A Present For Drew

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It’s early evening on a Friday and we are supposed to go out to dinner and to a friend’s for a party, so I stop by your office, hoping to convince you to come home and get ready with me… and so we would have enough time for a hot fuck in the shower before dinner.

I walk into your office, noticing almost all the lights are off. I close the door behind me and am in your outer office and about to come in your inner office where I hear you on the phone. I sigh and think about how every other guy in the building has gone home to fuck their women, and about how I am the only horny bitch left. I put my hand on the doorknob when I hear a soft crying coming from the desk. I turn and see a cute little redhead with her head in her arms, sobbing.

I sigh and walk over to her and put my arm around her and ask her what is wrong… “It’s my boss, he’s such an asshole! He yelled at me all day today, and I’m a temporary secretary, only filling in for the next few days!”

I thought to myself “that doesn’t sound like Drew.” She lifted her head and I gasped… She was gorgeous! She had shoulder-length curly red hair and was short with the juiciest breasts I had ever seen. My mouth watered just looking at them. She had pale blue eyes that seemed to beg for you. I thought to myself: No wonder Drew has been an asshole to you, he’s probably been walking around with a hard-on all day, just looking at your tiny hot body begging to be fucked.

I calm her down and started rubbing her shoulders, her face now buried in my chest. I sat down on the desk in front of her and pulled her closer, my hands around her on her lower back, Kayseri Escort bare from where her shirt had ridden up. I rubbed her back lovingly as she cried, soothing her smooth soft skin. Damn, I was getting wet, trying to comfort this poor girl… this incredibly gorgeous, sexy, soft girl… mmm… I couldn’t help it, I kiss her neck, breathing in her soft sweet smell, lightly licking her earlobe. She stiffened slightly, but then lifted her head and wiped her eyes and looked at me. I smiled gently at her and leaned in and kissed her lightly, running my tongue over her trembling lips.

She is surprised, but so emotionally out of it she kissed me back. We kiss for a few minutes and I began to suckle her lips, my hands itching to touch her breasts. I ran a finger along the cut of her blouse, tugging gently at the first button until it opened. She groaned into my mouth and her hands reached up to finish off the other buttons. I couldn’t believe it, this little pussy was hot for me! I pulled her blouse off and dropped it to the floor, and reached behind her and undid her bra, holding my breath as I looked at her breasts. I swore softly as I looked at them. Damn, they were perfect, little on the small side, but still juicy and firm, with beautiful tight nipples that were begging for my mouth. I reached down and took her nipple in my mouth, tasting her sweet bud and nibbling on it. She moaned and pulled me closer to her as I rubbed her other breast, massaging her with my fingertips. Just then I hear your office door open. She takes no notice, moaning, but I turn her away from your door and gave you motions Kayseri Escort Bayan to be quiet and stay hidden. You grin at me and shake your head, as if to say, see what happens when I leave you alone?

I grin at you and go back to sucking her perfect breasts, rolling them in my palms. She whimpers and puts a hand on my leg underneath my knee- length skirt. She moves her hand further underneath my skirt until she is teasing my pussy that was conveniently naked. It was my turn to moan and I arch my back and lay part of the way back on the desk, pushing a pencil holder and a potted plant onto the floor. She slowly pushes up my skirt, all the while rubbing her fingers up and down my hot pussy.

Suddenly she buries her tongue in my cunt and I moan loudly, one hand holding her head to my wet pussy. I look over at you and see you in the corner, watching this hot little pussy eat out your girl, stroking your nice big cock. I grin at you, and breathe heavily as the girl begins to lick my clit and suck on it. My pussy bucks against her face as I beg for more and she keeps at it until I cum, drowning her beautiful red mouth in my cum.

I pull her face to mine and give her a deep kiss, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth, tasting my cum on her. I nibble on her breasts again, making her moan softly. I put a hand up her skirt to feel her throbbing wet pussy through her tight underwear. I get down on my knees and put one of her legs up on the desk and the other on one of my shoulders. I lick her lightly, blowing on her clit to make her squirm. She moans loudly and I keep teasing her until I Escort Kayseri feel as if she is about to cum. I stop and she begs me to continue when I whisper to her “Wouldn’t you like a nick cock right now? Do want me to get a dildo? I know where one is…” She grunts and starts begging for me to finish her. “You have to close your eyes,”

I tell her “because Drew can’t know you know where it is, ok?” She closes her eyes tight, still breathing heavily and begging me to make her come. I walk over to you and kiss you deeply so that you can taste her juices on my tongue. I whisper into your ear as I slide a condom onto your hot cock. “Fuck her, but be quiet!!!” I guide you to her and rub my hands all over her body asking her if she is ready for a nice big cock. You are standing, stroking your long hard cock in your hand.

I sigh at your beautiful dick, wishing it was my turn, but I know you will fuck me later. And I know you really want this hot little redheaded pussy. “Are you ready?” I ask her. She just moans in response and give you the go ahead. You bury your cock into her and she moans loudly and begs for more. You slide in and out of her and I sit in the office chair, playing with myself, watching you fuck her hard. She cums twice, each time screaming loudly. I look at you proudly. That’s my stud. I make you pull out before you cum, pulling off your condom so that I can swallow your cum, and I lick every last bit from your cock, looking up at you in pleasure.

I push you over to your office, where you go and pull your clothes back on. I lean over and tell her she can open her eyes again. She looks up at me and smiles and I lean in and kiss her. “Now, if Drew is ever mean to you again, you come find me, and I’ll make you feel better, alright honey?” She nods, gathers her things and walks out the door.

I waltz into your office, a grin on my face. “Hey honey. How was your day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32