A One for Two Ch. 02

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Tommy quietly walked his bicycle down the driveway to the farmhouse. It was about 6:30 in the morning, the skies just now becoming brighter as the sun was ready to climb above the horizon. He would be returning to college the following day and this was to be his last day of summer work. This particular job was one of three he had taken on through the summer months. He needed all of the cash that he could raise as he was working his way through college without assistance.

The farm was owned by two widowed sisters, both in their mid fifties and whose husbands had been killed in a motor accident some 4 years previous. The grain fields had been leased out to others and the ladies lived in a fenced off area of about 5 acres that had been turned into a hobby farm by the husband of one of the ladies. There was not a lot to look after, a dozen chickens, and a pair of goats, two riding horses, a few ducks and a large vegetable garden. Tommy came by early each morning to water and feed the animals, gather the few eggs and so on. It amounted to only a half hour work each day. He would also come by a few times a week in late afternoon to maintain the garden and repair fences or do other physical work. It was all scheduled in with his other more permanent jobs.

The sisters were fine looking gals, mid fifties, short and solidly built. Their children long gone to the bright lights of the big city, they had supported each other since the deaths of their hubbies and had only recently recovered their interest in sex. They had become enthralled with Tommy from the beginning of the summer and had teased and baited him with suggestive chatter and skimpy clothes, had invited him to join them for a beer or enjoy a swim in their backyard pool. The older gal, Becky, was particularly forward, unashamedly inviting him to her bed. Her sister Millie, who Tommy had known as a neighbour for some years, was at first reticent but was soon displaying her erotic interest as well.

Tommy had been cautious at first, taking the suggestive talk in stride but not pursuing the blatant offers of sex. As it became obvious that Millie was as interested in him as was her sister, he finally took advantage of the situation and screwed both of them one afternoon. As the saying goes ‘a good time was had by all’. There had been no reluctance during sex or recriminations after, and best of all there were no commitments. The women simply offered sex for whenever Tommy was interested and available.

He had found the time to please them several times since that first afternoon despite his busy workdays. While he thoroughly enjoyed a threesome approach, the ladies seemed to prefer one on one. They somehow managed to accommodate both scenarios.

They had said their goodbyes two nights previous, but he had promised to do the early morning chores until his last day while they sought another part time worker.

Now, as he puttered away with the feeding and watering, he thought back over the past month of pleasurable experiences with two ravenous women. Becky was the aggressive extrovert, bold and demanding, very loud and physical in and out of bed. Millie was much more controlled and while still flirtatious and provocative was relaxed and receptive once they were engaged. She loved to be rolled around, licked cuddled and screwed in as many positions as he could invent. The women were sweet and affectionate and totally without inhibitions. He shivered as he recalled the combination ‘titty’ fuck and blow job that the two of them had laid on him that first day in the shower.

Thinking of them had him fully aroused and he wondered if either of them was awake. Becky might be up, but Millie was a late sleeper. He took his time as he wandered back across the yard looking for any movement in the house. He mounted his bike and looked back over his shoulder to spot Becky beckoning from the front doorway. She held her finger to her lips.

Tommy dropped his bike and trotted back to greet her. He grabbed her and pulled her tight as they kissed. She whispered, “God not here on the porch baby. Come in, Millie is sound asleep, she won’t hear a thing.”

They entered the house and Becky had no sooner gently pulled the door shut than he opened her robe and caressed her bare tits and drove his knee between her legs. His cock was hard and aching; he couldn’t wait to slide it into her.

Again Becky whispered in his ear, “Easy babe, take me to my bed but be quiet.” She ran her hand down the front of his shorts and rubbed the shaft jammed up under his waistband.

Tommy was like a dog pulling on a leash, he did not care where or how, he was ready to obey any command that got him on her and in her. As they tiptoed to Becky’s bedroom at the back of the house, his hand was up under the back of her robe gently fondling her bum cheeks, while her tits swung and swayed in and out of the partly opened robe.

Once in the room with the door shut firmly and locked, they stood kissing beside Bostancı Escort the bed. Soft gentle kisses, flicking tongues and rubbing bodies. Tommy removed her robe and devoured the view of her scrumptious nakedness. His hands floated over her, down her back to her butt, the back of her thighs, then up the front along her belly before gently cupping her tits in his palms.

