A Perfect Morning

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She sleeps soundly in bed, curled up on her side; mouth in a slight pout pink nightie riding up her thighs. He sees her and pictures her as a gorgeous angel. ‘Time to wake up’, he thinks to himself. He slips a hand into her satin panties, caressing the smooth skin between her legs. He slowly slides his finger up and down her little slit, gently pressing on her clit. She moans and turns onto her back, eyes still closed. Taking her movement as a sign to continue, he opens up her pussy and glides his fingers into her now wet opening. He leisurely sticks his fingers in and out of her little twat. She moves her hips up to meet his hand, panting.

He leans over and kisses her as he still masturbates her. Her mouth opens up yieldingly, allowing his tongue entrance. He then kisses her neck, suctioning the skin gently. Her eyes flutter open finally and she speaks. Her voice is hoarse from sleep, but her intent is obvious. “Fuck me,” she says softly.

“Not yet,” he breathes into her neck, making his way down her body. The straps of her bubblegum colored nightgown fall off her shoulders, exposing a caramel colored nipple. He nibbles it and then licks it. She moans. He deftly pulls the lingerie off the upper half of her body. Her large breasts move up and down in rhythm to her breathing that is slightly ragged. He removes his hand from her sopping pussy and puts his fingers into her mouth. She greedily sucks on them, tasting her juices.

“Want me to lick your little clit?” he asks her teasingly. “Please…” Kastamonu Escort she desperately looks at him, pleading with her eyes. He removes her nightgown from around her waist, peels off her panties with deliberate slowness, and moves his mouth to her beautiful cunt. He methodically sticks out his tongue, just breezing over her sensitive little nub. She throws her head back in pleasure as he puts a hand on each side of her pussy, opens her lips widely and does long laps from the bottom of her hole to her clit, paying special attention to the actual hole, darting his tongue in and out. He barely touches her clitty, making her quite frustrated.

She grits her white straight teeth together and pleads with him. “Make me cum, please make me cum, I want to cum, pleeeease…..oh please….” He obliges, focusing his attention all at her pleasure spot. He licks her clitoris hard and fast, sticking his index and middle finger deep into her wet pussy. She cums, clenching her muscles tightly around his fingers. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” is her mantra as she climaxes.

He sees no reason to deny her further, and he pulls his fingers out from her, and takes his thick cock from inside his boxer-briefs. It is already hard and does not need additional stimulation, so as she is recovering from her orgasm, he shoves it deep inside her. Immediately she begins cumming again. “Oh fuck yeah, shove your big fat cock inside of me…..oh my god, it’s so long and hard….I need you inside of Kastamonu Escort Bayan me, it feels so good!!!” she shrieks. He pounds her tight pussy, bottoming out against her cervix. He grunts, “oh shit, your pussy is so tight…” She opens up her eyes and stares at him intently as he slams in her again and again. Little short yelps escape her mouth, her clit is being rubbed by the friction of their bodies moving against each other, keeping her on the brink of an orgasm.

He lifts her legs up in the air, her toes arch upwards, the position making it so he can penetrate her even deeper. He can tell she is getting close again by the look of concentration on her face. He quickens his pace suddenly, and that pushes her over the edge. “Oh, Ben….oh Ben, oh Ben!!! I’m…..I’m cumming! Ben, Ben, Ben!” She chants his name over and over again as she succumbs to her pleasure.

His breathing is becoming quicker. “Robin, Robin….” He whispers in her ear, his voice bathed in his own ecstasy. He is beginning to get close to cumming himself, but he wants her to get as much pleasure as possible. With one hand he caresses her face, sliding his finger over her soft lips. “I’m going to cum soon,” he warns her. “Do you want it another way?” She smiles at him as sexily as she can through his merciless pounding. “Uh huh.” He knows exactly what she wants, and he pulls out of her hot, wet canal for a moment.

She flips over onto hands and knees, her gorgeous ass almost in his face. A naughty Escort Kastamonu smile crosses his face. ‘She can’t see what I’m doing,’ he thinks to himself. He pulls her latest and greatest toy, the Rabbit vibrator out from under the bed and shoves it deep into her awaiting cunt. She squeals with pleasure and begins a new cumming streak. She groans and haltingly says “Why—-are—-you—-fucking—-Oh shit!!! I’m cumming again!!! Uhh……mmm….meeee—–with—–my—-toy?” She finishes her sentence after cumming, almost ready to cum again. “Doesn’t it feel good?” He asks her.

“Of……course. Fuck!!!! Yeah, Make me cum! Yeah rub it all over my clit! Oh yeah…..” She is in heaven, cumming so many times. Finally she is able to catch her breath a little bit. “Fuck me now, Ben.”

“I won’t last long,” he warns. “I don’t care. I want you inside of me.” She says.

He slips inside of her, replacing her blue Rabbit vibrator. She sighs with pleasure. He grabs her hips and pushes himself deep inside of her, feeling her ass against his belly. In and out he moves, quicker and quicker. She knows he is about to cum any second from his breathing and his movements. “Cum inside of me, Ben….I want to cum with you.”

Semen shoots from his cock into her waiting pussy. She feels the contractions of his dick and begins to cum too. “I’m cumming!!!!!!!” They say together. He slowly moves in and out, waiting for his throbbing cock to finish spurting.

They fall onto the bed, into each other’s arms, not caring about the dripping cum from the head of his dick, nor the semen oozing from her pussy. Nothing could ruin the moment.

Then the monitor buzzed. “Mama….Poop!” said their 2 year old son from his bedroom. They looked at each other and knew…it was still a perfect morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32