A Rose by Any Other Name…

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Matt was a cutie. He’d been kind of watching me surreptitiously from under his foppish, blonde hair every chemistry lesson since the beginning of term. At first, I thought he disapproved of me… one of only three girls in the A-Level retake class, I was my usual slightly brash, very chatty self and more than capable of holding my own both socially and academically. I kinda resented being back at school though and that made me all the more antsie, but I needed those A* grades for Fitzwilliam. That was more important than being an eighteen-year-old in school uniform. Matt, I decided, was an albino Goth, or an Emo who had been bleached by the summer sun. Either way, I pictured dipping him in black ink to release him from the spell of a white witch and return him to his clan. Yet here I was, gazing into the languid depths of his clear blue eyes feeling very young and naive, yet knowing I had stepped across the threshold of womanhood.

It all began with our usual after school gathering at Starbucks. 1SS they called our tutor group and we were all in the same boat; grades not quite good enough for Oxbridge; Medicine; Vet sci or whatever, but determined to fix it. We looked like refugees from a St Trinnians movie in our uniforms so we had taken to gathering for a coffee and a change of clothes before spending a couple of hours discussing our work, politics, the latest ‘Big Brother’ scandal and the like. And so it was earlier today…

I know I should have been more careful to lock the door to the restroom, but there I was, frozen like a scared rabbit, my startled eyes looking into those familiar blue pupils, now fixed in a similarly startled expression. Time Kütahya Escort stopped… and in the mirror I saw my long legs in black stockings, my white school shirt unbuttoned and gaping, and my lacy bra allowing just a promise of something more. I saw my lacy black garter belt, one suspender waiting to be fastened, and I saw myself, framed and tempting and bare apart from a whispy fuzz of carefully trimmed hair. And then time caught up.

“Oh my God; Oh My God; OH MY GOD!” I yelped, moving to cover myself and grasping clothes from my bag.

Matt stammered incoherently, but his eyes snapped up to meet mine and stayed there; that earned him MAJOR Brownie points!

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry, Cee”, he eventually managed, and he backed out of the door, pulling it closed behind him.

I felt my tears welling up; the blush growing, first in my cheeks, then flowing over me making my nipples tingle and drawing my hand towards that place between my thighs, and just as I thought I would cry, uncontrollable laughter overwhelmed me leaving me breathless and joyous and, yes; crying.

When I walked back into Starbucks, now changed and ready for the evening, I expected knowing looks from my school friends… but nothing. Just the normal banter and gossip. It wasn’t normal, though, I had stepped into a different world, one where Matt smiled at me, winked and asked if he could buy me a coffee. More Brownie points. And so it was that an hour later I found myself standing on a bench in the middle of the rose garden at Walton Gardens.

I love warm spring evenings and the scent of early roses was intoxicating. The rose garden is like Kütahya Escort Bayan a maze and I was looking out across hedges, watching people enjoying an evening stroll, Matt sitting beside me, stroking my calf and sending shivers all the way up my leg. I had on a below the knee, quite full but very soft summer skirt with an Hawaiian print in bright blues and greens.

“So…” Matt began with a slightly wicked glint in his eye, “I’m assuming you found your knickers earlier?”

I smiled, and kicked him playfully. “Why don’t you find out?” I teased.

A husky groan escaped from Matt’s throat and I parted my legs slightly as his hands slowly moved higher. He found my stocking-tops as my fingers found my nipples and squeezed, my eyes closed and my legs felt like jelly. Slowly, Matt explored the smooth, bare skin at the top of my legs, edging closer and closer to my secret.

I almost collapsed at the gentle touch of Matt’s fingertips between my warm and by now very wet lips. I looked down at him, savouring the wonderment and delight in his eyes as he lifted my skirt and gently placed a kiss on my most secret place. I was so close to the edge it was almost painful as he stroked me, circling my sensitive spot and dipping in and out of my wetness until… with the certainty of the mill stream flowing towards the weir, I tipped over the edge and into the wild waters of my climax. As my body pulsed, I dropped to the bench and clung to Matt, kissing him deeply until eventually the world came back into focus. Only then did I realise my hand was squeezing not Matt’s arm, but something much more interesting… and it was clearly Escort Kütahya enjoying it.

“Stand up”, I said, tracing the outline of the bulge in Matt’s Chinos with my fingertips, “my turn”. Matt took my place standing on the bench, the most endearingly expectant grin on his face as I unfastened his buttons, one by one, savouring the gradual revelation that I was not the only one who had lost my knickers.

“How long?” I asked, as my hand closed around Matt’s strong, hard shaft.

“Since I changed in school”, he said, “I had a feeling…”

Matt gasped and his eyes glazed over as I stroked back and forth over his smooth and shiny hardness; it was so lovely, that squeaky, tight, texture. I knew I needed it in my mouth and I leaned forwards parting my lips and guiding with my tongue. Smooth and hot, and… alive! The little twitches, the moans, the jerks as I moved my mouth back and forth, flicking circles with my tongue, savouring the taste and the texture; it all had me squirming as much as Matt.

I realised my hand was under my skirt, deep between my legs as I felt Matt swell still more, now filling my mouth with hot pressure, controlling the small movements… tensing, lost in the sensations until… he froze, holding my head still and tensing, perfectly still himself. As my own body let go I felt Matt’s pulsing begin; powerful, earthy, primeval almost as I drank in his cool, salty essence, feeling it squirt powerfully over my tongue and spill out between my lips, smelling like a fresh, young Brie.

Wow! How could something I used to think sounded so gross be so amazing? We hadn’t been quiet though, and, had we moved more slowly, it would have been more than a suspicious look we’d have got from the park ranger. But now, as the sun began to sink low in the sky, we were lying under the trees, looking into each other’s eyes and knowing that today we had grown up just a little… and we had done it together.

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