A Sleepless Night

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I am Eva. I am an Indian girl with long black hair, 5’9″, slim and fair. I am 19 years old. I love to sleep naked at night. I shave my pubic hair almost every day. But sometimes I go out naked at night. Only my best friend Pamela knows that. I am going to write the story about how Pamela came to know my secret.

It was Sunday night. I wished my parents good night and came to my room. It was summer so the hot weather and the boiling climate couldn’t let me sleep I could not sleep. I took off my clothes but I still felt the heat. I was sweating even without clothes in my bedroom. So I opened the window but it was still of no avail. That’s when I decided enough is enough and I went out of my room towards the backyard for some cool air. It was not as hot out as it was inside so I felt a little relaxed there. I was fully naked and I was out of my room. As soon as I realised this, my loins became wet and I turned horny! I looked at the streets. The street lights reduced the darkness of the night. I came near the gate and started looking on the street if there was anybody present there. Luckily, for me, I could not find anybody. My excitement at the sight of no one present to spot me on the streets made me even hornier. I thought to go out of the house and walking on the street. Everybody was sleeping by that time. So it was the time to do some naughty stuff!!

I did not want to wake my parents up. So I opened the gate slowly, came to the street and closed the gate slowly again without creating any noise. Now I looked at myself and, oh… God… I was fully naked on the street. Every part of my body was illuminated by the excitement and shone bright under the streetlights. I was possessed by something in my mind. I didn’t know that if all that happening to me was for real or not. To get a touch to reality, I started Anadolu Yakası Escort walking along the street. People were sleeping. I saw from the streets towards their windows that the lights were turned off and the people were sleeping peacefully.

While walking for 5 or 6 minutes I noticed somebody coming towards me. I was frightened. Suddenly I went to the backside of a wall to take refuge. I saw a drunk guy walking improperly. He could not see me and went towards my opposite direction. That relaxed me and I continued walking again. I didn’t know why but I felt that all this experience made my pussy wet! I reached a park and saw some benches. I sat on a bench, spread my legs and started masturbating. Hmmm… Yess… I loved to masturbate. I just loved to. I pushed my two fingers into my already wet pussy and then took them out. I started doing it continuously to please myself. Goshh… I felt I didn’t need anything else in the world. I was in heaven for a brief moment. When I felt that I was going to reach my orgasm, I stopped. I licked my fingers with my tongue and started to walk again.

I didn’t really realise but I had already walked for 30 minutes. I was tired and needed to rest. Suddenly I saw a restaurant. It was still open. I recalled in my mind that I always knew about it but never went there. Suddenly, my desire to explore this restaurant at the very instant reached to a level that my mind involuntarily commanded me to walk towards the restaurant. I was so much horny that I forgot I was naked. I entered the restaurant. Surprisingly, it was a restaurant cum bar. People were drinking. Suddenly everybody stopped and started looking at me. Within a second I remembered that I was fully naked!

In India it is not normal to find any girl naked out of house at late night Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan hours. Laden with embarrassment, I rushed out of there covering my pussy with my right hand and my boobs with the left. I was running towards my home. I was afraid as well as shamed.

While running I heard somebody calling me from behind felt a stinging pulse when that my name called out by that voice fell into my ears. This scared me so much that I did not look back. I started running. Suddenly a car stopped in front of me. I could not see the colour of the car clearly because of the darkness but I saw that someone opened the car door and came out.

The person stood in front of me and said, “Eva!”

I was surprised to hear the voice. It was a girl and I knew the voice. It was Pamela, my best friend!! I used to call her Pam.

She said again, “Is that you Eva? Are you ok?”

I did not say anything. I was still covering my pussy with my right fist and my boobs with my left hand. I was red faced with embarrassment. She sat on the driver’s seat and told me to sit next to her. So I did. She started driving and within some seconds the car got into the motion.

Pam said while laughing, “What were you doing there? Why are you naked?”

I said, “I did not tell you that I like to be naked. I thought that you would misunderstand me. I go out naked twice a week.” I said with a blush.

She said, “Why shall I laugh at you? It’s cool!”

She continued, “I saw you in that restaurant but could not believe my eyes. You know I go to that restaurant everyday at night and my parents don’t know about it. Bet your parents also don’t know about your hobby of going out naked!”

She started smiling again. I remained silent with red face. I was fully embarrassed. She Escort Anadolu Yakası stopped her car near the park where I had masturbated sometime ago. She came out of the car and told me to come out. I, without questions, did so.

She said, “Let’s have some fun!”

I could not understand what she meant. Suddenly she took off her clothes and got naked. I could not believe my eyes that the girl, who was my best friend, was standing naked in front of me!!

Pam said, “Eva, I didn’t tell you that I turned wet after seeing you naked. I want to lick your pussy please!! “

I could not believe my ears. But I did not disagree. I couldn’t. I was myself getting wet after hearing her pleas of lapping my pussy in her oral juices. I nodded and lied on the bench with my legs spread wide open. She took it as a yes from my side and advanced towards me. Then she started licking my pussy with her tongue. It was so amazing that I could not explain the feeling!! I’d never gotten my pussy licked by someone else. After that I sucked her wet pussy. It was salty but tasty! Then she started sucking my boobs. Ooooooohh… It was a delight. A treat I had never experienced. She gave a small bite on my right boob which sent shivers of tingle, excitement and lust down my spine. I was lost in lust. I sucked her boobs too. I pressed her both boobs with my hands. She started moaning. Now it was the time to finish it. I sat on the ground spreading my legs and told Pam to do so. She did.

I said, “Pam, finger me hard and I shall do so to you.”

She pushed her two fingers in my wet pussy and started fingering me. I pushed my two fingers in her pussy and also started fingering her. I could not explain the burning of my pussy. I shot a load on her and after a while she shot a load too. How pleasurable it was!!

We were tired and completely spent after that. We took some rest in the park. About 15 minutes later, we went to her car. She drove the car all over the city. At last she dropped me at my home and went to her home. It was dawn and I saw the sun rising. I was still naked. I rushed to my room, put my clothes on and lied on the bed and slept.

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