A Small Mistake, Big trouble

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Chapter 1- A Small Mistake, Big Trouble

Amy Murray smiled as she looked at the young man seated on the edge of the examination table. He was about 19 years old with bright blue eyes and blond mussed hair. She looked his body up and down. She liked what she saw and laughed to herself.

“What kind of wicked person am I to think like this?”

The young man in question had a perfect swimmer’s body. Broad shoulders, small waist, tight abs with a great tan. Most interesting of all, it was completely hairless, as smooth as a baby’s bottom. As he sat there dressed only in the tiniest of briefs, she wondered if his crotch was shaved too. That thought and the sight of the bulge in those briefs sent a slight tingle through her.

“Okay, Tim, why don’t you stand up and turn around. I would like to look at your back.”

“Sure, Doc, whatever you say,” he replied, hopping off the table.

“Tim, you know I’m not a doctor.” Amy laughed. She was a research consultant for major drug manufacturer and that was why Tim was standing before.

The company was testing a new drug concerning acne and Tim was one of the test subjects. He wasn’t officially one and Amy was doing this as a “favor” to her best friend, Kristi. The fact that Kristi was her boss made it easier for Amy to justify it.

Also it was clear that Tim had an acne problem. On his face, it was mostly concentrated along his jaw line and chin. It was his back that was it was most noticeable. It was a shame too because Tim was a good-looking guy with a nice looking body, one any young woman might like. She let out a slight sigh as she moved closer to him.

Tim hated this part. Not really hated but it made him feel uneasy. Amy was very attractive even though she was older than Tim, a little younger than his mom. Her soft brown hair reached her shoulders and framed her face. Her glasses seemed to add not detract from her deep brown eyes. Today her lab coat seemed to be unbuttoned a little lower and showed a little cleavage of her breasts. Tim thought he could see a hint of her lacy bra. Her skirt was short and the heels Amy wore accented her toned legs.

He was uneasy because he was afraid of his reaction. He knew he would die of embarrassment if he popped a hard-on in front of her. Not only her reaction but also he was sure she would tell his mom. The two of them were good friends. He knew it was all in the name of the study and she had to touch him, sliding her hand across and down his back. Some days she took a little longer to complete her observations.

He shifted his weight as she touched him.

It took a few moments before Amy realized that she lingering a little too long touching. He felt good and she was lost in thought and was enjoying the feeling. Tim’s movement brought her back.

She cleared her throat. “Okay, Tim, that will do it. Any problems, side effects, you can think of?”

He was eager to get dressed and get out of there before there were “side effects.”

“No, can’t think of any.”

“Good, you’ll let me know, honest.” Amy reached out and touched his hand.

“Yes, one thing,” Tim said. “I’m about out of the pills. Only one or two left, I think.”

“No problem. I’ll get some and give them to your mother. See you in about a month.” Amy turned and left the room.

Leaving the room and entering the hallway, she leaned against the wall. “What is the matter with you?” she thought. “Christ, you’re old enough to be his mother! Get a hold of yourself.”

Kristi Clark leaned back in her chair in her office. She reached down and massaged her calf. “Damn heels,” she thought. It was a small price to pay for all she had Anadolu Yakası Escort accomplished. She had come a long way.

She had married right out of high school to a boy who had just graduated from college. It seemed perfect. She got pregnant right away and had a beautiful baby boy, Tim. After only two years, it all went wrong and her husband left her and the baby for a woman he met at work. At 20 years old, a two-year-old baby and not much of a future, Kristi had hit rock bottom.

Not being one to give in, she swallowed her pride, moved in with her parents, got a job at this business, went to college at night and made something of her life. That was seventeen years ago and how things had changed. She was now an executive in good company, made good money, had a nice home, and had raised a really nice boy.

She had tried to be both a mom and dad to Tim. She supported him in all ways and was there when he needed her. She had tried to be open and available for him. When he was little, she used to shower with him and encouraged him to be open about his body. When puberty hit him the showering stopped and she made sure she kept the bathroom door shut.

She had “The Talk” with him, telling him what she thought he needed to know at the time and let him be. There were a few times that she had seen him trying to hide an erection and a few times she had to knock on the bathroom door to make sure everything was OK because he’d been in there for so long.

