nations by the way. And my father wouldn’t approve if he knew I was dating a Black guy of Haitian descent who was raised in the United States of America. My father basically hates everything American. He thinks they’re all infidels and crooks. He particularly dislikes United States President Barack Obama, whom he considers to be another pawn of the Israel Lobby of America. I explained to him that the U.S. President is a good man who’s trying to do the right thing but can’t please the entire world. My father won’t listen. He is really set in his ways. What can you do, you know? Some people simply cannot see the world through a different lens.

Stephen slides two fingers inside of me while teasing my clitoris with the tip of his tongue. I shriek in pleasure. Man, he definitely hit my spot! As I shudder with pleasure, Stephen intensifies things. He shoves his thick fingers deeper inside of me, and I squirm in delight. An orgasm rocks my body and I scream even louder as my sexy Haitian-American lover sends me to nirvana with his sexual expertise. Allah be praised, Stephen is amazing! I have tears of joy in my eyes as I slowly calm down. Stephen looks up at me and smiles. What a sharp contrast between us. I’m five-foot-ten, chubby and dark-skinned, with shoulder-length Black hair. In spite of the fact that I’m at Good Life Fitness Club every day, I’m still chubby. My hips are wide. My butt is big and round. And my body is curvy. Stephen is six feet two inches tall, muscular but slender, with medium brown skin, long hair braided into neat dreadlocks, and light gray eyes. His mother Stella Ramirez is pure Dominican but his father Joseph Marc-Antoine is half Black and half white. I don’t usually go for mulatto guys because many of them have a complex but Stephen was cool. He considers himself Black, rather than biracial.

Stephen pulled me into his arms and kissed me. We’ve been having a lot of fun lately, but always stopped short at sex. As a practicing Muslim, I’m supposed to save myself until marriage. I’ve been dating Stephen on the sly for eight months now. I’ve grown to care for him. He’s a really nice guy. He wants to return to the United States after graduating Carleton University and become a police officer like his father. I’ve only recently admitted it to myself but I love him and I want him to stay in Canada. Stephen doesn’t like the idea of living in Ottawa forever. Maybe we could move to the City of Toronto since it’s a more American-style town. Ottawa is boring, I really hate it sometimes and I was born here!

I look into Stephen’s eyes and tell him that I love türbanlı escort him. Stephen stares at me, stunned. Grinning, I kiss him. Then I take his dick in my hands. He gasps in surprise. I’ve never even touched his manhood even though we’ve engaged in sexual activity multiple times. Always with Stephen pleasuring me. He has licked my toes, licked my pussy, given me an erotic massage and even licked and fingered my asshole. I’ve never done more than kiss him or hug him. I’ve been so selfish. As Stephen watches in amazement, I kneel before him and take his manhood into my mouth. His cock is huge, and uncircumcised. Honestly, I find iy yummy.

Stephen used to feel self-conscious around me because he’s uncut and I’m a Muslim woman. To be honest, I don’t care. I’m a Muslim woman, true, but I also study in the health care field. I don’t believe circumcision is a necessity in this day and age. I accept my Stephen as he is. I lovingly lick his foreskin before pulling it back and I begin sucking his dick. I’ve never had a dick in my mouth before but from my talks with other ladies, I had an idea what to do. I took my sweet time and Stephen apparently liked what I did. Soon he was moaning my name. I continue sucking Stephen as he squirms and moans. He caresses my head and I look into his eyes. His sexy lips are parted in a silent scream, and I see a silent plea in his gray eyes. I suck him harder, and he shouts out a warning. I ignore him and keep sucking. Suddenly, I feel him shudder. I know what’s coming. I welcome it.

Like a volcano, Stephen erupted in my mouth. I kept my mouth closed around his cock, and swallow every last drop of his semen. Stephen screams, and squirms. I hold onto him and don’t let go. Finally, he calms down. Stephen sighs, and I finally let him go. I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, and smile at him. Stephen stares at me strangely, and smiles weakly. I grin. Yep, I knew I could work my magic on him. I wrap my arms lovingly around my dazed Stephen. With a baffled look on his face, he tells me he hadn’t known I could do that. I smile. Men from the western world always underestimate the craftiness and sensuality of Muslim women. At the end of the day, a Muslim woman is a woman, first and foremost. We know our way around men’s minds and bodies. We control men and not the other way around. It’s part of being a woman, don’t you think?

I start stroking Stephen’s penis again, and it flares back to life. Without hesitation, I climb on top of him. Stephen moves his hands to stop me but I bat his hands away. I grab his dick, and slowly lower myself onto him. Until I feel the head of his cock poking against my vagina. I lower myself still, until I feel him inside of me. I feel a slight pain as he enters me, replaced by another feeling. Stephen’s thick member fills my tight pussy. It’s a wonderful feeling. Looking Stephen in the eyes, aksaray escort I tell him to fuck me. I’m not asking him, mind you, I am TELLING him. And he obeys. He thrusts his member deep inside of me, and I cry out in pain mixed with pleasure. And just like that, we start to make love. Stephen wrapped his arms around my hips and shoved his dick deeper inside of me. I rode him hard, loving the feel of him inside of me. I am twenty five years old and this is my first time having sex. You had better believe I wanted to make up for lost time. I fucked Stephen till we lay exhausted on the bed, our bodies covered with our fluids, sweat being only one of them.

It’s midnight and Stephen has fallen asleep next to me. I feel elated. So this is what sex is like. Awesome! outside my window, the moon is shining brightly. I look at Stephen’s face. By Allah, he is such a beautiful man! Gently I kiss his lips and run my hands through his curly hair. I love this young man. I really do. Never mind that I am Somali-Canadian and he’s Haitian-American. Even though I am a practicing Muslim and he’s a deacon at the All Nations Full Gospel Church, a decidedly Christian denomination. I love him. Even though he’s two years younger than me and listens to hardcore Rap music and thought a mosque was a species of aquatic plant. When Stephen wakes up, he will be in for a shock. I take off my hijab, and wrap it around the bedpost. I’m not breaking any of my people’s rules. For you see, I’ve chosen him to be my husband.

I know it sounds like I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve got it all planned out. In a couple of months I will graduate from Carleton University with my master’s degree in Nursing. I will get a job working as a nurse at Ottawa’s General Hospital. Stephen and I will get hitched, and I will file for him to become a permanent resident of the Confederation of Canada. He’s paying too much as an international student at Carleton University anyway. In a couple of years he’ll have his Canadian citizenship, and that way when he graduates from Carleton University with his Law degree, he could go to Law School or Police College, whichever one he wants.

Transitioning from one nation to another is never easy. Many immigrants in Canada struggle. And not all Canadians are friendly to newcomers from the United States of America. Still, I know plenty of people who have dual American/Canadian citizenship and they do fine in the professional world of Canada. Stephen’s going to love it here, he just doesn’t know it yet. We’ll save up to move to the City of Toronto, where we shall raise our sons and daughters. We shall raise them in both the Christian and the Muslim faith, because I don’t believe the two to be mutually exclusive. I want two boys and two girls. We’ll vacation in the City of Boston every summer just to make him happy. I kiss my husband-to-be on the lips, then get up to cook breakfast in the nude. Everything’s going according to plan. Because I know what I’m doing. Now if you’ll excuse I’m going to cook for my Stephen in the nude. It will be a nice surprise for him, don’t you think? Allah be praised, everything is going to work just fine!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32