A Night Begins

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When I walk into the hotel room you are sat perched on the edge of the bed. You look stunning, dressed in a sexy black halter neck dress and sharp black heels that scream confidence and sexiness. A glass of champagne hangs loosely in your hand, and as our eyes lock we both smile with knowing excitement. Out of the corner of my eye I see a bag with the toys we bought together. As I allow the door to close gently behind me and walk towards you I can feel my cock stirring in my trousers; the endless possibilities for the night racing through my mind.

I stand in front of you at the bed and gently tilt your head up by your chin and pause momentarily drinking up the sight of you, before leaning in for a deep, hot kiss. I nearly lose my composure and push you back into the bed, but somehow control myself. I want to take my time tonight, to get to know your body in every possible way.

I pick up a second glass of champagne that you’d placed on the table beside the bed and take a deep drink. I ask you to stand and lead you into the middle of the room. I let my finger gently trace around your shoulder and neck as I slowly circle you, trying to hide the tremors of my own excitement and nerves. My hand lightly runs down the centre of your back till it rests on your ass and I can’t help but give you a firm squeeze. I put my champagne down and take out a black silk scarf from my pocket.

Reaching up I place the scarf in front of your eyes and tie the blindfold in place. I can feel you shudder at my touch, but you fight the urge to resist. “Trust me,” I whisper as I pull the knot tight.

You take a drink from your glass before I take it from your hands and place eskort bursa it to the side. I circle you again, absorbing every little detail, stealing small kisses on you lips, neck and shoulders. My hands caress your body and as I press my hand between your thighs I can feel the heat of your excitement radiating out. Your hands are reaching out, trying to feel my face and my chest, then reaching down, but I turn them away for now. This is about me enjoying unwrapping the gift before me, and in turn pleasuring you as I explore your body.

Eventually I reach up and undo your dress, letting it fall to the floor around your heels. We both gasp gently; you as you realise how exposed you are, and me at the sight before me. You are now dressed only in a beautiful black g-string, black stockings and a black suspender belt. My cock pulses and grows even harder, aching in its confines and begging to be released. I bite down the urge and reach out with my hands to caress your newly exposed body.

My hands flow over you, from your breasts, to your ass, your thighs. Finally one hand rests on the soft triangle of material at the front of your g-string as the other cups your ass. I can feel the heat and wetness from your pussy, and you let out a soft moan.

I finally lead you to the bed, and without a word push you back. As you move into the centre of the bed I reach up and take your hand. I swear the slightest knowing smile appears in the corner of your mouth for the briefest of moments, but still you say nothing. You silently let me secure both of your wrists to the corners of the bed. This is about me enjoying your pleasure, and I want you at my mercy as I do.

I bursa yabancı escort climb onto the bed, still dressed in my black tie suit, kicking my shoes onto the floor. I reach down and kiss you deeply and suddenly. I press my leg to your groin, grinding against you. Your entire body seems to arch up in response, your hands pulling at the restraints.

I can barely control myself as our tongues explore each other’s mouths. I finally break free of the kiss and begin kissing your neck and cheek and chin. Small butterfly kisses down to your shoulders and then towards the centre of your chest. I realise that my hand is pressed firmly against your pussy, firmly stroking up and down through your knickers. I reluctantly remove it temporarily and focus on your breasts. I allow my teeth to graze one of your nipples, then the other, taking the most gentle bite as I move on.

My kisses trace down your stomach as I let my hands run over your body. I’m finally kissing your thighs as my hands hold your hips. Your knees are up and your thighs are parted as wide as they can, willing me towards you. Your moans are intoxicating and I feel my cock pulse again.

I kiss your pussy through the now soaking material and at once want this moment to both last forever and for me to rip your knickers away. Finally, I slowly peel them down your legs and reveal your beautiful pussy. I can feel the heat, see the wetness. Leaning forward I place gentlest of kisses on your hot mound and you moan loudly.

I kiss either side of your pussy, alternating left and right with each kiss, trying to cover every inch of skin until I can bursa merkez escort wait no longer. Finally I permit myself the indulgence of running my tongue up the entire length of your slit, allowing the tip of my tongue the briefest flutter again your clit before I pull away.

Your taste is perfect. My cock is now rock hard in my trousers and I can feel the precum beginning to leak, such is my excitement. I lick again, allowing my tongue to probe deeper into your wetness. I then begin to eat your pussy in earnest. I am intoxicated and my entire being is focused on giving you pleasure. My fingers begin to explore alongside my tongue, and I seek out your g-spot with two fingers deep inside you. My other hand traces along your ass and a let a finger, wet from my mouth and your pussy, to gently nudge against your sensitive hole.

My tongue is now focused almost purely on your clit. Quick light flicks against it as my fingers thrust deep into you and against your g-spot. Your breathing is quickening and your moans are like music to my ears. Your thighs squeeze against my head as your orgasm approaches.

My cock is now screaming for release, but I continue to deny myself, grinding my hardness against the bed as my mouth and hands work in concert to tease and stretch and thrust into you.

Finally your orgasm hits. Your hands pull hard at their restraints and your entire body bucks and twists as waves of pleasure crash through you. My mouth remains locked onto your pussy and my fingers continue their work. I let up for a moment as your orgasm passes the peak, my mouth filled gloriously with your juices and my hands soaking wet and beautifully slick. As your body rides the wave of pleasure I gently but firmly begin again, aiming to build on your first orgasm with a second in quick succession.

And so begins our night together. Both of us determined on bringing pleasure to the other, of pushing our boundaries and testing our limits…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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