A Not So Prim , Proper Wife Ch. 07

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Our story so far:

Tessa’s ordeal finally came to an end, when Ofi arrived to check on her, only to walk-in on the goings on, and witnessing Tessa’s defilement by the three black youths. Rescuing her, Ofi whisked her away to an unknown location. A place unknown to Daniel, at least, yet he knew that she was with the black man who started her fall from a prim and proper wife’s lifestyle.

It now became Daniel’s ordeal to try and recover, and save their marriage… if he could.

Author’s Note: If you are offended by the subject matter, just move on. I am not interested in your mindless sniveling…


She hadn’t said anything to her husband, as he sat there, looking like a very beaten and pathetic man. Daniel was beaten, certainly, both physically and professionally. His career in tatters, he had arrived home to find his wife in the arms of other men, albeit unwillingly, at least until Duane had her screaming in the throes of ecstasy. Being forced to watch his wife being raped by the black men had aroused him in a perverse way, and he had managed to climax all over himself, despite the savage beating he had taken from Andre, with a little help from Charles. Face swollen, battered and bleeding, Daniel could only watch through blurry tears as his wife was subjugated and forced to orgasm repeatedly by these miscreants and hoodlums. Yet when Ofi came in and rescued them, or more accurately, Tessa, as Daniel was released from the cords holding him, he broke down and was sobbing in Ofi’s arms, of all people. Daniel had, indeed, been broken.

Ofi, for his part, took immediate action. Propping Daniel up in his seat, the tall, thin African went to Tessa, and again wrapped his arms gently around her, cradling her softly, and cooing in his deep, resonant voice soft words. Caressing her hair, and holding her warmly, in her nude state, showed her that Ofi valued her as a person, and not a sex toy. She was naked, exposed, and vulnerable. Ofi could have taken advantage of her with little, or even no resistance. But he didn’t. He simply held her, and let her feel loved by a man. The man just wasn’t her husband.

Tessa, for her part, nestled in to Ofi’s strong, dominating presence, and just let him feel her, and hold her, and take in that beginning of care. There was certainly a vibe between them, she was sure, now. Her own eyes closing, she was leaking tears again, small rivulets of moisture falling down her cheeks, as Ofi rocked her slowly, caressed her, and gave her warmth, and a feeling of safety.

Ofi had to struggle mightily to resist his own body’s arousal, having the woman of his dreams in his arms, nude and so very ripe for the plucking, yet she was not in a state she should be touched in. This was a critical time for he and Tessa, certainly, and he knew it. Play his cards right, and the woman he wanted to be his wife would fall into his arms. Screw this up, and he still might give her a child, in time, but it would be a lustful time, rather than the long relationship he wished of her.

After several long minutes of the room echoing in sobs and tears, both masculine and feminine, Ofi felt it right to ease Tessa to the mattress, and then searched the closet for a travel bag and some clothing for Tessa. He knew he could not leave her here. Daniel, being a man, would have to fend for himself. That was the way it worked among real men.

She pitied her husband for his vain attempt to be the leader in their marriage. She pitied him for the inability to protect her from harm. She pitied him for his utter lack of manliness through these last couple of weeks. Most of all, she pitied him for the lack of sexual prowess she now knew he possessed. Daniel had been her everything, her world, from sex, to his providing for them, to being head of their household. But that wasn’t what and who she saw, now. She saw herself in the arms of a more dominant, more protective, and more virile man. His color made no difference. It was the man inside, and in that moment, she came to realize just what she had been missing.

Daniel had never really protected her, at least not before the fact. He had simply bossed her around, getting what he wanted, simply because she had been made to understand that is what wives did. But in her limited life-experience, she hadn’t known the difference between being commanded and being led. Daniel, she realized, was a commander. All he did was give orders, tell her what was expected, and then be angry if she couldn’t meet that expectation. He, in a way, made her feel like less of a woman. He never worked to build her up, to really support her and help her reach her fullest potential, as a woman, and as a wife. She realized that the 1950’s ideal she had been living was a sham. It was holding her back from what life could really be like. As Daniel sobbed, as Ofi simply held her and caressed her softly, loving on her as if he automatically knew what she needed, her view of life changed. The notion of always being the prim, and the proper, that a wife was secondary to her husband. The man would always protect the woman. That she was undeserving of more than Isparta Escort what she was given. All of those notions, and even beliefs, were changing.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asked with a blurting, whiney sound. “You have to help me here!”