Becky said, “That’s it, I want it slow like you do Millie. I’ll be good and obey you. Tell me what you want. You can have anything. Just fuck me.”

They stood staring into the other’s eyes as his fingers toyed and pulled at her nipples. She pressed her hips forward to rub on his stiff cock bulging out through his shorts.

Tommy pushed her to sit on the bed and dropped to his knees between her legs. He had learned that the most positive way to seal a deal with a woman was to go down on her. She leaned back on her elbows moaning softly as her young lover kissed his way up from her knees to her pussy. His tongue flicked her slit, darting out like a frog’s at a fly.

She cried out and dropped her hands to cradle his head as he nuzzled his nose in her slit. She raised her knees and spread them wide. Her back arched upwards, jamming her pussy tight against his mouth and face. His tongue worked feverishly, slipping and sorting through her sloppy wet pussy lips and clit. He licked her relentlessly and slipped a finger into her pussy alongside his tongue.

He stood suddenly and stripped off his clothes. He appeared calm and unrushed but certainly determined. Becky’s pussy cramped in anticipation as she readied for her next treat. He laid beside her, kissing her softly, brushing her nipples, and gliding his hands over her belly and legs. He clasped one hand above her knee and ran it up inside her thigh until the edge of his hand engaged her pussy. He leaned over her and rubbed his cock along her belly. She moved to grab it, but he shook his head and held her hand still.

He moved his knob to her slit while he fingered her pussy, rubbing the lips together as he grazed on her nipples. Becky lay back with her arms outstretched to either side of her head in total submission. He pulled two fingers from her pussy and applied the juices to the end of his knob.

He rose over her, knees between her legs and pushed his shaft down to stir around in her slit. “Just going to warm it up Becky, don’t come yet, just want to loosen it up for later. You did want me to go slow didn’t you? Loosen it baby, loosen your pussy, make it like pudding.”

Becky could barely contain herself, desperate to feel him in her, but she spread wider and deliberately relaxed her vagina.

Tommy leaned over her and slowly applied his cock. What a feeling! A hundred burning hot little tongues licking his shaft as he entered her in a series of lengthening strokes. “Look down Becky, look down.” he directed.

Becky bent her head to peer down under his muscular torso propped up on extended arms. He pulled his cock back until she could see his purple knob emerge from her slit, tease her clit and slide back into her. She groaned, “You have such a big cock, leave it in me.”

Tommy lay down on her, feeling her belly and tits squashed beneath his chest and began to stroke her as she slowly raised her legs up over his back. She began to buck a bit, a sign that she was ready to lose it.

Tommy immediately withdrew and repositioned himself on his side and pulled her to face him as he slipped one knee between her legs. He grabbed her upper leg and hooked it over his hip. He inserted his cock back between her legs, sliding it back and forth along her juicy slit.

He whispered, “Let’s slow down a bit Becky, stretch this out, it might be our last time, let’s make it last.”

Becky was trying to maneuverer his cock back into her, but he held her off and said, “Tell me about your lovers. Tell me about your best sex ever.”

She realized that he was serious and wanted some sex talk. After a moment of feeling his cock slide back and forth between her legs she sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll tell you the wildest thing that ever happened to me sexually. I was pretty loose before I married, and travelled with a fast group. There was not much that we didn’t try.” She immediately felt his body tense in anticipation.

A pause and then, “It happened the week before I married Bill. He couldn’t make it to a house party so I went there without him along with two girls I knew. Things got very erotic, a lot of booze and flirtations amongst long time friends. There was this guy that most gals chased after, including me, although he had never given me a tumble to that point. He had a nasty reputation with women, which of course only increased our curiosity. Anyway I was coming out of a bathroom and he was in the hallway. We could hear the dance music coming from the rec room and he smiled and took me in his arms as if to dance.

We didn’t do much dancing; just rubbed Ümraniye Escort on each other, he was hard. I was thinking that it would be my last chance for a little fling before getting married so decided to let him play a little. He pulled me into a bedroom and shut the door. He slipped his hands up under the back of my sweater and unhooked my bra, then lifted the front of the sweater up along with my loosened bra. He was on my nipples like a hungry puppy.

