A Solo Act

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This entry was hard (no pun intended) to categorize. But since I only mention pussy once and it’s almost the gayest thing I could imagine, I selected Gay Males. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


I’ve been a gymnast and cheerleader for years. My training has resulted in a lithe, muscular body. And while not every male cheerleader fits the stereotypical mold of being gay, I lean towards it and loving sucking a cock. I’ve been doing so for as long as I can remember. I also love pussy. But, cocks.

I like long dicks, short dicks, skinny dicks, fat dicks. No dick is a bad dick as long as it delivers a tasty shot or shots of gooey semen.

My own dick is above average, based on my experiences. It is 6 inches long when flaccid. When hard, it grows to over 8 slender inches. When I am dressed out for a gymnastics meet or a pep rally or cheering during a football game, I tuck it back between my legs or else, it is very visible through my tights.

I am an obsessive masturbator. I stroke myself to orgasm at least twice a day. And I don’t let my cum go to waste. I love the taste of my own juices.

Because I am so limber, I frequently practice the art of autofellatio. As much as I love sucking somebody else’s cock, I love sucking mine even more.

That being said, it’s always a delight to unzip a pair of jeans, pull down a pair of boxers, and see a new one for the first time. It’s like opening a present, a very special gift. It’s something the giver wants me to have. It’s something he knows I want.

I like the feel of a stiffening member in my mouth, having it go from flaccid to rock hard because of me. Even “straight” guys can’t resist a good blowjob from an experienced fellatist. I like the reward of the initial drops of precum, knowing that the excitement the guy on the receiving end is feeling is all because of me. I like the feeling of control as I stroke one, watching, feeling it’s response. I know how to excite one, grabbing it at the bottom of the shaft, running my hand up to the tip, milking it, stretching it to its full length and girth.

I escort bayan like to be in charge of the pace. Licking one, slowly, wrapping my lips around the tip. Gradually taking its length in, an inch, no a centimeter, at a time. Taking my time, savoring the soft steeliness. That dichotomy. Something that can be so hard, and yet so soft, at the same time. Warm flesh, blood pumping, pressure building. I build up a rhythm of long slow licks with my toungue from bottom to top, long slow pulls from the base to the tip with my lips. I like teasing, tantalizing, titillating, making him wait, sucking, licking for a long time. until he can’t hold back any longer and pumps a load that takes four or five swallows to finish. Although sometimes I like it when he cums so quickly, it unexpectedly fills my mouth, coating the roof of my mouth, my teeth and my tongue, drizzling out the corners of my mouth, dripping down my chin.

On the other hand, I like it when he takes charge. Grabbing me by my long hair, pushing my head down, fucking my mouth. I like it when he grunts, shoves his dick in as far as he can and calls me his cocksucking, sissy bitch. He knows I’m a boy, but can’t resist using my mouth for his pleasure. Stroke by stroke, he gets closer to his goal.

I am quite experienced and have conquered my gag reflex. I am able to deepthroat the biggest of penises with ease, essentially transforming my throat into a bottomless mouth pussy. When I have every inch of a piece of meat in my mouth and I tighten the grip of my throat muscles on it, no man can resist blowing his load of cum straight into my belly. The throbbing, pulsing thing in my mouth, gradually softening after delivering its pièce de résistance.

Tonight, however, I am on my own. I lie on my back, naked. My hands make their way down to my crotch, pinching my nipples on the way. Anticipation builds. Before I even touch myself, my erection begins. I massage my balls and run a finger up the bottom of the shaft, all the way to the head, thick shiny precum oozing out. I scoop it up and bring the finger to my face and smear the juice on my lips, then lick it off.

I grab the back of my thighs, lift my legs up over my head and pull my crotch down to my face. Staring at my meat, I moisten my lips with my tongue and kiss the tip. I apply more “lip gloss” with my special tube, rubbing more precum around my lips. I stick the tip of my pointed tongue out and lick the slit. I take the tip between my lips and run my tongue around the head, tickling my frenulum.

As I loosen up, with my knees practically behind my head, I take 1 inch, then 2 inches, then 4 inches into my mouth, until it hits the back of my throat. My saliva lubricates the shaft. I thrust my hips pumping it in and out. I grab the lower part of my shaft and jack it, savoring my own precum.

When my back muscles are relaxed, I lift my head off the bed and swallow the remaining 4 inches until my balls hit my nose. I bob my head and suck myself. This is how I know what to do with another guy’s meat popsicle. I’ve had so much practice on myself.

With long strokes, I go from a mouthful to having just the head remaining. My saliva lubricates my cock as I pleasure myself. I don’t have to imagine what a guy feels like when I blow him, I know exactly how my mouth feels to him.

In this position, I am staring at my own ass. It’s lubed up from some earlier anal foreplay. I’m close to finishing, so I stick my finger in my ass and find my prostrate. I tickle it and start the eruption. I shove my dick all the way down my throat as the first shots fire straight into my belly. I pull it out part of the way so I can fill my mouth with the rest. I suck it out as I milk my balls and shaft. When the contractions cease and I have emptied every drop, I swirl my tongue through the sticky nectar and swallow.

As I recover, I pull my finger out of my anus with a pop. A thought forms. I’ve had my ass fucked many times. I love the feeling of a schlong ejaculating deep inside me. I wonder if … How would it feel if I was the one giving and receiving.

I unfold and lie back. I take my softening stick and tuck it between my legs, a place it’s been many times. I grab the tip and tug it. I can easily slide it around and between my slickened butt cheeks. The blood starts filling it again and it stiffens. My starfish tingles in anticipation. My erection is not rigid, just hard, yet flexible. I push the head of my cock against the opening of my boipussy. I can’t get it in, though.

I need to stretch my sphincter out some more. I grab the nearby tube of lubricant. I add more to my anus and the fingers of my left hand. My right hand holds my penis in place. I punch my left index finger in, easily. I pump it in and out and add my middle finger. This stretches me out a little more. Adding my ring finger, then pinky gets me ready, I think.

I pull my fingers out and with my right hand quickly push the waiting head in. OH MY!

I pinch the shaft a little lower and push. I have two inches of my own dick in my own ass. The sensation is indescribable. The nerve endings in my penis are firing against the nerve endings in my mancunt. I push some more. I can get three, almost four, inches in. I pull it out and push it back in. I’m doing it, I’m screwing myself. Why haven’t I tried this before. This is incredible. “Fuck,” it feels so good.

I squeeze my ass muscles and eject my penis. “Damn.” I quickly shove it back in. I clamp down again, this time holding it in tightly. My cock is gripped in a vice. I relax and start pumping my cock in and out of my fairy ring. I am pitching AND catching in this game of ball.

I push in as deeply as I can and clamp down. I hit my prostrate. That’s it! I throb, I spasm, I shake uncontrollably. Ah ah ah aaaaaaah! I fill my rectum with my own cum. I can’t believe the feelings. The pleasure is incredible.

As I come down from the most staggering orgasmic high I’ve ever felt, my cock softens and slips out. My cum oozes between my cheeks. I’m exhausted, but never wanting to let a load go to waste, I catch it with my right hand. I force as much of it out as I can by squeezing with my tired ass muscles. I raise it to my lips and drizzle it into my waiting mouth.

I’ve done it. I can’t wait to do it again. Next time someone says, “Go fuck yourself.” I think I will.

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