If she had one complaint, it would be the lack of intimacy through the years. Like most other woman, she has certain desires. She took care of herself, ate well and worked out. For being 37, she looked good. She had heard some of comments made by some of the men in the office. Recently she overheard some of Tim’s friends call her MILF. She didn’t know whether to be flattered or upset by that but she was proud of the way Tim told them to knock it off.

She wasn’t a prude but she always dressed conservative at work and kept it modest at home.

She had a few relationships over the years. The last one being when she was 30, but she found that, all and all, trying to fulfill those desires wasn’t worth the trouble. Blind dates, bad fix ups, guys that thought they’re God’s gift. It became easier and less stressful to just do it herself.

She did have the Inter-Net, a little “toy”, plenty of batteries, and a very good imagination. She’d pleasure herself in the privacy of her own room whenever she felt the urge. And for years that’s been enough. Sometimes she daydream about being with this guy or that guy and maybe doing something a little, she didn’t know what, out of the ordinary, maybe a little naughty, but when everything was said and done, she was OK.

Amy knocked on Kristi’s door and looked in. “Busy? I can come back.”

“No, no, come on in. Sit down.” Kristi motioned to her.

Amy walked in and sat down in leather chair facing the desk. It felt good to sit. As she settled in, she slipped off her shoes.

“Make yourself at home,” Kristi smiled. “Want some water?” She walked over to the small refrigerator. As she did Amy watched her.

She was truly amazed by Kristi. She knew her background yet right now she knew of no woman more confident and sure of herself. Whether in this place or outside it. They had gone to Cancun together last year and Amy saw a different side of her. Kristi let her hair down, so to speak, but never her guard. She also found out what was under those conservative business suits. She now knew why the men said those things. Amy had never thought of any woman sexually, at least as far as she could remember but Avrupa Yakası Escort after spending a whole week naked or semi-naked with Kristi, she could definitely considerate it.

Some people thought they could be sisters since except for hair and eye color, they could pass as that. After seeing her in Cancun, Amy actually felt a little jealous. Kristi’s breasts were much fuller than hers and didn’t seem to sag at all. Kristi had a great body for her age.

“These heels are a real bitch, huh?” Kristi said handing Amy bottled water.

“It’s the price we pay for looking good!” Amy replied taking a sip. Both women laughed.

“So what brings you here?” Kristi asked, sitting on the edge of the desk. She crossed her legs as she slid off her shoes.

“Tim came by today for his monthly check-up.”

“Damn,” Kristi said, slapping the desk. “I completely forgot. How did it go?”

“Well, not too well and it is a real shame,” Amy began. “He is a real good looking man, err, boy. I don’t think the pills are doing that much for him.”


“They are keeping it from spreading on his face. That’s good but his back is still a mess. I’m worried about scarring,” Amy continued.

Kristi stood up and began to pace. “OK, it’s been what? Two months? Let’s give it another month and then see. What do you think?”

Amy nodded in agreement. “One more month then I think we will see some change, if any. Tim said he had only 1 or two pills left. I’ll get some more and give them to you. I’m really hoping they work.”

Kristi returned to the edge of the desk. “Anything else?” she asked.

“Yes,” Amy said as she reached into lab coat pocket and took out a vial of pills. “It is about these new pills and the test studies.”

“Go on,” Kristi said picking up the vial and looking at it.

“These are ED pills called MAXIMUS. They are supposed to add length, girth, and hardness to a guy’s cock. Suppose to increase his sex drive, raise his sperm count, etc. I don’t want to be measuring some old guy’s or some fat slob’s penis. YUCK!” Amy shook her head.

Kristi laughed. “I completely understand but I bet when they see walk into room, they’ll get hard!”

Amy jumped out of seat. “Really! Is that what you think?”

“Hey! Hey! Calm down.” Kristi stood up and put her hands on Amy’s shoulders. “I was just joking. I didn’t mean it. Look, you are my best researcher. How about I put you in charge and you crunch the numbers, do the report? No cock handling! OK?”

Amy laughed, “OK then but why are guys so concerned with size? They get a big dick and they think we women just orgasm seeing it. Takes a little more than that.”