As Ofi was helping Tessa to her feet, and even into a loose-fitting blouse and simple skirt, she said nothing. As Ofi helped her feet into a pair of heels he had selected, she said nothing. Looking about the room, she tottered her way to the bathroom and grabbed her makeup and toiletries, but still said nothing.

“Tessa, you have to stay with me!” Daniel whined. “You’re my wife!”

“Let’s go…” she simply said, her eyes upturned to Ofi.

As she was led out of the bedroom, she still said nothing.


Tessa was in a bit of a stupor, now that the pressure was off. Walking out the front door to the pleas and tears of her husband, Tessa seemed in a state of shock, and simply went where gestured. Ever demure and proper, she entered Ofi’s richly-appointed automobile gracefully, seating in first, and then securing her knees to each other as she curled her legs and folded herself into the passenger seat, not offering any effort at modesty as the skirt slid up her thighs, showing a lot of leg. At that moment, she didn’t care. Her mind was reeling over what had happened, and shocked at her husband.

She was very quiet on the way to the final destination, which was Ofi’s home, a two bedroom condo. Ofi, for his part, did nothing to push her or place any pressure on Tessa. He simply drove her, and escorted her to his home. The trip over had been made in silence. Ever the gentleman to her, he kept is voice calm, level, and reasoned, his accent still evident as he helped her with the basics. For the moment his home was her home, if she liked. He would take her where ever she wanted to go, even back home, but she was safe there, and could remain as long as she wanted.

Ofi even offered her medical assistance again, which she declined, almost sharply.

“I’ve been raped!” she barked out, and then she softened her tone. A prim and proper wife did not shout at her host, especially if he was rescuing her. “Can I take a nap?” Tessa asked a first acknowledgement of her condition.


When Tessa awoke, she wasn’t home. In fact, she wasn’t sure where she was, though it was nicely appointed, warm, and safe. Taking a moment to just come to full wakefulness, she let her eyes roam freely. The décor lacked a woman’s touch, that was certain, and there was a nearly dead plant on a dresser. But she was warm, under the covers, and in a bed. Tentatively reaching out, she also realized she was alone. Stretching her limbs, she looked about and realized it was dark outside, for the light of a lamp shone from outside. The rest of where ever she was seemed dark, still, and dormant. Then her eyes saw a clock on the nightstand. It read 4:17 AM.

She stretched, groaning as she did so, and then yawned, and blinked hard to clear the last of the cobwebs. Feeling her body, she realized she was also wearing something strange. It felt like cotton, and swam in it. It was a man’s nightshirt, maybe? She was also filled with an urge for the powder room.

Sliding from the bed quietly, she was able to see enough with her dark-adjusted eyes that she was indeed wearing a man’s nightshirt, and she could tell she was wearing her own underwear. Padding her bare feet across the carpet, she got a look in a full-size mirror. She looked like a train-wreck, she thought. But then things started to come back to her.

Using great care to move as silently as possible, she checked the hallway, and found it empty. There was nobody there. The urge to urinate was growing insistent, so she retreated and checked to make sure the bathroom was empty, before entering it, and ever so quietly closing the door, and locking it. Seating herself and taking care of her bodily needs, she began to reflect on the last couple of days.

Thoughts and images flashed through her mind’s eyes. Being captured. Roberto dead atop her. Charles brutally groping and mauling her ample breasts. The ass of a policeman at the hospital. The way Bennie kissed her. There was something about that bothering her. Orgasming as Duane fucked her. Daniel and the way he made love. She grunted. That was more to himself than to her, she realized.

“Tessa, are you alright?” a deep voice softly asked from across the door.

She gasped softly. How the Hell did he know she was up? But it spurred her memory. She was at his place. Safe. Secure. Warm. Loved?

She was filled with the memory of what Ofi did with her once they got to his home.

She had fallen asleep in the car, a nicely-appointed Mercedes Benz. He had gently shaken her to wakefulness and escorted her inside, every bit the gentleman she had experienced before they had sex that first time. Once inside, he went to work, quickly, arranging her comfortably in a chair, and getting her food and drink. Never once did he ask her what happened, but asked if she needed anything. Did she want to go Isparta Escort Bayan to the hospital? He could also arrange for a house call from his private physician, if she wanted? What about the police?