As he sucked away at me I was whispering, “Okay, that’s enough, someone will catch us, better stop.” But I didn’t push him away as I was getting crazy horny. I said, ‘That’s all, no panties, I won’t let you take my panties off.’ I was probably just putting the idea into his head, I don’t know, because the next thing I know he is playing with my pussy through the panties.”

Becky groaned with pleasure as Tommy totally buried his cock into her. She loved the impact her tale was having on her young stud. He obviously enjoyed the details.

She continued, “I kept telling him, ‘don’t take my panties off’. Next thing I knew he dropped his pants and shorts to the floor and slipped his cock between my legs. I could feel the hot hard shaft sliding back and forth through my panties. God, what was I going to do, this was not supposed to happen. I was defenceless, could not bring myself to stop him and wasn’t sure that I wanted to.

He moved me up against the door and lifted my leg up around his hip. I felt his hand slide down between us to tug my panties to one side. I felt his bare cock rubbing my mound, then the tip of my slit and then he worked the knob in between my pussy lips. I moaned, ‘Oh no, don’t do that, please’. But I didn’t try to pull away. He tugged my panties away from my pussy and then worked his entire knob into me.”

Tommy was as excited as Becky as the tale unfolded, rolling her to her back and mounting her. He was in her, but held still and groaned, “What next Becky, what next.”

She could feel him poised and ready to go, just waiting for her next words. She closed her eyes as she recalled the sensations from her youth. “He pasted me against the door, held my leg up in his arm and fucked me with my panties on.”

All remaining thoughts of Tommy and Becky enjoying calm and gentle lovemaking evaporated. They attacked each other in a frenzy of increasing passion, Becky’s hips arched upwards, her pussy clasping firmly on Tommy’s thrusting cock until they clamped together in a paroxysm of delicious agony.

They lay glued to each other, bodies heaving from the exertion and release of pent up sexual tension. As they settled down, Tommy continued to stroke her, long slow ones, eking out the last vestiges of pleasure.

“Hm, perfect Tommy,” Becky giggled, “what a way to say goodbye. You know, the first time I saw you I thought of that guy. He was about your age when it all happened. It’s probably why I desired you from that first time I laid eyes on you. And I could tell that you were thinking about nailing me. He looked something like you and let me just say, he was hung like you as well!”

She continued, “Tell you what, I’m going to have another shower right now, maybe a long hot bath, but you can’t join me, I have things to do this day beside lie with you. Clean up a little and go make some coffee, have a toast or maybe you could take a swim. I don’t think Millie is up yet because we were pretty quiet. Wait for me though, I want to see you before you leave.”

Tommy grinned, “I’m really going to miss you two gals. I have nothing on this morning so will make some coffee and wait for you and Millie.” A pause and then he smiled, “I guess that guy really did get into your panties.” He jumped up as she tried to slap him playfully.

Tommy slipped away to the back of the house, still nude and clutching his shirt and shorts. He dove into the pool and swam a few laps before drying off, dressing and entering the kitchen. He puttered around making coffee and toast.

He was just into his second sip of coffee and a bite of toast when he felt soft hands on his neck. Millie bent over him from behind to kiss his cheek. “What a nice surprise,” she murmured, “finished up your chores?” She nestled her tits behind his head and stretched her hands down inside his shirt to feel his sinewy chest. He turned his head for a soft lingering kiss.

“Where’s Becky?” she asked, “she’s always up first in the morning. Or did you just walk in on your own?” She giggled, “I’ll bet you know where she is. What have you two been up to?”

Tommy shrugged innocently, “I think she is having a bath. She just told me to have a swim and make some coffee. She should be along soon.”

Millie went over to the kitchen counter and poured a coffee. She turned back facing him, resting her back against the counter. She had a playful look as she smiled at him, “I’m surprised that you are not showering with her. I’ll bet you did more than say hello.” The top of Anadolu Yakası Escort her robe opened magically to expose half of her breasts. One bare leg appeared from the lower part of the robe. Millie was doing some advertising of her own.