“I agree,” Kristi added. “It’s how they use it. It’s not the meat, it’s the motion!”

Both women laughed.

“You know though, finding one who had both might be worth it.”

“You’re right, Amy, but how could we be that lucky?”

“Sounds like this is the magic pill.” They both laughed again.

“We need to get together for dinner and movie,” Kristi said.

Amy replied, “How about sometime next week?”

“It’s a date.”

Amy left and Kristi returned to her desk. It was ten after 5 and she had to run a few errands. Picking up her pocketbook, she noticed the pill vial Amy left behind. She absentmindedly picked them up and put them in her pocketbook. “I’ll see her tomorrow and return them,” she thought as she headed out the door.

Kristi got home and found a note on the counter. It was from Tim. It said he was at swim practice and then going over to his friend’s house. Don’t worry about dinner or wait up, Love, Tim.

All İstanbul Escort right then, a little time to myself, she thought. A nice hot bath, a bite to eat and maybe a good, old movie on TCM. Sounded like a plan. She grabbed a bottle of wine, a glass, and headed to the bathroom.

She began to run the bath water and added just a touch of bath oil. It smelled good. As it ran she went to her bedroom, took off her dress, and her bra and panties. It felt good to walk around naked in the house; she hadn’t done this in quite a while. Grabbing her nightie and turning on the radio to some soft jazz, she headed back to the bath.

The warm steam and sweet aroma filled the room. It felt great. Walking by the mirror, Kristi glanced at herself. Doing a complete swirl, she smiled. “Not bad,” she said out loud.

Kristi looked herself over. Her strawberry blonde hair was natural and so far she didn’t find any stray gray hairs. Her legs were toned as her running had seen to that. Her butt was tight and she thought “cute.” She still had a little tummy showing right above her bikini line. Try as she could, she couldn’t get that to go away. Her pussy was clean-shaven. She slid her hand over it and she liked the feel. She used to just trim it but on the trip to Cancun Amy convinced her to shave it all away. She could see why after putting on the bikini she bought there.

She thought her breasts were her best feature. There was very little sag for her age and they were pretty firm. She wore a 36D bra and thought that was right for her figure. Not too big. She did look good for her age.

It felt heavenly stepping into the bath and letting the warmth cover her.

She relaxed and let the water surround her. Sipping her wine, Kristi let her cares slip away as she closed her eyes. Her thoughts drifted to the conversation she had with Amy this afternoon about men and big cocks. Another sip and she really couldn’t remember having any man who had a big dick fuck her. Not that she had a lot of experience but most of her lovers seemed pretty average in size. She began to wonder what it would feel like to be truly filled by a thick cock, one attached to someone who knew how to use it. Kristi smiled as she finished her glass. She most likely wouldn’t know how to handle one if she saw one. She wondered if Amy had any experience in this area.

Kristi looked at clock and realized she had been in the tub for almost an hour. Time flew when you relax! She got out, dried off, threw on a short cotton nightie and headed for the kitchen. A quick dinner and a good movie then off to bed. The next two/three weeks at work were expected to be crazy.

Tim came home around midnight. Tip-toeing to his room, he passed his mom’s room and noticed the soft glow of the TV coming through the partially opened door. He looked in and found her asleep on her bed and the TV on. His mom’s nightie had ridden up high showing a lot of her upper thigh. Tim couldn’t help but look.

“You know,” he thought, ” The guys were right. My mom is pretty hot. As matter of fact she is beautiful.” He pulled the cover over her and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Good night, mom,” he whispered. Turning off the TV, he quietly left the room.

Tim went to his bedroom and got ready for bed. He reached for his acne pill bottle. “Damn,” he swore. ” I was wrong. There are no more left.” He paused for a moment then he remembered “Doc” Amy saying she get some more and give them to his mom. He wondered if she did.

He headed to the dining room where Kristi usually left her pocketbook. He found it sitting on the hutch. Rummaging through it, he found a pill vial.

“Good,” he said.

The pills looked slightly different but there seemed to a month’s supply. Besides they were in a bottle like the others and his mom didn’t have any others in her pocketbook.

He got a drink of water and swallowed one of the pills. Turning off the light, he headed off to his bed and sleep.

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