Tessa scoffed at that last offer. She was done with them, forever, she hoped.

Then he sat with her, and began to listen as she talked. He sat with her when she was silent, too. When she started to sob, he hugged her, carefully and in a decidedly non-sexual embrace. He was helping her heal. Surprisingly, she fell asleep in his arms, and when he was sure she was in a deep, dead-to-the -world sleep, he carried her to his bedroom, undressed her carefully, and slipped her into his pajama top. Covering her gently, he stole from the room, letting her sleep, alone.


“Tessa? Where are you? I’ve been worried sick!” Dan’s voice exclaimed. He hadn’t heard from his wife in almost a week. He had in contact with the police, and after his hospital visit, they made several follow-up meetings to get as much information as they could. After the third day, he reported her missing, he was that upset. “The police are now looking for you!”

“Daniel, don’t yell at me.” Tessa spoke softly. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Suitably chastised, Daniel let loose a deep breath, sitting in their kitchen. The phone rang, and when he answered it, he expected the police to be calling, or the insurance company, or even the contractor finishing the repairs on their home. His heart leapt when he heard her soft, sweet voice. Despite his elation, she sounded exhausted.

“Tell me where you are. I’ll come get you!” His voice replied, excitedly. He was suffering from an entire avalanche of emotional turmoil. Defeat, humiliation, anger, rejection, fear, loneliness, frustration all took turns playing in his mind. Not to mention the fear of his wife. She had left, simple as that, which, to him, was perhaps the deepest blow. His wife had rejected him because he failed to provide for her safety. The fact he was hearing Tessa’s voice filled him with elation, and hope.

“No. I’m going to stay here, for a while. I’m safe, and I need to understand all of this. I see a doctor tomorrow, and I’ll find out more. I am praying I’m not pregnant. But there is a good chance I am.”

The words were a shock, in away. Not wishing to admit them to himself, he now had to face the fact that his wife was likely carrying another man’s child.

“So? We will take you to the doctor and get an abortion.” The tone in his voice was rather matter-of-fact, as if he was simply issuing an edict.

“I don’t know. Maybe.”

“That do you mean.. Maybe?!?! You are not having some stranger’s baby!” That was an edict.

“You don’t understand, Daniel.” She softly replied. She then ended the call by simply hanging up.

Dan was left to stand there, listening to the dial tone, as he started to realize how emotionally devastated his wife was. Now real fear was gripping him. He started to call her back, only to realize he didn’t have her number. She hadn’t called his cell phone. He slammed down the phone in anger, bellowing out “FUUUUCCCK!!” to the empty kitchen, his voice echoing off the walls.


“That could have gone better.” Ofi said.

“Yeah…” Tessa admitted. “But I needed to let him know I’m okay. He is still my husband.”

Ofi laid his hand to hers. “Allow me to fix that, Tessa, allow me to be your husband. I can provide for you far more than you have been.”

Seated in his family room, he in an overstuffed chair, and she in a corner of the couch, they looked at each other. The gaze was long, and had grown awkward for Ofi, but not for Tessa. She was trying to read the man. Still, he did not give away any body language. Just that long gaze that could be easily mistaken for a stare. But his voice was sincere, and his tone was calm, even reassuring. He broke the stare with his words.

“Tessa, you will never again be harmed. No one will ever get near you again. The boys who did this to you. I know them. They shall never harm you again, that I can promise. In fact, I can guarantee.” His deeper rumbled voice was smooth, confident and assured.

Tessa still did not reply to him, to give him an answer. Yet her mind was swirling. She still loved her husband, yet she was starting to become enamored in Ofi’s presence. She needed a strong man right now, a man who was, well, a real man. She was realizing she had made some wrong decisions early in her life. Was Daniel one of them? Certainly trying to be a good neighbor to Roberto had been. But she laughed it off, not wanting to appear rude, or improper. Yet when she complained to her husband, Daniel laughed it off as his being jealous of her beauty, a beauty he could not have. With a dismissive wave, Daniel had moved the conversation to the next subject, every time.

Was trying to help the troubled youths in school another mistake? That notion would be harder to contemplate, for she felt in her heart that it was right to help others. The bullies and troublemakers were likely the result of a troubled Escort Isparta home-life. She had reasoned before that by helping them in school, making their parents forced to be proud of their child’s academics, then it would fix the home troubles. In that she still held some reasonable faith. But was she naive in how to relate to these students?

