A Rape in the Belfry Ch. 08

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Surprisingly, it wasn’t too long before Rocco and I did get out. Somehow our lawyer pulled it all together and got a court date set for me as well as one for Rocco about a week later. Rocco had threatened to twist our lawyer’s tiny little head off if he engaged in cyber sex with anyone, much less the judge’s wife, in the days before our court dates.

The lawyer was able to put up a pretty good appeal and surprisingly the judge agreed with everything he said. Finally a little bit of sanity was returned to the justice system and I was released with an apology from the court.

I had only a few minutes to say goodbye to Rocco, but knowing his court date was only a week away, we were both very positive about everything. Kissing him goodbye, I told him I’d get an apartment set up for the two of us and of course I’d be in the court when his appeal came up.

Some friends had looked after my stuff during my unfortunate incarceration and they helped me move into a new apartment within a couple of days of my release. I even had time to line up a part-time job before Rocco’s court date. When I walked into the courtroom I was completely ready to get on with my life with Rocco. All that was left was for our lawyer to win the appeal.

Once again our lawyer came through, this time he even got rus escort chastised a bit by the judge for whatever he did wrong to screw up this open and shut case in the first place. Rocco was admonished a bit for throwing the man out the window, but then the judge did admit he’d have done the same, if not worse.

Rocco got out of prison the next day and I picked him up in a cab. We rode together to our apartment, where Rocco stashed his stuff. He had more, but all that would depend upon how his divorce proceedings would go. He also had to see if he could get his job back. In the meantime, it would be a sparse existence, but certainly better than prison.

We went out to dinner and shared tacos and burritos at the local Taco Hop and then picked up a cheap bottle of wine. Walking home, we unscrewed the top and sipped the fine wine as if it was an expensive Bordeaux.

By the time we got back to the apartment we were feeling good, not drunk, but nicely buzzed. Settling onto the couch, we began kissing and I unbuttoned Rocco’s shirt. I sucked and licked his nipples while resting my hand on his lap, feeling his cock grow. Once it got hard I began stroking it though his pants. I was about to reach down and take it out when he held my hand.

“I yenimahalle escort want feel you inside me, I want you to fuck me.”

“Okay, let me get the lube,” I said, trying to hide my nervousness. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I undressed and lubed up my cock. I then put some lube on my finger and slipped it up his ass.

He was so big I had to stand up and bend my knees instead of kneeling behind him. Anyway, I eased in closer to him and guided my cock against his ass. He had assured me he had done this before so I didn’t need to be too gentle, but I pushed myself against him very slowly. I could feel his open up to me and my head slipped into him. My cock moved easily for a bit and then I came against his sphincter.

I paused a moment and then began pushing again. Slowly he opened to me again and in a moment, I had pushed all the way in. As I began to move I was surprised as the tight, warm feel of him. Moving quicker, I could see he was stroking his cock as I plunged into him. The sensation was so intense that I could feel it building in me…

Suddenly the door crashed open and two men waved guns at us, screaming, “Police, don’t move or we’ll shoot.”

We both remained motionless as one policeman moved through the apartment making sure no on else was there. The other cop kept his gun pointed at us as he started to laugh. As his partner came back into the living room he chuckled, “Hell of a time for a drug bust. Okay guys, that’s enough lovin’ for now, why don’t you move over here and kneel down.”

They snapped some handcuffs on us and then asked, “Okay, where do you have the drugs stashed.”

“There’s no drugs, we’re clean,” Rocco pleaded.

“We’ll see about that,” one officer said as he moved into the bedroom. We could hear some banging back there as he opened our mostly empty drawers. After a few more minutes one came back and kicked Rocco in the stomach, screaming, “Where did you hide it?”

Rocco just glared at him as the officer reached for his nightstick…

“Wait a minute Joe, what apartment number was that?” the other officer asked.

“Fourteen thirty two.”


“Yeah fourteen thirty two,” the policeman repeated.

“Oh fuck Joe, this is the wrong address. We wanted eleven thirty two.”

“Shit, what do we do with these two?”

“Well, we can’t get them for drugs, I can’t find anything.”

“Hey, we’ll get them for sodomy.”


“Yeah, we both saw the disgusting shit they were doing there on the floor. It’s illegal here in Texas, we’ll arrest them for that.”

They did allow Rocco and I to get dressed before hauling us to jail. But in less than twenty four hours, Rocco had been released from prison only to go back to jail and yet another fucked up charge.

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