Tommy slumped back in his chair contentedly, he was pretty sure what was coming his way but decided to allow Millie to be the pursuer. She was acting more aggressive than usual and not waiting for him to make the first moves. She was obviously enjoying it, so what the hell.

Tommy was still sitting at the table as she set her coffee down and moved in behind his chair once more. She pulled his muscle shirt up over his head and off, and then opened her robe and nestled her bare breasts around his neck and on his shoulders as she embraced him from behind.

“You know what I want don’t you?” she murmured as she reached down his body, feeling his chest and abdomen with silky fingers. She unbuttoned the waistband on his shorts. Tommy reached his arm back around her head and pulled her face down as he turned his head to kiss her.

“I can guess Millie. Same thing as your sister wanted,” he teased.

Millie slipped her hand in under his undershorts as they kissed and circled her fingers around his shaft. “Did she get what she wanted Tommy? I am pretty sure we both want the same thing. In fact, I know we want the same thing; we planned to trap you this morning. I even set my alarm. We’re going to miss you.”

Tommy stood up suddenly, circled her naked body under the robe, running his hands down her back to cup and fondle her ass. Millie pushed his shorts and undershorts to the floor.

“Sit down Tommy. I have this fantasy about having you to myself right here in the kitchen.” She pushed her belly and pussy up against his erect cock, ground against it as his hands roamed her naked body.

They held their kiss as Tommy settled down on the armless chair, Millie following him until she stood bent over him, her legs each side of his knees, her tits brushing his neck and chest.

Tommy pushed his shaft down and out as his passionate lover moved her crotch in over it. He fingered her slit, already moist and burning hot. He grit his teeth, his cock rigid and hungry as he rubbed the knob in her gaping hole. She moved her face back from his and positioned her tits to brush her erect nipples on his lips. He licked one, circled it with his tongue and then inhaled it into his mouth to suck.

Millie cried out softly as she settled down, feeling his throbbing knob part her pussy lips. She held that position, clenching and releasing her lips on the knob. She felt his hands reach behind her and pull her cheeks apart to spread her wider.

He thrust upwards with two or three short strokes, working it into her, impatient for her to take it all in, but she limited his penetration by straightening a little. “Let me Tommy, let me do it, you’ll get it all. I want your cum.”

She wrapped her arms around him, her face buried in his neck and shoulder, her tits jammed against his chest as she began to lower her pussy down his shaft in little up and down motions, taking more and more until her ass cheeks were on his thighs. She could feel his cock pulsing inside her, but he remained rigidly still.

She began her ballet, increasing the speed and force as she surrendered herself to pleasure, twisting and turning around the pivot of his shaft, thrusting her hips forward at the bottom of each stroke as if trying to shift a gearshift for more pleasure. The chair rattled across the tile floor as she reached a crescendo of motion. She paused, her breasts heaving, kissed him and wordlessly invited him to join in by raising her pussy up a few inches.

He pulled her cheeks wider and began to thrust upwards, his belly and thighs whacking against her ass, both of them grunting at his effort and both desperate to reach a conclusion. He needed more access; this position was not conducive to getting off. He moved one hand up behind her back and raised himself slowly, still buried in her. He duck walked around to the other end of the heavy oak table and lay her down with her ass at the table edge.

Millie raised no objection, her early desire to control things had dissolved, and all she sought was release. Still stroking, Tommy pulled her pussy right to the edge of the table, allowing him to bury all of it with each stroke. Millie reached up to clasp her hands behind his neck as he stroked her like a steam engine running wild. His balls banged against the table edge, her tits swung side to side and up and down as they each sought the “little death’.

Millie lay back exhausted, Tommy standing erect and holding her legs up and spread as they enjoyed those last pleasurable strokes. Their serious demeanour evaporated to slow languorous smiles of contentment. “God you are good Millie,” Tommy murmured, “Can’t get enough of you, it will be a long school year.”

Millie said, “You’ve made our summer baby, you’ve brought us back to life. I think we all come out winners.” She got back to her feet, grasping her pussy and complained, “But you leave an awful big load in a gal.” She ran off to the nearest bathroom. Tommy sidled out to the swimming pool and dove in for a few laps.

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