As she sat there, wearing just a brightly colored satin caftan Ofi had managed to bring, and a pair of pink thong panties, she projected a very lustful image to Ofi. As she sat there, contemplating, she looked radiant, her long hair cascading down her shoulders and back, her clean face holding innocence, of sorts. Full lips begging to be kissed, and eyes that drew male attention like magnets.

“Tessa?” Ofi asked.

After a moment, she looked at him, suddenly aware that her fingers had inter-clasped with his.

“Tell me… That first night. The night you made love to me. Was it just sex? Tell me I was just a piece of ass to you, like I am to those boys?” Her voice cracked. She hoped his answer would sway her, tell her to go back to her husband.

“No, Tessa.” Ofi answered. “I cannot say that, for it is not true. I do not know why, or what caused it, but from the first meeting, you became very special to me. I do not offer to take your hand in marriage lightly. It will come at great cost, likely for both of us. But it is a cost I am willing to pay for you. Many times over.”

Tessa kept a plaintive, solemn face. It was at once words she wanted, and words she didn’t want to hear. Still looking at him, she could only speak softly. “Thank you.”

To Ofi, he showed a break in his countenance. In his mind, his thoughts were befuddled. ‘Just what does that mean?’ He mused to himself.

“Ofi, I will ask this, for now. I need time. I need time to rest, to recover, and to heal. You know my marriage is a shambles, for reasons you may and may not know. I need to find out if it is worth recovering, or not. For now, though, may I stay? I will not make a nuisance of myself.”

A wide smile revealed his answer. “Of course, my Tesa. You are welcome at my home as you wish. I promise to not make advances to you, though I have to be honest and share that you make me want you, simply by being in the room.” He paused, to judge her reactions, which were none. “I will have you stay in my bed, and I shall sleep out here.”

As she began to protest, he held up a hand. “Consider it a condition of my home. I will respect your needs, and privacy, but in turn you must accept what I offer you.”

It went against the things a prim and proper wife did, to not put a host or hostess at undue effort. But in this, she realized she had little say. Besides, he had been nothing but a gentleman and consummate host.

“Then I shall accept your terms, Ofi, and find a way to repay you, in turn.” With that she yawned, and asked to be excused for bed.


Daniel was in a fit of rage. He had been drinking Jack Daniel’s all day, straight from the bottle, and as the bottle dripped the last, he threw it against the wall.

“That fucking bitch! What the hell is she doing? First she gets herself raped, and now she ignores me? What the fuck!?!?!?” He bellowed out as the bottle impacted the wall, leaving a deep indentation where the corner of the bottle impacted the drywall.

“Fuck it all to Hell!” He yelled, realizing he had just paid to have the wall repaired as part of the fire damage. He was raging, and he was also being assaulted by the visions in his head. Watching his wife react favorably to the black men fornicated with his wife, some of which she willingly responded to with great passion. Perhaps even a passion greater than he had been able to inspire in his wife. Yet he found himself growing hard at the thoughts, and he lowered his hand to his growing stick, and began to rub it.

“That’s it, Slut. Fuck’em. Fuck’em all, and that black dude. Your boss. Fuck him, too! Spread your legs and make babies with every one of them. Lord knows you won’t with me!” His voice was growing louder as he grew more and more aroused, until he splattered his cum onto the floor. Several heavy splotches in the kitchen. Ones he could easily see in the new, energy-efficient LED lights. He marveled at that, the ability to see better. It was then he looked outside, and realized the curtain was open, and anyone walking by could have seen him, easily.

“Fuck!” He yelled, more to himself, and he dashed up to turn the lights off. On his way to the chair, he then slipped in his own cum, and landed heavily on the floor.



All of those pains would fade, as the following weeks went by. The weeks where her husband went to the hospital, and then the police, to file the reports. The weeks where she refused to see the police, given her experiences the last time she had been raped, or to give a statement. Weeks where her husband was given time by his work to recuperate, and to get his house back in order. But most of all these were weeks where the decimated wife pondered and thought and even healed. Some scars would never be erased, the new fear of the dark, the possibility she would be left helpless, and even homeless. Tessa even saw a therapist, who actually helped her talk out what she was feeling, and even more, what she was thinking. These were also weeks where she sweated out being pregnant.

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